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  1. KF.Scholar

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    Can anyone tell me how to say these Mandarin words in Cantonese?

    1. Chuji (elementary/foundation) 基礎, 初级
    2. Dui Lian (partner practice) 對練

  2. slipthejab

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    In Cantonese there a half dozen ways you could write the above terms and get the same meaning or a meaning that would work. I'd probably go for something like the following:

    1) 基礎 = 'elementary' - adjective (spoken approximation 'gay cho')

    preliminary, initial, rudimentary, elementary, preparatory

    first, junior, original, elementary, basic

    minimum, rudimentary, elementary

    2) 對練 = 'sparring' - adjective ('pui lin')

    Again there are a half dozen ways to say these types of phrases with little nuances and adjustments for each of them. Much of it's going to depend on context as to which characters are used. Additionally with Cantonese - the word or phrase that is spoken is different from the characters used in formal traditional Chinese script. Go figure.
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    Thank you kindly, That was exactly was I was looking for!
    I'm compiling a terminology cross-reference between Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese terms.

    I have two more that may be more difficult, but here they are if you think you could help:

    1. Attention (as in snap to attention). In Korean it is "Charyut" and in Japanese it is "Keiotsuke"---pronounced "Key-Yut-Skay." For Mandarin I have "Jí Zhōng" which means "focus"---although most Chinese martial arts don't line up for classes using that term, but I'm trying to find the closest I can to it. The Chinese character I have for it is 集中 if that helps.

    2. Grade below black belt. Again, not something that Chinese arts use much, but, in Korean it is "Gup" and in Japanese it is "Kyu" which means "grade under black belt."

    For Mandarin I have "Chee" 留級 (not sure if that is how it should be spelled). I have nothing for Cantonese.

    If you could help me fill in those gaps I would be eternally grateful ;)

    KF Scholar
  4. querist

    querist MAP Resident Linguist?

    1. Chuji (elementary/foundation) 基礎, 初级

    In Cantonese:
    基礎 gei1 co2 (gey1 cho2)
    初级 co1 kap1 (though I'd use 基礎 as 初级 means "junior" or "primary", while 基礎 means "base", "foundation", or "basis") (cho1 kap1)

    2. Dui Lian (partner practice) 對練
    deoi3 lin6 (deoy3 lin6)

    Please note that jyutping (used to Romanize Cantonese is NOT pinyin. The letters are pronounced differently and the tones are different.)

    The tones are

    1 = high level
    2 = mid rising
    3 = mid level
    4 = low falling
    5 = low rising
    6 = low level

    I hope this helps.

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