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    That explains it :) So hopefully you'll find some time to practice :)
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    Tuesday 1áth October

    Morning Taiji
    One spear/staff form before class started.

    Then meditation and Laojia Yilu. Then we worked on the ending of the kicking sequence a friend is learning. There were more groups today, so after explaining we drilled by ourselves. I wasn't asked to, be in front as a reference for these, but the now front row dissappeared and I suddenly realized they were squeezing behind, near the wall. I didn't even notice them moving, but I at least made space. :)

    For the last 20-25 mins we took the swords, still working on the basic circles and with steps. We also added backward steps today.
    The teacher gave me a correction to make the circles tighter to keep the sword in front of me, where the enemy would be. The rest of the group was told to copy and I was supposed to do this slowly. Which I found harder and I think it wasn't too smooth especially when I tried focusing on correcting my mistakes.
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    Taiji Kung-fu

    I met a woman in the changing room that I didn't know too much. We were chatting and she mentioned something about if I will be doing the warm-up running today. And smiled, like she would appreciate that. I told her I most likely won't, lately I am usually with the other group. I kind of thought the lady would be sad, judging from the way she spoke, but instead I heard a quiet: "Oh, thank goodness."
    Whaaat? :eek: :D
    I didn't know why she'd say that. I didn't witness many other warm-ups done by someone else, but that class always starts with similar, various types of running. And from what I saw, when led by the teacher, it looked the same or even tougher. The lady, however, was of an opinion that: "Everyone runs 'normally'. It's only in your warm-ups that I nearly lose my soul." I have no idea what this was about, but I shall remember it! -_- And there I was, always telling everyone to start easy and no need to push themselves! :confused: I'll definitely check how other's warm-ups looked like if there's a chance.

    Anyway, for this class, the head teacher, who usually teaches our adult group, was giving a talk to potential new students in the other room. But the second teacher apparently got instructions as he divided us and I was told to practice the sword together with Meimei, the junior sis. So we did. We did two forms and were taking a break. Somehow it was tiring today (well, probably cause I didn't do my daily routine at home lately). Then the teacher told us to practice with the fan for 20 mins or so, then go stretch. So we did. When we struggled with something in the fan form, the two of us put hour heads together. There wasn't anyone to ask today.
    Later, we went to stretch by the wall bars. My hamstrings are very tight ever since my karate kicking class last Thursday, so I was careful, and I mostly just helped Meimei stretch. The teachers want her be as flexible as possible, though to me it seemes like she's very much nearing the human limits in some poses. But I helped her align, so she could actually feel the stretch at least a little and helped her push against her legs to create resistance.

    Taiji sword
    Wuji and Laojia Yilu at the beginning. The potential new students (only 3-4) came to watch the class and see what the form looked like. I wasn't feeling very soft and smooth today, but I at least went for the low stances. It was hard work for me, I had sweat streaming into my eyes, which was uncomfortable. I am trying to get why some guys wear a headband.
    When the rest finished also the cannon fist form, we did the half of the sword form twice, then worked on the newest moves and added one more.

    Taiji - Laojia Erlu (Cannon Fist form)

    Wuji and Laojia Yilu for warm-up. I wasn't pushing the stances anymore. My knees and thighs felt tired. After warm-up, I hurriedly went to change. Thank goodness I brought a spare top. I sweated through the first one completely.

    We were asked to do the beginning of Laojia Erlu that we learned. I, ehm, didn't practice at all since last class… And I realized I didn't remember some transitions. So I copied the others, and luckily was reminded quickly. (There's a class on Thursday dedicated to practicing what was taught on Tuesday, but I can't make it there as I have karate). Just the execution wasn't the best. The teacher had us practice for a bit and showed us the next move (or two?). The first one came relatively easy to me. The second part was harder to make into a fajin. There was a cool jump, though. I did manage to jump straight into the proper low stance, but… always landed rather loudly, which shouldn't be (although it totally fits there with the fajin, imho). This move is pretty fun, though, but I need to figure out the mechanics. I should practice at home before next time.

