Need help choosing style and school with my current options in Dallas

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Brandon Miller, Mar 6, 2019.

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    Need help choosing between three styles and three schools in my area. Dallas Kyokushin Karate $80 a month 3 classes per week Learn Karate in Dallas, Texas | Dallas Kyokushin Karate which is 12 miles away from me. The next is the Judokai which is a freestyle Judo club. They are 16 miles from me and train three nights per week at $75 a month The Judokai - Dallas and Granbury Judo / JiuJitsu / Wrestling. The third school is a Sambo club in Arlington that’s 23 miles from me with three training sessions per week at $95 a month.
    I plan on either getting into kickboxing or mma competitively in the future. I have a competitive boxing and mma background. Due to time and budget I can only choose one art to train in currently while I do some boxing on the side. I’m leaning more towards judo or Kyokushin since Sambo is a little far for me to get to.
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    If you want to progress further into MMA I'd personally recommend Judo. Though on that same note, I've wanted to train in Kyokushin for a long time now, unfortunately, there aren't any Kyokushin schools over in Canyon, TX where I'll be moving to for grad school. Kyokushin is a solid style that is well respected within their realm. I would say, how long do you plan to train? If you are going to be training in your chosen style for an extended period of time, I would say Kyokushin, personally, but that's also with my inherent bias.
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    Sambo is probably best for MMA. Surprised you can't find an MMA gym though.

    Also, if you can get a USA wrestling card I'm sure you're allowed to wrestle at college. 100% I would wrestle in a college if I could.

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