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    Thursday 18.6.15:

    3x Sanchin

    3 hour karate class slowly turning from beginner to advanced:

    25 min warm up with a game of tag, passing the "tag" by kicking the person that can immediately kick back. Good for practising kicks, speed, reflexes and dodging. And a looot of fun :) Sensei decided to teach me a lesson that I need to be damn fast if trying to kick him while facing him. Caught my leg and sent me flying backwards, with a hard landing on my back. But it wouldn't be me if I actually learned from my mistakes, so I repeated the same kick and got flown once again...

    Junbi Undo

    45 min Hojo Undo:
    - a circuit training in pairs, I was paired with a beginner women to show her what to do
    1. Belly work-out at wall-bars:
    - 100 "half" sit-ups (= only half way up)
    - 50 half sit-ups with elevated bent legs
    - 20x swinging extended legs up and down
    - 20x right and left
    - 30x butt up and down with legs extended towards the ceiling
    (and since we still seemed to have time: )
    - 30x sit-ups with bent legs laid to one side
    - 30x to the other
    2. Chi-ishi
    3. Nigiri Game - vases empty today, so pretty light and not too hard to use
    4. Kongoken
    - stretch arms with kongoken above head + fall into shiko-dachi 15x
    + approximately 20x the same together with my partner who couldn't lift the kongoken by herself
    - steering wheel + fall into shiko-dachi - 16x
    - push-ups with one end of the kongoken resting on neck - 10x
    - throwing it like a pendulum between the two of us
    5. Makiwara on the wall (tsuki, ko-uke, shotei tsuki, shuto-uchi, haito-uchi)

    Kihon - basic techniques: basic strikes and blocks (tsuki, shotei tsuki, nukite tsuki, age-uke, yoko-uke, gedan barai and perhaps some more)

    San Dan Gi Ichi
    San Dan Gi Ni
    Renzoku kumite (Gekisai Dai Ichi kata in line) - solo and in pairs

    Bunkai - one student in the middle of the circle, all the others attack, the middle one defends, going through all the bunkai each one is supposed to know, Gekisai Dai Ichi & Ni for me. By that time, four students had to leave, so it was only two students and two senseis, who used the opportunity to practise their bunkai, too. There's over 90 of them for all the kata and I have seen a lot of them for the first time. They seem to involve surprisingly lot of throwing, too.

    Kata - we were told to pick our favourite kata to do: approximately 5x, then in front of all the others. I picked Saifa, because it's a nice kata and I struggle with it more than the previous ones. I was corrected a couple of "details", but sensei said that although I can go through the steps, the kata is raw, lacks the right flow and "life". Not all the moves are about strenght and being stiff, I should soften it and supposedly show my woman side for once... This is just a little abstact to me, but I think I won't be able to do this well unless I do the kata many, many more times, when I'm perfectly confident in each step. This will keep me busy for the summer break :D

    - stretching
    - ice-cream
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    White Rock Training Camp

    Friday 19. - Sunday 21.6.15:

    National training camp/seminar at a "White Rock" camp. This is a traditional gathering (my second time) of the year, with a lot of training outside. Everyone with 2nd, 3rd and 4th dan from the association was present and teaching (7 people). It was intense and great :)

    Friday 18:00 - approx. 19:30:
    - Warm-up with quite some running, sprinting, carrying people around
    - Junbi Undo
    - basic techniques and footwork + Gekisai Dai Ichi kata, and some additions that made us a bit confused and made us think about what we do

    19:30 - 21:00:
    - Fotball for about half an hour, softball for the rest of the time

    21:00-21:30 - moving tables and benches outside through the window - I list it as a workout, too, there were quite a few of them :) Sanchin today :(



