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    Thursday 8.10.15:

    16:30-17:30 Intermediate children class:
    Sensei asked me to come, I didn't teach today (except for Junbi Undo), only assisted - correcting techniques to the children, no training for me this time (thank goodness, the kids were doing so many burpees I probably wouldn't be able to walk if I participated in that madness). :)

    18:30-20:00 Beginner adult class:
    Various exercises in pairs, changing partners:
    - one goes across the dojo and back on arms, legs held by partner - first facing floor, then facing up
    - the same (face down), but with feet on partner's shoulders
    - walking on all 4 backwards and forwards
    - holding partner's shoulders and together walk like a duck, then jump like a frog
    - carry partner back to back across the dojo and back
    - carry partner normally on your back
    - carry partner on your back while moving in shiko dachi (horse stance) - my partner was a guy 5-10 kg heavier, so it was quite a good match-up, but at times I was afraid I would never be able to stand back up from the stance :)
    - still in pairs some footwork: sayu, yose ashi and one more thing, I think
    - one, then two knee kick for every step
    - yose ashi + knee kick
    - squat + knee kicks
    - and probably some more I forgot about...

    - push-ups (in pairs) - first person does 10, second person 10, first person 9, etc. - 55 push-ups altogether

    - Idividual stretching: I was stretching mostly my legs, for splits etc., then I stood up and was swinging one leg in front of me as high as possible. I was about the only person standing at that time and just at the last swing, as I tried to swing fast and high, the leg I was standing on slipped because of the momentum and I fell like a total fool on my back. Somehow I landed really softly, hurting nothing at all, so I could laugh along with everyone else, because I'm sure that was indeed a sight to behold :D

    - Practising tsuki and basic blocks in pairs, than a combination of mikazuki geri (crescent kick), block and elbow, while partner squats to avoid the kick, strikes with gyaku tsuki, and blocks the elbow (or rather protects his head against it)

    - Practising Gekisai Dai Ichi kata a few times

    - squats - in a circle of four people - a few dozens of normal squats and (then?) with always one person kicking the one standing in front of him with mae geri to the stomach - altogether there were definitely over 50 squats, not sure how many; then 20 jumping squats (our circle broke, I tried to push myself to finish the squats on my own, at least, but it was a challenge)
    - "half sit-ups" - where you don't go completely up, only raise your body a little 130x

    - stretching

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    Friday 9.10.15:

    Busy day. First, in the morning I went to allergology and did the spirometry test. Some months ago I was told I have obstructive and restrictive lung diseases (not serious, though) I wrote about here and got some pills. It turned out it got definitely better and I'm in the norm, now. Maybe because of the pills I've been taking pretty irregularly? Anyway I probably have some overreactivity so I got the pills prescribed again, and was asked whether I do karate in a competitive way. I was told these pills are considered doping if taken only few hours before competition.... What a surprise.

    On Saturday there is an event for public organised by sensei where people of all ages can come and sport. We had a meeting on Thursday and decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to try and sell some small memorative things like pin badges, for example. One of the students said she had connections to a non-profit institution that actually has a machine for making pin badges. So today, one fried who has a good printer at his workplace printed out the kenkons, some karatist and two versions of our dojo's logo, sensei picked it up, drove to the place with the machine for pin badges, where me and the friend with the connection cut our the pictures and made them into a little over a 200 pin badges. Quite an annoying job, honestly, but now we have a lot to sell or give out at some promotion events.

    We had a small social evening in the dojo and slept there (it's an hour closer to the event place than my home).

    No Sanchin today :(
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    Exercising for all generations

    Saturday 10.10.15:

    The big sporting event - sports for all generations. It was open for public and free, supported by the city and organised by our dojo.
    There was going to be a voleyball, football (and unexpectedly even foot tennis) tournament; lessons or karate for kids, adults and seniors, self-defence for everyone and for women, lessons or power yoga and some conditional training and physiotherapy (all lead by people doing these things in our dojo).

    Apart from us preparing the badges yesterday, many other students and their partners or parents offered to help. Second sensei and another student baked delicious cakes to be sold. A dad of one of our children students, who owns a restaurant, offered to come with a booth(?) to sell hotdogs, some meat, beer and the usual stuff + the baked cakes. He gave it to the organizers for free. Not many other people bought anything, but he still took and hid the paper with the record of what each of us ate, only taking the rest of the delicious cakes as a reward. The third of our senseis who works at a hospital and as a rescuer took the role of a medic. Two other senseis and one other black belt came from another city's sister dojo to help teach the karate lessons. And at least five of us students came to help organize everything + two boyfriends to be referees at the tournaments. So a lot of people participated.
    In the morning not too many people came. The lessons of karate and self defence were held for one person at a time, later, however, more people came for the karate (especially kids), for the poweryoga and fyziotherapy, too. As for voleyball, there were three teams (half of the people were karate-related, though). I was a part of a team as well and enjoyed playing again after a long time (we played 6 sets). There was a team of strangers, who won, but they offered us to come for their training, since there's usually only 8 of them. I think we'll take that offer as it is right after karate class and near the dojo.
    In the end, apart from approximately 20 organizers, about 80 people came and participated. It wasn't too much, but I enjoyed the event.

    Last on the programme, there was traditional Okinawan weight training (= Hojo Undo). Nobody came for that, only me and a friend also with 6th kyu were ready to participate if there were not too many other people. Since we were the only ones, we didn't want to bother sensei to do a lesson just for us. However, it was the visiting sensei with 4th dan and he said he's happy to do some Hojo Undo, it's much better to train with someone than at home alone, if no students come, sometimes.

