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    Wednesday 10.9.15:

    I went to help our senseis, together with a few other (teenage) students, with presentation of our karate at the trade show(?) of freetime activities in the neighborhood of the dojo. Quite a few kids came to try punching and kicking the pads and each other and I think we might gain some new students. Even some kids for the mini class :)

    It was fun and almost perfect, if only the sunny weather didn't change into pouring rain and it didn't start to hail, even... Of course, we were the only booth without an actual booth, so everything, including us, was wet...

    I stayed the whole time (14:00-18:00), helped with packing our stuff, took hot shower back in the dojo, prepared tea, chatted and before I knew it, it was early morning. And I didn't do my Sanchin :(
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    Thursday 11.9.15:

    Ok, so today, I returned at 11 AM from the dojo. I really wanted to catch up with some of my study-connected work and decided to go back only for our adult training, even sensei advised me to take a break today. However, our youngest sensei - let's call him sensei M, who was supposed to teach today called SOS to me, because some urgent business came up he needed to attend to. Ok, so back at the dojo for the children training...

    16:30-17:30 Intermediate children (teaching)

    I started with a warm-up game which only made them more energetic and they were even wilder, shouting out loud. Well, I certainly don't have the respect or authority I'd like. However, although I came, it turned out our head sensei, sensei J was there and he probably heard I had some trouble and came. When he showed up, the kids immediately fell completely silent and didn't utter another word. Damn them! :D Sensei taught the other half of the class, focusing on basic kicks - knee, front, back kick. I used the chance to practise them, too. And did about 50 push-ups an 20 mountain climbers with the kids, but passed on the burpees, because I wanted to safe some energy for our adult training, after all :)
    I'll just need to make the kids listen to me as well. They're friendly and nice outside of class, but they don't seem to listen when they're in a group. Being the only woman among boys they think me weak. I wonder if I should beat a couple of them up to prove them wrong :evil:

    An hour break for me, class for advanced older children.

    18:30-20:00 Adult class:
    Today I brought a friend along to try a class. Sensei M was teaching and probably 10 students came (quite a lot) and it was fun. This sensei likes to do a bit of work-out in his classes and I think it tired my friend out somewhat, at least at the beginning (he even admitted he thought it was the end for him after the first 30 mins), which is good, because I think he may like the class if it's a bit challenging. :)
    - Warm up with sparring and wrestling type games
    - A bit of conditioning - punching the stomach and also chest if it's a guy. Only one round, but sensei was showing this on me, so I got a bit of extra conditioning. It was fun :)
    - Two short rounds of sparring, only targeting body with fists (and one short demonstrating round with sensei)
    - 20 (I think?) push ups,
    - 5 push ups with holding down for a while
    - 10 push-ups with one hand placed on the other
    - 10 push-ups with hands wide apart
    - Junbi Undo and leg stretching
    - Butterfly stretching - in circle, where everyone goes around and helps stretch everyone - pushing knees down with arm strenght, if it's guys or me, stand on their knees and help them stretch with the whole bodyweight (I have my knees pretty much on the floor, so this is rather fun and not painful or uncomfortable at all) :)
    - Practising tsuki, hiza geri (knee kick) and mae geri (front kick)
    - Pads: altogether 100 tsuki, then 10x mae geri + ushiro geri (back kick) for each side
    - 120 squats on count, continuously, in a circle, holding each other's shoulders, no cheating :D I'm 'really looking forward to' finding out how I won't be able to walk tomorrow...
    - 30 push-ups (on count, without break - I'm getting better at this, I think, although I did keep my elbows not too close to the body by now :))
    - 5 push-ups with holding down for a bit

    I'm quite happy how today's training went. I feel nicely tired and lately, I've been trying to improve my push-ups and I think I can do more, or rather I am bit by bit getting stronger overall (I think I went quite a way since I started :)). Some time ago I wrote I was able to do my first ever side split. Well, it was after a good stretching and I wasn't able to do it again... until this week :) I feel like I'm still getting more and more flexible - good for me! :D I feel really great being able to train often and regularly like this :)

    1x Sanchin
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    Friday 11.9.15: 1x Sanchin
    Saturday 12.9.15: Busy day and too tired later to do Sanchin :(
    Sunday 13.9.15: 1x Sanchin

    Monday 14.9.15:

    16:30-17:30 Beginner children class:

    I was told to come, senseis won't make it on time and some new students were expected from our last week's presentation. Well, there was one new student - a sister of one of our students... In the end, sensei made it on time, so I participated in the class more as a student. There were actually as many grown ups as children. The class was about practising tsuki, hiza geri (knee kick) and mae-geri. And a little work-out. There's never enough practise of the basics. And I did break some sweat. :)

    18:30-20:00 Adult beginners:
    This class was very similar to the children's one - many different exercises for tsuki, hiza geri and mae geri + a bit more (especially belly) work out. Two new students, the dojo was full of people :)

    20:00-21:30 First lesson of the course of self-defence for women. I was planning to go, but I have other work to do, so hopefully next time...

