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    Saturday 20.6. - Afternoon kumite training

    There was supposed to be a 2-hour kumite training in the afternoon as usual. However, it soon became clear the rain wouldn't let up, so we prepared a room inside, not big enough to fit everyone in. Sensei therefore decided to first do an hour long training for kids, then 90 min training for adult. Sett and I were asked to help with the kids if we don't have other plans. When we arrived, there were only around 10 kids and it seemed sensei asked two other assistants to help. In the end there was three of us, but since there were only few kids, sensei was enough to handle thm by himself easily. We at least help them with the gloves and expanders etc.

    After that we had a kumite training. We worked a lot in pairs - tried several things with the expaders as well, which was fun. We also did a bit of pads and a bit of light free sparring. A nice class.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:38
    Max HR: 174
    Average HR: 128
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training
    Kcal: 731
    Fat burn: 33%
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    Sunday 20.6. - Main block

    The usual morning training was cancelled due to rain again and not enough space to practise kata in the small room, probably. We moved to the gym again. Today the training only had 3 blocks and lasted from 9 to 12. Junbi Undo was ld by a brown belt dojo instructor, today only a short one. We were then split into the same groups. I wasn't supposed to teach today, as our sensei, who is now on maternal leave showed for the weekend seminar and she agreed to teach one kids class. Soooo nice of her ^^

    The first block we practised kata with sensei Vlasta. Sepai like they did yesterda when I was teaching. Great, I got to practise, too! This was really nice. The only bad thing about this that I drank a bottle of red and half a bottle of white wine yesterday and I wasn't feeling my best...

    Second block was our sensei and We did one Sanchin kata and spent the rest of the class doing Sanchin without moving the legs and doing the techniques fast and strong, over and over again - indpired by one training in Okinawa. Putting or relaxing the arms in any way was forbidden. It is supposed to be a mental training to overcome the pain. Some people looked quite bad, but to be honest, I just... I don't know, maybe I am doing something wrong, but I just find this rather easy. It is not like my muscles hurt from this for it to be a struggle. What hurt the most, honestly, was the soles of my feet planted into one spont and my toes going numb. It seemed I was the only one who didn't produce a pond of sweat below them. We were just about to do our last kata, when, suddenly, in the middle of counting, sensei fell down right onto his back o_O I was worried and unsure if to stop the kata and rush to help, but sensei seemed ok. I thought he may have gotten a cramp and subsequently slip on his sweat pool, but he said his whole leg went numb and simply switched off. He seemed ok otherwise, so that was a relief. That is how we concluded that block. Another sensei present said she was surprised I managed this block since she saw I wasn't feeling very well, but honestly, this was the easiest of all of them - I wasn't required to move at all, no falling to the ground, ...actually I got much better after this.

    The last block we started with Tensho kata and continued with oyo bunkai for Seiyunchina and Sepai katas - a sequence started with a short bunkai, followed by some kid of take down. Yeah, I wasn't very happy about this. But other than that, the training was great.

    The seminar concluded there.I just got hungry as I did not feel like eating anything and only forced a piece of bread down my throat for breakfast. And as I got hungry, sudenly, although I was getting better, I got really sick. Well, I did not throw up, but felt like I might at any moment. And started physically shaking maybe from the combination of feelink sick and training the whole weekend. I knew I had to eat something, but was worried if I do, I wouldn't be able to hold the food inside O:) We went to a restaurand and I had half a soup and half of a fried bread. I just really couldn't finish it, though and it took me fairly long to work on them :D On the way back home I felt terrible, but a friend gave me some chlorella tablets that could maybe help and I bought a bottle of coke and suddenly, out of nowhere, I started feeling ok. Ah, what a relief! No wine for a while! :D Or maybe... only a little :)

    I am happy the seminar wasn't cancelled in the end. Since I wasn't training too much for the past few months, I felt like I just got into it properly. Too bad there won't be many trainings over the summer...
    And I am happy I managed to train on Sunday. At least I wasn't made fun of, like another black belt who kept losing the drinking game the night before and spent the Saturday morning training in bed :D

    Polar results:
    Time: 3:24
    Max HR: 151
    Average HR: 110
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 1022
    Fat burn: 47%
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    Tuesday 23.6.

    Morning Taichi

    Today started weird. An older women approached me and asked me if I could help her with some details of one form which name sounder probably similar to the 7th form we were just learning, but I wasn't sure and had a feeling she is asking me about some form much later in the sequence, so I was a bit unsure and carefully told her that I am of the begining group and if she isn't asking me something more advanced. Of course she did, she said she thought I was more advanced. It turned out, though, that the lady started last September just like me, but somehow was attending a group that learned many more forms? It surprised me honestly, as the classes I visited that started at the same time have been at the same spot. Well, I guess it is better to learn and practise the few forms well before learning more than going back fixing all the mistakes later.