    Hojo Undo (30-40 minutes):
    We started with chi-ishi, doing familiar exercises and some with some variation or a little different. Sensei pointed out some other things than our sensei usually does, so it was interesting to see this a bit different approach. Sensei said the weight of the chi-ishi should be such that a person can do 30-40 reps with it for one arm (we did that, but 2 exercises, each 10x, switch hands, then immediatelly a second round of other 2 exercises 10x each). I usually hold this chi-ishi at the end of the stick to exercise properly, however, there are about 2 exercises I can't pull like that. One of them being doing circles with the chi-ishi with wrists. We did it now, too, so I held the chi-ishi in the middle of the stick. Sensei pointed out I move my shoulders where I shouldn't and said it to my sensei who was just passing by. He stopped, looked and: "I'm more puzzled as to why she holds the stick so close to the top." He's a tyrant, too :mad: (I'm not sure if I've ever seen any girl do that, except perhaps for sensei?).... Luckily, the guest sensei replied that being a girl and not having a black belt I can be forgiven for that for now :)

    After that we did a circular training (with 3 stations). I started with the most difficult one - kongoken. Sensei told me to start with the usual exercise - quickly raise arms with kongoken straight up while sinking into shiko-dachi. As many times as I can. I did 15, wanted to take a little break and try to continue (the chi-ishi already tired me out somewhat), but sensei stopped me. Te second exercise was doing "shiko-dachi squats" - falling into shiko-dachi from standing and back - with one end of the kongoken on my shoulders and sensei standing and leaning against the kongoken. He's big and since I'm a girl, he went easier on me - he didn't completely lie on the kongoken, but shifted his weight a bit to make it a bit easier for me. After that he told me to do the first exercise again and try to lift the kongoken at least 8 more times. However, 7 seemed to be my limit. :(

    The second station was the 3kg kettlebels. The exercise was standing in shiko dachi again (whole time), leaning with body forward and pull the kettlebels to chest, stretch arms down and then spread them to the sides. It seemed easy but I could feel my shoulders starting to burn after a while but didn't want to stop until sensei says so.

    The last were chi-ishi again. This time, though, both of the chi-ishi at the same time, doing the exercises we went through before, but with both arms, standing in sanchin-dachi. Terrible. I had to put the chi-ishis down several times to take a super short break. Sensei asked if I can continue. I was trying to push myself and said I can keep going for a little bit more, at least. Sensei's reply was: "Too bad..." and asked the other student to come and lean on the kongoken while he was doing the squats. I really regretted my answer... :D

    When I really couldn't continue, I got the kettlebels again, stand and move in sanchin-dachi and from the basic "sanchin guard" strike with a punch with strong kime.

    Then came the time for makiwara. We brought the three-person one. Two people hold the two ends of the two planks that have a gap between them against their body, while the third person hits the slightly padded spot in the middle. It's an exercise for both three, since the holders take the hits on their bodies, basically. Unfortunately, sensei, who was the first one to hit is very tall (over 2 metres), so he asked us to hold the makiwara high (on our chest basically). I was luckily pardoned from that, but put it right under my chest, where there aren't too many muscles to tighten when bracing for the impact. Ouch.
    We were supposed to do 30 punches for each hand. Sensei told me a few things I do wrong. He told us to punch fast and quickly go back as well. I tend to go back slowly, because you have to do proper kime at the end of the punch, so I stop for a bit. I was also apparently moving my head where unnecessary and rotating shoulders too much. So it was always: "Retract the punch quickly, quickly! But don't forget the kime! Head! Faster! But kime! Shoulders!..." Fun :D
    After a few hits I was watching pieces of skin remaining on the lether covered padded spot on the makiwara. When sensei noticed the lack skin on my knuckle, he told me to stop and go with the second hand. I'm more clumsy with the left and have less power there so the skin went away a bit later, and I was able to do all 30 punches before sensei noticed. He was watching whether I rotate the fist at the end, which could be the cause. I think he didn't find that kind of flaw (luckily), but he said this makiwara is really hard, because the plank is too thick so it doesn't give (much) way. He was actually the one who gave it to our dojo and told us how to adjust it for students, this mokiwara was made for him. We don't use this one very often, but it is true I'm a bit scared of it, last time I tried hard on it, my knuckles hurt for maybe a month...

    Sanchin. We took the shirts off so sensei could check on the flaws more closely. He did a part of the shime (checking the feet and legs, the part that doesn't hurt) and was checking our posture, breathing etc. I was told I turn my body a bit at the very beginning, which is wrong and that I don't have my back completely straight, which is important. I know that very well and was shown by sensei on my friend and himself and he urged me to try as well, however, no matter what I do, I can't. When younger I was told about some problems with my back and I think this might play a role. I'll try to straighten them, because I'd love to get this right... Sensei then spoke about kime and this closing and opening of the body in relation to the back in kata, other techniques, specific stances. What we should try to do, how, and what to do when we're at a higher level.
    Then we all did one more Sanchin together.

    This training was short but very interesting. I had a few lessons with this sensei, but never Hojo Undo, I think. That's why I wrote all this down in detail, bacause in some more or less details, the approach of this sensei differs a bit, of course. It was really interesting and made me quite tired.

    In the evening when we packed all the stuff and unloaded it at the dojo, we watched a movie. I was too tired so I fell asleep half way through and decided to go back home in the morning...
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    Sunday 11.10.15: No Sanchin

    Monday 12.10.15:

    16:30-17:30 - Beginner children class:
    Me and a friend teaching, Sensei came in the middle and helped correcting the children. We started with some warm-up and some of the various exercises in pairs we did last Thursday. Then practising hiza geri, tsuki and age uke (block). 5 of the six children were actually new students, who came out of I have no idea where. Sensei gave us a couple of tips about teaching a class.

    18:30-20:00 - Beginner adult class:
    Phew, again, probably 15 students today and at least 4 other regulars couldn't come. So many people in the adult class! After some new running around and games for warm-up + 20 jumping squats in a circle and some footwork, the training was about kicks. Hiza geri (knee strike), but mostly mae geri (front kick), mawashi geri (roundhouse kick) and yoko geri (side kick). Practising with two partners - one usually held in some not so nice position like a horse stance or a push-up position and the other two kicked (lightly) each other without touching the middle person, who was basically blocking the incorrect pathways. Then kicking in the pads and a combination of the three kicks at the end. + 140 "half sit-ups".

