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    Wednesday, August 9

    17 kata in the morning, 18 more later. Slowly, not too hard. Yesterday’s training was still tough and I haven’t recovered enough and had trouble doing hard strikes etc.

    Taiji fan & double fan
    Only three of us today + the teacher, sort of. We started with a few single fan forms before the teacher arrived. He helped us with some details, gave us all general things to work on and left. We usually do 3 fan forms at most, today, however, we did 6.
    A friend wanted to go for double fan, but since we got a task to do, I didn’t feel comfortable just moving onto something else. The teacher came back and we then did. Again, we got a correction, or the teacher made a small logical change in one move and had me explain and practice with the others the next move. I still have three more I know to teach next week. So for the rest of the class we practiced this and did a couple more forms.

    Taiji - 33 moves
    I am still generally sluggish and 6 fan forms in a row didn’t help much. Now I joined this group taught today by the second teacher. We didn’t do silk reeling, only wuju meditation and went through the 33 moves twice. The teacher had a slow temp and in the second form he had us stop in many positions to check on them and encouraged us to go for lower stances of physically more demanding stuff if we had it correct. Basically the meditation and the two forms (or 33 moves) took half an hour. Then we worked on the kicks etc. It was a nice class, but my legs hurt.

    Taiji - 33 moves
    It was my turn to do the silk reeling, but my poor legs didn’t feel like it. So I was rather surprised when I was talking to a senior, now just returned after a while, instructor and the teacher came and asked her to do the silk reeling. Hm? Well, I certainly didn’t mind this one bit, it only surprised me a little.
    I should have known, though, that it wasn’t just random. It turned out the head teacher went home early, so I am teaching the next class -_-
    Or no, well, the remaining teacher took care of the explaining and coordinated the classes, I was mostly asked to practice with the group what he explained. We started with 33 moves twice, again. Then worked more on the kicks and in between moves. Before I knew this was going to happen and I didn’t really have a plan on what to do and it was not a large group and full of my friends, I asked if anyone had questions, and to my surprise, there were plenty! So I did my best to answer them in between practicing. Phew, lucky I did know the answers. Or at least I thought I did :D I have asked most of them myself…. Or the teacher explained them in the past. Or told me I was doing it wrong and made me learn it properly :D I was happy about that now :)

    I wasn’t expecting one of the teaches would not be there today and I planned to leave beore the final class. I was really done today on top of that. There were, however, only a few people coming for the late class and the teacher said he’D take care of it. There was at least one friend who can assist and be in front of the class, so I went home, rather spent.

    Upon arrival, I still did 9 more kata.
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    Thursday, August 10

    Kata - 52 in total today.

    After lunch I joined my dad and we went to our summer house/cottage for a few days.

    Friday, August 11

    Kata (45) + 9 km walk in the evening.
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    Saturday, August 12

    11 katas in the morning.

    We drove a few km to our favorite place - a nature reserve and did a 10 km hike in the forest. It is an amazing place and we didn’t meet a single person. Up until only our way back when we walked on a road and a couple of cars passed us.. Well, I took time to get up, so I only had like half an hour to rest before:

    Gekisai dai Ichi IOGKF online session
    The IOGKF chief instructor organized on online training for everyone where we would together do 30 Gekisai dai Ichi katas. Obviously, I couldn’t miss this. I didn’t have enough space inside our cottage, so I set up my iPad in the garden. We did the katas together, Nakamura-sensei would give us some tips and things to focus on in the next few katas.
    It was a very pleasant event. It was joined by over 500 people from over 30 countries from all over the world. Some had the session in the morning, Australians at midnight, for us it was a nice afternoon.
    The IOGKF really does feel like one large family

    In the evening we did another 3,5 km walk for an ice cream. :)
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    Sunday, August 13

    Kata -

    I planned to go back home today (by train) to make it to the kettlebell training and to do a shorter walk in the morning to conserve energy. The walk turned out to be 9 km again, though, so not only was I a bit tired (because of the heat, too), but there wasn’t really much time to make it, so I decided to skip the class and go back home tomorrow.

    Monday, August 14

    Kata - 27+9

    Tuesday, August 15

    Kata 27

    I hadn’t much time in the morning, so I did some kata super fast just before I left. I took a quick shower before running for a tram, but it was no use. It was hot, maybe 32°C and in the tram I was melting, so I already arrived very sweaty.

    Taiji fan
    Only 4 people arrived today, so I didn’t teach anything new as I planned if a lot of people gathered. Two of the four were more advancd students - one an instructor who started coming, the other a friend who already knew the whole form, but said she had trouble with working with the hips in the taiji forms in general and sighed about how she’s supposed to learn that. I remarked that that’s what we worked on in my Tiaji class and thus she came today. Therefore we spent a bit more time on walking across the gym as we usually do. I mentioned stuff to focus on each round. I decided to mention more, althoug the beginners might be a bit overwhelmed, but hopefully not. We spent the rest of the class reviewing the old moves, I gave personal corrections to everyone, adjusted their stances or let them practice a move and went around correcting. I always feel bad about saying something to instructor R. She does taiji so much longer than me and although I can find a detail or two she could improve, her taiji is really nice… I was surprised that when I left her for last and spent some time explaining to everyone, she would shout: “Me, now me!” at me :D That was actually very encouraging.