    We started the class both groups - ours and the more advanced together with meditation and silk reeling led by the who knows if senior student or junior instructor. He then split the groups - the more advanced went to the gym inside, we stayed on the terrace outside and had is do the 5 forms to five directions. Before we finished, the head instructor arrived and immediately had a mistake I was doing to point out. We worked quite a lot on the 6th and 7th forms, getting more details. The head instructor again spent most of the time with us, it seemed, while the other group was taught by the junior instructor with the head instructor sometimes letting us practise and going to check on them, too. At one such instance when he showed us the details of the 7th form, he said that we now practise the form 10 times and beckoned at me to stand at the front. My first thought honestly was to pretend I did not see :oops:, but the teacher asked what my name was and to go to the front lead the group. Aaaaa, I really didn't want to :eek: But the teacher said something about how traditional wushu schools worked and he'd be back. Well, doing only that one form was ok, but I was nervous to do it well and at a good pace. Focusing on all of that, while counting to 10, I lost count just about 6 times :D:D:D But when I was at 9 (probably), someone behind me said: That was the tenth time, right? And the group generally agreed, so I admitted I really had no idea, and we stopped. The teacher wasn't returning yet, so we went for it a couple more times.

    When the class finished, the teacher approached me to ask if my back was better, he thinks it looks better. So I admitted it indeed is. In the weekend seminar even getting into thee Sanchin stance was much easier. I can tell my back is getting more flexible and it isn't so hard to straighten it anymore. Only now I realize how stiff it used to be not long ago. And it also doesn't during taichi anymore and I feel like trying to straighten my back during normal daily activities. Which was what the teacher just recommended that I try. Great class today, again.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:17 (forgot to stop the training until on my way home)
    Max HR: 151
    Average HR: 118
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 536
    Fat burn: 42%
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    This year's main karate season was concluded with a barbecue. Training only for kids. We will practise during summer, just not that frequently or with planned trainings. Also, sensei already booked a cottage in the mountains for a week-long karate holiday for 9 people. His family, sensei from Slovakia with his wife, me and Sett and a friend from the dojo with her two kids. It is going to be great, I am sure, and a good opportunity to practise more advanced stuff!

    I am also planning to attend a 4 day Taichi seminar soon after that. And maybe a day of seminar next week, I will see.

    Friday 26.6.

    Tai chi

    A typical Friday class. Right at the beginning the teacher showed a bit of the 8th form, so I thought we may start learning that, but since then we "only" kept on practising the 6th and 7th.
    This was the last Friday class at least till September. For our group we still have the Tuesday and Thursday morning classes, but both evening ones were cancelled for now. We can go to classes that are learning different forms. The teacher today said that for some people, those who do it for health etc., the 5 forms are more than enough to practice and they may not need to learn anything more, so we can attend the classes that learn up to the 5th form. He said that maybe for people who are practising a lot and take taichi seriously and as a lifelong journey, those (in my understanding) can try to attend the more advanced classes. I will try asking on Tuesday perhaps. Although the next more advanced class is on Monday and I won't be able to attend for at least the two weeks now.
    Anyway today, despite the teacher not giving any personal corrections, I keep working on the corrections form Tuesday. I did my best to keep my back as straight as possible and my weight back. Althogh my back was getting better, more flexible and not hurting anymore, after today, it still hurt. I pushed it quite hard after all.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:30
    Max HR: 147
    Average HR: 120
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 650
    Fat burn: 43%
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    Spent the evening at sensei's place, holding a small birthday party for a friend from the dojo. We did a barbecue, I baked a cake and we had a good time. No training, though.

    Tuesday 30.9.

    Morning Taichi

    We again started with meditation and silk relling with the, who I found out was really an instructor of the academy. The head teacher arrived then and since it was a bit windy, both the groups were moved inside. The advanced group was taught yet again by the junior instructor, while the head teacher spent the whole time with us. We practised the 5 forms to five directions and the teacher spent quite some time talking about principles of movement when it came to knees. That was because apparently, a woman from our group said her knees were hurting, so the teacher told her all the things she probably does bad and can be a reason of that. It was mostly corrections to her, but of course, were very useful for both of us.
    We practised the five forms again, and then separetely the 6th and 7th. I got a correction about being softer in my hips, not trying to push one to its maximum range, but make the hips work together. The 7th form is a bit hard to do that. I shall practise.

    Next week, there is a week-long seminar at the teacher's home. He built his home in a style of a traditional wushu school and he organizes weekend seminars there quite often and summer week-long courses. I am planning to spend at least a couple of week at our family cottage, which is about as far from Prague as it is from this school, so I thought I would come for a day to learn taichi, which they also offer. I went to ask the teacher about this after class and I can actually let him know if I'd come a day or two in advance. Which is great, because when traveling on my bike, I am a bit restricted by weather. Particularly rain... I am hoping I will be able to go, though :)

    Polar results:
    I forgot to stop the training until after I got home,... But I burne nearly 500 kcal, it seems.
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    Wednesday 1.7.2020

    I arrived to our family cottage/summer house today. I will be here for at least a couple of weeks with at least a couple day breaks.
    I did not have much time left today, but did a short silk reeling session and went through the tai chi form a few times.

