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    Monday 27.9.

    We had a national holiday today, so the seminar was three day long. Although it wasn't supposed to according to the forecast, it rained today, most fo the time. Therefore we again practiced inside. Working on the corrections we got and then after lunch getting personal corrections and a direction we should take now. What to improve in general etc.
    Due to the rain, we couldn't try the staff again, even though the teacher was planning to teach us till where N knew the forms. We didn't get the chance, but there is always next time...

    I was dismayed by the rain as we planned to ride our bikes to the train again. I was planning a shorter trip, either 15 or 8,5 km to one of the closer train stations. It was still raining a bit, so we decided to take the shortest route. I was originally planning to catch the train at 6:30 pm, but it was now 3:15 and there was an earlier train at 4:30. We decided to hurry and go for that one. I bought the tickets online, called the customer service to book the space for the two bikes and we rushed to fetch our bikes and had almost a full hour to make it to the station. However, as soon as I took R's bike, I noticed her front wheel was completely flat.... She must have damaged it on our way through the forrest. She did haave a spare inner tube, but an old one and she wasn't sure if it was in a good enough state. Well, if we did change it now, everyone would leave and if we couldn't make it to th later train... we'd be stuck. We then quickly made a decision to first cancel the tickets while we could, ask the teacher if it was not a problem if we left our bikes here (we both are planning to come back for the next seminar two weeks from now) and took then back next time. Then I came pleading instructor L, whom I have again asked if she could take my bag to Prague, if she could possible take the two of us as well. She had no problem with that, so we went by car and will pick up our bikes next time... The decidsion to do so was easier as this scenario was my last option plan for when it would rain heavily, so we resorted to it soon after we discovered the problem. On the way to Prague, it soon started raining again and later it was raining heavily again. So maybe this was a good decision. I just hope the weather will get better next time!

    2521 kcal today
    I weighted myself on Tuesday and had 76,3 kg.
    I was happy that I didn't really gain much or anything during the weekend :)
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    Tuesday 29.9.

    Morning Taiji

    I arrived early to try and practice with a staff, but despite arriving shortly after the school opened at 7:30, a friend was already there. I told myself I need to throw away my shyness, but I couldn't... I just practiced the basic form and then chatted with the friend.
    I was again raining since morning, so we had the training inside, both groups. After warm-up wiht the silk-reeling, the advanced group was taught by the instructor, while we had teh main teacher again. We went through our 15 forms and stopped at White crane Spreads its wings. The teacher explained, left and left me in charge of the group. We were supposed to go through the form 5 times. That was done quickly, so we continued drilling until maybe close to 20 before the teacher returned. Later we practiced Stepping Three steps with yet slightly different explanation. We went through all the forms again, I did slightly higher stances as my legs were tired and I did my best to focus on doing all the parts I got corrections for as correct as possible. A nice class again, but it was over before I knew it.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:10
    Max HR: 133
    Average HR: 110
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 431
    Fat burn: 48%

    It is raining today, so the karate training couldn't b outside, but we should go inside the new dojo in sensei's school for the first time. Me and Sett still have some doubts about whether it is a good idea to go. Sett is probably going to, but I won't be able to make it in time even if I wanted to, it seems. I'd like to train, but I do not want covid and I will do my best to make it there on Thursday.
    There is an online Black Belt Gasshuku with IOGKF senior instructors and we think of going for it. It would be a good idea to get a bit more karate practice before then, but... work is work.

    Apart from that, after spending 3 days at Talavan without even touching any face masks and isolated in there somewhat with the group of others, I have just returned back to reality, where Covid is still spreading fast. The minister of public health, despite having good achievements, resigned last week and the new one is making more restrictions. Which is good, I'd say, but there is a chance people will be again forbidden to gather in groups larger than 20 or 10. 20 Wouldn't bother me at all, for 10 some restrictions would have to be made at least for Taiji trainings. Karate could probably deal with that quite ok (although if Covid spreads some more in the school I wonder if it could get closed along with karate). The government is again going to declare state of emergency starting next week. Just like in spring. Except with less restrictions. Students will again be taught long-distance, except for elementary schools, though. I support doing something to keep the pandemic in check. It is just a pity something wasn't done sooner. My grandma has been in a hospital for over a month now and I didn't get to see her, nor the rest of the family that lives with her in a village near a different city because of fear we could possibly bring Covid with us and we don't want either of my grandparents to possibly catch it.. For a couple of weeks now, the hospital forbid visits altogether, so no one can pay a visit to my grandma and she is undoubtedly sad or angry because of it. That is something that frustrates me. People would just complain about all those restrictions, but had they come sooner, they wouldn't have had to be as severe and long term. Some people just think the government is trying to steal their rights and freedom and such garbage. Unfortunately, the government listened to people's complaints, cancelled the mandatory face masks and now here we are, closing schools, events, gatherings and in a state of emergency again. Gosh.
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    Wednesday 30.9.

    Morning weightyesterday: 75,7 kg

    We practiced the 5 forms to 4 directions irst, then worked on our forms till the 15th.
    Not sure if my fitness is getting better or I am slacking off, but I am getting lower HR and less kcal burnt for the last few trainings. I burned around 285 kcal today.

