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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Korpy, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    After show party ;)
  2. True... I'm just crappy with times in different countries! Still, the event was yesterday!

    For all of my full contact fights, I've driven up myself (none of my friends can drive - we're all young) so getting wrecked "back home" is a better option! :(
  3. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    Did you win Korpy? :)
  4. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    What a night, crazy but good time.

    I lost by a BS split decision.

    My original opponent called in, and said he was not coming, so we had to find another opponent. The only other fighter was a 22 year old Kickboxer, who wanted to fight me in a two round exhibition not the 3 round x 2 minute rounds that were suppose to happen. I agreed, cause honestly I just wanted to fight.

    I came out first, I fought in the red corner, and I had so many people there supporting me. I danced around a little and put on a little show for them.

    Round 1 starts, and we both come out swingning, both of us landing shots. I used the sidekick to great effect, which obviously was paining him, and wearing down his gas tank. He obviously was trying to go for a big shot, and kept using the hook. (he hardly used a jab) while I used the jab prodominatly. I hit him with a spinning backfist which rocked him a bit. He then kicked me in the groin. I took a couple seconds to recover, we started, had a minor exchange, then the round ended.

    My cornerman told me to keep using the sidekick and also to throw the right hand more. He said round 1 was definatly mine.

    Round 2 starts and once again, I get kicked in the groin. The ref was suppose to take away a point, but didnt. (which I didnt understand) I was hurting from the groin shots, but kept going. He backed me into the ropes, but only landed 4 good, clean shots. I threw some uppercuts, circled out, and injured his shoulder with a very hard axe kick. He protected his shoulder for the remainder of the match. He hit me once more in the groin, but it was light. (the ref warned him) We had a small punching exchange, and the match was over.

    I talked to my cornerman and he said that I had that won by a mile.

    Everyone was cherring, and I had alot of support. They announced that there was a split decision. Which I thought was odd, cause I thought that I would get a unanimous decision.

    They announced my opponents name, everyone booed, and chanted BS.

    The guy I fought told me that he was disgusted, because he knew that he lost that fight. He told me he was surprised how hard I fought, and that I had injured him. He said that I deserved the win.

    My coach told me he had no clue what fight the judges were watching, and that I was a warrior.

    So that's it, I lost by split decision. And I have a minor groin injury.

    I gotta admit though, it was fun as hell, and I can't wait to step in the ring again.
  5. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    First off Korpy well done on getting in the ring in the first place,you did the training,and followed your side of the deal,not your fault what happens after that.

    Secondly,if the match was a exhibition how come there was a result on it?

    Well done again dude :)
  6. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Congrats, you're a winner just getting in there. Hard luck with the decision but that's the fight game.
  7. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    The referee explained the rules and said that it was up to the fighter's discrestion to acknowledge the match on our records. I fought hard and I will recognize it on my record. It's ok, just motivates me to do even better next time.
  8. Daniel84

    Daniel84 Valued Member

    congratulations on getting in the ring and hard luck on the decision, sometimes that's just the way it goes. good luck next time you get in the ring.
  9. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    Yeah dont let a loss affect your attitue or comittment Korpy,every top fighter has L on their record,good luck :)
  10. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    well done Korpy, it's good to have done so well on your first fight. i remember losing miserably on my first fight (went in after training for 4-5 months :D)

    The problem I found in some comps is the points that get counted most are the ones visible by all 4 judges, so his hooks to your head (visible by 3 judges) would have been more visible then your side kick to the body (visible by 1-2 judges).
    I always dislike that with the scoring system, but it seems to be a more common way of doing it.
  11. What? Judging is done on a 10 point "must system" where the winner of the round gets 10 and the loser gets 9, 8 or whatever - it's based on a whole lot more than who lands the most strikes.
  12. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Korp well done bro.

    No worries on the loss. It happens and not always for the right reasons. Welcome to the world where nothing is what is seems. Last minute change ups are part and parcel in the fight game. You just have to go with the flow. The important thing is that now that you're on bicycle... stay on it.