    1400 kcal today. No wonder I felt so tired.
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    Wednesday 19th October

    Taiji Fan
    Laojia Yilu for a Warm-up, then we reviewed the beginning of the form we knew and worked on it for a bit. Then the teacher taught us two new moves. The second one was new for everyone - fan specific - and the teacher must have really looked forwar to teaching this one. It was a pivot to a xiebu stance with the fan swirling about. Basically, very girly. When he demonstrated this to us, he couldn't stop laughing. I bet this form is the essence why he kept resisting learning and teaching the fan form XD

    Taiji - 22 moves
    Another long-time student/instructor got to lead the silk reeling. I stayed and the back and well, used this chance to experiment a bit. I still find it hard to coordinate the body well, do the right motion with the hips and keep in all smooth. It was a little bit frustrating.
    Then we split into groups and I was assisting the teacher with acting as a reference so he could watch and correct. We worked on Flashing turn to back, third class in a row (not counting that this group had three more classes on Monday). The explanation was great today, so I got reminded of some things I wasn't particularly focusing on and worked to improve this move.

    Taiji - 30 moves
    My turn to lead the silk reeling. I went with another stategy to try to koordinate myself and focus more on turning my body, rather then on hips, etc. It is also one thing the teacher keeps telling me. And, when I did that, it felt different and kind of good! At least I could tell what some of the explanation regarding this meant. It also eliminated some movements that I usually do, but shouldn't be there. Maybe this was the way! I tried to keep doing this through the whole silk reeling and focus on the same thing when we practiced the form (teh 26 movements). I think I should work on this more and implement this in the form. And hopefully I'll get input from the teacher sometiem later, if I am on the right track or not.
    Apart from practicing the kicks, we added the next move: Turn and Kick with Left Heel. and practiced that till the end of the class. My legs hurt and I was really tired by then.

    1100 kcal today.
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    I often do warm ups for time, not reps. So, part of it might be 30 seconds of press ups, rather than 20 press ups.

    I think there are two great things about this. In a mixed ability group, people can push to their level; the fit youngsters rattle out more than the 50+ year olds, but everyone can work to their best.

    But more importantly, you get to see who actually DOES push themselves to their limit, and who just coasts. Do it once, tell them that what you're looking at, then carry on and see if they up their game :)
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    True, that is a good approach. I am now not sure if you are responding to something in particular I wrote. Because when I think about it, I am not sure how this would work, for example, with children. More often than not, at least some would try to cheat :D so I believe 30 seconds would mean one push-up for some :D But ohterwise I see your point. Push-ups aren't my forte, either, so when it is sensei counting fast doing his push-ups I can perhaps do half of it if I try hard....

    We do say what we look for. Not every time, but perhaps if we see someone struggle. This is, again, mostly in children class. We emphasize that if they can't do full push-ups it is ok to just put the knees on the floor or lower themselves all the way on the floor and get up into the push-up from there. In the adult classes, everyone generally does the best they can. If they have to go on the knees, fine, if they have to put hands further apart, that is ok. If they're a strong guy, they would do knucle push-ups with hands shoulderwidth apart.
    But you are right, setting a time for push-ups would encourage everyone to do push-ups with their best form, even if not many reps. This would actually be good for me as well. I should try it :) Thanks for the tip!
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    Thursday 20th October

    Sensei asked us to start. We were uickly thinking about what to do for warm-up. I thought we could do the team race in various style as we did with the children on Monday. Two teams, it was mostly run to the other side and back, one after the other. Or run backwards. Lastly, Sett did what I came up with on Monday - when the first person reaches the other side of the dojo, they would roll sideways on the floor all the way back, while the next person would starte the moment they lie down, jump over them and do the same thing. It was actually my stupid self who said we should do at least two rounds of these. My gosh, I forgot how bad I am with enduring spinning. My head spun so bad I was unable to get up :D Until someone shouted it is time for second round and I was to go. This was such a bad idea! But the kids seemed perfectly ok after this. It was only us unable to get up XD