    I do not have the stats or te overall kcal burnt for today as my cell phone died. It was old and Sett wanted to get me a new one for my birthday in a couple of months. I could not switch my old one on today, though. I am not a person who needs their phone constantly, however, I just realized how important and usefula a phone is. I had my bus pass in an app there I bought recently, I couldn't confirm when we'll come pick up this months farmer¨s eggs as I couldn't call nor write and I wanted to order some food from a new interesting ecological shop with nice prices for fruit, but could not confirm the payment through my phone. I asked Sett if I could borrow his old phone for the time being, but instead, he brought me a new one as an early birthday present :) How nice of him. Due to that, I lost today's training data, so no statistics for today.

    Food Log:
    - Two waffles with yoghurt and tea
    - carrots from the garden, icecream and a piece of chocolate
    - Minced meat stuffed red bell pepper with tomato sauce and basmati rice
    - Diet Chia Shake
    Intake of 1806 kcal, I think slightly over 2000 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -200?, next morning weight: 74,6 kg (yaay, got under 75!)
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    Thursday 1.10.

    I skipped the kids class today as I waited home for some delivery and only made it for the last 15 mins. Sett didn't need any help with it, so I just sat there watching...

    I skipped the past two hours and this was our second and my first class inside in the new dojo in sensei's school. The good new was that we were going to do hojo undo! It's been a while! I do enjoy hojo undo and I was thinking I need some proper workout. Taiji is a good leg work-out, but as for the rest of the body... The hojo undo we did belly work-out, makiwara, chi-ishi, nigiri game, carrying stones in shiko dachi while doing some kind of lunges with them, a skipping rope, makiage kigu and kongoken.
    Unfortunately, I didnt drink muc today. Only a pot of tea for breakfast and I started too feel the effects not long after I started exercising. My head was spinning. On top of that, I ate a big late lunch today and started feeling even that... I didn't do much exercise with the kongoken, which was the last. As for the skipping rope...It was a nice heavy one, with the wire inside, but a rather thick wire, much more so than what they had at the crossfit gym. The skipping was nice with it, I was tired and didn't want to jump high, so I jumped only a few cm above the floor and spun the rope fast. When I hit like six of my toes at once and maaaan, did it hurt! It hurt so bad! I didn't fel like standing on my feet for several long minutes. Damn rope! It was the end of the round soon, luckily. I just knew I'd do that and it would hurt, but it hurt much more than expected.
    Finished the class with some Ude Tanren - Iron body conditioning. Each one of us had three rounds (six people left + sensei who was odd and did not participate). I was pushing my partners a little, so they sometimes made weird faces, but the were all taller so I didn't really look too much up :oops: I went easy in the body punches in the last two rounds which made my partners go easy on me as well. I didn't feel like getting punches to the stomach when I still felt my lunch and didn't feel too great in the first place.

    Karate black belts
    Three of us left + sensei. Sensei started the class with having a round of Ude Tanren with each of us. I knew it was suspicious he didn't participate before :D He wouldn't let the opportunity pass just like that. I was second to go as Sett went somewhere for a while. He didn't seem unhappy about it, either, as he later confessed he did think of how I'd exhaust sensei before his turn. Tsk.
    When I saw the body punches sensei was giving to a friend before me, I asked sensei if he could go easy with the body punches on me today. I didn't think I could take it right now. Sensei didn't seem too happy about it, but agreed that we'd skip the body punches altogether. The three forearm hits each step were enough, though. I did my best to keep up and be a good partner, but since there were quite a few steps to be made, toward the end, I did have some trouble keeping my fists closed as I got a few hard hits into the place numbing them - in the right arms, at least. I did my best to still hit as much as I could, although I admit for the last few steps, I was involuntarily pulling away from the hits a little bit.
    Sett went last. Both the guys later said the body punches were rather tough, sensei nearly gassed Sett, but the arms were fairly ok. They said lighter than the first round the friend had with me. Sensei really does seem to go easier on them then on me... Whatever, then they can't complain I'll hit them hard, right? :p
    After that we did Saifa kat. My head was spinning more and more although the kata wasn't particularly exhausting. Sensei told me to go sit down. It did help. Honestly I was feeling very sleepy as I was sitting there. They ent through Saifa renzoku kumite. When it was time for Sanseru kata and bunkai, I joined tehm again. Didn't feel too geat after the katas when we went full power, but managed it well enough to continue.

    Today I couldn't pair my chest strap with the new phone. No training recorded...

    Food Log:
    - Two waffles with yoghurt and tea
    - Carrot salad from the carrots from my garden, ice cream
    - Minced meat stuffed red bell pepper with tomato sauce and basmati rice
    - toast and rye bread with ham and cheese
    Intake of 2206 kcal
    Total kcal: -?, next morning weight: 75,0 kg
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    Friday 2.10.

    Complete rest day today, some sores from yesterday training. Anyway, as I wrote in a different threat, Sett called me today he heard from sensei there was a Covid positive person at the training on Tuesday. I was not there due to time and also fear of Covid spreading in the school, but Sett, although a bit reluctant, was, as he wanted to do some more training finally. So although not officially, as the tracing doesn't have enough capacity they say, we are not in a quarantine, yet, but we do quarantine ourselves until and unless Sett gets to get tested and tests negative. Then I would probably be ok as well. I am keeping a bit of a distance from him, but I still think if he got it, chances are I have it, too.

    Sensei said he'd let people know about the trainings next week, but I really don't see how trainings would be possible since all of our black and brown belts are now in quarantine. Probably only if someone gets tested till then. But honestly, Sett is not coming as he has a surgery coming up and really needs to stay healthy till then (so he is really unhappy about possibly getting sick or even quarantined now as he needs to go to get various pre-surgery tests) nad I am also really reluctant to go. For once, I still think the chnaces of catching it in the school are the greatest from the places I go to now and training without masks and even in pairs... I just don't feel like it.