    Sounds like your head is in the right place... so that's all good. See if you can get another bout lined up in a relatively fast manner. Nothing is worse than having to wait months and months between bouts.

    The whole deal with it being an exhibition bout and then having a decision called is a bit wonky. But it happens. Nothing that's going to really be an issue for your record. The important thing is that you keep as much paperwork and documentation on your bouts as possible. Seriously... last thing you need is some board or committee questioning whether or not you actually had X number of fights over the last year. So keep records - dates/names of opponents and camps/coaches and rulesets/decisions involved. Video is always great.

    Well done Korp... proud of you bro. Keep it up! :)
  13. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    Wow, I'm getting ready for some bouts.

    My coach asked me tonight, if I could fill in this thursday at the fall boxing classic. I was a bit "eh" on it, since it's straight western boxing rules, but hey, I always wanted to give boxing a try, so I agreed. So this thursday, I'll be competeing as a boxer. (not too far fetched, since alot of the kickboxing/muay thai training is boxing oriented since my boxing is big with my coach)

    Also later this October, I'll will be fighting another FCR match. Almost in the end of October, but I will be fighting FCR again.

    And finally my coach is trying to get me involved with some IKF bouts in either International Rules or Muay Thai Rules. He's gonna train me and see which one better suits me as a fighter. (since I love them both, it doesnt make a difference, I just wanna be the best I can be)

    And here's some pics from my fight. =) (I'm the one in the red/black kickboxing trousers, the 5th pic is the best)
  14. Nice one - sounds like they're coming thick and fast. I prefer to fight less often but each to their own :)

    Good pics korps.. how much do you weigh in at?
  15. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    For the fight, I weighed in at 149lbs.

    I usually weigh anywhere from 149lbs - 151lbs.

    Glad you liked the pics. :)
  16. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Korpy... funny you look pretty much how I figured you would. :D

    The shots are cool. It looks like you certainly made him work. The shot of you landing ou jab while he's busy missing with his was great. Make that a habit and your on the way to winning more fights. Is that a hella big axe kick I see in that one shot?!?! Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

    I think with a tad more conditioning, experience and adding a bit of muscle you're gonna do well. Kudos to you for stepping in and mixing it up. Good luck with the boxing match. That will be a great experience for you.... hopefully you can pull a lot of info from it in terms of movement and footwork.

    Looking forward to seein' it.
  17. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    For real? Haha, yep, I'm a skinny white kid. Usually my hair is longer, and dyed blonde, but to get into the mindset for the fight, I shaved my head.

    Thanks, the whole match he went for big hooks, so I figured I'd use the jab to keep him away and land some shots with it, maybe even set it up with a big right cross.

    Yep, that was called the "shot of the night". :D

    The axe kick landed right on his shoulder.

    I have a question.

    I'm thinking about my fight career, you know. Like I defiantly want to fight under FCR because it's pretty fun.

    But I also want to fight either International Rules or Muay Thai.

    Here's my problem.

    I'm pretty good at FCR, so would sticking to International Rules be more beneficial for me as a fighter? Since IR is like FCR but with leg kicks.

    But my coach was a former MT champ, and I feel weird not fighting under MT rules when my coach held a world title in MT. Would that be considered disrespectful?

    My coach told me to follow what I think is best. He said whatever I want to fight, he'll make sure I'm ready for it.

    So besides FCR, should I compete mainly in IR or MT?

  18. Man.. you're making me feel fat! You're twice as tall as me aswell, but then most people are!

    Re your other question.. fight whichever rulesets you like. You wanna do MT, do MT! It's not disrespectful if you don't do MT - just your preference!
  19. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    It's 11pm, and I have to get up at 5:30am tomorrow, but guess what...

    I won my Boxing match by unanimous decision. I'll give a detailed explaination soon, but now I gotta sleep. :)
  20. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    well done Korpy :)

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