    1x Sanchin
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    Tuesday 15.9.15:

    Today I was supposed to teach the mini class (children between 4 and 6 years of age). However, I was busy so I wrote the sensei who was teaching today, if he'll have time and take the lesson instead of me. He said relax, no problem, so I could leasurely come only for the adult training. When I came to the dojo and sensei, while teaching, saw me through the door, he came smiling, stood in front of me and: "You're dead!"
    Hahaha, for some reason I'm still laughing whenever I think of it :D And I originally thought about coming and watching how "professionals" teach these little kids XD Well, it looks like he'll never set a foot in that class again :D I think he hates me now (it was a little sly of me as he didn't really know what that class was about, I admit), but at least I'm not the only one having trouble with these kids :D

    18:00 - 20:00 Advanced adults and children:
    - Warm-up
    - Stretching (+ tsuki while stretching)
    - Stretching legs in pairs (for splits or front and roundhouse kick) - I like this exercise, I should always grab a partner and do it more often :) I decided I need to stretch to be as flexible as possible. And I won't be satisfied until I can kick the heads of the tallest guys :evil:

    - Kihon Ido:
    - A combination of gyaku tsuki + oi tsuki and gyaku tsuki while moving with yose ashi (sorry if it doesn't make much sense, but I'd like to record this for myself to practise it again in the future and I only know the japanese names...)
    - the same but mawashi geri (roundhouse kick) instead of oi tsuki
    - mae geri + mawashi geri + ushiro geri (with turn) + gyaku tsuki (front, roundhouse, back kick and punch)

    - Kata:
    - Gekisai Dai Ichi 2x
    - Gekisai Dai Ni
    - Saifa
    - Seiyunchin (For those who knew, which was the family with 4th kyu each and me. I was pondering if I should go for it or not, since this is not the kata I should focus on and it felt a little weird to be the only one not with a blue belt. But once I know the steps, why not try and practise. I think I always worry about useless things... So I tried. Not my best kata, though. I could feel it's been I while I practised it.)

    - Kata bunkai (applications):
    - Everyone was supposed to practise bunkai for Saifa, but since there were three yellow belts who don't know this, I was sent off to teach and practise with them bunkai for Gekisai Dai Ichi (I think this could have been a small revenge from sensei for what I did to him today :)). I don't mind, but it's a pity that I missed the Saifa bunkai that I can't perform naturally. There's always next time, though :)
    - Sensei didn't feel well and left, the rest of the class was led by the other sensei. Also almost half the people left, so there was much more space.
    - We were told to pick one bunkai for Saifa that deals with attack to the chest and practise it a 100 times in front of the mirror. I chose the 6th, which is basically just one move, so I even had time for another 50x 5th bunkai.
    - Practising that one bunkai in all directions and using it as a base for oyo bunkai

    - Kakie (pushing hands):
    - Kakie as a base and from it practising little modified bunkai for Gekisai Dai Ichi. I was paired with the smallest boy in order to teach him and correct him.
    - In groups of three (sensei, a friend of the same grade as me and me) - kakie with one person exercising both arms, pushing the other two people. Good work-out, especially at the fast pace and as much force as possible. Sensei is pretty strong - so it was a good exercise for me, trying hard not to be pushed back....

    - Gekisai Dai Ichi 2x
    - Stretching

    - 1x Sanchin
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    Wednesday 16.9.15: 1x Sanchin

    Thursday 17.9.15:

    18:30-20:00 Beginners and advanced adults:

    - Junbi Undo
    - 20 push-ups
    - Hiza geri (knee strike) - practising in pairs
    - Footwork: sayu (not sure about how it's written), tai hiraki, turns, various combinations of those, solo and in pairs, with hiki-uke (block) or hiza geri, with one attacking, the other one dodging and counter-attacking, etc., etc.
    - 20 push-ups
    - Ude Tan Ren (Iron body conditioning): forearms from three sides, then shoulder to shoulder; punches to the stomach, for us girls 4 punches from each of the other twelve people present (guys get 2 to the chest, 2 to stomach)
    - 10 push-ups between each of those exercises and more push-ups to come. I lost count, but we did well over a hundred today
    - Standing in a circle each person (13 altogether) count to ten - 10x13 tsuki, then says a body-weight exercise to be done 10x. There were 10 push-ups, then mostly crunches, squats or some other not too difficult things, plank (I found out that when there are guys provoking me from both sides, the plank is more bearable when I fight and kick back, as I don't have to focus solely on the exercise itself :) ). Then some weird push-ups similar to Neko-Undo, 10 terrible burpees just before the end and since I was the last one to come up with an exercise and the training was about to end, I challenged everyone with 10 Neko-Undo :evil: Because towards the end I couldn't go too low anymore, I did at least 1 bonus Neko Undo to compensate a little :) However I found out that my exercise was mostly ignored. While I was trying my best, I think the only other people actually going at it were sensei, and maybe 2, perhaps even 3 other guys, the others seemed to just watch :( And there I came up with this exercise thinking of everyone! :evil: :D
    - Stretching