    20:00-21:30 - Self-defence for women:
    Warm-up, some theory about awareness, preparing and avoiding a conflict etc. One take down and strikes to defend against some likely attacks/abuse. Knee, elbow, butt strike, strike to the groin. Moving to avoid danger (some of the footwork we practise). Some de-escalation or ways to attack quickly without appearing aggressive. Approx. 30-40 squats and 80-90 "half sit-ups".

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    Tuesday 13.10.15:

    16:00-17:00 Mini class:
    Again teaching the little devils. Hard to persuade them to do what I want, one of the three doesn't seem particularly happy about coming there, he soon looses interest in any games and is sulky when he loses. Runs away from the dojo. Trying to do some knee strikes and mae geri, at least for a bit. Otherwise and except for all the screaming and one of the kids crashing into the heavy bag and crying as a result it went quite well. Sensei showed up for a minute, approved of how it was going. The biggest advantage is that all the parents are supportive, all told me to be rough with the kids if necessary, they apparently got a talking to about how to behave. One dad thanked me for the lesson, he thought it was good. They know well that dealing with kids isn't easy and I'm really happy and thankful they're trying to support me.

    17:00-18:00 Intermediate children class (white and yellow belts):
    Sensei called she's away because of the work and will come late, if I can start the class. Then she wrote she won't make it to class. Later that she will turn up later for our class. I started again with a few of the exercises we did on Thursday, some fighting over belts, a bit of kata, and continued with teaching them ippon kumite. There are six sequences (needed for the grading of the more advanced students there), I managed to practise the first two with them. Again, I don't have much authority, they are loud and do stupid stuff whenever I'm not looking. Burpees got them to pay a bit more attention. Towards the end a friend came and helped. His voice is stronger, it helped too. Again, parents are great, one dad told me "good job!" I'm not sure how good it was, but I'm trying...
    Again, one new student today.

    18:00-20:00 Advanced children and adults:
    Again, asked by sensei to start the lesson, so I kind of started a kicking game of tag, then we stretched and decided to practise the bunkai we know before sensei arrives. I did all bunkai for Gekisai Dai Ichi and Gekisai Dai Ni, and also Saifa, except for the last two - sensei arrived. Actually sensei also planned bunkai for this training. So we went over bunkai for the first two kata under a bit of pressure and in pairs did oyo bunkai (something like a "freestyle" kata applications) - four types remotely resembling bunkai for the first kata, but definitely with some moves from the advanced kata(s) mixed in, +some throwing around. I was paired with a guy whom I really enjoyed practising with, he was going a bit harder at times which was very good to push me a little.
    20 minutes of practising Saifa kata, we all got one common mistake pointed out. I thought I focused on that part, but apparently not enough. Another part we found out I was doing differently from everyone else, but luckily the same way as sensei. However we were told it's possible other senseis would do it the other way. Otherwise sensei gave us thumbs up that we were doing good. Despite that I still have a lot of doubts about how I'm doing with Saifa. I'm sure there's a whole lot of things to improve. But it looks like I will have the opportunity to practise it properly soon...
    10 minute belly work-out.

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    Wednesday 14.10.15:

    17:30-18:30 - Beginner class at uni:
    Warm-up in pairs - some running, knee strikes, stretching by kicking or circling legs around partner's hand at about shoulder height and higher, mae tobi geri (jumping front kick) to similar height. Junbi Undo. Again repeating footwork and learning tsuki + elbow that goes with it. 70 "half sit-ups".

    This time another friend from dojo came to participate. He does karate for longer than I, but didn't bother with any grading, so technically he's a white belt, but practically much more skilled than I, since he used to do Muai Thai for quite some years, JJ I think and did some cage fighting. And he still kind of refuses to do the proper karate techniques.

    18:30-19:30 - Beginner class at uni:
    The same class, but longer running warm-up, no time for Junbi Undo and the sit-ups. Otherwise it was pretty much the same, but there was more people and an odd number of us students, so I was told not to pair up, but demonstrate with sensei and go around correcting. The Muai Thai friend and the Shotokan guy I mentioned last time were later asked to assist with correcting as well.

    After our class there's a class of Aikido - of an outside club, not really connected to our uni, I think. The teachers were asking my sensei when he's finally going to come train with them, since he promised. And then they tried to lure us students, too. The teachers seemed friendly and as for the students, there were probably only about 3-4 white belts. They probably saw my curious face and I kind of ended up promising to come next time. At the very least they will have someone to wipe the floor with :D
    But other plans are to use the new sauna next week which would be open for us right after the training. Too many things to do.... :)

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    Thursday 15.10.15:

    One sensei has health problems, another sensei called he had some urgent business and asked me and a friend if we could come to teach again, today. Friend made it to the beginning, too. We got some instructions on what to do in each class.

    16:30-17:30 - Intermediate children class:

    They're still loud, but because there were two of us or perhaps because one of the teachers was a man, they were a little more bearable :)
    Started with a game for a warm-up and a little competition including training horse stance, that the kids seemed to like :) Then Junbi Undo. There's a competition in a different city this Saturday. It's our association only and only for kids and teenagers up to 16, I think. As a preparation for that competition we practised kata today (Gekisai Dai Ichi and a little bit of Gekisai Dai Ni). Although none of these children will participate, it seems.