    8:30-9:20: Sanchin kata - breathing exercises, the kata itself + Sanchin shime
    - warm up, Junbi Undo
    - 3 blocks - each with different sensei teaching a different group of students - by grades
    1. block
    - basic techniques - hiki-uke, then combined with open handed strike and some footwork, adding some joint manipulation later, too, some pressure points included. I'm still a bit sceptical or rather curious about how they work. I saw sensei make a big guy tiptoe and cringe just by grabbing his arm. He showed the same point on me, too, but while it was uncomfortable, I'm not sure if it could actually stop someone. I had a couple of other pressure points shown on me previously, but it's was more or less the same. But sure, whatever makes an adversary less comfortable is good. And I'd just love to be able to use these points well. Of course, first I'd have to get really good, finding the pressure points isn't easy. :)
    - Gekisai Dai Ni kata - just a few times with sensei pointing out some mistakes and explaining parts of it
    2. block
    - bunkai for Gekisai Dai Ichi together - all the bunkai in one sequence, practised in pairs (something like a pre-descibed kumite)
    3. block
    - Saifa kata - a bit of it + other stuff, I don't remember too well
    - calf work out at the end

    17:00-18:30 - Kumite training:
    - Light sparring targeting only certain areas
    - Some techniques (short sequences) in pairs, using blocks as attacks etc. + pad work
    - Randori - probably around three rounds
    - push ups

    18:30-19:00 - Free sparring (with gloves)
    - only stand up sparring, the ground was wet after the rain; 6 or probably more rounds, men against women only use one arm (which was fun, I finally got to beat some rascals :D)
    - Also two of the 5 participating senseis found me, despite my pretending not to see them and my failed attempt to inconspicuously run away :D. The first 4th dan sensei is incredibly tall, I can hardly reach his head. Even with one arm, he may have striked me more that I did him. :bang: The second 4th dan sensei is the one from our dojo. He wouldn't go too easy on me (or rather, on anyone), hit hard and was hard to block. I received two hits to the solar in a row, had to crouch for a bit, but was able to continue. Thank goodness he didn't go harder...
    - In groups of three 3 rounds of 2 vs. 1 (taking turns). The only free pair of people closeby was a friend - a beginner - with another, 3rd dan sensei. The sensei didn't go too hard, but punched me straight in the face, removing my contact lens... He hit my (already black) eye, nose and teeth. It wasn't such a hard blow, but I can still feel where my nose was hit even today. I'm really starting to consider buying a mouth guard... :mad:

    20:00-21:00: softball


    Sunday 8:30 - 9:20: Kanryo Higaonna's Sanchin
    - Never did this variety of Sanchin before (it's the one with turns and slightly shorter breathing, as I learned).

    - Warm up, Junbi Undo, stretching
    - again blocks, this time only two
    1. block
    - Saifa kata + its bunkai - practised in pairs + normal or slightly altered versions from kakie (pushing hands) + individual finishing
    2. block
    - learning (and refining) Seiyunchin kata

    - Of all 30+ students each one announces a technique that everyone repeats 10 times, techniques or sequences of the 5 senseis are done 5x10 times
    - Then, without prior warning, everyone does their own technique (the one they made all the others do), 75x ... if I knew that, I wouldn't have tried to be original with kakato otoshi geri (axe kick) :cry:

    As a side note on our way back in a car with two senseis we got to discuss about the possibility of us four students becoming assistent instructors and teaching children at our dojo the next school year. We came to a conclusion that we'd try, because it seems to have several benefits both for us and the senseis and the idea and reasons as sensei explained them sounded good :) Now I have something to think and learn about.
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    Monday 22.6.15:

    2x Sanchin
    1x "Kanryo" Sanchin

    Beginner Karate class:
    There was a grading for children just before the class, so today's lesson was shorter, only about 40 mins
    - short warm-up and Junbi Undo under my lead (sensei still busy) :)
    - kihon (basic techniques)
    - partner drills of the three basic blocks

    Self-defence class for women (1,5 hour):

    - warm-up with some attack-related games
    - random attacking each other + defending with what we've learned
    - a lot of pad work (guys hold the pads, we attack all the time)
    - stretching
    - self-defence tips and practise for short distance
    - 110 "half" sit-ups

    15 minutes (3 rounds) or ground fighting with a friend. I think I'm getting better on the defence side, expecting what he can do and getting out of that, keeping my limbs together, not allowing him to try an arm bar etc. (at least not that easily :)) But no idea how to win...
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    Tuesday 23.6.15:

    Advanced karate class (1,5 hour):

    - warm-up: a game + a short circuit training - 6 posts, each 1 minute (sit-ups, mawashi-geri to the heavy bag as well as haito-uchi, holding up 3 kg kettlebels while in shiko-dachi + an exercise which English name I don't know, "tiptoeing" up and down)
    - Junbi Undo
    - Since this was the last regular Tuesday class of the season, sensei asked us what we'd like to do and the majority agreed to again practise Seiyunchin. We went through the half of the kata in detail, practising each sequence separately for some time, having it explained in more detail. Sensei also pointed-out that there should be a noticeable difference between the soft (ju) and hard (go) parts, it's necessary to get the flow right. It should be like this for every kata beginning with Saifa and it plays bigger and bigger part in each kata.
    - Practising Gekisai Dai Ichi bunkai (no time for Gekisai Dai Ni)

    1x Sanchin
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    Wednesday 24.6.15:

    2x Sanchin
    1x Kanryo Sanchin


    Thursday 25.6.15:

    2x Sanchin

    I was just about to leave for a training when there was a change of plans and instead I went with my sensei to the airport to pick guests from the UK (senseis with 7th and 6th dan and the wife of one of them) who were invited to the wedding of one of our association's dojo's instuctors. I was in contact with one of the senseis and the second one luckily also remembered me from his last seminar here, enough for me to earn a big hug for a greeting :) After picking them up we spent the whole evening with them, going from one restaurant to the next on a quest to taste as many different beers as possible. It was fun, all three of them are great and friendly folk and I got to learn a few interesting things about karate, too. :)
    Training will be postponed to another day...
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    Friday 26.6.15:

    No training today, either, except for 1 Sanchin. On the other hand I did learn a bit about karate, as I spent most of the day again with the three guests, my two senseis and a fellow student. Apart from having fun and enjoying ourselves, I was asking the guest sensei, who is in his sixties and has very, like very, calloused hands, especially knuckles - from the makiwara, about his training. Apparently he has no trouble with his joints (and I've seen him both on the video and in person hitting a makiwara in a way that actually made me feel sorry for the poor piece of wood), except he has trouble bending his wrist in one way, which is due to non-karate related injury, though.
    The guest senseis also spoke about Sanchin and Sanchin shime they practised on each other. They told this story with a laugh how they were breaking wooden sticks by hitting their thighs, stomach, shoulders and forarms and that time that the stick didn't break for the first time, so the one examining tried again on the same place. It sounded absolutely terrifying to me, but I have no doubt about it being true. Sensei then explained another meaning in Sanchin shime except for checking posture. It is apparently also done (well, it's quite obvious, but I've never really thought about it) to get used to pain without flinching and cowering. When a person is used to that, they are less likely to cower and freeze in a self-defence situation, because they won't be stunned by someone suddenly hitting them as easily and can eventually learn to channel the pain and not to pay much attention to it. Sanchin is really something....


    Saturday 27.6.15:

    2x Sanchin
    1x "Kanryo" Sanchin
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    see? sanchin is the way towards ultimate evil! :D
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    Nope, it is the rightous path to win against all evil! :D
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    well,there's a saying in okinawa which goes "a demon's fist and a saint's heart", so we can compromise on it being the path to chaotic neutral, i guess :p
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    Oooh, that's a nice one! ^^
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    Sunday 28.6.15:

    Did absolutely nothing today :( I spent most of the day with the guests again, before their sheduled departure and was pretty tired to practise anything in the evening. The day was great. Although our promised visit to the UK is going to be postponed, looks like we're welcome to come and train, which is an offer I'd love to take up. Also, quite unexpectedy, I received a wonderful gift from sensei - a silver necklace with an original handmade kenkon, the symbol of IOGKF. Too cool :)


    Monday 29.6.15:

    2x Sanchin

    Beginner karate class (1 hour):
    Finally a training day after almost a week (!). Not sure if it was because I didn't train for several days, that I was this tired afterwards, but it was great anyways :)
    - stretching
    - probably all basic (kihon) techniques needed for the first grading. Sensei showed a technique that was repeated anywhere between 50 to 100 times, with speeding up the pace until impossibly fast. Then 15x step forward + the technique and 15x step backward + the technique.
    - After this, when a technique was done, we always did one exercise as follows:
    20 press-ups
    19 burpees
    18 "squats" in shiko-dachi (stand up -> shiko-dachi -> stand up ->...)
    17 V-ups
    16 not sure about the english name for this - basicly go in a push-up position, but with one foot close to hands and without the hands moving, jump and exchange the feet
    15 press-ups
    14 burpees
    13 shiko-dachi squats
    12 V-ups
    11 ....
    1 ...
    And doing this for the whole hour without a single, even tiny break for drinking did leave me pretty tired, although it doesn't seem too difficult
    Oh, and 4x San Dan Gi Ichi

    Self-defence for women (1,5 hour):
    - a lot of different exercises involving some running and sparring and practising techniques we learned in previous lessons
    - at the end ground fighting with going for the weak points - groin, eyes, etc. (just light touch). Two rounds with partners sensei picked for us, for me two women heavier than me, one beginner (not a karate student), the smaller one on a similar level to me. It was fun, but I couldn't make my second sparring partner tap out, I just don't like choking people ... I had her neck almost all the time (but she hurt her ankle before and pulled some muscle, too), sat or lied on her, but just couldn't press hard enough. She was tough, refusing to give up. I would have and for that she has my repect. The guy teaching me ground fighting seemed to be a little proud of his "padavan" anyway, :) but asked me why I didn't go for various moves he showed me. Well, I had no idea there was even an opportunity... :( That's exactly my problem, I remember some techniques, but not too well to be able to do them fast and to remember to use them at the right time. Looks like again, more practise (sparring) is needed...

    Luckily unlike many others I left the class on my own feet without anything hurt and aching, just several scratches. A friend winded me for a bit when I was supposed to hold him for a few seconds and his counter-strategy was to slam me on the floor (there are mats, but not super thick ones, just those regular puzzle-like). To his dismay, I didn't let go of him, but was paid back right after.... :(

    This was the last regular class of this season, from now on we're mostly on our own, if we don't persuade one of the senseis to make at least one regular training per week for us. :(
    Luckily, we have a lot to work on, so hopefully we'll manage anyway :)
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    Tuesday 30.6.15:

    3x Sanchin


    Wednesday 1.7.15:

    3x Sanchin

    Karate class (75 mins) - training for kumite:

    The season is gone, but one of the senseis I do not train regularly with was kind enough to do a training for us.

    - individual stretching
    - partner drills with gloves and mitts, while "jumping" - that sport-karate-like thing, 15 min.; I'm already exhausted after this and feel rather weak. If the weather at least wasn't that hot (30°C today)!
    - stretching in pairs
    - Saifa kata - 4x
    - Drills with a pad
    - kumite:
    - three rounds for me - with everyone present
    - gloves on; rules: no rules
    - At the end, sensei scolded me that I'm too rash, I shouldn't just charge forward without a strategy planned, never mind getting hit. He told me what exactly was wrong about my strategy, which made sense, so I'll try to avoid my mistakes next time (easier said than done, though). But I think I at least got a tiny bit better with protecting my head. I used to get hit far too often :) Though I still got kicked with sensei's fast ura-mawasshi geri in the head (that I still have no idea how to avoid in time) and had my face punched pretty cleanly by a friend when leaving it completely open... Which only added to my sore neck and a slight headache that I suspect come from my Monday's hard landing on the floor.
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    Thursday 2.7. & Friday 3.7.15: 3x Sanchin each day


    Saturday 4.7.15:

    - Sanchin
    Today was just too hot (36°C), but I still wanted to train, so I waited till the evening and went to the dojo to get some solo training (and trained for nearly 2 hours). Compared to last year, having my own dojo key is a huge advantage :)

