New SW-Will it be a block buster?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by 47MartialMan, Oct 22, 2015.

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    LOL! They wouldn't dare! Only I know the location of the secret biscuit stash... :evil: :Angel: :D
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    Yeah, it was a fun romp, definitely felt more like a throwback to the original instead of something new.

    The moment I seen the droid-I thought likeness to R2. The girl scavage-tech in the dessert-I thought likeness to Luke. The moment I saw the evil guy in black, likeness to Vader, I thought he would be Leila's son-Vader's grandson. The moment I heard that Han was also his father, I knew Han was going to get killed by him

    All SW hand weapons resemble Martial Arts. As with the new evil guy in black, that had a cross card like a regular sword, there was a storm trooper with a space tonfa.

    There were no surprises and I have ideas for the next one

    SW-the original was a new concept based upon old chivalry. The first time I seen it in a theatre, it was not yet a blockbuster. Some friends and I saw it on a first release without anyone hardly in attendance. I guess it was not known or yet to be caught on

    I do like sequels as they continue to follow the plot and characters
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