    All I could do was to write to my Taiji teacher that I would like to excuse myself from the Monday instructor class and the others until we're cleared. The teacher said they'd wait or something. The next day we got an email about the restriction of the trainings. They again only allow up to 10 people inside, so tehre is a new reservation system. And the instructor classes are cancelled for now. Well, at least I won't miss them... Now I just want to get out of quarantine so that I can go to Talavan next week. I already paid for it, I am really looking forward to it and I have my bike there :D Of course, it is just minor trouble, but I still hope to be able to go :)

    I didnt write down all I ate today, but I am quite sure I ate more than burned. Morning weight 75,3 kg.
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    Saturday 3.10.

    Spent three hours in the morning cooking Siberian Pelmeni (I love them, but they take time to prepare. However, I wasn't able to go to the shops as I planned or anywhere, so...).
    In the afternoon we participated in the:

    There is a weekend event - an online zoom Gasshuku. The three black belts from our dojo and sensei decided to participate. Unfortunately, due to the language barrier, people from other dojos, did not. We planned to meet in the dojo and practice together, but the Friday message about us all being quarantined ruined that plan. Sett and I moved the furniture - the sofa from the living room, set up a web camera and the TV and logged from home like the others. There were over 340 participants from 37 countries. Wow.
    The gasshuku lsted over 3 hours. First we visited the Honbu dojo in Okinawa where the local senseis demonstrated hojo undo techniques and sensei Higaonna himself gave a lecture about them.
    Then we had 3 40-min blocks divided into groups. Our group of 1st and 2nd dan had sensei Nakamura teach about Sanchin kata. Then we went through Shisochin kata with sensei Bakkies and Shisochin bunkai with sensei Monteiro. We took the advantage of practising the bunkai with a partner, which most people on the screen could not. I also liked how I could take notes jsut as the teachers were tlaking, unlike at a regular Gasshuku :) Great event so far, there is one more training on Sunday.

    It wasn't too physically demanding, mostly about technique.
    I finally managed to get my chest strap to work, after trying every single trick I could think of :)

    Polar results:
    Time: 2:40
    Max HR: 123
    Average HR: 89
    Training benefit: Recovery training
    Kcal: 454
    Fat burn: 62%

    Food Log:
    - Two waffles with yoghurt and tea
    - handful of cashews
    - Siberian Pelmeni
    - Baked trout with garlic, dill and lemon, plus veggies
    - Biscit (Sett's fault! :D)
    Intake of 1535 kcal, I think slightly over 2388 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -853, next morning weight: 74,5 kg (yaay, better than I hoped!)
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    Sunday 4.11.

    Training was a bit more of a work.out today. we started with Junbi Undo with sensei Nakamura, who showed us some self-training modified frip exercises etc.
    Second block was taught in groups again. We had sensei Henrik Larsen from Denmark teaching Sanseru kata.
    Third block was sensei Nakamura teaching Sanseru bunkai. Some were slightly different than ours and I actually like the modifications. We went through them rather quickly and then worked on slightly modified bunkai as in sparring. Sensei Nakamura stood facing the screen and was attacking us so we can imagine, where we block and where the attacker has feet etc. Sensei was also able to dictate the pace and try out our reflexes. It was rather cool :)
    Somehting similar happend inthe last session with sensei Ernie Molyneux, who taught his favourite combinations - Yakusoku kumite. I had a hard time, though, as I did not perfectly understand what he was saying all the time and we went through the combinations rather fast before starting practicig and I was quite lost. I take more time to remmber such complicated combos. I was lucky that I could copy from Sett who was there with me, but it was so fast I didn't really manage to do that, either. I was also a bit mentally exhausted to be able to be 100% focused all the time. The combinations were cool, though, too bad I didn't memorise them enough to write them down right after like most other things. It was nice to try them out, though :)

    The gasshuku was great and modified for home training just as we needed right now. Awesome :) I hope there will be more like this.

    Polar results:
    Time: 3:15
    Max HR: 150
    Average HR: 103
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 876
    Fat burn: 51%

    Food Log:
    - Two waffles with yoghurt and tea
    - exotic fruit salad - mango, papaya, dragon fruit, banana, a bit of coconut chips and cashews
    - Siberian Pelmeni
    - Toast with cheese, saliami, tomatoes and cucumber
    - Pear, curd cheese, almond and cinnamon cake I found a recipe for and tried out in the morning
    Intake of 1968 kcal, I think slightly over 2572 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -604, next morning weight: 74,9 kg
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    Monday 5.10.2020

    Rest day

    I planned to do some Taiji in the evening, but I finished work late and didn't have time for it. On the plus side, Sett was able to contact his doctor, get a recommendation for Covid test due to his surgery coming near and thanks to the fact he work at the Academy of Sciences, there is a test lab there opened for the employees only, so he was admitted for the test right away and even got the results in the afternoon. He is negative, yay! :)

    I was very happy about that piece of info as my Taiji teacher's wife called me today when she heard from the teacher about my Covid trouble and wanted to know whether I am coming to Talavan this weekend as I was supposed to, or not. I promised to let her know tommorrow at the latest. She needed to cancel the seminar for two people as there are 12 or so people who paid for it, but now the new Covid restrictions restrict the number of people inside to ten. I wasn't the last one to register for the seminar, so I could keep my place there, but obviously, if I couldn't come due to quarantine, someone else could. I'd be double sad, though. Firstly I would miss the great seminar and secondly I still have my bike there and if I had to stay at home and without my new bike on top of that... that would be sad. Very sad.