    - Sanchin
    - some skipping
    - stretching
    - a bit of Hojo Undo:
    - Kongoken
    - stretch arms with kongoken above head + fall into shiko-dachi 15x
    - steering wheel + fall into shiko-dachi - 16x
    - push-ups with one end of the kongoken resting on neck - 15x
    - swing the kongoken and hold it for a bit on outstretched arms (that should be horizontal, but that was just too hard for me) 5x
    - Chi-ishi - picked up the bigger one sensei usually uses, but it really is too heavy, so after a while, when I was afraid I will actually knock my teeth out with it, I exchanged it for the normal one
    - Belly work-out at wall-bars:
    - 100 "half" sit-ups (= only half way up)
    - 50 half sit-ups with elevated bent legs
    - 30x swinging extended legs up and down
    - 30x right and left
    - 30x butt up and down with legs extended towards the ceiling
    - 50x sit-ups with bent legs laid to one side
    - 50x to the other
    - 2x10 press-ups (elbows close)

    - San Dan Gi: Ichi 1x, Ni 2x, San 3x, Shi 3x (I hope I still remember the last one well, I'm not too sure about the stances)
    - Renzoku kumite (kata in line): Both Ichi and Ni, attacking and defending sides 1x
    - 10 press-ups (wlbows close)
    - kata:
    - Gekisai Dai Ichi 6x
    - Gekisai Dai Ni 6x - trying to do the breathing as we were explained at the last seminar, that's not exactly intuitive
    - Saifa 6x - trying to focus on the flow and soft and hard, but I'm quite sure I still messed up :)
    - Seiyunchin 6x - unlike I thought I still probably remember the whole kata, but I'm certainly not doing too well :D
    - Sanchin

    I got a tip from a friend to video record myself doing my kata, in order to review them later and see the mistakes and also for the possibility to compare them to how I improved later. I did record my katas, but now I'm a bit afraid to look at the recordings, because it seems I don't look as good as I may have thought :D
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    You're not the first and you'll certainly not be the last to think this.

    I use video recording quite a lot.

    I'm rarely satisfied. Even in combat class when it's effective it can look terrible.

    For kata work I'm sure it's even harder to be satisfied.
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    Thanks, I certainly hope so. I haven't checked all the recordings yet, I'll gather my courage for tomorrow :D

    Haha, no, I probably couldn't bear to watch myself sparring :D
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    Sunday 5.7.15: 3x Sanchin
    Monday 6.7.15:

    3x Sanchin

    Today we decided to come train to the dojo and invite anyone who'd like to come, too. When I arrived, I discovered sensei was there taking away the mats and that he would take the training. It was really good (and tough), so I'll record it all for future inspiration :D

    Karate training (2 h. 45 mins.):

    - individual stretching

    - Hojo Undo (1 hour) - circuit training with 9 posts, sensei introduced two new exercises with home-made hojo undo equipment :)
    - Nigiri game - did one kata and a bit (empty vases)
    - Tetsu geta (new) - we don't have the iron clogs, but used a 3 kg kettlebell to put on a foot and raise it slowly in a front kick movement. I found out it really needs to be done slowly, unless I want to throw the kettlebell on the floor, which I definitely don't. I did 20 for each leg.
    - Kongoken
    - stretch arms with kongoken above head + fall into shiko-dachi 15x
    - steering wheel + fall into shiko-dachi - 16x
    - push-ups with one end of the kongoken resting on neck - 15x
    - 25 or 30 squats (only to shiko-dachi), with (only) one end of the kongoken on shoulders
    - some rotating on end of kongoken and going right and left in shiko-dachi
    - Miyagi's garden - bring the 9 stones to the other side of the dojo, moving only in shiko-dachi, back and forth
    - Chi-ishi
    - Belly work-out at wall-bars:
    - 150 half sit-ups with elevated bent legs (i forgot the first 100 were supposed to be without raised legs, so I only made it harder for myself...)
    - 20x swinging extended legs up and down
    - 30x right and left
    - didn't have time for more
    - Heavy bag - do whatever, I practised some kicks, elbows, etc.
    - Makiwara - tsuki, ko-uke, shotei tsuki, shuto-uchi, haito-uchi - only had time to do 10 of each for each hand
    - Makiage kigu (new) - what a silly thing! Sensei made one by hanging a 3 kg kettlebell on a stick with a rope. I reeled it 6x up and down, and felt all of my arm muscles stinging. Ouch.

