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    That does sound like something I could try! Thank you for the explanation on how to! I don't have any such ball at home now, only a foam roller, but that may be too wide? I will try to get a ball, though. Thank you! :)
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    Tuesday 20.10.2020

    Online karate

    Our dojo's sensei taight this class. We did some combinations, also reacting on sensei's attacks on the screen. Stretching, Junbi Undo and then worked on kicks using our chairs - to gently kick with the right spot, kick over, etc. As soon as I told Sett to try and not kick the chair in our new living room furniture when we were going to kick mae geri over the chair, he did just that.... :confused::rolleyes: :D
    We also tried moving in a square around our chair, to force us to slide for long enough distances. Then we upgraded that with doing one technique from Gekisai Dai Ichi kata after each movement. Basically going through the kata while moving around the chair. I messed up a couple of times, only a little and then sensei asked us to go as fast as we could, and who's done, press a key on our keyboard to see the finish times. Who finishes last, does burpees. Sett thought for a while, turned to me and asked if he should wait till I finish as well, or just press the key as soon as he finishes. Arrrgh, what gall! As if I won't finish first. I shot him a look and was determined to go faster than him. In the third movement or so, though, Sett slammed in his chair, nearly knocking him over, hahaha, I nearly stopped as I had to laugh, but managed to go on and finished first, with Sett doing his best to catch up :D
    At the end we did verious kicks and kick combos to 4 directions. I found out kicks don't exhaust me now as much as they used to, it seemed. I didn't really burn many kcal thanks to that. Sett had nearly double :/
    So my eating today was overboard. Especially when I learned the onlne Taiji is postponed for tommorrow.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:12
    Max HR: 153
    Average HR: 106
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 351
    Fat burn: 48%

    Food Log:
    - Chia Shake
    - A few salty sticks + small ice cream
    - Coconut curry chicken soup with rice noodles.
    - Apple and a curd cheese and banana cake, a smallish piece
    - Bread roll with cheese spread and ham
    Intake of 2086 kcal, 2080 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: +6, next morning weight: 76,0 kg (I really messed up, I need to be stricter on myself)
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    Yeah a foam roller would be too wide for this (though generally better for rolling your quads than a ball).
    If you are acquiring a ball, one of the better structures I've found for it is to get 2 lacrosse balls and duct tape them together into a peanut. (Or buy a peanut, but the do-it-yourself route is a lot cheaper.)
    If you just want to try it out though a single ball works fine. If it works for you consider getting a 2nd one and making a peanut-the shape makes it easier to get into the muscles in smaller areas like above the knee.
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    Thanks for the advice!
    Although this will have to be postponed. Our government just announced a lockdown and most shops will be closed starting tommorrow. I will have to wait to get some ball somewhere...
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    Trying to think of other things you could use instead of a ball that you might have lying around... the only thing I came up with is an apple. But I feel like that could go a bit sideways and end up making a mess.
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    Well, I am not sure if I dare to try that :D :D :D
    I was thinking about other stuff, too, but couldn't come up with anything. I think my boyfriend has a couple of softballs in his parent's house, though. So maybe next time we come visit, I'll steal them :D
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    Keep in mind a softball is harder than the tennis & lacrosse ball--if the sensation is too intense you can just put less weight on it. Especially when you first try it, triggerpoint can be very uncomfortable. (It does get less uncomfortable over time.)

    For the inside portion of your thigh (the 90 degrees from the top around to the inside), lying on my stomach with my leg out to the side & bent like a half-frog stretch works well for me (other leg out straight behind you).
    For the outside portion you can just lie on your side sort of like a fetal position to position properly to put weight through the leg into the ball. You can do this with the leg straight or bent.
    For the movement portion, just go through the full 90 degree range of motion (fully extended -> 90 degree bend) while pushing on the uncomfortable spots. (So whether your leg is bent or straight or bent at a 45 angle, just go through the whole bend/unbend motion and get back to where you started.) Make sure to do the movement portion slowly- 2 or 3 seconds to go from bent to straight, another 2 or 3 to go from straight to bent.
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    Is it? (I've never tried softball) :oops:

    Thanks a lot for the explanations, that will be useful! :)
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    Wednesday 21.10.