    Food Log:
    - Two waffles with yoghurt and tea
    - exotic fruit salad - mango, papaya, dragon fruit, banana, a bit of coconut chips and cashews
    - Pear, curd cheese, almond and cinnamon cake
    - Siberian Pelmeni
    - One slice of toast bread with cheese, salami and some tomatoes, cucumber and capia pepper

    Intake of 1814 kcal, I think slightly over 1817 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -3, next morning weight: 74,9 kg
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    Tuesday 6.10.20

    Since Sett was cleared of potential Covid and could o to work, I went to Taiji today.

    Morning Taiji
    In the weekend, the teacher sent an email to us from th instructor class with some info. The message to me said: "I won't be needing your help with the courses now, focus on yourself, practice and go to classes." When I was in the changing room, though, I was thinking about how the instructors usually lead the warm-up (meditation and silk reeling) and that the instructor who does that in this class usually teaches the whole class to one of the two groups - the other one. And because of the limit of people in class, we will not be having the warm up together with the other group as usual. And these thoughts immediately led me to the conclusion that I would most likely be a hot candidate to do the warm-up in our group as the teacher usually takes a short break in this period. Well, as soon as I entered the gym, I heard: "Hi Martina, do you think you could lead the warm-up?" :D Well, I agreed without much though or surprise as I just mentally prepared myself and expected it. Luckily, apart from me, there were only 4 other people, so it wasn't too stressful :D A good time to practice stuff like this!
    After the warm-up we went through the forms, then first five only and the teacher had some corrections, mostly for me. Or corrections useful for everyone in general, while looking at me... Later we stopped at the last form with a tricky turn. I know I have some trouble with shifting the weight correctly, so that I can just lift my right leg and do the turn without the need to bounce off of it. So we drilled that till the end of the class. Again and again, just the first part of this form. The teacher explained and demonstrated for me several times, and I think it got better, but... I still have to figure out how to shift the weight and turn and when exactly as I tend to end up in a position from which I can't shift quickly enough for me not to bounce off the leg. Well, will have to practice.
    I broke quite some sweat today... It also felt sort of like I had a private class with the teacher as he paid a lot of attention to me, which was obviously awesome! Too bad I couldn't get the turn right...

    Aso ever sinc ethe last Talavan and all the Taiji trainings around working my legs, I can (mostly when I try to do something without warming up first) feel tightness in the spot I am pretty sure I tore my hamstring at nearly two years ago. I think I got the flexibility back, although I feel it when stretching. And now, using that muscle a bit more for Taiji, I have slight discomfort there. Hopefully it'll go away. Maybe strenghtening that part is actually a good think to do.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:03
    Max HR: 153
    Average HR: 128
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training, long
    Kcal: 876
    Fat burn: 51%

    Food Log:
    - 1,5 waffle (we ran out) with yoghurt and tea
    - exotic fruit salad - mango, papaya, dragon fruit, banana, a bit of coconut chips and cashews
    - Pear, curd cheese, almond and cinnamon cake, small ice cream
    - Siberian Pelmeni
    - One slice of toast bread with cheese, salami and some tomatoes, cucumber and yellow bell pepper from the garden

    Intake of 1866 kcal, I think slightly over 2372 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -506, next morning weight: 74,8 kg

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    Wednesday 7.10.20

    Rest day

    Food Log:
    - 1 waffle with yoghurt and milk tea
    - Pear, curd cheese, almond and cinnamon cake, small ice cream

    - Siberian Pelmeni
    - One slice of toast bread with cheese, salami and some tomatoes, cucumber
    - Handful of pistachios and a tiny bowl of crisps Sett left me of the packet
    Intake of 1674 kcal, I think slightly over 1967 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -293, next morning weight: 74,7 kg (in the past three days I like how my weight loss is slow, but steady :D I wonder if I'll have 74,6 tommorrow) :D
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    Thursday 8.1.20

    Morning Taiji
    Warm up and pracising the 15 forms. No one form was paid special attention to, but the teacher was talking about the universal principals and what we should try to do and focus on in the form.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:00
    Max HR: 154
    Average HR: 120
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 419
    Fat burn: 41%

    Sensei didn't get tested after the training with the Covid person, so he still stays in quarantine. Sensei was now trying to figure out who could teach the trainings this week. He ended up cancelling Tuesday and asked me if I'd take the Thursday - I am the only one of the black belts theoretically not in quarantine. However, I was feeling a bit unsure about going to karate trainings before and I am feeling even more so now... Sett isn't going either until his surgery couple of weeks from now. He really wants to have the surgery over with and really doesn't want to get Covid or even go to quarantine. And honestly, whether Sett goes or I go to karate, since we live together... may not be that much of a difference. In the end, a brown belt friend who also teaches kids just got out of quarantine today and sensei wants her to take the training. In the end sensei announced a training (mostly for kids) online and an hour later, a physical training with the brownbelt friend. I couldn't participate in the online training - due to a few things, but mostly being busy with work. At later got a call from a friend that no one arrived to the dojo for the in-person training. Not that it was very surprising...