    Thursday 2.7.2020

    I brought my kettlebell here as I feel like I am in a need of a few good workouts and of losing some weight...
    Today I did a kettlebell and bodyweight workout. In a relaxed pace, taking breaks between exercises - I haven't done this in a while, after all. Finished with a bit of stretching, Sanseru, Sepai and Tensho kata and the Tai chi form a few times.

    Polar results (I only had the watch on and at least in the beginning I am sure my HR was higher at some points. Like when breathing hard, I hardly have a HR of 120 or so...
    Time: 0:54
    Max HR: 167
    Average HR: 140
    Training benefit: Steady State & Tempo training
    Kcal: 477
    Fat burn: 30%
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    Sunday 5.7.

    Starting with July, our government lifted most of the pandemic restrictions. The confirmed cases are growing now, but mostly due to one hotspot. One of the most noticeable things was that we now do not have to wear face masks anywere except for the hotspot and Prague subway. Went to a shop without a mask. It was a bit strange, lol :D


    The head teacher of the Taichi school I go to has built himself a nice home inspired by the traditional chinese wushu schools. It is a big building with rooms and beds for students, a terrace and a few more places with terrain for for training when divided into groups, a big gardem with lavenders, vegetable garden, a small orchard and a couple of horses. It is a bit off from the nearest village, just by the forrest and it is absolutely beutiful. The teacher makes several weekend or a couple of week-long taichi courses there. I am going for a four-day one in October, but since the place is in Southern Bohemia and is much closer form out cottage where I stay now, I decided to try a day. The twelve beds for student and twelve spots were already occupied, but when I asked the teacher he said he'd be happy to see me there. The stay there is not the cheapest, to be honest, but for a full-day seminar, I think I would learn a lot.

    I got up at 5.30 am so that I would be there at 7:30. I saw students already practicing by themselves in random places in the garden. I entered and asked the first one for directions. I met the teachers wife, who cooks delicious meal for all the students and organizes things. I just dropped my stuff in the hall and went back to the garden to wait fort the morning training at 8:00. As expected I did not know anyone there, only maybe two people I saw in the classes - the more advanced students, but I did not speak to either. I was wandering how the people will be and if I will be to fit in them. They all turned to be really nice and when they saw me, each came to greet me and introduce themselves, which was very nice. When the teacher arrived, the training started under one of the appointed advanced students - meditation and silk reeling for about half an hour. After that we went for breakfast. There were two round tables where we all fit, and I sat next to a guy I knew from the classes. He is I think around 50 and very nice. I remember he was the one leading the start of the class unless any instructor was present. The first thing he asked me was: "Did you by any chance used to do... something before?". He noticed I had some low stances considering I am in the beginner group. I admitted I am actually still active in karate. Apparently, there are at least a couple of other former karateka here among the students.

    Main block
    Shortly after breakfast, the main block of the training started. We were divided into 3 groups. The teacher came to ask me if I do not mind to go through the 5 forms again as there is the beginner group where one woman only knows those. Or if I wanted to, he can show me the next form and let me practise by myself. I thought that pointless as I was a visitor and I can use some working on my current forms. Our gorup was then made of me, the women with 5 forms and a couple who does taichi a bit longer than I do, but come from the further part of Slovakia - meaning some 700 km away. So they only come for these seminars and talk to the teacher online. They took videos of the teacher explaining stuff so they can they pracise by themselves. Wow, what determination! They have my respect. One of the main things we were to practise was the breathing during the form. The teacher had an interesting talk about it. My next task was to make my hips softer. He said I should maybe make my stance a bit higher to learn this. I can probably figure it out in the lower stance, too, but it would take time. I already got used to my wide stance, so whenever I lost concentration, I'd go back to it. Later the teacher arrived again and showed us the 6th form - for the only women who did not know it. The stepping back there is quite difficult, though, and the Slovakian guy was told to work on it a lot and I took the opportunity to practise, too. Then the teacher stood me to the front so the women could copy. He then left and told me to teach her what the arms do. Ah, fine. I generally just try to be inconspicuous in the back, but it won't work, so whatever.
    We practised our five forms under the teacher'S supervision for the first part, before he left us to our own devices while he went to work with the advanced groups. I tried to practise, but sometimes was lured into conversing with the people from my group. And later, the teachers 8 yo son arrived. He was the center of attention, with everyone admiring his new thai blouse he was just given by one of the students. I was further away, practising, until I just told him something. I am not sure how exactly in happened then, but the boy grabbed to to show me his swing, then turtles, then reprimand me I did not yet tell him how nice his new blouse was :rolleyes: He was a nice and a fun boy and it was obvious he won't let me go back to practise anymore. It was just before lunch, though and hardly anyone was still practising anyway and he proceeded to show me their veggie garden. He went from one plant to another, picking the berries, cucumbers, peas, etc. to give me a taste of everything. I did not really want to go around eating their stuff, but the boy insisted I have to taste. Until he said: "Now, quick, let's leave before dad sees us!" o_O:eek:
    Oh, lovely!