    17:30-18:30 - Advanced children:
    We weren't really teaching there since 6th kyu (that we both have) is the lowest grade there. Only two boys came, both planning to participate in the competition, so we let them practise kata or whatever else they wanted.
    We used that time to practise, too: 3x Saifa, 3x Seiyunchin; Renzoku kumite (= kata in line, that we haven't practised in a long time), San Dan Gi Ichi, Ni, San & Shi, if we remember the last two well...
    In the end they could show us their kata as they would at the competition. It looked pretty cool in my eyes :)

    18:30-20:00 Beginner and intermediate adults:

    We were instructed to do some Hojo Undo, practise/teach San Dan Gi Ichi and kata Gekisai Dai Ichi. At this class however, there were two advanced students (under cover) - a brown and a black belt, that had a break in karate and are now returning, slowly integrating themselves, so they prefer not to mention their grade, usually. The brown belt, who was there with his son, said he had a bit of experience with teaching classes so he can teach for now. He didn't want to do Hojo Undo, but started explaining the first kata. Which was all good, however, some techniques and mechanisms he explained were more or less different or from a different point of view. Some of it was cool and I think I might use it, some of it was, however, directly contradicting what sensei teaches. Apart from the two advanced students, we were the highest grades there, but we didn't think it's our place to speak. He obviously remembered some things from the kata wrong and some things were obviously taught differently to him, but I think sensei is still going to explain it anyway, so hopefully no harm was done. We also practised one bunkai. Actually one we've never seen before, but made sense, so I'll remember it :)
    He was kind to offer to teach, though.

    20:20-21:30 - volleyball:
    As I wrote, on Saturday we were invited to play volleyball with the team that beat us in the tournament. We took the offer up. They play not too far from the dojo, start at 20:00, but we came a bit late. They play well, I enjoyed it, although I messed a few balls and quite a lot of services. It's been a long since I played last time (except for Saturday), but my shoulder still hurts after services and will probably keep hurting for a few days, as usually :( However, I think we might come play from time to time :)

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    Friday 16.10. and Saturday 17.10.15: A bit of a hang out at the dojo, didn't do my Sanchin either of these days :(

    Sunday: 1 Sanchin

    Monday 19.10.15:

    16:30-17:30 - Beginner children class:
    Me and a friend teaching. Favourite game, Junbi Undo, practising footwork with a small competition at the end, hiza geri (knee kick), than a "game" or a track involving footwork, mae geri, mawashi geri, punching pads, somersault and some balancing.

    18:30-20:00 Beginner adult class:

    - "Scotch five" for a warm-up - an exercise sensei brought from Scottish branch of IOGKF (I kind of wish he didn't, haha :D):
    - 5x Jump up, knees to chin
    - 5 Spiderman push-ups
    - 5 V-ups
    - 5x Push-ups with a step with arms and legs sideways in between
    - 5 Squats with a front kick
    - ... repeat 5x (so 125 exercises altogether)

    - stretching
    - Kihon:
    - tsuki, ura-tsuki - normally, then while rotating on feet a bit, then the same for speed, basically
    - Kagi tsuki (uppercut) with a lunge in horse stance - a move from Seiyunchin kata
    - kagi tsuki + gyaku tsuki (= punch from the front, then rear hand)
    - kagi tsuki + gyaku tsuki + mawashi tsuki (= hook)
    - kagi tsuki + gyaku tsuki + mawashi tsuki + lunge in horse stance and kagi tsuki (uppercut)
    - in groups of three one punches another's stomach + hits a pad with elbows (20x)
    - in the same groups one stands on the bellies of the other two and does 5 squats to shiko-dachi (horse stance)
    - in pair practising the first sequence of ippon kumite (avoid punch with age-uke + punch)
    - again the same + mawashi geri to the knee (from the side) + mawashi to the stomach
    - then using the lunge + kagi tsuki we practised a bunkai from Seiyunchin involving this

    - Then 30 seconds punching the pad, 20 seconds, then 10 seconds, but sensei changed his mind at the end adn it was another 30 + 10 seconds full power ... my knuckles were almost healed from the makiwara, now they're all bloody again + one more knuckle had its skin peeled away...
    - A little bit of shadow boxing with one of the sequences we practised (two punches, hook, kagi tsuki)

    Good and tiring training today :)

    20:00-21:45 Self-defence for women:
    - Kicking game of tag; Junbi Undo; footwork; then generally practising nee strikes, shouting, punching, elbows (just for a while), hot to strike a neck, etc. + a bit of theory

    A few weeks ago I wrote about how I got my nose hit, it hurt for a while, but now it's ok. Except that something keeps clicking at the side of my nose if I gently tap it. Guess I'm lucky my nose wasn't broken, but I'm afraid the clicking isn't going to dissappear. Not that it would be something terrible, but it makes me always want to try and tap it :D

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    Tuesday 20.10.15:

    16:00-17:00 Mini class:
    The little devils were somehow noticeably less devilish today :) Somehow, though I have no idea how it happened were just a bit more cooperative. Managed to do a bit of some techniques and made them do squats as a sort of punishment. I'm really happy about it and hopefully it will only get better :)

    18:00-20:00 Advanced adult and (older) children class:
    There were only about 9 people there today! What a nice change (where are those times when there were only a couple of us for some of the lessons last year? :)

    - Something like a wrestling game and some techniques for a warm-up
    - Stretching in pairs

    - Kihon: mae geri (front kick), mawashi geri (roundhouse kick) and kansetsu geri (Google says its English name is (stomping?) joint kick, not sure about it, but it is targeting the knee) - I have yet to learn to do this kick well...
    - Practising kansetsu geri in pairs
    - A sequence of these three kicks in pairs - aiming it at a person

    - Then combinations:.
    - Two that deal with a person attacking with mae geri (one of them was the one Shisochin bunkai we learnt and I enjoyed, the other one was cetching the kick and twisting leg + throw)
    - One that deals with attack with mawashi geri (block/catch), strike, then a I don't know what it's called - probably something like joint manipulation meant to take the other person down
    - Attacking with head-height mawashi geri, defender dodges, strikes + choke or takedown
    - than a bunkai from Sanseru (or some other advanced kata, not sure which) involving kansetsu geri
    - testing all these on all the attackers under a bit of pressure
    - final work-out