    In the afternoon, as the new Covid cases have now reached over 5000 in a day, the government announced new restrictions for the next couple of weeks:
    Restaurants will close at 8 pm, there can be up to 4 people at one table.
    Visits to the hospitals, with some exceptions like giving birth, will be forbidden. As I feared, it looks like I will not be even able to visit Sett after he's had the surgery. Luckily, he should only be at the hospital for three days.
    Fitness centers, gyms, and sport centers will be closed. We could do Taiji and karate in groups of 10 up to now, but now, all the inside sport places will have to close. But, up to 20 people can still participate outside, so football, let's say, can be played. I got a message from Taiji that the trainings will be brought outside starting next week and we'll hear the details, soon. I am not sure about karate. I will probably not go next week because of Sett's surgery. I wonder if the trainings will be cancelled. Karate is a bit harder outside in the cold and in the school where the outside isn't lit and the nights are coming soon. It would be awesome if we could do online trainings like sensei just started.

    Tommorrow I am going to Talavan again - the Taiji seminar at the teacher's home. The number of participants should have been reduced to 8 or 9 I suppose, but the seminar will still take place, luckily. I will also pick my bike there. I knew it was a good idea to buy it just before a potential new quarantine to have at least some sport to do.
    If the governmental restrictions don't work well enough, the only other thing that can be done is a complete lockdown like in Israel and like we had in spring. Hopefully it will not come to that, but that would also depend on whether people do as they're told.

    Food Log:
    - 1 waffle with yoghurt and milk tea
    - Pear, curd cheese, almond and cinnamon cake, small ice cream

    - Siberian Pelmeni
    - 2,5 Pita breads with tomato sauce, salami and blue cheese baked as tiny pizzas
    - Handful of pistachios
    Intake of 1923 kcal, 2348 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -425, next morning weight: 75 kg

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    Friday 9.10.2020

    I arrived a bit sooner with a couple of friends and an instrucor L. We had some time to dinner, so I wanted to practice the staff form we learned last time, but I did not practice since then. Instrucor L was kind, went with the two of us who only learned a few forms and gave us some corrections, which was very helpful.
    Only 9 people arrived this time so that we could fit into a group of 10, icluding the teacher.
    After the delicious dinner we went outside to do a short training. We did the silk reeling all together and then 5 forms to 4 directions 4 times. This training I felt really great. Not sure if I finally figured the mechanics of turning, at least a bit, but in the silk reeling in all the forms when my right arm was going clockwise, I felt like some force would guide my arm and I would have to exert some power to resist it. So basically I just let the arm go and then turned it. It was very strange, but felt nice. I couldn't reproduce the same feeling for the left arm no matter how I tried turning my hips in a different way. It was probably due to the mechanics where my hips pushe the arm? Not sure, but I kind of feel it is a feeling I should try to achieve again.
    When we did the 4 directions I was focusing on keeping my back straght as usual and my torso and arms relaxed and I could still feel the same feeling for my right arm in many forms. Felt really awesome and I finally felt a bit more energized after the practice, although that may be as I was internally happy about that feeling. I would like to find out how to achieve this every time and for every motion. And although that feeling was a weeker, I did feel teh tips of my fingers tingling a little bit. As the teacher said we should. That was only a weak feeling and who knows if it wasn't due to the cold outside :)

    Then we went to the small gym with a stove and the teachr talked about some interesting principles. When I looked around, I realized a friend, who was always doing (leading) the morning silk reeling every time I've been here, wasn't here this time. I was wandering, who would it fall to, but when I looked at the people, I got a bad feeling and did not dare to ask. There was instructor L, who, however, usually practiced the whole form by herself in the morning and did not participate in the silk reeling. Then there was a man who does tai chi for a few years at least, but has a very specific personal style, that probably isn't good to copy and I had a feeling he'd reject any such thing as standing and doing something in front of everyone. Then there was a girl, who knows more forms than me, practices longer than me and her Taiji is nice. I hoped she'd be the one to get the honor. The only thing that worried me was that she wasn't going to the instructor class. Thent there were only people who knew as much as less then me.
    When the teacher came to inform us about the daily schedule, he started with the morning warm-up, then he stopped, as he probably realized the poblem, pointed at me and: "You'd do the warm-up, ok? You'll be doing it." Ah, my premonitions was right! I breathed in and wanted to say something, but realized here was even nothing to say and that the teacher wasn't exactly asking. L would then throw it in my face a few times... Hahaha, funny! :mad: I am nt very happy about my skill in silk reeling, plus it just feels a bit wrong to me when there are more experiendced people there, who'd be better at that...

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:03
    Max HR: 140
    Average HR: 114
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 426
    Fat burn: 44%

    I didn't bother writing down my food log this weekend as I wouldn't know all the ingredients of the meals and how much of it I ate. And I ate plenty, as usual.
  13. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter


    Saturday 10.10.

    I got up only a little bit before 8 am to stratch and practice for a while outside. When it came tiem for the warm-up, no one was there, except for a one friend, so we started and a few people arrived late. W did around 5 mins of meditation, then all the forms of silk reeling, every type of circle I counted to ten and voila, I finished like 3 mins before breakfast, so I managed the time pretty well, I'd say! :) Proud of myself... I was also trying to focus on the same feeling I got yesterday and managed o feel it for my right arm again.