    Polar results:
    Time: 3:30
    Max HR: 147
    Average HR: 114
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 1356
    Fat burn: 50%
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    Talavan - part II.

    We then had a delicious vegetarian (all the meals are always vegetarian) lunch and a couple hours free time. I went our with a book to read. A tomcat with three legs jumped in my lap and made me pet him. But from time to time, for now reason at all, he suddenly bit me. After the sixth time I had enough. :mad: I then joined a group of four people to go check a nearby pond where they often swim. Apart from one, none of us had a swimming suit, though. An the way back we went through the horse paddock. When the horses saw us, one went straight to me. I thought it wanted me to scratch it, but more like it wanted to cratch with head with me. Just shoving its head into me and scratching itself like I was some kind of a scratching pole -_-

    Afternoon training
    At 3 pm we all gathered at a table under an apple tree. The teacher took some time to talk and we had fun. By now I was comfortable talking to everyone like old friends, so I felt nice. We were then split into groups as well, one group of those who wanted to try some weapons. Not like I did not want to, but the teacher said it was not for our group. Ah, too bad :) But I understand, we still have plenty to work on with our limbs only :) When we practised by ourselves, I went to check on the women who was just learning the sixth form and again tried to explain as best as I could and then practised with her so she could copy. When the teacher arrived again, he let her work by herself, and the rest of us work on the 7th form. The Slovakian couple know more forms than that, the guy up to the 15th form, but they were probably stuck with the 7th because of me. But they will still have at least five days to work on the rest, so... The teacher was correcting some of our mistakes. I was pushing my back to the hopefully straightest position, but it was still adjusted by the teacher to a position of my back that I firstly even couldn't do, plus nearly started cramps and especially I certainly coulnd't keep when moving. Oh my back started hurting again. Before I could adjust that well, I was put in front of the Slovakian couple again with: "Hey, I am going away, but you can copy her. She's got nice low stances." Now I felt really weird. Ah, whatever. We then moved to a different place and everyone worked by themselves (phew). I noticed a couple of guys from the advanced group sitting not far away, under the tree, discussing something and it seemed like they were actually discussing me... Badmouthing, who knows?

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:35
    Max HR: 144
    Average HR: 115
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 628
    Fat burn: 46%

    Tchuej shou
    After the 90 minutes or so training we again gathered by the apple tree to regroup. Yesterday evening, when the course started, they wer apparently practising applications in pairs. Today, we all were to practise the push hands, tchuej shou.
    I was the 13th students, so I did not rush to find a partner, especially since I've never tried this before, and would wait if I was to stay by myselft, etc. The teacher however, split the pair next to me and paired me with a women so he could pair with the guy and show it. Then the teacher made sure to go by everyone. I was just the second. At first sight this seems a bit similar to kakie, but the core mechanics, which wasn't visible right away, seemed rather different, so I did my best, but obviously, wasn't very good at this. Then the teacher left and paired me with another women with Russian accent, I think she was from Ukraine. I saw her before in the school as an advanced student. She said she was doing Taichi for 11 year already. And she seemed quite knowleadgeble about it. So she told me many principles and practised very slowly centimeter by centimeter, until I could get the right feeling or feel the same position from her and it was all generally very very difficult. She had a lot of patience with me, too :D And when we tried the other hand and other direction of pushing, I was lost completely :D

    No polar results - I had to remove my watch that I used for measuring as I needed my wrist free.

    We then went for a dinner of several courses in chinese style. It was delicious and I stuffed myself full.
    After the dinner, the next thing - probably Qi gong was to start at 8 pm. That was, however, the time I should leave. I still have to ride 70 km backib my small bike, which is not as fast as a car and I planned to avoid the big roads. I still sat there with the other student for the next hour, until 8. I also wanted to say goodbye to the teacher and he'd only how up for trainings. A few people were practising with the swords a bit further away and I sat under the apple tree with a few people, sipping Sencha. It was then when the two guys who seemed to be talking about me arrived with: So you've been doing something before, haven't you? Ah, people here are smart! I admitted I am actually still doing karate, which led to me having to show a couple of kata. I picked Shisochin and Sanseru. But was worried after all this taichi how it'd go and I was a bit nervous in general. So I completely messed up Sanseru. Must have turned one more time and faced the wrong direction. Worse, I noticed the sword group from afar wasn't practising, but seemed to be watching. Nooo. If sensei saw this... oh my gosh, I can never tell him :D Later, one gal who seemed to be really into taichi and has booked every single course here this summer (and has done karate before) said that she knew. She noticed I had like karate/kickboxer black pants and she said she noticed I must have been doing some art. People here are really observant. By the time I was leaving and went to say goodbye to everyone, the only one who did not know was probably the teacher. But I can guess it won't take long.