    Sensie arrived then. We did Junbi Undo, then some pads, running and body-weight exercises. Then we did around 8 rounds of a light slapping sparring when sitting in seiza facing the partner, knees touching. The goal was to lightly slap anywhere on the partner's head. This would have been fine, but sensei said that the higher graded person of the two could only useone hand. :(:rolleyes: As we were turning in a way I wouldn't meet Sett, who's the same grade, and sensei didn't participate, it looked like I wouldn't be able to take my other hand out at all. :confused: I thought I'd be slapped silly, but it wasn't the case, surprisingly. I actually held my own in all the matches quite well. But I wasn't brave enough to use my left :oops: (Except for a young new boy).

    We then went through all our kata, one by one. Then picked one bunkai and practiced it a bit solo, then being attacked ramdomly by people in two rows.
    I think the class ended then. Sensei had a bit more time for Sett and I and he showed us the remaining Sepai bunkai, and we tried briefly, which was great.

    2 hours, 850 kcal.
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    Friday only one Laojia Yilu

    Taiji home training - one LaojiaYilu and then 20 mins working on the beginning of Cannon Fist form and the Fan form, wchich I am learning now.
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    Monday 24th October

    Karate Kids
    Game for a warm-up, Junbi Undo and worked on how to fall etc. Plus a bit of kihon and a game at the end.

    Karate adults
    First 25 mins were spent with again quick into to Sanchin (one new person here and a few others' hadn't heard this yet), then Junbi Undo and again, practiced how to fall. In the last 20 mins we did quick escapes for wrist grabs, two joint locks from there.

    Very theoretical today, not much action, so in 3 hours, I only burned 450 kcal.
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    Tuesday 25th October

    Morning Taiji
    Took a different route today and actually came early, so I quickly went through the sword form, three times. Then we did meditation and Laojia Yilu. I was in the front today, and as I was all speedy from the sword practice, I did it probably a bit quicker than we usually would. The teacher hadn't come back, yet, so we went through the kicking part again, which one lady is learning. The teacher came and corrected some of the kicks for us.
    Then we picked up the swords and practiced the basic exercises. We did all of them, though I am pretty sure most of them weren't explained previously to this group. Then we worked on steps forward and backward and a 180° turn. We were supposed to start the form today, but like half of the group was missing, so we postponed it.
    650 kcal today, quite a bit more than usual. Was it because of my sword forms before class?
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    Tuesday 25th October

    Taiji kung-fu
    The class started with silk reeling with fajins. Then we split in groups. Tui shou, kung-fu (mostly children) and Meimei and I were told to do two sword forms for practice and then work on the fan form. We practiced by ourselves, got tips form the teacher when he came by and when he did the second time he showed us the next two moves, which we also knew from the sword form. However, there was a tricky transition I have yet to figure out. Hopefully tommorrow.

    Taiji sword
    At the start, the teacher happily announced an event just before Christmas where he would like us (and each class) to show what we've learned to the other groups. To look forward to it. I laughed a bit along with everyone, but was silenced with: "You don't laugh, you'll be doing more than others!" o_O Hmm, what was that about? Did he plan to make the isntructors show something separately, too?

    Anyway, for the sword class, there was no other instructor today, the warm-up Laojia Yilu was left to me. Then we did the already quite long part of the form twice and worked on the later part. And added one new move and a few more that were repeated from before. Practiced them over and over and did the whole form up to there twice more at the end.

    Taiji - Laojia Erlu (Cannon Fist form)
    I skipped the meditation as I went to change into a dry shirt, but came just in time for the whole Laojia Yilu. Our group was then taught by the second teacher, unusually, who reviewed with us the bit we had already known. He gave us some pointers and had us try slowly and fast etc. Then teachers switched groups and the usual teacher showed us the next move. Once I get this down, it looks like a pretty cool part of the form :) Well, there are a lot of cool moves in the Cannon Fist form.
    I was a bit uncoordinated as I, again, hadn't practiced much at home (I did for 10 mins at least, thank goodness!) and was already tired.