    Covid is still on the loose and the restrictions don't seem to really work so far, we are still hitting new and new records and the situation is becoming serious, just as my professor predicted, despite nobody in power really listening to him. The governments seems to finally start to panic and today in the afternoon announced a lockdown starting tommorrow. People are allowed to go to work, shop, family, and luckily, outside to parks, forests, etc. Shops are going to close in addition to all the cultural life etc. Meaninig even our sneaky taiji training for instructors is likely to cease. We can't meet in more than 2 people.

    Taiji online
    The Taiji teacher tried the first online class via Zoom today, where the instructors - both the senior and us in training - were invited so that we can test how everything worked. We practiced the sixth form with explanations and corrections for 40 mins, which is the time limit the free Zoom alowed. Everything (except my additional webcam) seemed to work very well, so the teacher was happy about it and will probably start regular classes like this starting tommorrow. It looks like I will indeed have plenty of trainings to attend (both Karate and Taiji), without setting foot outside my home :D Which is awesome, as setting feet outside is precisely something we can't do at the moment. There was an offer of continuing the instructor Monday classes in person, but I hope they won't. I'd be totally tempted to go, but I think the restrictions are needed and do not want to go against that. Although we could keep the distance we should and I the risks of catching covid there would be quite low, but....

    The training was easy paced and calorie-wise really insignificant.

    Food Log:
    - A waffle + yogurt and milk tea; apple
    - Coconut curry chicken soup with noodles.
    - Curd cheese and banana cake, a smallish piece
    - Veggie (tomato, cucumber, red bell pepper) salad with a bit of feta type cheese
    Intake of 1556 kcal, 1922 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -366, next morning weight: 75,1 kg
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    Thursday 22.10.2020

    Online karate

    Sensei V had an online class today. First half - nearly an hour, was conditioning. We did three different tabatas. I think it was 20, but more likely 30 s of work, 10 s of rest, 4 rounds of 4 exercises. Got us fairly sweaty as we haven't been doing such workouts lately...
    At the end we practised the Seyunchin bunkai. The training took nearly 2 hours in the end.
    Good thng was my knee wasn't hurting at all today. It has calmed down, it seemes. One the other hand, one exercise in the last tabata was jumping lunges. When doing those, I experients bouts of familiar sharp short pain somewhere deep in my buttocks. I had issues with this in the past and it hasn't come back for a while. The pain wasn't too great today, luckily, but it is tricky in the fact that I can move normally, until suddenly when doing seemingly random movements there is a sharp pain, which surprises me in a way that I tend to freeze a little and relax my leg. And then it can hurt again right after so I have some trouble getting out of the position, or doesn't hut at all. I hope this thing will pass soon. It hasn't returned for a while and I haven't missed it. Not one bit. Therefore the bunkai of Seiynchin I did without very low stanes and did mostly gently, not trying to go full power at all.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:50
    Max HR: 165
    Average HR: 121
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 724
    Fat burn: 39%

    Food Log:
    - Apple with curd cheese and some raising, milk tea
    - Greek yoghurt, a bit of chocolate
    - Coconut curry chicken soup with noodles.
    - Curd cheese and banana cake

    - Wholegrain couscous with veggies and a smallish piece of feta type cheese
    - A handful of unsalted peanuts
    Intake of 2079 kcal, 2627 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -548, next morning weight: 75,2 kg
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    Friday 23.10.

    Rest day
    Intake of 1345 kcal, 1935 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -590, next morning weight: ? kg

    Saturday 24.10.