    I had a really great time. All the people were friendly and I was quite worn out when I arrived back (no wonder, I burned over 4000 kcal today). I am looking forward to my stay in August :)
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    Thursday 9.7.

    Tai chi
    I went back to Prague for a day and used the opportunity to attend a morning tai chi class. There is no karate so far, so at least tai chi.
    There weren't many people today, and from our, the more beginner group, there were only two of us. We started as usual and practised together for a while. Then our group moved to the side and we were told to practise the 5 forms to 4 directions and all the forms we know - up till the 7th. The teacher arrived later and started teaching us the 8th form right away. He said something about how we were supposed to know more by this time, but because of some people in our group or something, we were still repeating the last two forms over and over. The 8th form doesn't seem difficult, at least by itself, but when chaining it to the 7th form it is a bit harder. I will practise this. The movements didn't seem too difficult, so I think a bit of practise will help me a lot.
    Today's class was only an hour long and I focused on trying to fix my back, although it didn't go too easy, and challenging myself with lower stances and trying to soften the movement in my hips as I was told. That resulted in me finding it rather hard to breath slowly, as sweat continued to pour down my back. But I did have a nice work out, at least :D

    Oh, and since the head teacher is still at Talavan, teaching the week long course I visited on Sunday, I decided I will go there for one more day - tommorrow. I asked the teacher, and there seemed to be no problem. So I am going to have time to practise the 8th form, too, tommorrow.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:00
    Max HR: 157
    Average HR: 131
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training, long
    Kcal: 491
    Fat burn: 34%
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    Friday 10.7.

    Second visit to Talavan

    The week long tai chi course at Talavan is drawing to an end (ends tommorrow morning), so since I enjoyed my day there, got plenty of instruction and the company of all the students and had a lot of fun, I went again. Today wasn't supposed to rain. It was supposed to be the hottest day this year, yet, but I don't mind. As long as it doesn't rain on my way on my bike, that's fine. Students did not expect me, so they were surprised to see me again. I told them I am not so easy to get rid of :)
    I also met the teacher in the hall. He said he thinks my tai chi is good and if I enjoy it. I confirmed and he said if I stuck with it, I could do well in the future. Which was really nice.

    Morning training
    Took half an hour let by one of the more advanced student, consisting of the usual - meditation in Wuti (or how is the stance written) and plenty of silk reeling. Half an hour later the bell signalling the food is ready rang and we went for a delicious breakfast.

    Soon after breakfast, the main morning block begun. Due to the heat and shaded spots, we were divided to only two groups. I did not understand the division much as we were grouped with also those who already knew the whole form, but perhaps weren't practising it for as long as those in the other group who were just about in the middle? I don't know. Our group was tasked with practising up to a certain point again and again. Of course, me and another women only knew up to the 7th form, so we practised only up till there by ourselves, until the teacher came.
    When he did, he had us work quite a bit on the sixth and seventh forms. I learned some new things about that. He also pointed something about my posture, which I did not understood well, so I asked. That resulted in the teacher picking one of the advanced women showing on her what the posture should be like. She seemed to be in quite a bit of pain :oops: I also still did not understand something and asked this again. It did not seem like I got the answer for what I was asking. The teacher did not seem much happy about it since he just explained. I didn't get it, but whatever. We also practised an end of the seventh form. Some detail that I just didn't get hoe to do no matter how much I watched. Then the teacher showed this on a few of us. It is apparently easy to do when he pushes us and we have to strenghten our posture. But it was really hard to do just by ourselves.
    We were told several principles about the forms and the teacher mentioned about how we already knew how to breath in the sixth form. Seemed to me he explained it sometimes this week and I was curious, since last time here I was not sure how to and was discussing that with the other beginners in our group. When everyone was taking a break, I asked the older students about this. I had a tip how the breathing was, but... I got two different types of answers and the students started discussing this among themselves, using valid arguments for both types. So despite I originally did not want to, I was going to ask the teacher. He then explained it again to all of us. It was more or less how I thought the breathing should go. Some of the older students were surprised and not particularly happy since they were sure it is different. Well, sorry guys, but if you want, I could come up with plenty other stupid questions :oops:

    Polar results:
    Time: 2:08
    Max HR: 164
    Average HR: 129
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 1020
    Fat burn: 40%

    We practised till about 11 am, then I went with few others to play with a Jinzi / Shuttlecock - a fun thing :D
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    Talavan - part II

    After lunch we had more time. It was agreed the next training starts an hour later than normal due to the heat. It did not seem to be so bad, but truth is there would be more shade later. In the meantime I drank pu-erh tea with the others and went to a pond. I did not go in, didn't bring my swimming suit. Everyone was again really nice and friendly and it was fun. Guys were enev interested if I am in a relationship :D Good for them being so straightforward. I asked about thei bracelet malas they were wearign for practise and ended up with one myself as a gift. Then have a few they sell at Talavan, so I could pick one. This will be my Tai chi souvenir to remember my first event here :)

    After lunch we practised again for a bit. The few of us beginners by ourselves, before the teacher arrived again and practised the 7th form with all of us except for the two advanced women who were practising saber form further away. Apparently, some stuff we were all doing wrong. Or it used to be taught differently, so the teacher showed us all a 2020 Talavan version. It did not make everyone happy as some of them apparently practised the thing for half a year to finally learn well only or it to be changed today. Oh well.