    The teacher again told us about the Christmas party where the whole class would be demonstrating the Cannon Fist form (I suppose even if we wouldn't have learned it whole by then). When we were leaving, a friend laughed at me that I would probably have to demonstrate not only with them, but the sword form with the previous group, too, right? The teacher was nearby, heard and only added: "And the fan." :eek: So that's what he meant! -_- Going to many classes probably wasn't the best idea. The teacher clearly wants me to suffer.
    On the other hand, though, although these forms all seem to be quite exhausting and/or hard on the legs, at least they aren't that long. As long as he doesn't make me participate in Lao Jia Yilu as well, I should probably manage. But I don't want to jinx it. One of the groups would surely be demonstrating the basic long form, but I'd better not be a part of it.

    1500 kcal burned this training. And 4400 kcal today overall. It was a tiring day.
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    Taiji fan
    I was doing warm-up today - a whole Laojia Yilu. Then we spread across the gym and I did go to the front line to be at hand, but we turned around because of the sun. Nobody can say I didn't try, though! But then the friend in front of me asked to switch places so she could copy. There was the teacher further ahead, but whatever. The two ladies in front of me seemed a little lost, so when the teacher stopped to take a look at us, he asked me to switch with them and wow, I was back to the front within like 5 mins and asked to step more forward when the teacher wanted to observe everyone. When we turned around again at the end, the ladies tried asking to switch places again, but the teacher forbid it as we would turn around for the end of the form.
    We spent most of the time reviewing the parts we knew and then added the two moves I had already learned yesterday.

    Taiji - 22 moves
    For the next class, instructor R, who's usually present is tasked with warm-up, which is great. I did the silk reeling in the back, not pushing the stances.
    One teacher then came, took one group with him and left the more advanced one to practice the first 22 moves. I was about to find a nice spot in the back, when someone hugged my arm from behind. It was instructor R, who was probably tasked with this, but wanted to push me forward instead. I tried resisting briefly, but she showed her typical cheeky side: "But my legs hurt, owie, owie." -_- Acting cute, huh? Now that was a new strategy to push me around. Everyone seems to be doing so anyway, but this... XD
    I had nothing to say to that. One lady tried encouraging us to go forward together, which I agreed with, but as we were on the way, instructor R did a quiet 180 when I wasn't looking. Damn her >:D
    The teacher took over the class then and we practiced the Flashing turn to back and some moves before it. I was asked to help when we had time to drill this. It was ok, but my stomach started aching. It was hurting in bouts since lunch. Not terribly, but uncomfortably and getting worse.

    Taiji - around 30 moves, assisting
    I did the warm-up as usual this class, meditation and silk reeling. My stomach hurt, though. I did my best, but kept a higher stance than usual. And I made up my mind. As soon as the teacher came to take over the class I asked for a pardon to leave early today. The stomachache was uncomfortable, and I wouldn't do a good job helping with the class anyway. It would be hard to focus. And I wasn't in particular mood for the kicks we were going to do the whole class. Therefore, though I don't do this often, I cut the class short today.

    It is a pity I got less practice, and kicks are usually fun, but hey, tommorrow I am going for a 3-day Taiji seminar :) I'll catch up there.
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    Thursday 27th October

    I skipped Karate on Thursday as I was planning to go to a Taiji seminar early. However, stuff came up and I only arrived at 10 pm, missing training. Luckily, at least dinner was saved form me, which was awesome as I only had breakfast and one protein bar today.

    Friday 28th October

    I jut really wanted to sleep and only went outside to train at 7:45. I did 3 Laojia Yilus before breakfast. After it, we were split into groups and instructor L and a friend from afar were practicing the beginning of the Cannon fist form. The very beginning as the friend didn’t know it, yet, but was quickly taught. Then he and I practiced the sword. He knows about up to half on the form, only learning everything on occasion when he’s able to come ot these seminars. I did one whole form and then practiced with him, focusing on moves the teacher corrected for us.