    I went to our cottage with my parents to prepare in for winter and pick up a few things. My mum read that mushrooms are still growing and wanted to be the fist early bird in the forest (mushroom hunters usually get up early, later, other people might pick the good things first, after all!). She was adamant we need to be there at 7 am, and didn't believe us it would be still dark. It was. I still had to get up at 5.30 and didn't sleep too well. The mushrooms were really growing, though! Mostly only parasol mushrooms and wood blewits. Wefound quite a lot of both, though and ate fried parasol mushrooms for dinner.

    Food Log:
    - Waffles with yogurt
    - chocolate and nut bar
    - Sausage made over bonfire with white bread rolls
    - Yogurt

    - Fried parasol mushrooms with white roll breads
    Intake of 2464 kcal, 2915 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -451, next morning weight: 74,7 kg
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    Sunday 25.10.

    I spent most of the day preparing around 10 l of pumpkin soup base from two pumpkins I got and sterilizing them for later use.

    In the afternoon - around 2:20 pm I went for a cycling trip with Sett and my dad. My dad was rushing on the way back as he didn't have a torch and as the time has just changed for the winter one, he didn't want to ride in the dark. We still did, but only the final bit of the journey. We rode to Slatina and to Lítožnický pond, a beautiful one. There wasn't many hills at all and we did keep quite a good pace. On the way back I stopped by my parents for roasted mushrooms with caraway seeds.

    Slatina, Lítožnický pond
    Time: 2:14 ( breaks not included)
    Distance: 40 km
    Average speed: 18,1 km/h
    Ascent: 155 m
    Descent: 150 m
    Max speed: 39,1 km/h
    Max HR: 162
    Average HR: 134
    Training benefit: Steady State training+
    Kcal: 1101
    Fat burn: 39%

    Food Log:
    - Apple with curd cheese and some raisins, milk tea
    - Salty sticks
    - Wine sausage with mashed potatoes and home made pickled mushrooms from my parents
    - Biscuit
    - Roasted mushrooms with caraway seeds and bread rolls
    Intake of 1868 kcal, 3021 (or slightly more) kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -1153, next morning weight: 74,7 kg
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    Monday 26.10.

    With the new week the online Taiji courses started. Each group has a class a week, meaning there are 4 classes each day Monday to Thursday. We are allowed to attend any and the teacher recommended to visit some, but majority of them are far more advanced than I am and some beginner or only a bit advanced are clashing with my online karate.

    Online Taiji
    This was the class for people who are learning 6th form. A class I could definitely benefit from. There weren't too many of us, but it was very nice, the teacher seemed to be enjoying these classes already. We started with wuji and silk reeling, then did 5 forms to 4 directions and then worked on the 6th form till the end of the class.

    Online Taiji - instructor class
    This one followed right after. There were slightly more people actually and the teacher was talking a lot about taiji principles, then let one person pick up a form to work on - he picked the one he just learned - 26th one, so new to me and a friend of mine. We were shown the basic movement of the form and worked on it. Everyone showed this on camera on the main screen and got a correction. I was I think already the second to do this, so obviously, I was doing it incorrectly. But got the correction about things I should already know and didn't realise I was compromising maybe as I was focusing on the rest of the new form.

    Neither class was very exhausting and except for the 5 forms to 4 directions, we didn't practice too long without break. I didn't burn many kcal, and I only started measuring the training after the silk reeling (it couldn(t find the HR when I tried at the beginning), which was maybe the most exhausting part. After we finished, I went through all the forms I know 4 times. I haven't practiced much lately...

