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    Hi everyone, I would like to introduce myself and look forward to chatting with you all. I'm 36, relatively active when I'm not working as I work 4 on 4 off nights 12 hours :confused:

    I'm 5ft 6, 15 stone am looing to lose a couple of stone. my PB on deadlift is 180k , bench, I got 10 reps at 110K.

    Martial arts History, when I was younger I used to do taekwondo. I was pretty decent took 3 or 4 gradings then it just suddenly stopped.

    fast forward to my early 30's I done a few lessons in Krav Maga and I was not impressed at all it seemed to be 60 minutes cardio and then bad kickboxing and jiujitsu or aikido poorly copied from a YouTube video for 2or 30 minutes

    I done 4 or 5 weeks of JKD under the legend Steve Powell and I loved it, that stopped because of my working hours for the job I'm in now :(

    I done 2 or 3 months of no gi Jiu Jitsu in personal lessons from a MMA club and I really loved it then he moved on and I moved to Stockport where I am based now.

    On September I'm enrolling at the Ching Mo wing chun school under Billy Davidson and I'm really looking forward to it.

    I do have a non cancerous tumor that makes me dizy sometimes and when it started growing my co ordination and writing went to pot. so apologies on the grammar and punctuation :)

    that's me, thanks for reading :)
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    Welcome to MAP.
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    Welcome to MAP! Never trained with Steve but I do know him and he is a solid guy! One of my old teachers was a student of his. Shame you couldn’t stay there but great you’ve found another place local to train though
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    Welcome to MAP
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    Welcome to MAP!
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    Thanks for the welcome :D
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    Really? its amazing how many people have come from Steve or have trained at his club, it gutted me having to leave. not long after I left rick young turned up at his club to see him. Rick is the reason I'm getting back into martial arts, he's just won the masters BJJ championship the guy is a legend!
    its even got me thinking about BJJ again to compliment the wing chun ;)

    Factory BJJ | Factory BJJ | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Stockport - Adults, Kids, Day Classes

    is just 30 minutes walking distance from me!
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    Factory Bjj are very good people, I've attended a few seminars with them, and dropped into classes a few times when I've been in the area!

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