    For the last 10 mins before lunch I took up the fan. As it hasn’t been taught in the school for several years at least, and not many people currently know the whole form, and the teacher mentioned a few times how I can show everyone later, I did get some people who came to watch, despite me finding a corner to the side. Too bad the fan is kind of loud,too.

    After lunch we again worked on the Cannon fist form, the next couple of moves. With a hard turn. An hour later we picked up the swords. I did two forms by myself, then practiced with the friend.

    Later instructor L and I did 2 whole forms together and 3 spear forms. I also worked on the fan form for a bit.
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    Saturday 29th October


    I started with only two Laojia yilus before breakfast. And reviewed the beginning of the Cannon Fist form a couple times by myself and then with a friend who was learning it and had trouble remembering.

    After breakfast we worked on the Cannon fist form again. The teacher showed us up to the move I knew and we practised.
    Then we took up weapons. I worked on my sword form with the friend. He learned a new bit and I helped him practice. I also asked him to record my whole form so that I can see what I do wrong. And he agreed as he also wanted the video of the whole form as reference.
    My gosh. It is understandable that in every form I do, I’d do something better than usual, something worse, but seeing myself recorded… I have a tendency to do some weird movements I don't particularly like….
    It certainly does look worse than it does in my mind when I practice it :D :D :D

    In the afternoon, we again worked on the Cannon Fist form, got corrections and I was trying to improve it. My Cannon Fist form is very rough and I can tell it needs a lot of work. Then we did a bit of sword, but I was a bit lazy, it didn’t go all that well, so instead I talked the teacher into showing us the double-broadsword form together with instructor L, who had just learned it. It was beautiful. Then they also demonstrated the halberd form. Wow.
    I didn't do much after that, only two sword and two spear forms and a very short practice with the fan. And we spent some time chatting with the teacher and others.
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    Sunday 30th


    I did 3 Laojia Yilus in the morning and finished wiht one Sanchin kata and one Tensho. The breathing katas felt great after this.
    After breakfast we again worked on the Cannon Fist form, this time for only about an hour.
    Then the teacher said he'd check my fan form and promised the other ladies they can try the fan, too. While he was explaining the basics, he sent me to practice the sword form with a friend. In the meanwhile he taught the fan group the first 4 moves and in the end there was really no time left for me to pick my fan up. The sword practice was good, too, though, so I am not complaining.

    After lunch we each only demonstrated a part of what we were learning to get some feedback. The teacher asked if I wanted to show the sword, but I asked for the Cannon Fist to be reviewed. He mentioned my silk reeling was off even before and now he tried to help me fix it. But it will be long before, or if, I actually can fix this everywhere. I probably can't do it correctly anywhere :(
    That was the end of the seminar. It was a great one again :) Though it seems my last for quite some time.

    I got myself into some trouble. Solving it, well, not exactly solving, but worked on related stuff today, missed karate.
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    Tuesday 1st November

    Still solving things in the morning, therefore I planned to skip Taiji, but had to cancel the next couple of seminars I had registered to, so I came at least to the latest class.

    Taiji - Cannon Fist form
    I came to the last 15 mins of sword class, but didn't bring my sword, so I just watched.
    For the Cannon Fist class then, we did one Laojia Yilu for a warm-up. Then we went through the whole part of Cannon Fist form we knew, reviewed the end and added a new move. We practiced that one over and over. Then the teacher had me be in front for trying the whole form. I am not completely familiar wiht it, despite practicing it the whole weekend, and had to think hard for how the last move started from the one before, so my transition wasn't all that smooth. I wasn't feeling that today, as I am quite stressed these days, had a headache because of it, but I did my best to try and enjoy the class.
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    Taiji fan
    I was asked to do the warm-up with Laojia Yilu. Then we reviewed the beginning and ending of what we knew. This was tough as we kept practicing two steps into xie bu and then the second from the first xiebu to the next one. Quite a bit of time was spent learning two new moves. Well, they were the same as from the beginning of laojia yilu, so nearly if not everyone knew them, but there were a few changes because of the fan.