    Taiji sword and broadsword
    Not many people here, either. We usually start in two groups, but of the group not knowing the sword form, there was no one today, so we all practiced together under instructor L’s and a former instructor’s lead. They shared some of the new stuff we learned in the last seminar. And we practiced the part of the form where they appeared.
    In the later part of the class we worked on the broadsword form, basically just went through it a few times, then instructor L gave some tips. A nice class, although I was rather tired already.

    Taiji - Cannon Fist form
    I wasn’T happy one bit when it was announced we’d start with two Laojia Yilus. And then of course, continued wtih two Laojia Erlus. This warm-up/practice along with 5 min meditation at the beginning took 45 mins. I was really hot and my heart felt like it was skipping a beat here and there and I was just hoping the class would end soon. It was too hot and I couldn’t do any fajins or move fast or do much properly at all. I was really really spent today.

    At home I wanted to do 9 more kata, but after I ate dinner, I got a rather bad stomach ache, which happens to me sometimes lately, nad only managed 6, very slowly, before I called it a day. I did my best to fall asleep, but was woken up by the pain later in the night. I felt hot and took a cool shower, which did help.
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    Wednesday, August 16

    Taiji fan & double fan
    Girls took long to change, so I started the class with the only guy - J - boy of 16 present. The ladies came soon after, but instead of joining, they’d stand in the corner, discussing our performance :D
    So the boy said they should be doing the form now, with us watching. Not a bad idea! But I was soft, I thought we’d do one more form all together. The boy then left briefly, when I was just about to make the three lasses perform, so I shouted aloud: “Aaaa, too bad J left, since there’s going to be a good show, now!” He came running as fast as wind! :D
    Watching people practice is always nice :D I gave them a few corrections so that it wouldn’t feel like we were just having fun with them, ehm.

    I got a few questions, which we worked on and then we moved to double fan. The teacher wasn’t there today, but I was three moves ahead, so my task today was to teach those. But two ladies were lost in the final turn, one was instructor R, who was trying double fan for the first time today, so we spent the class practicing the latest moves. J might have been a bit bored since it came easy to him, and R was picking up the moves quickly, basically she learned about the later half of the form. To end the class we did one whole double fan form. I told R that I would call her to join us when we reached the point she has just learned the moves from. When I did, all of us standing on one leg, R was apparently preoccupied with her fan or something and when I called her to join, she wasn’t as fast as one would expect, looking rather surprised! :D

    It was a fun class today :)

    Taiji - 33 moves
    I took a break instead of silk reeling, conserving my energy. Then went through the 33 moves with the group. The second teacher would be with the other group and would always come to us, explained the theory of what he wanted us to practice and I would be in charge of practicing that with the group. A lot of jumping kicks today…

    Taiji - 14 moves
    I again took break, then joined the group. There was a big storm with a huge downpour just an hour ago and traffic had some trouble nearby, and maybe as a result of that, very few people came now. Maybe around 6. Only one of them was of the less advanced group. So at first we all practiced together - 5, then 14 moves, then I was sent to work with the only person. He had some trouble with stepping three steps, he said, and we basically spent all of the time working on that.

    Taiji - 5 moves
    Still, very few people. I joined in the silk reeling since I was taking it wa too easy today. Then was tasked to go to the front and do two rounds of 5 moves to 4 directions with everyone before the teacher took over. Since there were so few people and I still had some plans I left then, in the middle of this class.

    42 kata today
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    Thursday, August 17


    We are in a situation when we don’t have access to our dojo, so the trainings that have been organized were all done outside. Today sensei organized one in his backyard. Him included, 10 people arrived, which was quite a lot. Sensei had us vote if we wanted to do 108 Gekisai Dai Ichi katas as a part of the kata challenge, or work on Gekisai Dai Ichi, Ni and Saifa, so we would also do plenty of kata, but practice bunkai, too. The voting was 50:50, so he decided we can practice kata alone and would work on bunkai as well. We started with Sanchin and Gekisai Dai Ichi kata, its Renzoku kumite and bunkai practiced alone, then in groups of three and finally one person against a queue of attackers. While turning partners we also did a brief Kote Kitae (Iron body conditioning), totally by chance right at that time when I was paired with sensei! Ouch.
    In the middle of the class we also did 5é push-ups nad at the end 16 burpees to celebrate our student’s (sho was not even present) 16th birthday. My gosh, I kind of forgot to practice these lately. My push-ups were awful and burpees were pretty hard, too…
    The training took exactly 2 hours in the end and although sensei had plans, we didn’t move past the first kata nad only did 17 kata in total. Man, for my challenge goal, I’ll have to do a few more in the evening.

    The training was followed by a barbecue party and we had fun. I got home at midnight and Did 12 more katas to reach my daily minimum of 33…
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    Friday, August 18

    Not much done today other than 45 kata in one session - each of my Kaishu kata 5x.

    Sunday, August 20

    Kettlebell gym
    It’s been three weeks sinc emy last time here! I couldn’t make it the past two Sundays. We did a 20 min warm-up/mobility stuff before I took up my 1ž kg kettlebell to do the usual exercises.

    Since I haven’t done it in three weeks and only remember that 28 kg was feeling rather heavy and I struggled a bit doing the 5 reps per side, I didn’t think too hard about at least starting with 24 kg. I did one rep each side and decided I shouldn’t be scared and go at least try the 28 kg. The 24 kg TGU went well, after all.
    I started with my right side where I struggle to get through the inicial position. That would tell me if I should continue at all. To my surprise I got through it no problem and the whole TGU didn’t feel as overwhelming as I remembered it! :) Not easy, but better than I thought. In the end I did all remaining 4 reps with this weight. The instructor checked on me in the alst one on the left side (my left side is easier to get through the inicial position, but pretty much the rest of the TGU feels harder there) and she said I was doing well.

