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    Sunday 2.12.

    Sensei planned a trip to a small dojo led by a blue belt, as he usually goes like once or twice a year. It is usually around Christmas time and Sett and I have been joining him for the past few years, just as today.

    Training in Sedlčany (2 hours):

    My hamstring still hurt, although it was getting much better each day. I still had to limp and move slowly as sudden quick move usually hurt enough that I didn't really want to try again :D
    I went easy on the stretching, avoided some stretches on the side where I felt like I couldn't do them, and the ones I could do, I did very relaxed, making sure it won't hurt. I also avoided a warm-up which included some running around in groups and generally did all the moves we had to do very slow. We did a lot of partner work. Usually kick + a couple of punches and block, while the other side blocks everything and counters. I didn't even try to kick as I was a bit worried, so instead on all the right sided kicking, I did a similar arm technique or a punch, depending on what the block was supposed to be.
    Towards the end, we did San Dan Gi. I avoided the kick in the San Dan Gi Ni, but because there are some low stances which I was afrain to go into quickly, I pardoned myself from drilling in in pairs and sensei took my place.
    Later he gave me the white and yellow belts to practise Gekisai Dai Ichi kata with. Later he and Seth took other groups to practice the next kata.

    My leg actually felt a little bit better after the training, if I can judge :)

    Polar had low battery and didn't start today. But I was very relaxed anyway :D I only did the hand techniques normally :)
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    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Busy week, had to skip all the trainings till Friday 7th:

    On the way from our training on Sunday we discussed a bit about what is happening in our other dojo led by a kyu grade, who invited his old teacher to be a chief instructor without any discussion or message to anyone. He still claims to be a dojo of our organization, but now they learn different stuff, do their own grading that has nothing to do with our organization etc. So we also wanted to find out what it is all about.

    Training in Benešov (3h altogether):
    We did a training there, for kids and adults, unfortunately without either of the teachers participating, which was a bit of a pity. My leg is better and better, I started kicking carefully, but I didn't attempted to stretch the leg when stretching, although I led one Junbi Undo. I also didn't do much kicking in the kids class and decided to help the beginners instead :oops:
    As for the adult class, we did some partner work, a bit of randori and Ude Tan Ren (Iron body conditioning), etc. We also did Gekisai Dai Ichi kata, but we were going around, watching and correcting if needed.

    After we went for a dinner with the dojo's instructor and his assistant. The instructor explained how and why things happened, our sensei told him his perspective, too. I am happy I was able to be there, although it ended the only way it could have, I suppose: their dojo as a whole left our association. Sadly, but inevitably at this point. It is impossible to do two very similar, yet different styles at the same time in one dojo and the instructor's viewpoint and methods differed a whole lot from sensei's and ours. Some things I could understand, but some I was quite baffled about. The dojo still has open doors should they ever want to return and for the one or two peope who still wish to attend our seminars and events, they are always welcome.

    Polar results:
    Time: 2:46
    Max HR: 164
    Average HR: 121
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 1060
    Fat burn: 39 %
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    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Saturday 8.12.

    As every year, at around the second weekend in December, there was a Christmas karate seminar in Jindřichův Hradec.
    There weren't actually all that many adults, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.
    There was our sensei going and the four of us as usual, but in the morning our other sensei asked us about a place in the car. She wasn't going to train as she is expecting a baby in about a couple of weeks, but especially because of it, it was awesome she decided to go, too :)

    At the seminar, there were four senseis 3rd to 5th dan teaching. After we greeted everyone, I asked one of the senseis who is going to lead the grading as I was curious. He turned to me and said, let's decide by rock paper scissors. "Ha!" I thought :D Well, sensei won, though. He gave me another chance to decide the winner in three tries, then in five... but he won every single time :mad: (well, not every single time, I am not that bad, but fromthe three tries or five, sensie always won the majority). I wonder what would happen if I'd actually won :D Lol, I would totally make sure the people grading would remember this one! XD

