Need practical advice on how to deal with this and stay active

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by aaradia, Sep 2, 2019.

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    Or danaher but he'd also give a long speech that would creep everyone out too.
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    "... tremendous self breaking pressure.."
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    I think after Renzo threatening the French President, Gorden Ryan cyber bullying a teenage girl, and Danaher possibly being a series killer, we've finally worked out why Eddie (nice guy) Cummings left.
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    Been to his bloke.
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  5. Swimming, resistance training and staying on your feet are generally good. Are you carrying any extra weight? Because that multiplies the force through your joints.
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    Just wrote a post about Osteoarthritis and the best thing I can say is watch your diet. It will go a long way to allowing you to stay active. Basically what I have just done here is tell you "do what I say, not what I do"
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    I was going to add, pain management is probably another thing to consider. I don't mean medicines or quackery mind you, but actual pain reducing methods known to work well.

    "Hot and Cold" is the general idea with a lot of arthritic pain relief, and you can get a sense of why this is if you actually have it. Long, heated showers in the AM hours, followed by specific applications of cold compress in specific areas throughout the day.

    "Attack the Pain", something an old instructor of mine used to say who suffered all sorts of pains. That doesn't just mean you just sit there and bear it, it also means when you feel the pain, you take an action to remedy it. Your last resort is medicine, but there are a nice variety of anti-inflammatories available to most people.
  8. One of the key things with your knee joints is that they get an increase in lubrication the more you use them, synovial fluid being released when used. That can help arthritic pain and stifness by just being on your feet more. Additionally, one of my fellow coaches who is rehabing arthritic patients has been using a principle of strengthening to muscles of the legs via weightlifting. It's a case of walking on the treadmill or using a bike, then doing a typical leg workout (with leg curls as an accessory as that has been studied to actually help the knee through its usual range of motion the most) and keeping your mass to an as lean as possible rule.

    So mobilise, strengthen, recomp the body by losing some fat or excess muscle (in otherwords not every day is arm/chest day).
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