    Deadlift + horizontal bar - high hold and negatives
    As usual. I was doing glute bridges befor deadlifts and hollow hold before the horizontal bar to improve my technique for the swings and for the horizontal bar… So it took quite a bit more time and I didn’T have time for anything else.
    As for the hollow holds, I was told to only balance on my butt and hold 10 s with arms along the body nad then put arms abotve head - or extend them further for 5 s. Problem is, as soon as I put my arms further, I fall on my back. Not that I wouldn’t be able to hold my belly tight, but the center of gravity would just shift. The instructor told me I need to work on my abs strenght, but I totally feel like no matter how strong I am, physics is physics. :mad: I didn’t relax my belly at all, kept the potition, but…

    KB swings
    I started trying 32 kg before, but I still should be working on elimination a small mistake I do and above all, as I missed a free classes, my hands were very tender and hurt already from the previous exercises - I mean the skin where the callusses would form and next spot of the fingers. As it was rubbing during swings, I thought it would be a miracle if I managed to finish all 10 mins. It hurt from the very beginning. So toward the end of every series of 10 reps, I would shift my hold, and would do more stuff to relieve the hurting spot… Not ideal. But this was a relatively comfortable weight for me, so I had some space to play around with it, at least a little. It was an ordeal, but I did finish!

    Foam roller exercises at the end.
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    Monday, August 21

    108 kata finished today (not in one session, though). Several people from the dojo are planning 108 kata this wednesday, but I can't make it due to Taiji, so I thought I'd go for it today :)

    Tuesday, August 22

    108 kata I figured done in a few sessions, over a 100 kata isn't as harsh and maybe now that I am not overtrained anymore and have gotten used to doing kata every day, maybe I should push myself in the final third of the month. I did some kata after coming back from taiji, though, just before midnight, and that was pushing it a little. I did them easy, though.

    Taiji - fan - teaching
    Only three students today, all rahte advanced. When I had them practice steps across the gym, the teacher came by, obviously in a good mood, stopped this and told the young lad: “What on Earth, you’re doing it as if this was your first time. Nachi! You’d better have them stop doing this beginner version, have them do it smoothly, include hands. They all know this, don’t just be in front of them, watch them! Go behind them, take a rod…” XD
    We practiced the moves we knew, I corrected some details for everyone, but yeah, these guys were doing really well

    Taiji - sword and broadsword
    We started with a sword form a few times and the teacher corrected some stuff for us. Later we picked up wooden swords to practice in pairs, which was fun and in the end he found time to do I think 3 broadsword forms.

    Taiji - Cannon Fist form
    I skipped the form for a warm-up as I had a few things to talk about with the teacher. I wasn’t too sad about it, my legs already hurt from the 108 kata today. So I joined the group for the Cannon Fist form. Then we went from the ending, working on some details.
    And I didn’t ski Laojia Yilu anyway, since we did one at the end of the class.

    Taiji - Silk reeling
    I planned to leave today, but before I could, the teacher sent me off to do the silk reeling with the next class. He was also so kind to me just before, so I didn’t utter a peep. But went home after the silk reeling.
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    Wednesday, August 23

    Taiji - fan and double fan

    I came nearly 10 mins late and joined for the last fan form. Then the teacher had us work on a few moves in teh middle of the form, I got a fww details corrected and the move was explained nicely.

    We finished with practicing the steps back, which are difficult. The teacher stood me to the front as a reference, but I do struggle with this move, too. There are only two steps back before the move changes, but the teacher said: “Continue like this, yeah, continue, continue…” so I thought he wanted us to practic ethe steps back and do more of them. But he went: “What are you doing, isn’t there something different?” “B-but you said…” but he stood in front to demonstrate himself. That wasn’t a bad outcome at all :D

    He asked who will be here next week (he won’t) and since the friend who struggled with this raised her hand, the teacher told me: “Great! So Nachi, teach her these steps! Don’t do anything else until she can actually do them.” We alughed and I told her I accept bribes. For example chocolate.

    Then we practiced double fans, got some corrections, then the teacher told us to do the whole form (like 10 mins before the end), which took us maaaybe one minute (most likely less), and he never came back… Ahh, ran away again! I wasn’T sure if he’d come back or not, so we did one form after another, until the two girls were exhausted (it’s also pretty hot these days). When the young lad had some questions at the end (yep, the teacher is gone, time for questions!). Srsly, though, everyone seems to be afraid to ask questions, so I get a ton as soon as he leaves the room…. And then I feel like the only proactive idiot asking him the questions :D

    When I tried to answer, the girls ran away, too. Also a lot of people gathered by this point, watching, which also makes them uncomfortable…

    Taiji - 33 moves

    I stretched when it was another instructor’s time for silk reeling - I’ll be doing to the next, so I skipped now. Then The advanced group was today, unusually, taught by the second teacher and he diligently practiced with us, so I had no work :) Just practicing with everyone. A lot of practice and a bit of theory, focisung on a particular thing within the moves, practiced in parts.