    Polar results:
    Time: 0:48
    Max HR: 149
    Average HR: 120
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 338
    Fat burn: 41%

    As I already learned on Sunday, all these Talavan seminars were finished with people demonstrating their form in front of the others, being recorded on the camera and later the teacher would show the video and point out all the mistakes. Savage! Everyone was worried about this and I was just laughing a bit. My laughter left me when the teacher said tommorrow morning it is supposed to rain, so the last opportunity to do this is today. My last chance was to try to argue I won't be here for the critiques later in the evening, so the teacher announced we'd start sooner so I can make it. Karma, I guess.
    Everyone went either by themselves, but mostly in pairs. Our beginner group consisted of a Slovakian couple, me and a women who knew exactly as much as me. Forst was the Slovakian couple and I didn't ask before, but it seemed obvious to me that I would be partnered with the other woman. Before I knew it, though, the woman was called to joing the couple. What? What about me? I started to despair a bit, but a guy from the advanced group offered he'd go with me, despite being much more advanced. He said he can show the start of the form with me, he'd benefit from corrections there, too. So we went. Before the teacher noticed that we aren't exactly a match and sent him away, so I stayed alone. :( I did my best....
    After everyone was recorded (and we made sure no one would hide or refused - since we were already recorder, let none escape, right?) we went for a dinner. It was delicious and I stuffed myself to the point I couldn't move. More worrying was the storm that arrived. The forecast said no rain, today! Luckily, though, it was over in an hour. Otherwise people were already planning how I could stay the night - someone left last night, so there was a free bed. It wasn't necessary in the end, though. After dinner, the projection started. The teacher saw every mistake and pointed it our for everyone to see. Sure, everyone can benefit from them, but I was worried enough about finally seeing what my form looks like. The teacher spoke nice about me how he like my form, but picked up quite a few mistakes, too. Especially two big ones I should work on. Some bad habits I got and I think would be hard to get rid of. But I will have to try. Because of that, I asked if the teacher could send the video to me, so I can review all the mistakes later and more easily figure out how to take care of tham. This whole recording thing is really savage, I think. I am already planning how to record the karate people :D:cool: It is a clever way to show the students what their mistakes look like and that the teacher is not making them up. Clever stuff!

    I left at 8:30 pm, slightly later than I hoped - I wanted to get back before nightfall. I was really really looking forward to getting to my bed, I realized I was so tired! But I had to write all the corrections I got down before that. A lot of them weren't very clear to me to be able to recall well tommorrow. And there were quite a few things....
    The stay was again really nice and I enjoyed myself. I am looking for my stay in August. Again, burned nearly 4000 kcal today.
  12. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Monday 13.7.

    Went for a walk in a forest near out cottage, around 5,5 km. Found blueberries, so I took my parents and we went there to pick some to make my favourite blueberry dumplings and a cake :d So in total, I'd say around 7 km. Plus I did 70 lunges and 40 push-ups along the way. And a short meditation session. Trying to get back to meditation :)
  13. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 14.7.

    Couldn't make it back to Prague for the morning Taichi. Hopefully I'll go next week, but Thursday seems unlikely, too.
    In the evening, just after an early dinner, I wasn't feeling very energetic, but pushed myself to do a work out. My usual kettlebell and bodyweight routine with plenty of rest between sets. My polar chest straps showed nonsense results, I must have had a higher HR and burned more calories.

    Some exercises I did (bodyweight and 16 kg kettlebell):

    - Kettlebell swings - 50
    - Goblet squats - 20
    - V-ups - 5x10
    - Lunges (with kettlebell) - 20
    - Clean & push press - 3x10 alternating sides
    - Single-leg glute bridges - only 1 set of 30 s per side today (this one is really tough for me and I wasn't very energetic today)
    - Back plank - 1 min
    - Tricep dips - 20
    - Bent-over rows - 3x5 per side
    - Single-leg romanian deadlift - 10, 5, 10, 5 per side
    - Shoulder press - 3x3 per side
    - Windmill - 1 or 2 x5 per side (can't remember)

    That took aroun 40 mins at a relaxed pace. I forgot a few exercises I usually do or wanted to, but there's always next time.
    I did a short stretching and went through Shisochin, Sanseru, Sepai and the Taichi form. Workout took an hour. Polar results are faulty today, so I won't even put them here. I am happy I pushed myself to exercise today, though, een if I didn't feel like it :D
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  14. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    I am not training now, but we've been going for walks in the forrests near our cottage. And the surrounding landscape is a bit hilly and I burned enough calories to consider walks good enough to write into my training log :)

    Thursday 16.7.
    Walk to a Radeč Castle ruins. A bit over 2 hours, probably up to 8 km and 958 kcal burnt.