    - Ude Tan Ren (Iron body conditioning):
    - in pairs always approximately 10 steps forward and 10 backward, 2x = 1 round
    - first round only one forearm to forarm strike with each step
    - second round the same strike + one more
    - 3. both strikes + one more (a different one again)
    - up until 5th (or 6th?) round with 5 different strikes
    - all quite bearable, but with my luck sensei picked me as the one to show the techniques on (every single round!) A few strikes with him hurt so much more than 3 rounds then with other people....
    - then in pairs each of the 5 different strikes - 100x each
    + 3 punches to the stomach and a 1 shoulder to shoulder strike - repeat 60x - I was with another woman, who didn't go too lightly on me. At first I thought there's no way I could endure so many punches, but after a 10th repetition or so, I went into a perfect state of mind, where I actually didn't care...
    - 20 shoulder to shoulder again
    - 30 back to back strikes

    - Gloves, we girls got the body padding and those who wanted to kick also those instep protectors, or padding or whatever it's called. I felt like a snowman, except that the temperature under the body padding seemed to be at least 60°C...
    - 3x6 rounds (3 rounds with everyone) - one round has 45 sec, 15 secs to exchange partners. Only standup, no head contact today. Light contact otherwise (Yeah, right, that's why we got the padding). As if sensei knows something like "light contact", his punch aimed to the solar switched off one guy even through the big gloves and the padding once, and I came close to that feeling today, too, but didn't go down - yeah, he may have been a bit gentler, maybe, or I was just lucky...)

    Final work-out (yep, not letting us off too easily): :)
    Girls vs. guys. Guys name the first exercise to be done 10x, we say what to do 9x etc.
    So it went:
    - 10 knuckle push-ups
    - 9 squats
    - 8 burpees
    - 7 leg raises (both legs while lying down)
    - 6x Neko Undo
    - 5x V-ups
    - 4 push-ups with a clap (Not sure if I had ever done this before, but at least for the 4 reps it seemed surprisingly easy. Also surprised I was the only one among the girls to be able to do that...)
    - 3 "push ups in an arc" - back facing the floor, hands and feet (tiptoes) on the floor, body bent into an arc and go down while bending elbows and up
    - 2.... two was for a 2 minute plank. I'd kick the author of the idea if I could. At least I personally made sure the guys wouldn't have it too easy by placing a stone on each one's lower back so they left a pool of sweat under them :evil: (See, Fish? Evil enough? :D) Luckily they didn't return the favor when it was "girl time", but 2 mins holding in a plank was still terrible...
    - 1 crunch :)

    - Slow relaxed stretching listening to Enya :)
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    WoW! Nice session! Is two and three-quarters of an hour the usual length of the class?!?
  18. Nachi

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    No, I wouldn't say usual. Usually it's 90 minutes, but when there's a beginner class followed by advanced and no additional advanced students come, sensei just continues the training to up to 3 hours (especially if we start with hojo undo). And the non-regular trainings like this one tend to be longer, too. Those trainings are the best :)
    Hopefully with new school year, the classes (or at least some of them) should be "officially" longer. :)
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    Tuesday 7. - Friday 10.7.15

    These 4 days Sensei was doing a "suburban camp" for children - specifically for seven boys aged 4 to almost 11 (most of them were 10 and only one of them not from our club). Sensei had some activities planned for them and because they sounded fun and sensei could probably use some help, I tagged along :) I learned a bit about how to deal with kids, which will be useful. I didn't do much karate these days, but participated in some activities with the boys. They weren't as much physically exhausting as psychically, but I did get some exercise, too.