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    Wednesday 21.10.15:

    17:30-18:30 - Beginner class at uni:
    Students this semester seem enthusiastic and think one hour isn't enough, so they'd like to go for both classes. Now, instead of 5 students, there were suddenly 11 :)
    - We started with a typical game of tag where you can't step on a red field, then you can only step on the red and the two big blue mats. If you step wrong, you do push-ups or something. Sensei was sneaky and tagged me for the beginning. As a punishment, I pushed him out of the field. I didn't think of the consequences of that, though. So next time sensei ran to me, pushed me with all his weight, so not only I got tagged, but I also flew over the green field right into the next red one... But still had to do push-ups :mad:
    - In groups of three - try to step on each other's feet; 20 jumping squats (I was with two girls, circle broke, so we did slightly less)
    - still in those groups first person lies on the floor, second does push-ups either on the first person's belly (for guys and me, though doing push-ups that way is tougher and my partner couldn't do it, so I still got to rest :(), the person doing push-ups has his feet held by the third person, who does squats into a horse stance
    - And still in groups doing a pendulum - two people explosively swinging the third between them
    - Junbi Undo
    - Practising hiza geri, tsuki and hiji ate
    - some push-ups thrown in
    - "Half sit-ups" + sit-ups lying on one side - 130 altogether

    18:30-19:30 - Beginner class at uni:
    Pretty much the same class, also there were several people from the previous class + even some new, I think, together 15 people + sensei, I think. It was too crowded for a game of tag, so we were paired and did some of the exercises as in the dojo a while back:
    - one goes across the dojo and back on arms, legs held by partner
    - first facing floor, then facing up
    - holding partner's shoulders and together walk like a duck, then jump like a frog
    - crawl across and run back (I almost fell while running, my legs were tired and gave out, luckily just before the end where there was something I used to stop myself from falling)
    - Run twice across and back
    - Escape pertner by using some of the footwork

    - Junbi Undo
    - Again the exercises in groups of three. This time I was with the green-belted karateka and another guy. The stepping on feet was pretty violent, I think my feet would be squashed flat if I didn't try hard to escape the attacks of the karateka...
    - For the squatting exercise I did 10 push-ups on his belly, me and sensei encouraged the other guy to do them on my belly, too, but it's harder, he couldn't, so I still got to only rest...
    - 20 jumping squats. Our group was joined by sensei and the remaining guy (from our dojo), so no slacking now :)
    - Pendulum - why is it, that when I do this with someone for the first time, there's like 50% chance they'd drop me? I warned the girls I'm heavy, please don't drop me, it worked, but I was dropped this lesson when paired with guys. Come on, you want to tell me something or what? :D
    - Again practising hiza geri, tsuki and hiji ate
    - "Half sit-ups" + sit-ups lying on one side - probably 160 altogether

    For the first class I was in a group with one enthusiastic and nice girl, who unfortunately got hurt during the second training. She probably tore her ligaments, I heard she had a big swelling just above the knee and she couldn't walk, it hurt a lot. I feel really sorry for her. Must be painful and I think she even really enjoyed both classes. Hopefully I'll see her again in the future :(

    Right after the training I went to the sauna with sensei, that is opened at the uni's sports center. I had no idea it was there (I'm not sure if it isn't for staff only, at least now, but nobody seemed to care :whistle: And the other visitors even let us be there over time - when it was opened for another faculty - but the sauna was big and apparently not as crowded as other days). It was nice, although I feel really sluggish and like I'm about to melt now :) - basically Aikido postponed for next time...

    Forgot to do Sanchin...
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  11. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thursday 22.10.15: Somebody thoroughly locked the dojo, nobody could open it, trainings cancelled :( I was probably so sad I even forgot about my Sanchin :(

    Friday 23.10.15: 1 Sanchin

    Saturday 24.10.15: 1 Sanchin + counting how much time till the next training, it seems like an eternity has passed since Wednesday. Luckily there'll be one on Sunday :)
  12. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    International Karate Day, 100 kata challenge

    Sunday 25.10.15:

    Sensei found out today was the Karate Day and for the second year there's challenge Okinawa of doing 100 kata. There's no way we wouldn't participate, since we started challenging ourselves with 108 kata last year :)

    10 people gathered in our dojo (just the right number to still have enough space) and each picked their kata, 6 of us were doing Saifa, sensei picked Shisochin, he wants to challenge himself with all the kata this year.
    We already did Gakisai Dai Ichi and Ni and Saifa as well, but we only somewhat know Seiyunchin (that's way too long and we wouldn't be able to finish in the three hours we had, though that would probably be our least concern :)), so we did 108 Saifa for the second time this year. It's a good practise for the approaching grading anyway. :)

    Only one pause had to be made, but no drinking allowed - or rather it was also a challenge not to drink (though when sensei left for a bit, I was probably the only one who held themselves back :D).
    Then one more break where everyone performed their kata and sensei looked at the mistakes, when we were at 70.
    I started to be tired when approaching 80, but definitely not that I couldn't continue or stop shouting kiai. I ust didn't do all the kata "full power". When we did the last one, I reeeaall enjoyed it. It somehow went well that I had a really good feeling from the kata. I just practised how to do that and it was almost as if then was the time to start going seriously.
    Including the breaks, it took us perhaps 2,5 hours, without the breaks perhaps a little over 2 hours.