    Friday 17.7.
    A walk to a place we discovered not too long ago - by a stream in a very beautiful forrest, a National Nature Reserve. Time: 2:13, close to 9 km, 805 kcal (less hills).

    Saturday 18.7.
    What was originally supposed to be a short walk to find a three-toed woodpecker turned out to be slightly longer. We spent maybe an hour or more waiting or moving slowly through the forrest with a dense blueberry underground watching birds above. We saw a few woodpeckers, but none three-toed. Nearly 3 hours, 9 km and 806 kcal.
  15. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Sunday 19.7. Last walk - 1,5 hours, 6,3 km and 600 kcal.

    Returned back home. I stood on my weighing machine and to my dismay, discovered that I didn't lose... anything at all! Despite using an app for counting calories and making it near the advised amount for losing weight. It worked for me in the past. Now I will have to put even more thought into what I am eating, I guess :(

    Tuesday 21.7.

    Morning Taiji
    The usual teacher now has another week long course at Talavan for more advanced students focused on weapons. Therefore we had the usual Thursday/Friday teacher. There were 9 people in our group, quite a lot. We practised mostly 6th - 8th form and even briefly started the ninth. I can feel I haven't been practising for over a week now, I feel my legs are hurting a bit more and I was struggling with my back, too. I tried to focus on correcting the mistakes I was told about at Talavan. Curiously, the teacher spent the whole class with us, leaving the advanced group to the instructor who usually attends these classes. I always supposed that the more senior teacher would take the more senior group, but it generally doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe it is so that the junior instructor can also use the time to practise some of the forms he's learned more recently? Who knows. I am ot complaining, though :)

    Polar results:
    Time: 0:59
    Max HR: 145
    Average HR: 122
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 434
    Fat burn: 39%

    In the evening we went for a dinner with Sett. It was delicious, but we stuffed ourselves and obviously it was way over my calorie limit. We decided to walk back home instead of taking a tram and had a nice walk, 5,5 km. I wish I wore more comfortable shoes.
  16. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thurday 23.7.

    Morning Taiji

    Similarly large group, same teacher. This time the teacher was taking turns teaching each of the two of our groups. We worked a bit of the 7th form, then the 8th and again, tried the 9th for a bit. Suddenly we are again progressing relatively fast. Unfortunately, as it just happens (like in karate), each teacher explains some details differently. Or at least does them differently. I think I'd stick with the head teacher's explanation, as I spent quite a bit of time practising them at Talavan. And heard the logic behind them. And some details seemed to be the new updates, so maybe they will be changed for that sooner or later.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:11 (forgot to stop the training in time)
    Max HR: 143
    Average HR: 120
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 522
    Fat burn: 41%
  17. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 28.7.

    Morning Taiji

    A class with the main teacher today. The junior instructor, who usually comes today was absent, therefore the teacher had to teach both groups, so he spent a while with us, then went to the other group etc. At first it seemed I am the only one from our beginner group, but as I suspected, around 7 people arrived late. At least they did arrive.

    After meditation and silk reeling we went through the 8th form and then we admitted we practised the next one a bit as well, so we practised the 7th-9th form again and again in a sequence. Unfortunately, just copying, basically no explanation and the last form again felt a tiny bit different to what the other teacher was showing. So I was trying to figure out what the back hand does and how to turn the feet and shift the weight, as it was different than all the other forms and I just couldn't grasp it. So I was trying to copy and then figure it by myself, but... The teacher pointed out one mistake pointing at me (obviously my mistake), which I wasn't completely sure about how to improve, but tried.
    And to my horor, as I feared, when the teacher went to teach the other group, he again told me to lead the group and go though the whole form up to the last form we just learned three times. Nooooo! I mean... I am somewhat used to teaching classes from karate, etc., but that is when I have an idea about what I am doing and have some confidence in what I am teaching and usually teach people less experienced, so it feels oka and even fun. But, well, although not teaching, only "leading" a group of people who know just as much as me and some even more (and all are older) and showing everyone a form I was just shown and have not much idea about what I am doing is a whole different thing! On one hand I am honored the teacher feels like I do more or less ok, but on the other hand this stuff is really stressful!
    When I went through to the 9th form for the first time in front of the others I stopped, but looked sideways as to what the others were doing. I mean, I had a hunch there are repetitions of some of the last forms, but no idea how and which and how many times. So I just asked the others who seemed to know. I never asked to be picked as a senior student and I have no intention to pretend I know more than I do. The more experienced people told me the last three forms repeat for a second time, and then two started discussing whether there are more, but we then left it at two reps.
    When we went through the whole form 3 times, the teacher came back just on time. He said that the last forms we do were far from perfect (well, obviously), but he'd like to teach us one or two more forms (I forgot) to the 15 forms that can be practised in sequence I guess and then stop there for some time and perfect the forms. So, in the last 10 mins of the class, he showed us the start of the next form, which did not seem that difficult, only the circle that we usually do in silk reeling was with the weigh in hte opposite direction, which was a bit tricky. I figured it out quickly, I think, but wasn't sure how to inicially shift the weight into the right position. And before I could, the teacher left, pointing me to the front. I felt like crying...