    1x Sanchin
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    Dojo's anniversary

    On Saturday 19th a calebration was planned of the second anniversary of our dojo (it was rebuilt from a night club two years ago) and also of our sensei's birthday.

    I was invited over to a friend so we could spend Friday evening (8 PM to 3AM) and Sunday morning (9 AM to 3 PM) preparing all sorts (and a big amount) of snacks and baking a cake and other sweets. It was tough and I actually became sick of all the stuff we made. I ate nothing else for almost two days and since I don't feel like eating anything at the moment, my stomach hurts from hunger which in turn makes me sick to eat anything....

    Anyway on Saturday we were celebrating in the dojo, chatting with all sorts of people - karate students, their friends and families. Sensei showed us a presentation about the history of our club (that's 8 years old or so) and photos of what state was the dojo in before it became a dojo... Somehow we ended up talking and generally having a good time till about 5 AM, after which I barely got any sleep, if any at all... I was just too hungry and too distracted by all sorts of thoughts...
    It was great, but unfortunately I didn't do my Sanchin these two days. Shame on me....

    And since the dojo and sensei were celebrating, apart from a special karate-themed cake we made, I gave him a picture (since I like to draw and sensei mentioned the dojo needs more decorations) :) He seemed nicely surprised so this little creation of mine will likely find its place on some wall, soon. :)


    (not sure how to make it smaller, sorry)​
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    Nachi, that is completely awesome.
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    Thank you, Simon, I'm glad you like it :)
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    what simon said :D
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    Thank you as well, Fish! ^^
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    That is one really cool picture. [​IMG]
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    Thank you! :)Wow, I didn't expect such positive reactions, thanks guys :D
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    Sunday 20.9.15: 1 Sanchin

    Monday 21.9.15:

    Didn't make it for the children training...

    18:30-20:00 Beginner adult class:

    Apart from sensei, there were 16 students today! And it wasn't all that usually come. I've probably never seen the dojo this crowded. I mean the dojo isn't particularly big and last semester, for one training there were usually 4-8 people, with extremes 2-12. It's great to see how the club grows :)

    - Warm up with some jumping and fooling around
    - Practising footwork again, tsuki, uraken uchi (= backfist strike?), mae-geri (front kick), hiza geri (knee kick) - various drills
    - A bit of belly work-out

    20:00-21:30 Self-defence for women:
    - Warm-up plus a bit of a little "fighting"
    - Stretching under my lead today
    - Practising knee strikes in pairs, also using pads, some fun exercise with it
    - Butt strikes
    - Basics of punching and elbow strikes
    - A bit of theory
    - Belly work-out (= 115 sit-ups - not all the way up)

    1 Sanchin
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    Tuesday 22.9.15:

    Today started funny as I received a text from the sensei that took the mini class from me last week saying he's teaching today again, but I shouldn't even think about skipping "my" mini class, which is something I understood quite clearly from last time :D

    16:00-17:00 Mini class (theoretically kids of age 4-6, but in fact, it's probably more like 3-4, I would guess):
    Apart from the two usual, a third "little devil" appeared. It's very hard to handle these kids as they don't listen - like not reacting at all when I call their name, and are hard to handle in general. Their favourite thing to do is run around the dojo screaming, ignoring all else, except for parents they run to find from time to time. Mums of the two decided to leave for the coffee, which actually helped.
    I got them to do some stuff, but it was hard. I proposed a game where they lie on the back, when I shout start, they'd get up, run across the dojo to me and hit the pad. A small competition. The biggest one won, hit the pad, but decided to run back immediately. As he turned, he clashed with his friend. Both were crying and looking for their mums while the new one started to cry, because he lost.... I tended to the first one who hurt his temple, then I discovered the "winner" actually bumped his nose to his friend's head enough that his nose bled. He was crying, but othervise took it well. Dad of the boy who lost explained to him it's normal to lose and he should go practise so it gets better. He lost three times then again, which was too much for him to take, so he basically cried and refused to participate in anything else. It was towards the end, though, some older boys went in, so we played one game together. Wow, this is really tough.

