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    Hi guys

    first time in this forum! I hope you are all well. I'll go straight to the point : i'm planning to start my own kick boxing gym in the Uk and I'm a little confuse regarding what do I need to start, except to be certificate from some kick boxing federation of course.All I know is I'll need a dbs check, an instructor insurance and a public liability insurance. Any body as any experience in this ? Cheers
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    No experience with Kickboxing per se, but I can't imagine it is that different that opening a Karate school.

    One our clubs is based out of a public venue (leisure centre), who only required proof of insurance and qualification (though we displayed our 1st aid certs and DBS forms on a notice board in the hall, for parents info) to operate there, whilst another, based out of a primary school needed insurance, quals, 1st aid, DBS, safeguarding and proof that we'd lived in the UK for the past 3 years.

    Conversely, when we have looked into getting a lease for our own premises, things have fallen through, when the nature of use (Martial Arts) was disclosed.

    Did you gain the experience you are looking to pass on at a Kickboxing gym? Could you not ask of them what is involved? I am sure they would have more insight.

    Maybe if Unreal Combat swings by this tread, he may be able to shed more light on things.

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    Can you ask your previous instructor for advice? :)
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    You require a black belt in your art and/or recommendation from another reputable instructor for most martial arts insurance companies to give you insurance. Otherwise you have to try your luck with various standard insurance firms. Most of which won't cover you for full contact martial arts. Student insurance is usually optional. You would need instructors, public liability and (if you own your own venue) building insurance.

    CRB and DBS checks are outdated as soon as you get them and are, in my opinion, a waste of time. If you want to give parents a peace of mind most instructors invest in those (some insurance firms require this and/or a specific course being taken that qualifies you as able to teach young & old people). In my experience though they are pointless. They just prove instructors haven't been caught.

    First aid certificate is not required but it doesn't hurt to do a course and know some basics. I do think any instructor should do a first aid course. Ideally at this level you should know how to treat any injuries that you or your students will acquire at some point.

    I would advise investing in going on a gym instructor/PT course (YMCA do a good one which is government funded). There is alot of useful information you can get out of that in terms of both teaching people and understanding biology and energy systems which I think is very important when teaching combat sports. You can get your first aid certificate aswell as a basic padwork certificate (you shouldn't need this, I ended up teaching the padwork class on my course because I was the most qualified person to do it, over even the instructor) out of that. It's all about accumulating as many bits of paper as you can to make yourself appealing to the general public.

    At the end of the day though it's mainly all about covering your own **** should something go wrong. Better to have it and not need it than need it or not have it. The more you cover yourself the better protection you have if something goes wrong. How far you take it is up to you if you're independent or up to the federation or insurance company that insures you.
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