    Because of how we were doing new stuff and the teacher had to spend time with both groups, I got no corrections (other than the one mentioned). It is a pity I will have to skip the classes next week as I am going on a karate holiday with 10 other people. We rented a cottage somewhere in Moravia and will do some karate for a change. Right after that I am going to Talavan for a few days to learn Taiji, so I will have to practise a bit during the karate week as well.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:12 (forgot to stop the training in time)
    Max HR: 159
    Average HR: 141
    Training benefit: Steady State training+
    Kcal: 653
    Fat burn: 30%

    Lol, such high averaga HR and so many kcal! Results like this come quite close to what I got from CrossFit :D :D :D
    I wonder if I am so less fit or if this was due to all the stress as I practisd the new forms in fairly high stances, so I don't think it was that physically demanding.
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  18. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wednesday 19.7.

    Finally found a bit of time between chores and some otehr work and had a kettlebell work-out at home. Did my general routine for about 35 mins, with plenty of breaks in between. Then I went through the taiji form for a few times, trying lower stances which was actually easier after the work-out and stretched. Measured my HR with the Polar chest strap, but it showed some nonsense data again, so it is not very accurate. I think my HR was generally higher, therefore I also burned more.

    Polar results:
    Time: 0:57
    Max HR: 157 (should have been more, I think)
    Average HR: 116 (definitely should be more)
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training
    Kcal: 336 (should be more)
    Fat burn: 40%
  19. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thursday 30.7.

    Morning Taiji

    Teacher P today and a bit less people. We again split into two groups. The advanced group was missing the more advanced student who would take charge and they practised most of the time by themselves anyway. The teacher spent nearly the whole class with us, although 25 mins of the hour long training was spent in Wuti and silk-reeling.
    After that, as the Tuesday teacher said he'd pass on to this teacher, we focused on learning the new stuff straight away, not much repeating what we new. We focused on the... and now I am starting to get lost in the number of forms as they repeat etc.... We started with the 9th form "Stepping forward three steps" and continued with "Walking Obliquely", "Brushing Knees", "Stepping three Steps" again and learned the rest of the "Hiddent Thrust Punch". It looks like that is that. With the 15th form that we already know, we will probably be able to practise for some time this thing into more directions again.
    The three steps form is confusing to me, I hope to be able to get it explained verbally as it is not always obvious what goes on there at what times. Unfortunately, I'll be away next week, but I am cofident I will be able to catch up at my stay at Talavan just after that. I hope to find some time to practise next week. If not, I will likely forget.

    Unlike usually, I think we had less talking breaks this time than we usually have with this teacher, so I think this class was comparable to the last one. But my HR was much lower. I wander if it can get so much higher just due to any kind of stress like being put in front of the class :D :D :D

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:00
    Max HR: 142
    Average HR: 124
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 463
    Fat burn: 37 %
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  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Karate week in Malá Morávka

    Our plans to go to Croatia in June were ruined by Covid, so sensei came up with an alternative plan to rent a cottage somewhere in the Czech Republic and spend a week there together, training and hiking etc. Sensei asked some people from the dojo for potential terms they were available and surprisingly found a free term in a cottage large enough to accomodate 10 people. We went to Northern Moravia to Malá Morávka. It was Sensei with his family, Sett, me and a friend from a dojo, plus another friend with her two sons. And a chief instructor from Slovakia with his wife.
    It was a long journey there, but our three cars went together and while riving around the cottage figuring out a way to actually get to it, we saw sensei I from Slovakia driving towards us, so we stopped him and arrived at the same time.

    The first day, Sunday, we went for a hike to a waterfall. It was a 11 km long walk, part of which a bit rougher terrain across rocks, bridges and ladders, but the landscape was wonderful. The only downside was the huge amount of people everywhere.

    In the afternoon we had a karate training outside. We did not want to postpone it as it was supposed to rain for the next couple of days. The training was led by our sensie - the Czech chief instructor - sensei J. We went through Gekisai Dai Ichi, Ni and Saifa katas, their Renzoku kumite and bunkai, with a bit of a workout. Nothing too exhausting. The training laster 1,5 hours.
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