    After breakfast, shortyl after 9 pm we had the main block. It was starting to rain yet again, so we mostly practiced inside. I was focusing more on the details of the various forms and the feeling I described yesterday wasn't there anymore. But hey I can't focus my attention on everything, everytime. Our group worked on the 15 forms. One woman was just learning these forms and we practised them one by one starting with the White crane spreads its wings. We got a few corrections and I noted them down like always. We continued like this after lunchtime. Another group, who was at the 5 forms was just learning the sixth - the White crane spreads its wings, so I joined them rather than practicing by myself outside in the rain. I can always practice by myself, but hearing the explanation from the teacher again is much more beneficial, I'd say. Then it was only me and two girls there, so when the teacher left for a while he told me to go through the form 10x with the girls. I did and I did tell them when we were at ten and that I'd like to continue, but of course, it was tehir choice 'I don't want them to blame me like sometime people tend to do that I push someone too far, etc.). The girls were of the same mind, though, so we did the form again and again for at least a couple more reps. One girls was taking breaks when her legs ached.
    When the teacher returned, the groups changed, so the girls were free to relax while we went on to practice our 15 forms.

    In the evening I asked the teacher if we could again read some of the stories from the Shaolin. The teacher has a book of such stories he started to read in the courses with the kids from the school. In time, however, they became popular in the adult courses, too. :D
    We ended quite early, shortly after 9 pm. I was happy I get to go to bed, soon, but my roommates didn't think so. I brushed my teath, snuggled under my blanket and was ready for the lights to switch of. A friend and the instructor, however, decided that they'd correct one of her mistakes. I was asked if I wasnted to join, but my bd was so ccomfy... I took back my glasses, though, so I could watch. Soon after 10 pm they gave up and it looked like we may actually go to sleep. That is, until L said about a nice video she has in her phone and wanted to show us. I was like whatever, as soon as I don't have to move from my comfy bed. Before I knew it, there were three of us under my blanket and it was midnight... -_-

    Polar results: Morning silk reeling; Morning main block; Afternoon training
    Time: 0:42; 3:16; 2:43
    Max HR: 131; 142; 131
    Average HR: 110; 103; 105
    Training benefit: Basic training (long)
    Kcal: 257; 948; 864
    Fat burn: 46; 53; 52 %

  14. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter


    Sunday 11.10.

    Again I got up shortly before the warm-up. Today, the warm-up was joined only by my two roommates. It was a bit cold and the fogs were rolling on the fields nearby. What a nice morning!
    After breakfast we again worked in the groups. But the first group practicing the first five forms and now lerning the next two was joined by most people. The teacher was correcting the hip motion in the Oblique Step, which I thought I do wrong, but the way it was shown doesn't look easy at all. When it came time for our group, we again practiced all 15 forms a few times, before the teacher told us to grab our staffs as it stopped raining, so we can learn a few more forms with them. Of course, there were two of us who already knew a little and the instructor, who was tasked with helping us with the forms we knoew and with the next ones. Then there was again a group who just started and the teacher was teaching them how to spin the staff etc. He then went to check on us and explained some new forms, but the main work was left to the instructor. We learned a few nic new forms, got corrections for those we already knew and got to practice.

    Polar results (morning silk reeling and main block after breakfast:
    Time: 0:37; 3:08
    Max HR: 118; 128
    Average HR: 100; 105
    Training benefit: Recovery; Basic training
    Kcal: 176; 1049
    Fat burn: 56; 53%

    After lunch we had an hour of so of training, when we practised what we knew and the teacher would then tell every single one of s where our weaknesses are and what we should focus on in our solo practice. I was told to try to also learn to do the form in higher stances so that I can figure out how the hips move as I have some problems there. My back has gotten better, but I still should try to straighten it more. And do better circles with the arms.

    We also repaired my friend's bike and planned to go by the las train today, so we still ahd some time left before we needed to leave. Therefore we practiced with the staff a little bit more to remember what we learned today.

    Bike from Talavan to Březnice:
    Time: 1:12 (not counting breaks)
    Distance: 16,72 km
    Average speed: 13,8 km/h
    Ascent: 210 m
    Descent: 225 m
    Max speed: 50,7 km/h
    Max HR: 167
    Average HR: 131
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training, long
    Kcal: 613
    Fat burn: 37%

    Bike from train station to home
    Time: 0:27 (not counting breaks)
    Distance: 6,55 km
    Average speed: 14,3 km/h
    Ascent: 35 m
    Descent: 10 m
    Max speed: 29,7 km/h
    The measuring didn't work this time...

    On the ride home, my knees were already a bit tired from all the taiji (probably doing something wrong). Then at one moment I wanted to start pedalling fast on the crossroads and somehow strained my right knee that it hurt a little and felt stiff. I shook it out and without any trouble got home. When I was getting off my bike, I stoof on that right leg and straightened the leg completely and in that way hurt my knee. Had to limp, if was hurting when I put my weight on it, from the front side, lower on the knee.

    Next morning weight: 75,6 kg
  15. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Monday 12.10.

    Next morning my knee still hurt quite bad, and I had trouble walking from the bedroom. But as I was walking, it was getting better. But hurting whenever I stood up from sitting for a while. I had to skip Taiji today. It was getting better in the evening, but pushing it wouldn't do me any good.

    Tuesday 13.10.

    Morning weight: 74,9 kg

    On Tuesday morning the knee was much much better. I was thinking about going to Taiji, but decided to give it a bit more rest still. There weren't any people written for the class I could go to and I can just rest one more day.