    Anyway it was great. Now there's perhaps Seiyunchin awaiting us in the near future, that I'm actually a bit scared of :D

    1 Sanchin

    As a side note, sensei and two friends who participated were actually ill. With regard to how much time I spend with them, I just hope I won't catch anything. It tends to spread in the dojo. I was ill last year and well, I wasn't the only one the next week :D
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  13. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Monday 26.10.15:

    16:30-17:30 - Beginner children:
    Assisting sensei, mostly going around and correcting, only a bit of exercising for myself. The class was about footwork and basic techniques. Well, sensei definitely has a way of teaching. I think I got some inspiration from that :)

    Just when I came out of the bathroom I saw a friend who had his back turned to me. I sneaked up to him and sprinkled water from my hands in his face. :evil: His immediate reaction was a back kick at my stomach without even looking who it was behind him (not that there were many candidates, though :D). Haha, I guess I should have expected it, I tightened the muscles a bit at the last moment, luckily. I think I need to put his reactions to test next time, but I'll be prepared for anything! :evil:

    18:30-20:00 - Beginner adults:
    Again, a lot of people present. Footwork for the beginning and some exercise with that, then the class had a lot of exercises about striking (punches, uraken uchi, mae and mawashi geri) obi held by other people and being precise in hitting them. It was always an exercise for both partners and it was fun and somewhat tiring :)

    20:00-21:30 - Self-defence for women:
    Again practising footwork - how to avoid danger etc. and some exercises how to block or avoid a hook and strike and where to strike. Repeating knee strikes, butt strikes etc. Mostly assisting today with the guys. I didn't really mind, I was a bit tired and the assisting - playing attackers - was definitely fun and harmless today :D

    1 Sanchin
  14. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 27.10.15:

    Weird day today, I felt weird since morning, but training improved my mood :)

    16:00-17:00 - Mini class:
    Tommorrow is a national holiday and then vacation, so some people probably left somewhere. Only one boy, the oldest came. Mum wished I helped him with some techniques. He didn't enjoy it too much, but I tried. It was good.

    Spent the next 20 mins. talking with the mum. She's nice and now we're on what's probably the equivalent of first name terms.

    18:00-19:30 Advanced adults and children:

    Sensei who was ill for some time came today. And only teenagers and me. Did a little bit of sparring, then a circuit work-out (3 stations, 3 rounds, all 1 min. or a little more):
    - push-up with one hand on the punching bag laid on the floor, step both hands on the bag and do a pudh-up, then the other hand, back with both etc.
    - sit-ups
    - "push-ups" on the TRX
    second round:
    - tricep dips on the bags (30 for me)
    - shiko-dachi squats
    - "pull-ups" on the TRX - not vertically, more like horizontally, I have no idea what to call this exxercise
    third round:
    - at each station choose one of the two exercises: I did the dips (25 this time), squats and push-ups on TRX, only had time for 10, we had to take turns with a partner

    - Kata:
    - we start from the first to the more advanced, when you don't know the next kata, repeat the highest one you know until the end. So I did 1 Gekisai Dai Ichi, Ni and Saifa and about 4 Seiyunchin.
    Then each of us performed all the kata in front of all the others who pointed mistakes. I had a few pointed out, but everall I think I did quite well. Like better that I thought, I still do some stupid things like move my head too much, and sensei pointed out one or two more mistakes I had no idea about.
    Than training ended a bit earlier.

    1 Sanchin
  15. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wednesday 28.10.15: National Holiday, no training, only did 1 Sanchin and was moving kitchen with my dad. So I did have a bit of workout, at least :)

    Thursday 29.10.15:

    18:30-20:00 Beginner to intermediate advanced adults:
    - Again punching and kicking obi held by two people and running in between
    - 20 push-ups
    - stretching
    - practising San Dan Gi Ni, but most people didn't even know San Dan Gi Ichi and when sensei saw the result, we practised San Dan Gi Ichi for the rest of the class in various exercises
    - final work-out:
    - in a circle 120 calf-raises in one go
    - 1 minute plank (one of the teenagers, who just overgrown me was near me and was trying hard to annoy me pretty much the whole work-out, including putting his legs and half his weight on me in the plank, luckily only towards the end). I should have been a bit stricter with him, I guess, but I took at least a small revenge, he might be taller, but he's slim and can't beat me, yet :D
    - sit-ups
    - some other exercises, no idea what to call them, as usual...

    Today's training was a bit talkative, so not particularly tiring.

    1 Sanchin
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  16. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Friday 30.10 - Sunday 1.11.15: Only 1 Sanchin each day.

    Monday 2.11.15:

    16:30-17:30 - Beginner children class:
    Got SOS calls from senseis, they can't make it today, either. Taught with a friend. The grading is slowly approaching so I thought it would be nice to focus on the techniques. We went through most of them, but (at least with me there) we never practised mawashi geri (roundhouse kick) properly and it's such a great kick, too! (one of my favourites, at least) :) So we focused on that. Right when I explained they really need to turn the standing foot lest they want to hurt their hips, almost half of them made painful moans how the hips hurt. However, I discovered it wasn't because they'd hurt them or something, but because we were practising the kick slowly, divided into three stages, and they had real trouble holding the (although bent) leg up for a bit and were complaining how the muscles hurt. Which seemed to be perfectly fine, and I think I'll do this with them more often, since they were all moaning way too much and practise makes perfect, right? :) There is, afterall a saying about what you can't do slowly, you can't do fast, isn't there? :evil: Then we practised with pads till the end of the class. Some of them seemed quite tired, so mission (this one usually given to us by parents) accomplished :evil: :D And I would really love for them to be able to do mawashi geri well :)

    18:30-20:00 - Beginner adult class:
    - Warm-up with running, jumping on one leg etc.
    - Junbi Undo + stretching
    - Practising a lot of strikes in the air: nukite tsuki (spear hand strike) + shotei tsuki (palm heel strike)
    - Kakie (push hands): two types, several rounds with various partners. I will sound a bit mean now: Kakie is great, but the class was obviously mostly beginners and although I don't mind explaining it and helping them practise (it really hard to do well the first time) and learning as well, in the end I didn't get too great a practise myself and we didn't do kakie in a while. I didn't meet all the more advanced students and the ones I did had a bit strange style or something felt off and I didn't thoroughly enjoy it, either. Although that makes for an experience, too. :) The best was practising with sensei, since she was always showing the kakie with me, but the demonstrations were too short to call it a practise...
    - Then with kakie as the starting point two technique including the spear hand strike (basically one bunkai from Gekisai Dai Ni) and the palm heel strike.
    - Bodyweight work-out for the last 15 minutes ( including 2x 1-minute, I think, plank; the second time the friend who used to do Muay Thai put a stone on my lower back, definitely not a heavy one, luckily; he often says how they did this in the MT classes and how they did plank for 3 minutes etc. and this isn't much of a challenge for him).