    Taiji - 33 moves

    My time for silk reeling. There weren’t too many people for this class, like usual, so we went outside to the terrace. A minute later, the second teacher came and pulled me away to let another instructor do the silk reeling. He said so that I could relax. Which was odd, and I also took a break before. This would usually happen, when: “Oh, is the head teacher leaving?” Turned out to be the case. Still, I already stretched and didn’T know what to do with my time. But sinc ehte main gym was empty, I, kind of, slowly, silently, did several kata there in the corner. I felt a bit like a thief, practicing karate in my Taiji school when I have just been allowed break… :) But… the challenge called for it! The silk reeling took long, I managed to do 15 katas.

    It turned out then, that the teacher isn’t leaving, yet. He did one form with us, then had us practice the longer version of Cloud Hands.ONe guy struggled, apparently moved the hands in the opposite way (not in direction bud relative to how the legs move - so wrong timing) and struggled to get it right. The teacher was in a good mood still, so eh tolk him to practice and then when in class here: “Look around. Check if everybody else is doing what you’Re doing and if not, you’re probably wrong. Then find someone, look, Nachi’s here, stand behind them and be their shadow. If Nachi moves, you move, don’t miss a bit.” Then he walked past me, nudging and winking: “Get her a chocolate then, she accepts them.” :D :D :D

    Aww, this was so awesome. Then the teacher had us work on one kick. I apparently moved my hands wrong withou realising it. The teacher did a lot of explaining and as he moved me just beside him as usual, I did my best to copy and got corrections. I didn’t understand some part, so I asked a few things, but I understood well, then. Then he had a bit of a talk about fajins, which was also very informative and inspiring. He emphasised working with softness and hardness, being soft, then strike hard and before the hand finishes the move, the body is relaxed. The contrast between soft and hard, relaxed and strike is a lot like what our karate chief instructor emphasised in his lecture in the last black belt seminar. The contrast between soft and hard that creates power, the principle of “Go-Ju” in the Goju ryu style. I find it amazing anytime I learn the focus is on the same principles that aren’t perhaps immediately apparent in both Taiji and Karate :) This is something that I am also trying to work on.

    After coming home I still finished 21 kata, but was very tired and didn’t make over a 100 today, only 81 in total.
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    Thursday, August 24

    Kettlebeell gym
    I may not be able to come on Sunday, so I went today instead. The gym was full - 9 guys and the instructor. I joined in the warm-up. Then the usual exercises with kettlebell before we each started our routine with a TGU.
    I went to say hi to the instructor, and explain that I am here instead forSunday. I think I haven’t been to her class in about two months, but she apparently remembered me: “Are you the one who does TGU through the bridge pose?” -_- I guess I am. She asked me about it last time. I was taught this way. Does really no one else here do it?

    28 kg still feels heavy and after two days of working hard (and an early start today), I wasn’t feeling particularly strong. And in a gym full of people whom I didn’t know I feel a bit self-conscious about taking a heavy bell and trying stuff I’d fail at. Therefore, I would not take my favourite bell with the colored stripe, but a generic black one not to catch anyone's attention. And I started the first rep with 24 kg. The rest with 28 kg.
    In the first one with 28 kg, I forgot I should focus on a trick the isntructor taught me that helps to get on the elbow (a troublesome position) - to drive the opposite elbow into the floor. And I nearly failed…. But! Although my elbow bent slightly and it all looked bleak, I pushed it back up with a lot of effort from a position with bad balance. I guess my core is indeed getting a bit stronger. I totally could not do this before. :) But I just hoped nobody saw me….
    I am not sure if it was this try or another one, when I was half way up, my wrist started husrting. Not much I could do about it with a kb over my head, though, so I decided to grit my teeth and finish the rep. I wasn’t sure it I would be able to continue, but after a pause, the pain was gone, though the wrist felt a bit tender, so I was being careful to position it well.

    In one of the later rounds, the instructor came around and watched my corner of the gym. When I finished a rep, I saw her eyes narrowing. Oh no, here it goes!
    “What are you even lifting? Is that a 24?”
    “A 28.”
    Even though I told her, she still came and checked the number on the bell herself :D Then she returned with some remark, which was a praise, actually, saying it was a beautiful get-up. Aww, was it? ^^ I wouldn’t exactly call it that, but it made me happy :)

    This morning class is shorter, 60 mins instead of 90 and sometimes they do, but usually don’t do the swings, so I wasn’t sure about my time management and instead of deadlifts and horizontal bar, I thought I might go for squats and push-ups, which I have been skipping lately.
    The instructor came around before I started anything, though, and asked me what I was doing. “Do you do deadlifts?... One-legged?” I tried one-legged ones only once and I used to do them at home, but not sure about my technique, and only with a light bell, so I said I am not doing them, only tried. The instructor decided to show me. Ah, nice! She asked what weight I was using for normal kb deadlifts, 48? “No, 68.” Funny how her reaction was exactly the same as my usual instructor's before: “Why am I even asking? Of course you do.” :D
    She took a 12 and 16 kg bells for me to try. She explained the exercise and had me try with a kettlebell on a stair, which is apparently easier for mobility. I tried with the 12 kg, but after just doing TGUs with a 28, it felt like nothing and the instructor gave me the 16 kg to try instead. She said my mobility was fine, so no need to use the stair. She helped me correct my form and sent me off to try 3-4 or perhaps 5 reps per side with a 20 kg. She said I could try heavier. I could work with a heavier bell, but to get the technique right and work on balancing it, this felt like a pretty good choice, so I wanted to stick with 20.