    Also since my notebook broke in August, I only have my drawing tablet that I have mainly fo work (my boss bought it for me in fact). I was still unable to make the new wencamera Sett bought work well with it. It worked for the fist time, but not anymore. The tablet doesn't normally stand upright, so I had to underlay it with various things and secure it with two small pumkins... And my legs still don't show in the camera. I got an idea to steal Sett's notebook instead since his works well, but he started complaining that first I kick him out of the living room, away from his table and TV and now I even want to steal his notebook.... :D I will figure out a way, though :D I have until Wednesday... I'lldistract him with a good book to read or something :D

    Food Log:
    - Apple with curd cheese and some raisins, milk tea
    - Salty sticks, curd cheese desert from a farm
    - Pork and mushroom sauce with potatoes
    - Small ice cream
    - Wine sausage with mashed potatoes and home made pickled mushrooms from my parents
    Intake of 2084 kcal, 2122 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -38, next morning weight: 74,4 kg
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    Tuesday 27.10.20

    Online Karate

    We practiced bunkai of Gekisai Dai Ichi kta and were slowly linking them into one sequence we could practice solo. Sensei said he had planned to do much more, but we only had an hour, after all.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:14
    Max HR: 134
    Average HR: 101
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 310
    Fat burn: 53%

    When I can compare my HR and kcal with Sett, when we do the same activity, it is rather curious. When going for a walk, I can have like 30 bpm higher average and max HR than him. When doing karate, though, mine be generally similar or quite a bit lower. Like today he burned nearly 500 kcal and HR was higher I think by something like 15 bpm. I really find this curious. When cycling, on my old bike, I usually got like 2x the kcal and a much higher HR, now on my new bike, it is more similar to Sett, but I generally do burn more. Since I am a women and younger by 9 years, I suppose me having a higher HR would be expected, but I find it really strange that in some activities my HR is much higher, and in karate, it tends to be lower. I really wonder why this is.

    Food Log:
    - Apple with curd cheese and some raisins, milk tea
    - A waffle with yogurt, nut bar
    - Pork and mushroom sauce with potatoes
    - Small ice cream
    - Couscous with plenty of veggies and around 40 g of cheese
    Intake of 1713 kcal, 2035 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -322, next morning weight: 74,6 kg
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    Wednesday 28.10.2020

    We had a National holiday today, so a day off. I used the opportunity to use some of the pumpkins, chilli and other veggies I've grown this year and prepared a pumkin chilli sauce or a dip to go with meat. Made like 3 l and sterilized them in small jars. My morning snack today then was nibbling of carrots, peppers, and baked pumpkin. I've grown the Oregon Sweet Meat Homestead pumpkins and wow, they are sooo delicious! So meaty and sweet :D Will have to try to grow more next year. I definitely recommend them!

    Online Taiji

    Started with wu-ti, silk reeling, 5 forms to 4 directions (5 elements) and all our 15 forms once. Today was the class for my group where we started learning the next form: Striking Down by Twisting Body Obliquely. basically the same bit the teacher showed me last time when I stayed after the instructor class. But it was only a very brief explanation, today he explained to more detail. We did less talking and more exercising today, so I did get sweaty. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to measure the training.
    The class was great, after a few trials of the new form, an instructor, who was present, another student and I were asked to try to do the transitions more smoothly, since we have already seen this form or know more of something, but I did it wrong, apparently, so i got a few nice tips. Being able to do it the correct waay is still a whole other thing, though. Since in Taiji we don't really practice in pairs in regular classes, and basically only listen and copy the teacher, with the teacher giving feedback, these online classes aren't inferior at all. They seem perfectly like the normal classes, which is cool. Who knows how long this lockdown will last. In some form probably the whole winter, but I suppose the classes will restart soon. But still. We got a curfew at 9 pm starting today.

    Food Log:
    - Two waffles and yogurt, milk tea
    - a little bit of veggies eaten while preparing the sauce
    - Pork and mushroom sauce with potatoes
    - Banana bread (we had a lot of bananas and I needed to do something with them. I used five, but five are still remaining. I guess there will be a second round soon :D)
    - Veggie salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow bell pepper, spring onion) with a little bit of feta type cheese, balzamico and pepper
    Intake of 1700 kcal, 2185 (maybe a bit more as the training wasn't mesured) kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -485, next morning weight: 74,4 kg
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    Thursday 29.10.

