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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by BigMotor, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. BigMotor

    BigMotor New Member

    I have a little training in Tai Kwon Do, and I can wrestle pretty well, and that is about the sum total of MA that I have.

    I can fight though and I am here to learn how to fight better. I have been in some bad situations where I had to fight my way out of them; and that is a scary place to be.

    So here I am, trying to expand my knowledge of things. I am 61 years old, and I can't do what I did as a younger man, and I don't intend to try to.
    I want to learn technique and skill commensurate with my ability and old age: and go from there.
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  2. Simon

    Simon Back once again Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    Welcome to MAP.
  3. GarrySmith

    GarrySmith New Member

    Hello Big Motor. Just joined tonight too, 57 so not much younger. Hope you find what you are looking for.

  4. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    Hi BigMotor and welcome to MAP!
  5. TwirlinMerlin

    TwirlinMerlin Valued Member

    Hi Bigmotor. I like your name. Where do you hail from?
  6. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Welcome aboard :)

  7. Dan93

    Dan93 Valued Member

  8. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    Welcome to all the new members, you'll find a wealth of knowledge in the members here.
  9. Yang yin Tai Ch

    Yang yin Tai Ch New Member


    Hello all.
    I have been training in Yang yin Tai chi for over 30 years, hoping to chat with some like minded people from around the world.
    We train martial first and slow form second, we hit in push hands, we fight from old man stance.
    Unfortunately many argue that Tai Chi is a lost fighting form, so I am hoping to chat with people who use their art and don,t introduce Wing Chun as their martial.
    To me if the arts is based on yin and yang where is it. cheers all
  10. TakadaDojoKeith

    TakadaDojoKeith Valued Member

    Welcome. It's nice to have another old wrestler here. :)
  11. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    Welcome.There are a few of us here.

    Whose T'ai Chi is the "Yang Yin" sub system?
  12. Giovanni

    Giovanni Well-Known Member Supporter

  13. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Welcome aboard :)
  14. Yang yin Tai Ch

    Yang yin Tai Ch New Member

    Hi Guys thank you for the hello's.
    I like that term sub style. I trained with Erle Montaigue from 1983 to 1997, since then I have trained and taught what I have learnt through my ears my eyes and my years.
    I called it yang yin as we practise martial first and slow second, both equal but to us the body and mind must know what they are doing to let chi flow it course.
    Cheers guys hope you are all well, Al
  15. liero

    liero Valued Member

    Welcome to all you newbies.
  16. Markujin

    Markujin WSL Ving Tsun

  17. Dan Bian

    Dan Bian Neither Dan, nor Brian

    Welcome :)

    Is is "tai chi" if you consider/seperate Yin and Yang?
  18. Smaug97

    Smaug97 Valued Member

    Welcome to map everyone!
  19. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    Of course,since the name "T'ai Chi" is a misnomer as the system is based on the separation of Yin and Yang. T'ai Chi is the state before separation.So it's only "T'ai Chi" (as in the martial system ) if they ARE separated.Which is,of course,a total contradiction.:confused:

    Guess we should've studied Mo Got K'uen Plan,Nothingness Fist.At least there's no confusion twixt names and theory.

    @yyTC-although I felt in later years he got out there a bit w/his meridian attacks and such I always liked Earle. Was always a fun read in the mags back when he first became known in the late 70s.Have several of his books from back then.

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