    I did 5 reps touch-and-go per side. I wasn’t sure what to do in between, but I just wanted a break form the horizontal bar, so I did 5 pike push-ups. 5 rounds in total.

    I finished 108 kata today as well. But my wrist hurt especially in Shisochin kata with open hand techniques, so I found a wrist bandage I used to use for crossfit. Actually what hurt was not the wrist joint, but the tendon to my thumb. It also hurt when I was working (drawing). I am fairly sure that the TGU has just worsened what may be an RSS from my work. I will have to be careful and I did stretching in between working.
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    Monday, August 28

    137 kata altogether today.

    Tuesday, August 29

    108 kata during the day.

    Taiji fan - teaching
    A larger group today,some people came after a few skipped classes, so I stuck to reviewing old stuff. We worked on the steps as usual, I made sure to give everyone a correction.
    Then we did the form again and I asked for any questions. There were a few, so I explained the moves they were about.

    We had a bit more time, so I went back to the second move. I have not really reviewed this one before. Originally the teacher taught it to this group when I was away and I was not sure about some particulars of this move. But by now it made sense to me, I figured how to do the motion in one flow and thus tried to impart that onto the class :) I hope it is correct… (I have not consulted with the teacher, but as far as I understood taiji so far, it should be fine). It wasn’t easy for everyone to do this, but I promised we’d also review the last move and we had about 10 minutes left. We tried a couple of times and there was a question from the only guy in the group - the young teenager. He’s learned the whole form in the group with me, but comes to these classes now, which I appreciate. And although I also feel a bit awkward teaching him (only a little, though), he has many questions. Today he asked about 3 out of 5 questions in this class and I basically spent the last 10 mins answering his additional questions about this move and taiji principles in this and other moves. :D Oh, some questions were rather tricky! I will consult the teacher later if I don’t forget.

    Taiji sword and broadsword
    I was already very tired today after the 108 kata in the morning, but pushed through the 3 sword forms. Then instructor L had us practice one move done in a high stance (yaaay!) that they had worked on at a sword seminar this weekend. The things she mentioned made sense to me and she also gave me a correction that I am moving my heel (it was slipping on the floor, but because I had too little weight on it), which definitely helped In the last 20-25 mins we practiced the broadsword.

    My strained wrist still isn’t ok and I felt it now so I borrowed a light training broadsword and as I was tired, I tried to save my energy. At least a bit.

    Taiji - Cannon fist form

    The usual instructor wasn’t there, so the second teacher led us through the form - Laojia Yilu. Very slowly. I didn’t mind that. I worked on keeping my body relaxed - well, I had no strength to do otherwise :D And I didn’t push the stances too much. As we were finishing the teacher had us do one more form. Then he said a few things and went with us through the Cannon fist form. I did it slowly and did weak fajins. When we finished, as expected, he wanted us to do it again by ourselves - this obviously being a form drilling class. I expected that, but I just couldn’t anymore, especially since the teacher wanted us to do it stronger this time. I also needed to work at home a bit more, so I left those 10 mins earlier… I will do better next week, when the kata chcallenge is over, I swear! :)

    I did more kata at home, totaking to 135 today.
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    Wednesday, August 30

    Taiji double fan - teaching

    We started with 3 single fan forms. There were only three of us. A friend - a woman older than me and the teenage boy. He had plenty of questions again. He always seems to have a lot :D I don’t have any moe knowledge about the details of the form than he does, so I did my best to answer from the taiji perspective, but when it came to some moves details, I could only tell him how I do it and how it makes sense to me, but ultimately, ask the teacher.
    Then we did the double fan form. Again, I did my best to answer the guy’s questions and since he was already bored since last class as we were still repeating the same turn, which was complicated for most, but not for him, I taught him the next probably three moves that the teacher taught me in July. I do not know any more beyond this, but I guess he could know. We practiced this for a while, but when he again came with questions, many people were coming for the next class and they would just sit and watch us, the other friend quietly disappeared a few minutes before the end, while I was best answering quwestions. Ha, cowardly! :D

    Taiji - 33 moves

    I took a break instead of joining in the warm-up and stretched. Then I was kind of in charge of the more advanced group as the head teacher had a week off again. The second teacher would teach the other group, but would always come and talk a bit of theory and give us a task to practice which I was then in charge of.
    I did plenty of kata today and yesterday and skipped the jump in the jumping kick we were working on whenever I could…

    Taiji - 12 moves, teaching

    I led the silk reeling this time, then went through the 33 moves with the more advanced group before the teacher took over and sent me to teach the other group, learning Stepping three steps. It is not an easy move and I was told to work on it with them, so we did. It is one of the complicated moves where feet and arms move at the same time. So we started with practicing only footward, then only arms, then together and the class was over before I knew it. I didn’t have experience teaching this move, I had to figure out how everything was synchronized since I go from muscle memory in some things. People struggled a bit, but it's no wonder. They said they did understand the explanation, though, which made me feel relived.

    I still had work (and kata) todo back home, so since there were not too many people for the last class, the teacher let me go home.

    108 kata today. I wanted to do at least 108, but I really didn’t have time (and energy) for more.
  13. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thursday, August 31

    Karate Kata challenge last day.

    I wanted to finish the challenge with a nice number and it worked in a way that with additional 127 kata today, I finished the challenge with 2222 kata :)

    Yaay, it was a hard month, but I did my best. I set my original goal to 1008 kata, and doing all I could to do at least 33 kata every single day, which I managed, usually a bit more.