    Taiji 23 moves
    Instructor R led the silk reeling. I was trying to figure out the corrections I had from the weekend.
    Then we split into groups, instructor R kept trying to switch places with me, who was in the very back, but I am not falling for her traps like last week! Enjoy! :cool:
    The teacher took the lead himself, though, and only asked instructor R to the front at the end of the class. She shot a couple of pleading glances my way, but hehe, no, I am not moving! And she was the one asked! I really wasn't in the mood today. I told the teacher about my trouble yesterday and maybe he was also being considerate at let me relax for this class, who knows.

    Taiji - 30 or so moves
    I am assisting in this class, so I took the silk reeling. I didn't feel all that energetic today and was a bit distracted, so I went for a relatively higher stance and worked on correcting my silk reeling habits. I paid attention to pushing my knees further apart as I was told and turning the hip joints in the right direction. So shortly after we started, I started feeling weird muscles I normally don't. Perhaps that is a good thing? I thought it could be, so I kept at it till the end, although it wasn't very comfortable. If I need to stretch or strenghen those muscles to do the silk reeling correctly, then I will!
    Then we did 25 moves twice with our group and worked mostly on the kicks. I felt tired, probably mentally more than physically, but I tried to focus on taiji now, with not that much success.

    I might consider skipping karate tommorrow. I am just not feeling cheerful like usual and energetic enough to do karate. But it may just also be the distraction I need. Who knows. I'll see tommorrow.
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    Saturday 6th November

    Taiji - movie shooting
    So I have only recently learned that one guy fromt he Taiji group I was assisting with as an instructor is a movie director currently working on his first full-lenght movie. I learned this through a friend who was tasked to find him 8 or so people to volunteer as Taiji compars in one of the scenes for his psycho-drama, for one of few peaceful and tranquil scenes. I was one of the people, we went to a park and did some taiji a few times in the background of the two protagonists. Later they also shot some details of us. It was a nice afternoon and the sun was shining when it wasn't far above the horizon, making very nice light. We didn't do that much traiing, only repeating the firs five moves of Laojia Yilu, but we did repeat them a few times.
    I am really curious abotu the movie now. It should go to cinemas next fall. :)
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    Monday 7th November

    Karate Kids
    I arrived 15 mins late today, just for Junbi Undo. After we did some work-out and pads and had the kids run and jump. Later we worked on kihon - mae geri and tsuki. And a short game at the end.

    Karate adults
    A lot of people came today, although there was a lot of young ones, who would probably fit into a children class better. Nearly all came from the children class. We will have to sort this, because with people this young (usually 11-12 yo) coming to adult classes, some have trouble coordinating themselves according to instructions as adults would easily. If everyone comes regularly, there's no way we can do traditional disciplines like hojo undo, kote kitae, kakie and others. These youngsters are mostly motivated and I am happy they are motivated enough to try an adult class, where they would learn techniques and everything faster, with less games. Which is the reason when they ask if they can try it, we or sensei would usually allow it. But not all are ready for it, yet.
    We worked on San Dan Gi and in the end split the class. I was directing the younger ones, but for some, this was too hard.
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    Tuesday 8th November

    I had to go to the police station in the morning, therefore I skipped morning Taiji....

    Taiji Kung-fu
    This class is usually split between children kung-fu and then a group of guys practicing push-hands and then instructor L, little Meimei and me who would practice what the teacher saw we should work on the most. And today he thought we should work on just about everything, so we were told to split the hour into three parts. In the first we practiced the sword basic skills and the form (3x) so Meimei practices it at least once a week, then 20 mins it was me and Meimei working on the fan form, and lastly, instructor L and I practicing the push-hand forms.
    After the three sword forms, we worked on the fan, the teacher corrected some things for us and showed us a few moves that would follow and will most likely be taught in the fan class tommorrow. Then Meimei was left to practice this by herself and I went to do push-hands with instructor L. However, instructor L noticed I have some problems or what and asked about it, so I told her and we ended up chatting and not practicing at all. I tried putting my hands up to try to get her to practice while talking, to not just slack in our training in front of the teacher, but she wouldn't budge. The teacher didn't come or said anything, either, and it was time for the next class before I knew it.
    Instructor L had no words, and there was really nothing to say. But in the end she summed it up nicely: "Sounds like all you have left is your health, Karate and Taiji. So go and work hard!" Yeah, that was actually the most encouraging thing I've heard so far :) And it felt nice to be able to talk to someone, too.