    Tuesday: Too hot - time to go swimming. But from a bus to the dam it was approximately 4 km walk, so 8 km altogether that day. It's not much, but the 36°C, sometimes almost dragging the youngest boy behind me while carrying his bag for him, and especially listening to the endless complaining of some and urging them to hurry it up before we lose sight of those leading the way made it a little bit more difficult. It was great otherwise, though :)

    1 Sanchin

    Wednesday: We stayed in the dojo at least half a day, but also went outside and played some games. I participated in the 30 minute rugby-basketball - no need to dribble (except for me and sensei), just catch the ball, run with it and score in the basket while avoiding others that are basically allowed to get the ball by any means possible. I can't play basketball very well (i.e. not well at all), but scored once. Sensei scored twice, however, so his team won :bang:

    In the evening there was a sparring match, or rather, a battle. Boys vs. me and sensei, gloves on, kids small ones or none, we got big ones. 2x30 mins. continuously, before the boys seemed too tired and were hiding behind their sophisticated barricades made from punching bags, planks, chi-ishis, pads, makiwara and whatever they found, haha :D
    I have to say I don't really enjoy sparring with kids too much. I'm afraid to hit them, but on the other hand they're not afraid to hit me in the slightest, so I have no way of effectively stopping them and it's impossible to avoid them when outnumbered like this. They tend to come from behind, jump up and go for the head - nose, jaw from the side, back of the head, none matters. The biggest one of them (same height as me) liked to go full power for my chest, which was painful, but since I was busy with fighting off the others or holding up the smallest one by his ankles, I couldn't really block or get away. :cry: Luckily, later when I asked him if he could aim for the stomach, he really did :) Phew...
    So basically it was usually 2 to 1 with at least one other smacking me from behind with some protective gear he found and another throwing spare gloves full power in my face if possible.... and a lot of mess and shouting.
    And when I got a little angry because of a front push kick to the groin or the chest punches or whatever and decided to reciprocate with almost the same power, they fell to the ground, crouching, tearing up, or there was a similar scene because I hurt them while they were running away, showing their back to me etc.... None of them really hurt anything, I was the only one to get bruises as far as I know, but I still felt like the biggest villain :(
    Except for this complaining about underhanded tactics, it was a great exercise for all of us and I find it a good luck that nobody was injured. :D
    Before the second round, they spent an hour locked up in a room, thinking of a strategy to thoroughly beat us up. They even took a paper and a pencil for their evil schemes. We later discovered that paper with a box-like figure with a black belt and arrows pointing at the groin, thighs, hips, arms, head and a black spot drawn between what had to be lungs marked as "solar". After seeing this we thought we were really going to die this time :D

    1 Sanchin

    Thursday: Before lunch we again went out and played roughly 30 mins. of football. If I said I can't play basketball well, I'm even worse at football. Nonetheless, the teams were sensei and I against those 6 rascals. I was surprised I wasn't doing as bad as I thought I would and the match ended in our loss, but just because they claimed our last goal was already 1 or 2 seconds after the time limit or something :)
    And with each received goal we did 5 push-ups, so there was at least 40 or 45 for us :)
    In the evening another sparring match (30 mins). Only 6 boys on their side today and we got help from another adult, so it was more bearable :) No throwing of gloves allowed either, otherwise same equipment, but 4 of the boys took the body padding. Not that it helped them much... :evil:

    We spent the night in the dojo and in the end, I didn't do my Sanchin :( I didn't sleep much the previous nights and was really tired. Then I discovered a flood in the bathroom caused by the washing machine, so with sensei we were getting rid of the water till 1:15 AM and slept on the hard mats in the dojo (while the kids enjoyed the comfortable couch) so I didn't sleep so well either....

    Friday: ...That resulted in us adults falling asleep one over the other while watching Karate Kid after the lunch, to the great amusement of the kids. Luckily, because they found it funny and therefore didn't want to wake us up, they were silent and only spoke silently for about half an hour! Even took care of the smallest one and for once forbid him from climbing us. Unbelievable, it felt like a miracle! :D
    My only activity today was a little bit of sprinting during some games. Hehehe, I can still outrun the kids :D ...So of course, they came to a conclusion that I had an advantage being a damn woman, because as how they see it, we obviously run faster :cool:

    I'll at least do my 1 Sanchin today...
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    finally, the evil floweth through you at last :evil:

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