    After the inicial 4 day taiji seminar + practicing the kata every day, I ended up fairly overtrained, and found it hard to muster any strength. But when I recovered slowly and also slowly got used to doing plenty of kata every day, I decided to push myself in the last third of the month doing at least 108 kata every day (with the exception of one).

    Like others I posted a few pictures and videos on social media. It was fun seeing how people all over the world were doing, so I joined in. It was not a competition, but a friendly event with people encouraging one another. I really enjoyed it :)
  14. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Sunday, September 3nd

    Kettlebell gym

    The usual instructor is on holiday, today class was taught by a different one, instructor D, whom I only had once or twice, quite a while ago.
    Stretching/mobility, then preparatory exercises with my usual 16 kg.


    I told myself I won’t be a wuss today and won’t take the 24 kg bell for the first rep, but rather, go straight to my working weight, 28 kg. Again, not my usual instructor, I wanted to avoid unnecessary weird looks or strange conversations, so I took a bell without the he colored strip - weight not recognizable from a distance.
    I strained my wrist last class - 10 days ago - and it hurt in some kata. Particularly tendon in my thumb. While I hurt it during a TGU, I think the main reason was RSS due to my work - drawing. The days after I bandaged my wrist when doing kata, and did my best to try to use my left hand for a short drawing in the weekend as my right hurt/felt uncomfortable.
    The wrist had just stopped hurting, so I thought I’d try normally today. In the first rep it hurt a little, but it was apparently only near the end as my wrist got tired and did not bend the other way, but rather, straightened, so I made a point to keep it it a good position and focus on not relaxing it even a tiny bit and there was no trouble anymore. As always, technique is important.

    The instructor came to ask me if I’ve already tried at least pressing up (the first TGU position) with a 28 kg bell.
    “This is a 28 kg bell.”

    Just like the other instructor last week, although I told her, she still came and checked the engraving on the kettlebell. :D What’s this? Do I look like I am lying or could have read the weight wrong so that the instructors would feel the need to check it with their own two eyes? What the heck? :D
    She didn’t say anymore, looked at me for my next rep. “That was solid. So… have you already tried the 32 kg bell?” :D

    She gave me plenty of advice when it came to TGU with heavy bells - 28 kg+. She used to be able to safely work with a 36 kg bell (she has a baby now), which was definitely more than a half of her bodyweight, so she gave me advice from her experience and encouraged me to go to the other room on the other side of the hall if I wanted to have plenty of space around me and not stress over other people walking around and in case I’d have to toss the kettlebell, it is safe for everyone. Might be a good advice for the future, but I don’t think I need that now. And we will soon be moving places, so…
    But her advice was nice. But… although I told myself I should maybe shorten my breaks in between reps so I don’t do the 10 TUG for half an hour, since the instructor came to talk 2 or 3 times, I still took half an hour :D

    KB Deadlift + pike push-ups

    5 rounds of 5 68 kg DL + 5 pike push-ups. Skipped the horizontal bar today :D The gym was full, so many people around the horizontal bar. No… I just really didn’t wanna do it XD

    One-legged deadlifts

    I remembered I practiced the single-legged DL last time, and I only had a bit of time, so I went for it. 5 rounds of 5 DL per side with 20 kg - just working on technique. Did a couple of hollow holds in between.

    Swings EMOM

    I was lately working on technique, but after skipping the horizontal bar, my palms’ skin didn’t hurt, yet, so I thought it was time to again try the heavier, 32 kg bell. Strength-wise it was fairly ok, but since the middle round or sooner, I was getting dizzy. It happened to me yesterday when working in the garden, from squatting down and up and maybe the swinging motion was similar and it didn’t do me any good. It took all my will power not to sit down between rounds and push through till the end. I managed, but the final rounds were quite sluggish.

    I welcomed that we then did the final stretching lying down. I felt ok by the time the class finished..
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  15. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Cool progress on tgu. I'm looking to add this back into my routine.
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  16. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thank you! I fing TGU a great exercise, I have to say :) I didn't use to try it at home before as I only had a rough idea, but I totally recommend it now :)
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  17. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Monday, September 4

    Karate Kids - first training of the season

    We were still outside today, classes taugh by Honza (Sett). At least the beginning, then I took over the children class. I wanted to do basic techniques (kihon) - each would have to come up with a technique they remember and count to ten for everyone to do it. Or one bodyweight exercise. We’dgo two rounds. However, every single person came up with a technique, so it was a round of techniques, then a round of work-out.

    Karate adults

    Taught by Honza. Sanchin for a warm-up (I think). We had three newcomers - mother and daughter duo (we haven’t had that in a while!) and a young lad.

    We worked on some basic technique and easy combinations. When they were not as easy, I took the beginners aside and worked with them separately. Then I suggested we could try these easy combos in groups of three, one person running between the two, doing the defence to their attacks. Honza, however, understood it a bit differently and made it so that ofter one combination, the people would switch places. Which confused the hell out of the advanced students when we wanted them to demonstrate :D I think that “my” group of three beginners got it the fastest XD

    Karate - advanced

    We decided to strictly end the adult class after 90 mins and dedicate the last half an hour to advanced students. Which would be beneficial for us when sensei is teaching and if we are, then we have a few brownbelts that we can help with their advanced kata etc. Two 3rd kyu guys stayed today, one of whom had already learned Shisochin kata a couple of months ago, so we taught the first part to the other one and worked on it together.
  18. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday, September 5

    Taiji fan - teaching

    Only 5 people today, some came after missing a few classes, so I adjusted the training to review the latest moves instead of teaching a new one as I had planned.