    Yesterday evening the government announced new restriction coming on Wednesday. We went from nearly 4000 new Covid cases a day to 8600 on Friday, so new strict restrictions are probably the best the government can do at the moment. Restaurants, schools etc. are closing, and the thing affecting me the most is that no more than 6 people can gather whether inside or outside. Meaning the trainings are doomed. I think that is going to be the way for karate, though maybe (and hopefully) we can think of some online training. Sensei actually announced a training today, but we couldn't make it, unfortunately.
    Taiji school has already announced its closing as well, although I got an email from the teacher that he'd still like to do trainings for us instructors in training for an hour a week. We would make s small group up to 6 people. I am honestly happy for that. I know the best thing to do would be to stay at home nonetheless, but if there are 6 of us and we can keep a good distance in the gym... it should work, right? The email also said that I can come to the school on Thursday at 6 pm for a solo training. I am not sure how this works, if the teacher assigned some times to some people so that there would be less than six or something... I guess I can only go and find out. I can at least get some training in and it would be better than in my garden. If the gym is more or less empty, I can also borrow and practise the staff form, too :)

    Rest day today.
  16. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday food Log:
    - 1 waffle with yoghurt and tea
    - Pear, curd cheese, almond and cinnamon cake, small ice cream

    - Baked salmon with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, red bell pepper
    - Bread roll with cheese and salami
    - Handful of pistachios
    Intake of 1634 kcal, 1843 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -209, next morning weight: 74,4 kg

    Wednesday 14.10.

    My knee is much better today, I can walk normally. So finally I ran out of excuses why not do some training at home. I thought I wasn't working out too much lately, so I did nearly an hour long kettlebell and bodyweight work-out finished with some stretching. I didn't go at too fast a pace, but worked out my whole body. I have lost some muscle on the arms and I am not happy about that. :D

    Polar results:
    Time: 0:56
    Max HR: 167
    Average HR: 134
    Training benefit: Steady State & Basic training
    Kcal: 453
    Fat burn: 30%

    Tuesday food Log:
    - 2 waffles with yoghurt and tea
    - Pear, curd cheese, almond and cinnamon cake, small ice cream
    - Baked fish with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, red bell pepper
    - Protein Chia shake
    - Bread roll with cheese and salami
    - Handful of pistachios
    Intake of 1979 kcal, 2144 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -165, next morning weight: 74,6 kg
  17. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thursday 15.10.

    Online karate class

    Sensei from a different dojo announced an online training between 6-7 pm. Exactly the time we were assigned by our Taiji teacher to come to the gym and practice if we want to. Well, I can train solo another time and karate trainings are rarer right now, so the choice was clear. The class lasted more then an hour. We did mostly kihon, but also incorporated one Saifa and one Sanseru bunkai. Plus some workout. It tired me out much more than it should. Also I was really tired since earlier today,despite sleeping well these past few nights. Well, I didn't feel like I was doing too well in the training, but considering I really haven't done much karate lately... it is to be expected.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:19
    Max HR: 168
    Average HR: 134
    Training benefit: Steady State & Basic training, long
    Kcal: 634
    Fat burn: 31%

    Food Log:
    - 2 waffles with yoghurt and tea
    - icecream, chocolate bar, a few cashews
    - Baked fish with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, red bell pepper
    - Two toast slices with cheese, ham
    Intake of 1619 kcal, 2328 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -709, next morning weight: 74,7 kg
  18. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Friday 16.10.2020

    I agreed with a friend to go to the Taiji school to practice. There should really be no one there, but the teacher told us when the receptionist will be there and in those hours, we can come practice. I decided to avoid the public transport and went on my bicycle. Today we had over 10 000 new covid cases for the first time (over 11 000 in fact), so I'd better avoid people. I've not left my home this week at all, the only exception being picking up a new piece of furniture with Sett we ordered some time ago on Tuesday.
    On the bike, I tried a new route that has less hills, but was a bit through the center on the busy roads, where I tried to ride fast in order to not annoy the cars to omuch. I exhausted myself before the last hill, though :D Just as I was nearing the school, the friend called me sayint there was no one there and the school was closed. She was right. The receptionist should have been there for another hour and a half, but wasn't. We'll have to call in advance next time.. We chatted a bit and then I just rode back home. I am glad I went on my bike, at least I had some sort of training :)

    To Taiji; from Taiji
    Time: 0:37 (0:29 without breaks); 0:37
    Distance: 7,44 km; 7,24 km
    Average speed: 15,3 km/h; 11,4 km/h
    Ascent: 70 m; 40 m
    Descent: 40 m; 85 m
    Max speed: 37,8 km/h; 37,5 km/h
    Max HR: 182; 148
    Average HR: 141; 125 (looks like I really worked hard on the way there)
    Training benefit: Steady State & Tempo training; Basic training
    Kcal: 321; 291
    Fat burn: 29%; 35%

    Despite sleeping a lot - around 8 hours for the past few days, I keep feeling sleepy. Today my lowest HR during the day was 56, which is unusually high. Normally, it is somewhere in the 40s. I hope I have not contracted some illness. I don't feel ill or anything, but... maybe it is just the slepy autumn weather :D

    Food Log:
    - 2 waffles with yoghurt and tea
    - icecream, chocolate bar, salty sticks
    - Tomato, cucumber, red bell pepper salad with some pickled cheese
    - Diet protein Chia Shake
    - Pizza (Sett brought and really wanted to make it today)
    - Apple cake (my mom brought). Mom and Sett are ruining my diet again! D:
    Intake of 2111 kcal, 2595kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -484, next morning weight: 74,6 kg
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  19. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Weekend was spent visiting Sett's parents for a baked duck for lunch and starting to assemble our new living room furniture. We finished the next day along with cleaning the flat and me cooking, so I was working since 8 am to like 6 pm and was completely wiped out. No training, the diet probably didn't work much. Sett's surgery on Monday was cancelled due to all the anesthesiologists in the hospital being home due to covid, as well as the second surgeon and nurses... He's got another term in a month.

