Nice move :)

Discussion in 'MMA' started by Jay, Feb 14, 2003.

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    haha, very nice! He tapped pretty quickly didn't he?

    I did something similar to this the other week. Assuming you''re sitting behind your opponent on the ground, got your hooks in.

    He puts his hand under your leg (we'll assume right leg), from here you underhook his left arm and pull it back up towards the ceiling while the leg he's gone to underhook you move across under his neck and under his arm and up above his armpits as tight as possible while simultaneously moving to the right for better leverage.

    Complete the triangle from this position by tucking your right foot under your left leg. From here, put all your weight on your left leg as you hold his left arm with your left hand, and post out your right hand to move your body to the right. He should tap pretty quickly, otherwise the technique's not on right - everyone had trouble with this at first until they were shown, I think it's 'cause you put all your weight on your left leg and we weren't doing that.
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    Ah - the reverse triangle - nice move Bon :D
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    During a wrestling sesion the other day my opponent was going for an armbar, with his legs round my shoulder, I stood up and used the aeroplane spin, he looked as if he w
  5. Fergie Boy

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    as going to puke, so I put him down. He let go and I managed to get a wrist lock on him.

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