    Anyway, for the first part, the local sensei led the warm-up and Junbi Undo, our sensei took the kids to another room and the two remaining led the grading, where our friend was participating and grading for 2nd kyu. Everyone was succesful :)

    As for the warm-up, we did quite a few exercises in pairs or groups of three. My hamstrings ge better and better, but some stretches were a no-no still and I already tried to kick more or less carefully. Generally side kicks and rounhouses were ok to do even faster, but stuff like mae geri still hurt a bit when I forgot and tretched the leg. It is not a terrible pain, but quick, unexpected and sharp, so it makes me stop the movement. And I prefer to go easy until it is healed completely. Also going down in burpees probably made me stretch the leg in a way I didn't want to and then they became a bigger struggle than usual. Other than that, I was able to do everything, which was great :)

    We were then divided into groups by grades, our group was brown belt up, there were four of us brown belts and one lonely Ni dan. First block, sensei had us pick kata. The browns all picked Shisochin, the black belt Sepai. We practised two different parts that sensei explained to detail, and the bunkai that are associated with them, as well as teh whole kata several times.

    The next block, the next sensei had us go through San Dan Gi Ichi, Ni, San, Shi and a sort of a kicking San Dan Gi. Both solo and in pairs, mostly in pairs, then adding one self-defence technique to each San Dan Gi, until we finally chained everything and practised in pairs.

    The last block was led by our sensei, together with a sensei who doesn't always teach at the seminars and isn't much into details, but is really good in locks, throws, etc. and he like teaching that. Our sesnei neeeded to leave before the end, so this other sensei was supposed to take over then. However, sensei gave us a clear task, which would probably last us for most of the 45 minutes: Do kakie in pairs and go through all the bunkai you know from kakie, once on each side. We did that. Some were a bit strange or we had to first figure out how to start them from kakie, but I think it mostly worked. When I saw the other sensei, being a partner to the black belt, are watching teh two of us, talking to themselves about where we are and wondering how we could do some of those bunkai. When I noticed, I said something about that it can be done, but by that point, sensei already got on the train of: This exercise is stupid, to waste kakie on something like this, you can practise bunkai like that at home in front of a mirror, we better do something useful :D Our sensei, who gave us this task was probably somewhere saying his goodbyes, so he didn't have any say anymore. And I was totally expecting, what kind of excuse the present sesnei would make so that we can practise lock and throws, etc. and here it was! :D When our sensei was finally leaving, he seemed not to be really surprised and just made "I see what your doing" gesture at sensei, who didn't really care and was happy we can do Aikido and JiuJitsu stuff :D It was nice though, no complains there :) We don't get to do it that often and it is always great to learn this from sensei :)

    For the last three minutes, the organizing senesi had us do some work-out and techniques to get rid of the remaining energy of ours :)

    Then we all headed for a dinner and after back to Prague, so I was able to get home at around midnight.

    Polar results:
    Time: 4:07
    Max HR: 179
    Average HR: 125
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 1669
    Fat burn: 37 %
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    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wow, it has been really long. There weren't many trainings I took part in, however I forgot to log the last one before Christmas, which was on 11.12.2018.

    Karate kids and adults:
    Our guest from Moldova was going to leave soon and she wanted to make this her last training. I contacted sensei to let him know, because I was worried he may decide not to come if he's busy somewhat. I don't remember much of what we've done, but I had kids training and sensei taught the adult class after that.

    My Polar results were:
    Time: 2:23
    Max HR: 156
    Average HR: 105
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 647
    Fat burn: 50 %

    Since this was the last time with the guest, sensei planned for us to go for a dinner at least after class. However, this was Tuesday and sensei leaves earlier on Tuesdays as he goes to his school teach self defence for women. The guest sometimes tagged along, so we basically all finished the karate class half an hour early and moved to self defence. (When I say all, I mean sensei, the guest and maybe three of us). We did participate in some exercises, but in some we were acting only as pad holders and stuff like that.