    17:00-18:00 Intermediate kids class (boys from 7 to 11, up to 8th kyu):
    I just got a call from sensei again he's going to be 5 mins late, so I can start the class in his stead for the time being. I played a game of tag with some variations with them, did a bit of "wrestling", some stretching, started with kihon ido - practising mae geri, mawashi geri, later ushiro geri. Only then, 35 mins later sensei showed up. I was just assisting for the rest of the class (holding a pad, being a partner to a boy, who was "odd", etc.).

    18:00-20:00 Advanced adult and older children class:
    Finally time for my training. I didn't get much of a break, only managed to stuff a banana down my throat.
    - We started with a sparring game - slap a face, belly or a thigh of your partner - 3 rounds
    - Start in seiza, pin your partner to the floor - 3 rounds (1 loss, 1 round without a clear winner, but I was closer to losing, 1 almost win - finally a female sparring partner, I think I immobilised her, but it didn't take the required 5 secs before end of the round, she amost got me at the beginning, though, too, so I guess it was a tie)

    - Kakie (pushing hands) + techniques:
    - with three sequences of blocks, hits, tekedowns and joint locks:
    - 1. hiki-uke, hit chin + poke eyes, takedown by kicking calf to calf, stomp kick
    - 2. hiki-uke, gyaku tsuki (punch), hit-left-forearm-to-opponent's-right-upper-arm-while-holding-the-wrist take-down + bend wrist until tap-out (not easy to do, the bending doesn't hurt too much unless you bend it really a lot and hold the elbow properly with knees)
    - 3. hiki-uke, ko-uke to block partner's punch, kin geri (groin kick), hit ribs on both sides, takedown by manipulating the leg with hands, put the foot under arm and bend (a bit sideways if I understood well) until tap out

    - Stretching

    - Somersault and other a little acrobatic stuff:
    - Always run across the dojo, do some kind of somersault in the middle and hit/kick the pad
    - Regular somersault + punch
    - Mae ukemi (forward roll) + punches - we were urged to go quickly, so I tried from more or less standing position (not kneeling first), it went better than expected :)
    - Ushiro ukemi (backward roll) + Ushiro geri (back kick) - I struggled with this roll, I only did it once or twice before and we did it in a bit faster pace, so I put the leg under me and left the rest up to fate, which led to me always rolling exactly over my head... I need to learn this :(
    - Flying somersault (?) - not sure how you call this when you jump headfirst over an obstacle (three pads), land on hands and go immediately in the somersault - I hit my back on the first try, the second went well as I focused on bending my arms like in a push-up and slowing down the fall
    - Flying mae-ukemi (?)- the same, but roll instead of somersault - I think I more or less gave up on this and did the somersault
    - "Roll over, back to back" - no idea about the name of the last one: one person stands sideways to you, bends the body to horizontal position, you run to him, put your back on theirs, roll over their back and land on your feet on the other side - on my first attempt I probably didn't run fast enough, lost momentum and stopped when lying on the guy's back, couldn't roll further, went down; the second attempt went well, I ran faster, landed nicely on feet ^^ - I was happy about that as I never did this thing before

    - Sparring:
    - With gloves standing in a punching range with a partner, feet planted to the floor, any feet movement forbidden - only punch (head and body), 4 rounds. I have to say I was a little afraid of one guy - much younger, but also quite bigger than me, who always punched harder than comfortable or necessary. He reasoned that he always goes hard in case I'd try to block, so he could smash through.... Yeah, very nice. I managed to also land a head punch at the same time as he punched me, but I didn't even feel I hit him, while he hit me enough that I had to take a big step backwards. I was in his range, but he wasn't in mine... too bad, I guess. I could feel my neck a bit from when he hit my forehead and my head tilted backwards twice and got a good punch to the nose. Not really bloody, I only shed tears, but it hurts a bit, as I got somewhere between 5 and 10 nose punches even before this one (not that hard, though). I should do something about my guard I guess. I prefer to dodge if possible, but with any footwork forbidden - it wasn't too easy (at least for me, I'm not good at sparring as I always write).
    - The same, but you can step forward or backward with one foot while the other stays planted, 4 rounds

    - 10 slow sit-ups, 40 "half sit-ups" - only half way up
    - Push-ups:
    - Pair up and rest while partner does 15 push-ups, do 15 push-ups. Rest while partner does 14 push-ups, do 14 push-ups etc. until 1, of course (a total of 120). I was paired with sensei, who was too fast, so I didn't get much rest. :cry: He told us to do some variety of knuckle push-ups, where you go down and only go about half way up so their quicker and perhaps easier? I couldn't or didn't know how to do them well, I don't think I can go all the way down, so I was doing them a bit differently (not sure if easier of harder), but they made me tired too early. When at 13 or 12, I switched to regular push-ups, but was struggling still - these first took my strenght away. I really didn't like how weak I felt and that sometimes I had to put a knee down and rest for a couple of seconds before continuing. Lately I felt well about how my push-ups improved, so this was a huge let down. I did this exercise months ago with only regular push-ups and it was much better. :( I need to practise.
    - Wait until everyone finishes in a push-up position, only sideways, with only one (trembling) arm supporting the body... :cry:
    - Then 10 push-ups on count :cry:
    - And 5x Neko Undo :cry: (sensei is a tyrant!) - I probably needn't mention that my Neko Undo was reaaally bad this time...