    We worked on the steps as usual, did a few forms and then moved straight to reviewing the latest 3 moves. I spent about 10 mins with each mentioning some details that I may not have mentioned before - as that would have been probably too much and I checked everyone giving everyone a correction on at elast the first two moves. Then I again explained the last one and we practiced and did 2 more forms to conclude the class.

    Taiji sword

    The main teacher was back today and he taught the class. We started with 2 sword forms and he wanted us to try to do the form as a qi gong form - focusing on breath and aligning it with our movements. We are usually told to do that, but I kind of stop thinking about it and breath without paying mind ot it. We only tried the first section of the form like this and I got stuck right at the third move and then the steps. It is clear there could be more ways to breathe, but the one I tried either didn’t feel correct or didn’t fit my movement.

    Indeed, these were two problem moves which we spent time on then. The teacher told us a couple of versions - actually he ended up coming up with four ways for the 3rd move, but until he mentioned the last, I still couldn’t fit it, it was awkward no matter what. We will probably try again next time.

    In the end we spent the whole class working on our breathing in this part of the sword form. And we will continue next time with the next part. It was nice, but it wasn’t as easy, so I was a little frustrated with myself :D Well, good to know that I have things to improve :D

    Taiji - Cannon Fist

    Usual isntructor missing and I sort of escaped to the bathroom and the class was started by the head teacher who did the form with us (It's been a while!). The gym was crowded, the largest spot was right behind the teacher, so I boldly made my way there (I probably wouldn't dare had the class been led by anyone else, but he usually keeps me next to him, so I dared). Anyway, I had a good view of him and I did my best to copy as much as I could. Apparently the teacher was focusing on the breath, too. There were two moves (when I turned my back to him) where I had some trouble figuring the breath out, so I thought I’d ask about it sometime. I hope I don’t forget.

    Also the kata challenge is over, so I haven’t been practicing karate for like 2 hours in the morning and I was much much more fresh today (and we also didn’t do broadsword), so I kept lower stances and was able to focus well on the techniques.

    The disadvantage (or an advantage?) is that in the front row, the mistakes are spotted easily. So I got a correction right away in the first Erlu specific move. We were told to practice and I did my best to skip a tiny unnecessary movement and worked on it as the teacher left to the back, when I heard: “That’s still wrong!” Dang, he’s watching! :D In the end it wasn’t as much my fault as my idea of the form was wrong and the teacher explained that if we do the beginning version, after a brief pause in closing, I cannot close my arm again (hence I was doing a tiny little opening in between that I couldn’t get rid of). So I was told to nto close completely and open the arm in the next move rather than close, which worked, but felt a little weird not to close it. Or I can just skip the pause and go straight for the fajin - the more advanced version. I struggled with this one in the beginning, but I was able (probably, more or less) to do it now. And this was an easy way to skip the troublesome and unnecessary part ^^

    So we continued with the form, but I couldn’t even finish the next move - Protect-the-heart Fist - before we stopped again and the teacher would explain. He again demonstrated the advanced version of this move, which I hadn’t learned, though. And unfortunately he demonstrated several times, when I asked how did he managed to skip some of the movements, but his back to me, so I couldn't see... We ended up working on this fajin for the rest of the class. I did my best to watch carefully, but still struggled, when the teacher came to stand next to me for me to try to copy with: “Now here, watch, there you have your karate!” Well, he was right, when he demonstrated all the movements as strikes, it was easy to follow :) I later tried to smooth it out, but it would all take more practice. Or I’ll jsut stick to the beginner version. That would be the easiest. Still, I would like to at least have the other version figured out a little :)
  19. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wednesday,, September 6

    Taiji fan & Double fan

    Only 4 of us today. We started practicing the form - I think 4 times, with teh teacher nowhere in sight. I was suspicious that he decided to skip, but the others, especially one friend, who came back after 2 months and felt lost, kind of hoped the teacher would not come. I teased her how it would be if he came in a bad mood. She got some bad experience with it and panicked a little at the idea. But I calmed her down that his mood was good yesterday and he is after holiday after all.

    Then he actually came and he did seem like he wasn’t going to be very pleasant to be around. So everybody shut up and did all we were told and the atmosphere was somewhat nervous. But he wasn’t angry or anything and I think his mood was gradually improving. He brought a video of his master practicing the double fan form we worked on with him, and adjusted some positions and directions for us. I dared to ask some questions, but his mood seemed to have improved a lot already :)

    I was glad he came and we did quite a bit of work on the form

    Taiji - 33 and 3 moves

    Today, the second teacher and the other instructor were not present, as I knew in advance, so I would have to stand in.

    I did the silk reeling outside, then we went back inside and he took the less advanced group, but I had no instructions about whether I am supposed to teach the whole class, or just practice and he would come explain, or what to work on or whether he would switch with me…. Never mind.
    So I went through the 33 moves with the class, then did the final few once more nad since I had no idea what to work on, I asked for questions about any place anyone would find difficult. Nobody was asking anything. Come on! I just focused my gaze on the friend came today after a while and gave her a look like: You’ve missed a lot of classes, right? Surely you have something to ask. And then she did :D

    I did my best to explain and we practiced a bit. Then the teacher came and told me to switch with him.