    20:00-21:30 - Self-defence class for women:
    This was my first ever SD class with our female sensei and it was actually really good :)
    - Same warm-up + Junbi Undo
    - focusing on elbow and heel strikes + some techniques we practised in the past lessons and some theory.
    - Bodyweight work-out - very similar to the previous class, but a bit easier, but with 70 calf raises in addition. One of the students today came with a bandaged ankle and said its because after the 120 raises we did last week, she couldn't walk as her legs hurt, much less climb the stairs and as a result she fell in an attempt and twisted her ankle :D I know I shouldn't make light of it, but the way she put it it was pretty funny :D
    - As for the plank, I prepared a big stone as a payment for the MT friend. But another girl just came to him, put the stone away and lied with all her weight on his back XD She was even a bit heavier than him and I think it was the first time I saw his face turn so bright red from effort. :D It was pretty cool, but I couldn't help and tease him: You didn't do this in your MT classes, riiight? :D

    Good day today :)

    1 Sanchin
  17. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 3.11.15:

    None of my muscles hurt from yesterday, but since last training, my body feels heavy and sluggish...

    16:00-17:00 - Mini class:
    Only one boy today again. I played a game with him, did a bit of gentle stretching as his mum asked, worked on punches, knee and front kick, trying to make him keep the guard up against occassional attacks. It's much easier then with three boys around. He played a game with the older boys who came for their training and actually cried when he needed to go home :)

    17:00-18:00 - Intermediate children class (yellow belts):
    Sensei said he'd try to make it, but didn't. Me and friend took the class then. We made the boys run in various ways across the dojo. Including some kicks at the end. They were fooling around and deliberately doing the kicks wrong, so after Junbi Undo I thought it's time to practise properly, if they don't know how.... And practise really slowly, mae, mawashi and yoko geri divided into four stages, where they need to balance for a while in each, including oustretched leg. Then fast. Kata practise and fun game towards the end.
    They said the kicks were impossible, but if I can do it, they can, surely, too. :) Haha, one boy was complaining it hurt. I said: That's right. :) He: Then why're we doing it?? I'm not sure if he accepted my 'to be stronger' as a sufficient answer... :D
    But I was still the one trying the hardest... and therefore became even more tired right before our training... (not such a clever idea)

    18:00-20:00 - Advanced adults and children:
    - 2x Sanchin + a bit of Sanchin Shime
    - 2x Kanryo Higaonna's Sanchin (glad we did that, I forgot the steps :))
    - Junbi Undo including knee strikes and tsuki
    - Knuckle push-ups (wooden floor this time) - I was tired and sensei was counting waaay too fast + me having not completely healed skin on the knuckles - I did probably only 1/3 of the push-ups, I wouldn't be able to go that fast even in my best condition, I'm quite sure...
    - Immediately holding in a push-up position, only with one hand on the floor - the knuckles of one hand to be precise... ouch.
    - Belly work-out including 'riding a bicycle' in a reversed way lying on the back, and swinging outtretched legs up and down. I shouldn't have done so many slow kicks with the kids... :( I didn't go all out because of that, but managed to hold out....
    - 100 shiko-dachi squats

    - Gekisai Dai Ichi & Ni - both first slowly, then with each technique in each step 3x, than 'full power', than reversed kata - like in a mirror
    - Saifa - only normally
    - practising the most important techniques of GDN - which is hiki-uke and tora guchi - in pairs. Hiki-uke in a way a bit similar to push hands - I could definitely feel it in my shoulders after a while, but at least I tried to make it a bit of challenge for my partners, too :) Judging from the slowly changing face of the most advanced student who came after having a leg broken and being away for a few months, I succeeded... :)
    - again Gekisai Dai Ni kata
    - practising several sequences from Saifa - that was useful and good!
    - Saifa
    - practising bunkai for GKI, GKN and Saifa

    Great training today again, although I started to have a bit of a foul mood for some reason...
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  18. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wednesday 4.11.15:

    Shoulders and legs tired from previous two days, nothing hurts, but I don't have too much strenght in them.

    17:30-18:30 and 18:30-19:30 - 2x Beginner class at uni (both classes had the same programme):
    - Game of tag in pairs for a warm-up
    - Junbi Undo
    - 20 (or perhaps 30) push-ups + 5 where you hold in the "down" position for a bit
    - Practising punches and learning basic blocks: age-uke and yoko-uke, I'm assisting
    - 2x5 push-ups

    - Ude Tan Ren (iron body conditioning) - only about the last 10-15 minutes:
    - shoulder to shoulder strike, back to back, leg kicks, stomach punches, head strike to stomach, 3 types of forearm to forearm strike
    - In the first lesson, there was an odd number of people, so I was only demonstrating with sensei. Didn't do too many strikes in general, but even short Ude Tan Ren with sensei is much tougher than longer with someone else. One of my arm felt a little numb after a few strikes from the outside
    - In the second lesson, I was paired with a girl, who looked strong and was pretty good :) Body strikes were ok, leg kicks quite painful, but we both managed, she only couldn't bear the forearm strikes after a while and had to stop, but overall went quite hard and was really good I have to say :) And she might come to the dojo, she said :)
    - Only in the first class around somewhere between 40-70 (really no idea how many) squats in a circle + 10 jumping squats. the class is mostly girls and when they were told they can stop if it's too much, only me and the three guys did the jumps. I had just about enough of them though.... :)