    Online karate kids
    Both senseis who teach these online classes were busy today and me and Sett were apparently next in line to do this. We taught the kids class first. most of the class was done by Sett - Junbi Undo and San Dan Gi modified to less steps. I then took over with some kicks and chained them together in an attempt to do a kicking San Dan Gi, but we didn't have enough time to do the defence as well and it wasn't necessary, either. Just some kick practice. Toward the end of the class, a surprising visitor logged it. Our sensei who is currently on a maternal leave for the last couple of years. She logged in from her home with her little one running all around her, but she arrived to practice with us, which was very nice. In her honor, I did the last 5 mins an ab workout as she always used to do at the end of her classes.

    Online karate adults
    We did mostly the same thing as ith kids, but with less explaining and more practice and did San Dan Gi Ichi, Ni and San and two other San Dan Gis we were shown by sensei from England. Sett had enough, so I aain took over with the kicks, but we practiced the defence part as well. Sensei tried her best to practice with us, although sometimes she had to sort of deal with her energetic little son, who was sometimes showing his naked butt right to the camera :D I again did some belly workout at the end, more of it in fact and my favourite - raising legs while on the floor on Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down. I think Sett started regretting he handed the training over to me then. He seemed really tired. Again, our HR monitors showed he had like 23 bmp higher HR and burned over 1000 kcal compared to my 660... I couldn't argue when he wanted to shower first today...

    Polar results:
    Time: 2:10
    Max HR: 161
    Average HR: 108
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 664
    Fat burn: 46%

    Food Log:
    - Two waffles and yogurt
    - apple
    - Pork and mushroom sauce with potatoes
    - Banana bread and a bit of ice cream
    - two slices of wholegrain toast bread with cheese spread and a slice of ham
    - Crisps. I just couldn't look at them anymore since Sett bought them and I had some free calories to spare on food today :D
    Intake of 1673 kcal, 2325 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -652, next morning weight: 74,8 kg
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    Friday 30.10.

    Solo Taiji and stretching training
    I managed to do an hour practice after work. I wanted to practice in the garden where there is more space and I wanted to practice the staff form so I do not forget, but it was raining, so I did what I could in the living room. I even squeezed the staff form there, alhough I couldn't do a full range of some swipes with the staff and had to reposition myself after nearly every form. But for a practice to keep the form in my memory was quite ok. I did 15 mins of silk reeling, then 5 elements forma nd then practiced the form up to where I know it. For some time now I have wanted to try and practice the form in a mirror direction to learn the motions in a more universal way. I tried for the first time today. Maaan, that was hard! I will try to practice this more...
    Also did some stretching. I would just love to get at least a bit more flexible.

    The government decided today that the same restrictions are going to remain at least till 20th November. That was expected, though, and I think is a good decision. On the other hand, I was planning to go to Talavan - a seminar 22nd-23rd November. Chances are it will be cancelled, but I'll see.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:06
    Max HR: 142
    Average HR: 112
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 427
    Fat burn: 47%

    Food Log:
    Intake of 2045 kcal, 2358 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -313, next morning weight: ? kg
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    Saturday 31.10.


    We were going to go for a ride today and as mentioned during the week, we invited a friend. It was sort of a last moment's notice, but she didn't mind and took one of her sons along. Later ddi we dicover they do not have mountain bikes and Sett preared a trip through some forest trails also. they wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't all muddy with tons of fallen leaves everywhere. The friends still complained about the climbs the most... We arrived back muddied from back and front, and even though it was already dark we had to thoroughly clean the bikes and throw all our clothes straight into the washing machine. The trip was very nice, though. Most of the trip - the part we were together with the friends,we had a slower pace. They couldn't go as fast in the terrain and they aren't exactly fast riders, either, and would push the bikes up the hills. Not that we mind that, of course. I was very tired in the evening anyway...
    When we took a break, the son of my friend borrowed my bike to try it out. He jsut inherited his mom's 20 yo bike, so obviously, there would be difference. He started shouting: "What the hell is this? It goes by itself!" Naive boy, why else did he think I got a bike like that? So that I wouldn't have to work too hard, obviously! :D The only disadvantage is that I burn nearly identical aount of kcal to Sett. At one point in the trip he even got more! I can't stand for that! On my old bike I'd have like twice the amount... but, would be twice as tired....