    The other group knew the first three moves and this time I got a clear task - make sure they can do the 3 moves, correct them and try the breathing in there. Also there were three total beginners here to try out a class before starting the beginner course next week. They were told to just try to follow.

    They apparently didn't knowthe third move well, so I spent basically the rest of the class on that. I have never explained this one before, I think, so I had to think hard. Last week I taught another group with 8 moves and thus I read all my notes for the 8 move earlier today, but luck wasn't on my side :D (The schedule of the classes changed)

    Taiji - 5 moves

    I took the silk reeling again, then the teacher had both groups to work together, at elast for a bit, but it ended up being the arrangement for the whole class. There weren't too many people. We all worked on the first 5 moves, with focus on breathing, working with inner energy, visualisation, and deep relaxation in the right places.

    It was really, really awesome. The teacher can teach this well, say a lot of interesting things and practicing the form - the short part we are all the most familiar with - like qi gong was a very pleasant experience by itself. Although I have work to do there, as well.

    The teacher explained all the inner energy visualisation on the assumption that we do the reverse breathing. Which I really don’t. I am not that advanced, I guess. Not sure if everyone else does, but I wasn’t shy to admit I don’t and asked how relevant is all this if I can’t do the reverse breathing there and got a pretty nice answer for it.

    We practiced on the five moves again, then the teacher called us to him and asked one lady from the less advanced group to stand in the middle and do what she was just doing. He was talking to her very kindly, just asking her to demonstrate. From the tone of his voice, I was almost wondering if she did a good job, but somehow I felt it was unlikely. The teacher stopped her, asked everybody if we saw what she just did. He told the lady in a pleasant voice: Sorry, I only picked you because you have a tight T-shirt, so your body structure is easy to be seen. But don’t worry, you were doing it wrong along with everyone else :D

    Ahahaha, yeah, I knew it! :D:D

    The class was really nice. The teacher said we might do a class with this focus from time to time and we were excited about that :)

    Taiji - 7 moves

    I kind of planned to go home, but I felt very invigorated from the energy work we just did and it seemed like the next class may have a similar focus, so I decided to stay. I briefly went to the changing room and then went tot he class at the terrace. The silk reeling was led by a friend - not an instructor, but the most odvanced student there with really nice taiji. I stood in the very back and focused on breathing in the silk reeling. I felt nice and actually started feeling the tips of my fingers tingling. Only a little, though. It is a sensation I didn’t manage to achieve many times.

    When the silk-reeling was done, we would wait for the teacher to show up and give directions on what to do, whether to split into groups, stay outside, etc. But as it sometimes happens, he was nowhere to be seen.

    Ha, I was not the one in the lead there, now, so it was not my turn to be nervous about just standing around waiting for him, yaay! :D^^ He’d be here soon enough anyway, right?

    But the friend who led the silk reeling did have to stand awkwardly in the front and seemed nervous, awkward and thinking hard about what to do. She is very quiet and soft spoken and definitely not the type to tell the people what to do next. So she only sent a few glances my way, obviously calling for help. I really didn’t want to be the one in the awkward spot, either, though. But I am too soft. Ok, fine!

    If only I knew what the plan for the class was. Anyway, nothing bad would surely happen if we started by doing the five moves to four directions, right? I gave the directions and the class then turned around my way and of course, as soon as we started, the teacher came back.-_- He then came to ask what we were doing. I told him just one round, he can stop it anytime, but he ended up giving us another round, before we again practiced the breathing, but this time mostly in the 6th and 7th moves. He turned the class another way because of the lights. And the people closest to him who’d be in the front line did a very fast retreat in teh opposite direction to the very back, this time without even worrying about it looking like they were escaping from there. They were escaping very blatantly. I couldn’t help but utter a remark, as although I stood in the exact middle, all the people just retreated behind me. (Why does this keep happening?) The teacher heard and wanted to comment, too, but apparently changed his mind: “Yeah, go behind Nachi, good move!” -_-

    We practiced the 6th and 7th move. It was explained in detail, my questions answered well, from a broad perspective as well and it turned out to be a really nice class again.
  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thursday, September 7


    First class with sensei, we still practiced outside on the grass. First played a game of tag in pairs - who is it after a countdown from ten, does push-ups or something.

    Junbi undo and footwork practice. We had three new students (at their second class), so we did basics. Then practicing tsuki in pairs, and tsuki plus simple blocks, etc. Waiting for the rest to finish in shiko dachi after each round.

    Then sensei said to make groups of three, so I paired with the new mom and daughter duo. That is until sensei mentioned to find people of similar weight. I think I was closer to the weight of both of them combined…. But when I was looking around and sensei poking fun at me that there is probably no one suitable for me (he and Sett weren’t participating) and guys had already formed groups, I guess), two guys stood there beckoning at me. Love them! We did a fun exercise of the middle person falling backward and the back person catching them and pushing them as hard as they can toward the defender. The middle person would use the energy of the push for two strikes, while the defender would have to adjust the distance and block and counter strike quick. It was fun :)

    Kata - Gekisai Dai Ichi up to Shisochin, all once and full power.

    I missed karate classes! And thanks to the kata challenge in August I didn’t even feel that rusty. Well, I did feel rusty in some kihon, but not as much as I could have…

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