    - It was a good and definitely not an easy training (both technically and physically challenging), so I appologise, but I wanted to write it all down. There are a lot of things that would deserve more attention in my solo trainings in the future...

    1 Sanchin
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    Wednesday 23.9.15: 1 Sanchin

    Thursday 24.9.15:

    18:30-20:00 Beginner to intermediate adults:

    - Warm up with a few rounds of a sparring game. Today was fun, before the class a friend of mine told everybody a bit embarrasing story about me. I told her she should prepare for a beating, but she got at least two others swear they'd protect her, lol :D. I didn't think that when I went to pair with her for the sparring game, one of the friends would ditch her partner and rush over to join us as a third person (there was an odd number of people) to team up with her against me. And sensei, (about the only one) who's usually not too mischievous, instead of being justly on my side as I was teamed up against, just uttered: "Nice, this is a good match-up!" ....They will all be sorry! :evil:

    - Stretching in pairs
    - Kihon - practising punches and later three basic blocks - age-uke, yoko-uke, harai-uke, all as partner drills
    - Still in pairs practising 2nd bunkai of Gekisai Dai Ni and another variety of something similar, but from the "inside" with a take-down.
    - 10-minute work-out at the end

    There were a lot of people again today (14), lot of whom were beginners (one of them a new student again, the dojo really grows at the moment :)), so the exercises weren't too tough - as in not using as much power (?), but I shouldn't complain, practise is always good :) And although my arms don't hurt anymore from the push-ups last time, my nose as I was punched and lower back as I fell hard during the flying somersault still do a bit (we have mats, but only 2 cm thick and not super soft...), so I did appreciate that today's training wasn't overly tough... and also because tomorrow we're leaving for a seminar with sensei Tetsuji Nakamura (7th dan), that I'm looking forward to a lot :)

    1 Sanchin
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    Laugaricio Gasshuku with Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura in Slovakia

    Friday 25. - Sunday 27.9.15:

    This weekend, there was a seminar held in Trenčín, Slovakia. This time, the teacher was Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura (7th dan), the World Chief Instructor of IOGKF, a successor and student of Morio Higaonna Sensei.

    So far I've attended six international Gasshukus (seminars), this was the second one with Nakamura sensei. Because he's very positive, friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable, of course, I was really looking forward to it, as many other people. The seminar was attended by perhaps 60-70 people (not too many, in fact), out of which 18 were Czech. It was probably the biggest Czech group ever attending a seminar like that - we have good relationships with Slovakians, we can easily communiacate Czech with them and seminar with sensei Nakamura was attractive, as well. Apart from us and Slovakians (obviously), there were several karatekas from Poland and a few from other countries like Austria, Italy and Romania. I met some people from Poland and Slovakia whom I've known from other similar events, which was nice :) I'm not sure if it's true, but I heard the IOGKF is one of the most travelling organizations - I mean that the senior teachers are often invited here and there all over the world to teach and the students from nearby (even) countries come to learn. So these events are friendly as opposed to competitive. The relationships between countries are therefore good and the atmosphere is rather friendly :)

    We left on Friday from Prague, in a van sensei borrowed, because there were 8 people (+1 more friend rom a smaller dojo we picked up in another city) and not enough cars, volunteer drivers etc. available. It made the journey more fun, though :) Because of the bad traffic the driving took 5 hours or more and we didn't make it for the evening training (that was only for the black belts, so only our two senseis could be unhappy about it), so we went straight to a pub along with other friends who arrived sooner (six black belts and two younger students). Just for a while, though. After that, I went back to our dormitory, but I wasn't the only one. I have no idea how it happened, but somehow the party only shifted to my and sensei's room. :thinking: Some of us took out the obligatory bottles of wine and cans of beer, the ones more prepared even some "home-made" spirits. I wanted to be fit for tomorrow, but I drank a bit more than I'd want to and was able to go to bed only at 4 AM and got some measly 3,5 hours of sleep... :cry:

    On Saturday, the training for everyone started at 9:00 and continued till 15:00 with only two 15-minute breaks. More than a half of the participants were black belts, there were (unusually) only a few brown belts and the lower grades were generally also few. There were (I think) only 4 orange belts (7th and 6th kyu), 3 of whom (including me) from our dojo...
    The first 2-hour block started with Junbi Undo. It wasn't nearly as tough as what we went through on the seminar with sensei Bakkies Laubscher a month ago. Junbi Undo slowly shifted into practising footwork, a lot of sliding to all directions. Sensei Nakamura is (in my eyes, at least) incredibly fast and nimble. I had trouble sliding my feet and I worried about getting blisters. Just at the last seminar with him I went to in Poland he put emphasis on moving fast in Neko-ashi dachi (cat stance). He was also explaining some stuff in detail like what the stance should look like and details about shifting weight in moving about in it. Cool. :)
    From footwork we went to some kihon (basic techniques), knee strikes and punches and combined them with the footwork; towards the end we were practising various blocks + front and roundhouse kick and some combinations.

    After the break in the second block we were told to find a partner of similar height. I looked around like everyone else and found a partner in a young woman from Poland with brown belt (3rd kyu), exactly the one who was my partner at the last seminar with sensei Nakamura in Wroclav, Poland. Which was great, I remembered she was good, tough and strong, so I went towards her without regrets, because I knew I would get a great practise with her and it's always more interesting to find training partners from another dojo, country even :)
    First we started with kakie (sticky hands) - a bit of a work-out + a good tool for practising techniques executed in short distance. The first form was just rotating hands, moving them just a little, then doing horizontal circles with one arm, then pushing/pulling sideways with both arms to the same side while keeping one palm up, one down, always exchanging.
    Then came some combination of three blocks in succession + punch and the other side does the same. It was a little complicated but after we tried a few times, we found a pattern not too difficult to follow, although the technique looked a bit messy from the beginning. We were then only increasing speed and power. Just like at the last seminar, hitting and blocking hard, watching and perhaps also silently challenging one another to show signs of discomfort and pain first. Since I wasn't ready to admit anything and she wasn't either, we could just smile together finding something like a mutual understanding, admit the other one was tough and strong and go even harder. I simply took it as a technique drills and iron body conditioning - all in one package :) I was expecting bumps and big briuses as usual after a training like that, but only got small ones, which was a nice surprise. The conditioning maybe really works, haha :D
    The second partner drill was very similar, but the initial block was different, because the attacking technique was uraken uchi. I think we really got a knack for both these techniques. We were praised and showed thumbs-up by sensei Nakamura and even sensei Raoul Vögel from Austria, who was the secong highest grade and was asked by sensei to assist checking on the lower grades, encouraged us. And that always makes one happy ^^
    Aside from that we did some exercises combining the footwork, blocks, chokes, etc.

    After another 15-minute break there was a kata block. Since all the grades from beginners to 6th dan were practising at the same time, the kata practised was the basic one, Gekisai Dai Ichi. Sensei explained details in three or four last techniques, focusing on the mechanics of the movement to make it as fast as possible, and also on the kime - right timing, right muscles etc. I need to write it all down so I can practise this later. Sensei then had us perform the kata while he observed, adding more theory if he saw some common imperfections. And after each kata, invariably, "Mó ichi do!" (One more time!) came. So the kata block took over an hour. After that sensei let us relax and was speaking about tanden, correct breathing, correct posture and explaining about traditional martial arts.

    In the rest of the time, we again made (the same) pairs, practising variations of bunkai for Gakisai Dai Ichi (done from the opposite side - outside x inside - than usual). Some of them looked quite different, there were also takedowns we didn't have to practise, but since we wanted to try, me and my partner made probably the only pair going down, responsibly cleaning the floor with our gis :) Since the time was up, we didn't learn about the last bunkai. And sensei didn't have enough time to put us through his killer work-out that usually comes at the end of the training (as I already saw once and as I heard from our senseis). But he did find time to perform one kata, as is a custom, I think. He picked Seiyunchin. Since I bagan to learn this kata, I could appreciate it more. Simply put, it looked awesome :)

    After the seminar and lunch-dinner we went straight to the Sayonara party. A restaurant was reserved for about 50 people. We put most of the tables together and I brought my chair to a part of our Czech group. Not sure if they wanted to play gentlemen, but they put my chair at the edge of the group and right next to sensei Nakamura. I didn't really speak with him, there were a lot of people, but from the conversations that were going on and from how he was in general, he has my respect. He's not only a good karateka and teacher, but also very kind, humble, friendly and cheerful person. I didn't talk to many people (I was really tired), but towards the end I chatted with a sensei from Romania. From what he said he teaches a lot of children, doing courses in kindergardens and so I got a few tips on teaching kids of such a young age. He said the beginnings are tough, but the children should improve their general behaviour in some time. I certainly hope so...