    Divoká šárka, Housle

    Time: 2:43 ( breaks not included)
    Distance: 35,58 km
    Average speed: 13,1 km/h
    Ascent: 375 m
    Descent: 375 m
    Max speed: 39,7 km/h
    Max HR: 171
    Average HR: 131
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training, long
    Kcal: 1269
    Fat burn: 41%

    Food Log:

    Intake of 2054 kcal, approx. 3295 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -1241, next morning weight: 74,5 kg


    The forest was beautiful at this time
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    Sunday 1.11.20

    It rained most of the day, but we squeezed in an hour long walk (nearly 6 km). Sett didn't have the best shoes and slipped in the mud, falling flat on his back. He was muddy head to toe, but didn't let me take a picture :( What a bummer.

    Food Log:
    - Apple fromt he tiny tree in our garden, curd cheese, raising, a bit of coconut
    - banana bread
    - Japanese curry with basmati rice
    - Potato Calzone filled with cheese and sausage
    Intake of 2161 kcal, 2344 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -183, next morning weight: ? kg
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    Monday 2.11.

    Kettlebell and bodyweight exercising
    I felt energetic in the morning, so I did a usual kettlebell routine. Some exercises (for arms mostly as I am not exercising those much lately) I did more reps, but I generally did everything in a relaxed pace and with long breaks. Some bodyweight exercises in between (5x10 tricep dips etc.). Finished the training with a Tensho kata, one Taiji form (Laojia Yi Lu) and stretching.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:05
    Max HR: 165
    Average HR: 126
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training
    Kcal: 465
    Fat burn: 36%

    Online Taiji
    This is the less advanced group, learning the 6th form - White Crane Spreads its Wings. After the usual warm-up, we worked on that. There were a lot of people today! 25 or so.

    Online Taiji Instructor class
    13 people present today. In the invitation by e-mail the teacher asked us to prepare questions. He likes us to think about what we do and ask should we not understand anything. unfortunately, as it often happens, no one usually asks anything. Therefore in the email invitation we were asked to prepare questions. I really couldn't think of anything, that I was wondering about, but couldn't probably answer myself to a point. But Sett helped! He asked me if I knew what was this one motiong in the 7th form. Ha, right! Ask for applications! And this was a good one. When the class started the teacher gave us time to ask questions right away (I expected it at the end of the class). He got one simple question from someone and that a friend asked about something in the 7th form. When the question was answered, I though it is a good opportunity and I asked about the application of one movement in that form. The teacher called his son and showed various applications of the whole form on him, with explanations what principles of the form are importatnt and also showed twhat the motion I asked about could represent. He liked the question and talked about applications and then moved onto some more detailed specifics of that form and we practiced it till the end of the class. Ha, finally I had a good question! Thanks, Sett! Time to think of a question for next week! :D
    The class was interesting, we learne dthe form to more of a depth. We didn't exercise mch, thouhg. A lot of that was the teacher explaining and also showing stuff on his son. It was great, though!
    When we finished, I went throguh all my forms once and also in the mirror form. It was a bit easier today compared to last time, but I still have to do a lot of thinking and everything is clumsy.

    Food Log: I had a lot to eat today, and added a protein shake after the morning exercise. Today was a bad day.
    - Apple fromt he tiny tree in our garden, curd cheese, raising, a bit of coconut
    - banana bread with milk, diet Chia Shake
    - Japanese curry with basmati rice, small ice cream
    - Potato Calzone filled with cheese and sausage, tomatoes
    Intake of 2528 kcal, 2569 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -41, next morning weight: 74,6 kg
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