    Monday 19.10.2020

    There was supposed to be a taiji instructor class. Us instructors in training were to start at 6 pm. There is 4 of us, plus the teacher and one senior instructor who joined as she saw there were only 5 of us and the limit to people gathering like this is 6, so... It is so great the teacher was willing to do classes for us still, even as the school is closed for students. And especially considering he commutes to Prague.
    I am still going with avoiding the public transport, so I took my bicycle for a ride again. This time I didn't go around the train station on the busy streets, but rather rode on a bike trail, which is much better, except having one additional and a rather unpleasant climb. I remember I rode this was in summer on my old bike and it wiped me out ompetely. Well, it wasn't the same road, I did go a different way at the end, but there isn't much difference there.

    To Taiji; from Taiji
    Time: 0:28; 0:28 ( without breaks)
    Distance: 7,27 km; 7,27 km
    Average speed: 15,5 km/h; 15,1 km/h
    Ascent: 85 m; 60 m
    Descent: 55 m; 90 m
    Max speed: 33,4 km/h; 39,2 km/h (was probably more, but the largest descent was in a tunnel and this was gps measured)
    Max HR: 174; 164
    Average HR: 114 (I thought it would be quite a bit more); 142 (I was riding much slowly and to smaller climbs, but I was already quite tired, my legs especially)
    Training benefit: Tempo & Steady State training; Steady State & Tempo training
    Kcal: 185 (suspiciously little, I was working harder, I'd say!); 263
    Fat burn: 26%; 25%

    Taiji instructor class
    I arrived 30 mins earlier. I quickly went through the form around three times as I haven't practiced since last Talavan :oops: Due to my knee hurting, mostly. A friend was already there earlier and we went together through our staff form a few times, too. then the other two junior instructors arrived and the teacher. we spent some time working on the 6th and 7th form for the two girls, then we did up to where I knew the form and I got some correction. One of them wa to strenghten my back. At the beginning of the class we did a short standing meditation. I could feel the strange feeling gently moving my arms as I was breathinga bit. When I adjusted my posture to hopefully correct, I felt it much better. It was again a bit strange, but nice. I lost that feeling as soon as we started working on the form, though.
    After hour we went to the chnging rooms, and there ws a class for the senior instructors. So that we keep the limit of six people. However, only one person from that group arrived, so we were invited to stay and practise by oursleves if we wanted. I did.I used one mirror to the side and worked on the tricky turning in the last form I know and some details in the others. My knee started to feel a little bit uncomfortable, so I did plenty of stretching in between. The teacher went through the whole form with the other instructor and told me he can then let her practice and teach me the next form. It took a little longer before they finished and another instructor arrived. I told the teacher he needen't pay attention to me if he is busy with them, but he decided to teach me at least the beginning of the next form so I can practice. I did that, but I think I missed some details and wasn't perfectly sure about how the movements of my limbs are synchronized exactly. Well, I hink I will have another opportunity to learn :)

    Polar results:
    Time: 2:32
    Max HR: 158
    Average HR: 129
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training, long
    Kcal: 634
    Fat burn: 42%

    Also the Taiji teacher said he prepared some instructional videos and posted them online (I just couldn't find them) for people to view at home and practice. And he also plans some life streamed trainngs (I wonder if our karae seminar he asked me about a while ago inspired him at least a little) :D. The teacher asked us we could do a trial class in few people to see if everything works, so he wanted us isntructors to try, ideally tommorrow. He also asked what time would be good and since nobody said anything, I asked if we could do it a bit later, since I probably have an online karate class till 7 pm. So the Taiji was agreed to start at 8 pm. Cool :D

    Food Log:
    - Chia Shake protein pudding
    - Apple cake, chocolate, apple (this wasn't my best day, either)
    - Coconut curry chicken soup with rice noodles. I haven't cooked this for a while and have no idea why, it was delicious!
    - Two slices of wholegrain toast bread with cheese spread and salami
    Intake of 1761 kcal, 3206 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -1445, next morning weight: 75,7 kg
  20. Morik

    Morik Well-Known Member Supporter MAP 2017 Gold Award

    Just curious--have you tried triggerpoint? I've found it can significantly reduce, often completely eliminate my knee discomfort, much more so than stretching (though that does help, my quads & hip flexors tend to be overly tight). I try to keep a softball or tennis/lacrosse ball with me so I can use it for triggerpoint if my knee is bothering me.
    E.g., try lying on your side & stomach, putting weight on the ball while the ball is in the areas just above the knee (the top part of your thigh & around 90 degrees in each direction, but not fully 90 as you'll go on the tendon and that is quite uncomfortable and unlikely to help from my experience). If you find any very tender/uncomfortable areas, stay on it and bend that leg 90 degrees, and then back out straight. Put less weight if it is too uncomfortable, but typically if its very uncomfortable, that area will benefit the most from it.
    You can also hit the hamstring (softball is best for me there, a tennis ball may be too small/soft) and quads, moving over the ball with your weight on it.
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