    At 22:15, our sensei called it a day (night) for it was about time for us to leave. The Sunday training was only (for a couple of hours) for brown belts and then only for 2nd dans and higher, so most of us (7/9) originally wanted to leave on Saturday. Senseis kind of sacrificed their training and decided we'd go in one car and leave today. We arrived to our Prague dojo at 2:15 AM, I was almost falling asleep while standing and decided to stay the night in the dojo, rather than spend other 80-90 minutes travelling home across the city. At least I got the opportunity to again chat with my sensei, who was also inspired by this seminar. Now I only need to do as sensei Nakamura told me when I was saying my goodbye: "Keep training hard!"
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  17. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Friday, Saturday, Sunday: No Sanchin, I didn't have time, place and energy, respectively.

    Monday 28.9.15:

    18:30-20:00 Beginner adults:

    Today, only four of us (+ sensei) came, probably because of today being national holiday.
    - 3 rounds of randori (my nose just stopped hurting, so my friend took the iniciative to hit me there again (by accident, that was also my thought, admittedly)....
    - Then 4 or so rounds of sparring, or a sparring game when you only try to hit opponent's belly, only with punches, no kicking. + Guys only use one arm against girls (there were two of us). The last round was us two girls against sensei. He still only used one arm, which kind of surprised me. I know he's really good, but I thought there had to be some catch to it. And there was. He couldn't defend too well, so he went on the offensive, basically testing how much we can take. The other girl is more or less a beginner, he went softer on her, but since sensei just kindly praised me that I can take a few hits and I can deal with them quite well, he was probably trying to see how many and how well exactly... We had no gloves nor other protective gear and he was punching hard. Not full power, but perhaps harder than I could even if I tried. I could only block my body with forearms, which worked, but I got hit in exactly those places I had bruised from the weekend (the bruises went away surprisingly quickly, but those places still hurt) and those punches....:cry: He kept hitting again, and again, and again, challenging me to keep the arms there (and I kind of took it as a challenge, too :D). Then he stopped for a while, went for the other girl and I didn't manage even any attack worth mentioning, as I couldn't hold a punch properly right after that. When he came back to me again, I didn't block in time and got the punch straight into the place somewhere between solar and the floating ribs probably (a place where there are not many muscles to tighten). Damn that hurt and it knocked the wind out of me. I was this close to falling down, but told myself not to and managed to stay on my feet, crouching. Arrrgh, I hate this feeling. Luckily the worst went away soon, so after half a minute I was able to stand back up straight and I went back to sparring, was much softer, but the round ended soon anyway, phew...

    - Probably 30 push-ups - without holding above the floor, but lying down each time we go down, than quickly pushing up and lie back down agai (5 with palms pointing forward + 5 with hands further apart, 5 with palms pointing backward, 5 sideways, 5 on all 10 fingers, 5 on wrists - palms facing upward)
    - Junbi Undo
    - Footwork
    - Hiza geri (knee strikes)
    - Practising punches, basic blocks and ushiro geri (back kick)
    - Then in pairs quite a long combination with 3 punches, 3 different blocks, mawashi geri + block, 3 knee strikes, elbow to temple, push, turn and ushiro geri with a turn, the other person dodging, catching it and throwing the kicker. We practised this till the end of the lesson.

    - A little bit of sparring with sensei again, I was probably too cheeky or something, so he took me down and was going to mock fight me on the floor. Sadly, I realised I forgot most of what my friend taught me (I didn't know much to begin with and it's been a long time...) and only managed to struggle with my only free limb to no avail... Or he's just too heavy :p I suppose 20 kg or so does make a difference, but it would be great if I could learn to defend against attackers like that, too. :( I have a looot to learn and work on (as usual).

    20:00-21:30 Self-defence for women:

    - Warm-up
    - Stretching
    - Various techniques: practising how to fall, how to keep an attacker from you when you fall, some strikes, defending agains choking and a "hug" from back

    1 Sanchin
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  18. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 29.9.15:

    As expected from yesterday sparring I have several (luckily small) bruises and tiny bumps on forearms and the ribs hurt a bit, but I can't really hold it against sensei (not that I'd want to to begin with, but...) when I briefly met him today, he told me that when he did randori with me, he kicked, I probably blocked or something and broke his little toe :confused: I don't remember I'd block too hard or something, but I suppose breaking these little bones isn't too difficult. I didn't even notice I hurt him at some point as he didn't even flinch, didn't say anything and continued sparring and teaching normally. So it came as a big surprise to me and I feel bad :(

    16:00-17:00 Mini class:
    One of the three boys was ill, so only two little devils to work with today. The older one is great, tries to participate, seems rather enthusiastic, but the smallest one is just... I don't know, he doesn't care about any game I try to engage him in, and if, it only lasts for a while - like at the beginning of the lesson, then no matter what I try to do and how often I change, he would run around, away, ignore me and say he doesn't want to do anything, ... sigh. I feel almost bad for trying to make it fun for him, explain stuff to him, chase him to bring him back etc., while the enthusiastic boy has to wait until the other one makes up his mind. Or not...