    My Polar results:
    Time: 1:21
    Max HR: 153
    Average HR: 109
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 398
    Fat burn: 48 %

    We were lucky that our favourite Asian restaurant was still willing to cook a mean for us at around 10 pm. We had a nice chat and said our goodbyes. So sad....

    Since then I skipped maybe a couple of classes as I didn't realise the last term before Christmas was a Christmas party and no trainings. So I did nothing D:

    However, my leg still wasn't ok. It was getting rapidly better in the first week or so, but since then, nothing has changed for maybe three weeks. So I was still moving and doing kicks quite carefully. I did go on several walks during the holidays, but I can still feel the injured leg when walking, especially when walking fast, which was a bit uncomfortable. Now, January 3rd, I took a day off doing nothing at all, which, as I realised by now, kinda helps. Three days ago I thought there was no improvement at all, but today, I tried stretching and I can definitely get into positions I couldn't a couple weeks ago. I can even sit with legs straight in front of me and actually touch the toes. Slowly and carefully, but I can! Which is awesome, as this stretch was among the most problematic. Still, I am going to be careful as I want it to heal properly and I want to restart crossfit asap, too. I've gain weight, I am fat now and I need to get some muscle and condition back! :)
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    Thursday 3.1.2019

    Sensei originally wanted to do a special advancd training for the few of us, before the school and regular trainings start, but somehow it turned out that there was a training, but sensei wasn't there....
    I arrived around half an hour late.

    Karate class:

    When I arrived there were three other people. After some warm-up and stretching (never going to underestimate them again), I joined them in a sequencial exercise of sorts. We also did some kihon ido lately. Then they wanted to do kata, but I needed to go as it was well past 8 already, so I skipped, unfortunately. It was the one thing I wanted to do, but the time flew by too fast.

    My Polar results:
    Time: 1:30
    Max HR: 154
    Average HR: 111
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 469
    Fat burn: 48 %
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    Tuesday 8.1.2019

    First Kids class after Christmas:
    To be honest I wasn't the most enthusiastic about it (also because I had to hurry up to be able to make it on time). In the end, there were 7 kids (most I had since the start of the school year, I think), as the cute little girl brought with herself a boy from her family, I think (I didn't ask much as they arrived in the middle of the class) and another small boy brought his... well he called him his cousin, I think. He called him brother, but... I don't know. Anyway, this little karateka of ours is fro Kazachstan, but understand Czech even if he may take a bit longer to say what he wants. Unfortunately, his cousin didn't speak a word in Czech, nor English and even if the languages are a bit of similar and my experience from time spent in Russia taught me that vodka erases all language barriers, I don't understand Russian. Luckily, we have one other Russian boy, a bit older one, who speaks both languages pretty good, so he got the job of a translator. And although he is fairly hyperactive and is a pain to handle sometimes, he was very responsble with this, so it worked well for me.
    It was the first class after Christmas and after grading, so I took the class a bit easy - technique-wise. We did soe ground fights (get your partner on their back etc.) and games and only covered tsuki for the newcomers, in hopefully fun ways. Then pads for tsuki and hiza geri and a gae at the end. Even though more kids = more loud voices => me having to basically shout whatever I wanted to say => sorethroat an more exhaustion, I found this class pretty fun and I enjoyed it quite a lot! :)

    When I finished a bit later, I thought there will be no more mental strain, but as I stepped out of the dojo ten minutes into the adult class, I learned sensei is nowhere to be seen. I had no message from him today, so I asked and he appologized he can't make it today. So me and Sett quickly thought of something to do.

    Adult class:
    - Game of tag with variations in between
    - Junbi Undo
    - Footwork practise + some type of kihon ido exercise
    - Oyo bunkai - everyone took turns in adding techniques to the bunka and we all practised, so we only had time to finish two actually.
    - I left 13 mins earlier as I had something to still do today.

    Polar results:
    Time: 2:47
    Max HR: 170
    Average HR: 120
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 1030
    Fat burn: 41 %
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