    Taiji sword
    We did Laojia Yilu at the beginning. Due to circumstances, I lost 3-3,5 kg in a bit over a week and I could feel it both in weight and in volume. Lower stances have become easier. One would think the difference wouldn't be too big since my original weight was 80 kg, but it was actually quite noticeable (to me). So I did work hard, focused on low stances and on pushing my knees outward and hopefully improving in my silk reeling, but I couldn't focus on that too much. The group continued with Laojia Erlu as usual and I was about to stop, but then remembered I have already learned a part of it, so I used the opportunity to review it, since I didn't since last class. I could copy from the senior instructors there, so it was nice.
    We then picked up the swords and did some basic exercises, then the form twice - up to where we knew it. Then we worked on some parts and lastly on the ending. I wasn't there last week, so I am not sure if we added one move or not. Maybe we did, but it was done already appearing in the form before.

    Taiji - Laojia Erlu (Cannon Fist form)
    I went to change into a fresh, dry shirt and thus skipped most of the meditation. Laojia Yilu for a warm-up. I eased up on the stances a little bit. We then went throught the part of Laojia Erlu we knew and worked on it with the teacher. He had us go through some parts slowly, before trying to jump and strike, and corrected our mistakes. In the last part of the class we added a new move - one that we knew from Laojia Yilu, but now a little different and with two turns. My gosh, there are some many turns in this form! Thus far, the majority of moves has at least one. And nearly the only ones that don't are the four at the beginning and one in later on that are taken from Laojia Yilu. But others, that are also the same, have added turn to them. This really is a hard form. We worked mostly on the two new turns today, to get the mechanics right and turn effectively. It looks so easy when the teacher demonstrates :eek::(

    As usual, this Tuesday evening session is pretty tough on me, so I always go and stretch a little by the wallbars when the next class starts. It is also nice because the changing room would be very busy, so I don't mind waiting a couple of minutes. However, I forgot that instructor R already left for half a year and I didn't remember she was the one doing warm-up in these classes. As a results, I didn't run fast enough before the teacher could call: "Hey, Nachi, don't you want to take the silk reeling?" :confused: Well, not really, my legs were hurting already and for that, silk reeling is the worst! And I was so hungry, too! But then again, I should help if asked and wasn't in too big a hurry, so I went. I took not wide a stance and tried to focus on my hips, to implement the corrections from the last seminar. For such delicate movements, I was too tired and stiff already, so it felt awful and hopefully I wasn't too bad of a reference for the class. I wasn't even sure what level these classes were. Probably not too advanced, but I didn't know. So when were done silk reeling and the teachers nowhere to be seen, I wanted to arenge the groups in the meanwhile. I had no idea what they were doing, so I didn't know what to ask them to practice for the start. So I at least asked if they could split into their usual groups, whatever they were. And thank goodness the teachers came them. I saw the head teacher beckoning to me to come to him/his group and I wasn't sure what he wanted, so I came up asking if he would need my help, still, but he did not, so I went home.

    I forgot my chest strap today and measured my training only through my watch. It said:
    Time: 3:24 (including when I took it off for the push-hands we didn't do in the end)
    Max HR: 178
    Average HR: 139
    Training benefit: Tempo training+
    Kcal: 1743
    Training load: Very High: 306

    All of these numbers seem quite high. Not sure if the watch measures differently and overestimate the heart, perhaps. I did feel tired and stayed longer than usual today, but the HRs and kcal are a bit too high. It says I spent 50 mins in the 4th and 5th HR zones. I am also not sure if I've ever managed to get a "Tempo training+" and a 139 average HR in a 3 hour-long training before. On the other hand, I skipped classes last week, so maybe my cardio got worse.

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