    17:00-18:00 - Sensei didn't need help, I'm taking a mental break

    18:00-20:00 Advanced class:
    - Warm up in pairs including some jumping over each other, crawling under one another and a some belly work-out
    - Junbi Undo
    - Kihon - more advanced techniques - open handed strikes and blocks
    - Practising these blocks and strikes in pairs
    - Three combinations in pairs we did at the weekend seminar with sensei Nakamura
    - Circuit training:
    - for each side 30 punches and 25 knife-hand strikes to the pad. I was told I rotate my shoulders too much, I should move them as little as possible. Sensei held my shoulders for me, but then I wasn't able to punch amost at all. I do move the hips as I was told, but perhaps then I rotate my body too much. I need to figure this out.... :(
    - 3 mins. in horse stance holding a 3 kg weight in outstretched arm for approx. 10 seconds before switching arms
    - normal work-out with chi-ishi
    - "wrist work-out" with a 7,5 kg kettlebell (I didn't do much - not enough time)

    - Saifa kata - 3x slowly, 3x full power; we got some tips on what to improve in general, I got yet another one mistake corrected
    - Belly work-out
    - Stretching

    1 Sanchin

    Tomorrow I'm leaving for an ornithological conference to Iceland. And of course the thought crossed my mind and I found out there is actually an IOGKF dojo in Reykjavík. I'd love to go and try one training, but we'll be staying at the conference 50 km away from Reykjavík and although we'll probably go visit the city, there is a good chance I won't be able to visit the dojo. But if I see any opportunity, I'll go for it :)
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  19. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wednesday 30.9. - Tuesday 6.10.15:

    Rest week. I've spent this week in Iceland, which was great, but as for training I did completely nothing. As I wrote I was planning to visit the local dojo in Reykjavík, however, I went to the city with my friends in a rented car and they didn't feel like waiting until the training ends, so I didn't even go find the place :( What a pity...

    I really missed the trainnigs and all the people from the dojo as well. It's weird to say since I've only been away for a week, but I'm starting to realise karate is slowly becoming something like a drug to me :)
    At least I got a week off which was good to recover. However, from last Monday, a spot on my ribs still hurts a little when touched/rubbed, not exactly where sensei punched me, I think, but a little to the side. What is more annoying, though, is my nose. It only hurt a little for a few days, but on Sunday (after a week from the blow I got), without a reason, it suddenly started to hurt significantly more. When I washed my face and carelessly touched my nose, I heard a faint "click" there a few times and it probably even swole a tiny bit. It's not such a big issue, but when a person needs to often blow their nose in the Icelandic cold weather, it does get somewhat annoying... :)

    Anyway, new semester just started and that means that I will have trainings even on Wednesdays, hooray! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's class. (But if I somehow get punched in the nose again, I think I'm gonna cry for real) :)
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  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wednesday 7.10.15:

    17:30-18:30 - karate class at my uni (x2 - 18:30-19:30)
    Finally with new semester I'm going to be having classes on Wednesday, too. Sensei teaches at my faculty (which is in fact precisely how I came to karate exactly two years ago). The class will be having only an hour, but there are going to be two consecutive classes, so I'm planning to attend both, even if they're going to be more or less identical.
    Funny thing is that sensei always says how goju ryu has a majority of male students, especially because of Hojo Undo, iron body conditioning and stuff like that (which is true as we see at every seminar), but our dojo has as many guys as girls, if there aren't more of girls actually (at the adult classes).
    For the first class today there were us two girls and two guys, the second lesson was full of girls (11 of us), and a bit later two guys came, which made sensei a bit happy, I think :D One of the guys came in a gi with a green belt and said he did Shotokan for 11 years and is trying to get back to it. So I'm looking forward to practising with him, perhaps I will learn something :) There used to be a girl the past semesters, who did Shotokan for I'm not sure if 12 or 15 years and she was an awesome person who also gave me some tips etc. Unfortunately she's away now and I won't be seeing her anytime soon.
    Half of today's lessons was spent with some introduction and rules about safety etc. and for the rest we were practising footwork and hiza geri and a "fitness" exercise towards the end. The room was hot and I had droplets of sweat running down my face. It was a good lesson :) (And finally a training after a whole week!) :)

    1 Sanchin

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