    + again went to sauna. It probably is just for teachers and I was asked who I was, but explanation I came with sensei worked, so it's probably ok. Which is pretty nice as it's a good relaxation after a training ^^

    1 Sanchin
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  19. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thursday 5.11.15:

    18:30-20:00 - Beginner and slightly advanced adults:
    - Warm-up with a couple of "sparring games" (2x3 rounds)
    - Practising combinations in pairs with two small pads.:
    - 2x punch
    - 2x punch + dodge a swinging arm
    - 2x punch + dodge a swinging arm + spinning ura-mawashi geri (hook kick)

    - stretching
    - practising some kihon from the syllabus for the grading (uraken uchi, shotei tsuki, 3 types of hijiate, mae geri, mawashi geri, ko-uke + something similar to hiki-uke + kaishu uke I think - harai uke with open hand; moving in neko-ashi dachi + some techniques, hiki-uke and probably some more...)
    - a little bit of work-out
    - today's training started perhaps 8 minutes late, but felt awfully short somehow...

    1 Sanchin
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  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Dojo Day

    (Friday: No Sanchin - busy day and evening spent in the dojo)

    Saturday 7.11.15: Dojo Day

    Finally, after a long time, a promised dojo day, with focus on the stuff we'll all need for the approaching grading D:

    8:30-9:00 - Cleaning the dojo

    9:00-cca 10:20 - Hojo Undo:
    - after Junbi Undo a circuit Hojo Undo training - 11 posts:
    1. Kongoken
    - 15 raises above head + fall into shiko-dachi (I haven't used kongoken in a while and after 10 I started to really struggle - I need to train more again)
    - 15 shiko-dachi squats with one endo of the kongoken on shoulders - to relax between the more difficult exercises
    - 16x steering wheel + fall into shiko-dachi
    - again 15 shiko-dachi squats for realxation
    - 7 push-ups with one end of the kongoken on neck - didn't have time for more...
    2. makiwara - only gyuku tsuki this time
    3. Miyagi's garden - carry 9 stones across dojo moving only in shiko-dachi
    4. 7,5 kg kettlebell - throw it a bit in the air with outstretched arm as you stand up from shiko-dachi, catch it in the other and go down to shiko-dachi
    5. chi-ishi
    6. crunches (100 crunches + 10 for each side)
    7. dips - pretty tough for me, especially after all the exercises - I did perhaps 5,3,2,1 or something, but (next to) all of them were very shallow...
    8. burpees - Took a lot of breaks, I knew it would be terrible and it was. I should get better...
    9. makiwara - gyaku tsuki again
    10. Nigiri game - empty vases - not too tough, but my hands were already shaky especially from makiwara. Did 2 kata, I think.
    11. Improvised Tetsu geta - 3 kg kettlebels to put on a foot and perform a slow front kick motion (I think I did around 2x10 for each foot)

    2 minute break

    10:22? - cca 11:30 - Kihon:
    - Started with basics, continued with nearly all the techniques needed for our grade. Some of them are not too familiar, but this was overall good. It was more about technique and theory, not so much about going all out all the time...

    5 min. break

    cca 11:35-cca 12:30 - Kihon Ido:
    This was a bit more difficult. We do not practise kihon ido that often now since there's always a lot of people in the classes and we don't get to practise the bit more advanced things as there are not many trainings for us (its mostly beginners in most classes). And as expected and senseis hinted, it's obvious we're not too good with these. I remember doing the kihon ido sequences for this grade only once in training half a year ago and I still struggle. We still didn't do all we should know.
    We were poined a mitake with mawashi-geri - we should start with the upswing from the side that most of us don't... And I was told to learn to kick to my own head, apparently I was kicking needlesly high - it's hard to tell when I need to lean a back, where exactly my head was.. Need to practise this, I think.

    5 min. break

    cca 12:35-13:15 - Kata:
    A group of the more or less same grade (2 to 4 people at once) would perform all of the kata they should practise and senseis would point out mistakes. We did Gekisai Dai Ichi and Ni once, Saifa twice - need to put a bigger emphasis on the knee strike there - right after the block and stronger. Also more emphasis on hiki-uke in GDN - it needs to be even stronger. Otherwise we probably did quite well. :)
    - 1 Sanchin
    - stretching

    Lunch. We all ate a lot and were tired, none of us really felt like going for the kumite training that should have started at 16:00. However, fresh people came, so we were sort of forced to get up from the big couch and start doing something - although a bit late...

    16:45-18:45 Kumite:
    Practising mostly the pre-described stuff like some moves and combinations similar to bunkai for GDI; renzoku kumite (kata in line), San Dan Gi Ichi, Ni and San, Kihon Ippon kumite (I didn't do this in a while and got rusty, nee to practise); then Kihon Ippon Kumite with our own finishing - I didn't d too well when doing this in front of everyone, I was probably too tired...
    Sparring with gloves - probably 3 rounds of 1 min. with different partners, then we did circle (5 guys and 5 girls including sensei) and always one went to the middle and sparred 10-15 seconds with each of the other girls (in my case). It was also most likely my very first time sparring with this sensei of ours :). So 4 consecutive rounds + 4x one round with each person who was in the middle. No hard head contact; contact to the body, all sorts of kicks, takedowns and continuing on the ground allowed. I managed to take a few people down, attempted to choke my last sparring partner and without realising I was actually bitten in the process I only later found what looked exactly like teeth marks on my arm :D

    + 15 minutes for relaxation.

    "Tea party" in the dojo in the evening :)

    It was a great day, there was actually probably a bit over 20 people participating, including 2 friends and 2 boys from 2 other dojos. Not everyone could stay the whole time, but there were even 19 of us in the dojo for the kihon (luckily just then, I think). :)
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