My First Boxing Match

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Korpy, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. No personal attack, just commenting how much he is sucking up to him.

    What are you comparing it with? You have never done boxing!!!

    Yuou don't have a clu, bro. You did if it was hard enough to put him down. If I went round play punching my mates, I wouldn't have many left.

    What faults are these?

    Dude, look how much I helped you on the KB thread. Of course, I'm mean. Yup, that's right.
  2. Timmy Boy

    Timmy Boy Man on a Mission

    Yes I'm the childish one here Korpy, I'm the one who thinks it's a good idea to do a boxing match without medical equipment, a qualified referee, insurance, or training. Oh yeah, no I'm not.

    Fun or not, it's a stupid idea.
  3. Yes it is. Your praise for him is totally OTT.

    Nice, intelligent concept.

    Mate, this thread isn't "everything".
  4. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    Actually calling someone gay, is an attack.

    Basement Boxing, not real Boxing, hence it's not Boxing, but we can call it that.

    I do have a clue. We can go a few rounds and I wont kill him, and vise versa.

    Faults: Becoming angry, personally attacking someone, ect.

    I know you helped me so much with the Kickboxing thread. But no it just seems that your going out of your way to be mean to me.

    Also timmy boy, it's not childish to have fun with your friend. If you consider that childish, I feel sorry for your friends.

    Also it's not stupid.
  5. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    It's not bad to praise someone, who defends me, when others attack and call you stupid, and say your gonna die.

    Thank you.

    6 pages is alot, not everything, but alot.
  6. Ikken Hisatsu

    Ikken Hisatsu New Member

    at first i thought you came here in order to learn something from people who know more than you do about kickboxing. I can see I was wrong, you came here to have your ego satiated. dont expect anymore help from me. I hope you dont find a MT school- people like you give us a bad name.
  7. Timmy Boy

    Timmy Boy Man on a Mission

    Well, the fun I have with my friends doesn't generally involve whacking each other around the head full pelt for 5 x 5 minute rounds without any thought given to safety.

    "Hur hur, yeah let's have a knife fight, as long as we say it's for fun it won't be totally stupid and dangerous!"

    No-one's going to have any sympathy for you in the face of my horrible nasty old meanness, because you brought it on yourself by doing such an idiotic thing in the first place, and then broadcasting it on a forum where you know it's going to cause an eruption.
  8. "It's sounding gay" is not a way of saying "you are gay".

    Who's we? 2 people cannot change a definition.

    I have not personally attacked you. I just find it vaguely funny that someone can be told by loads of people that it's a bad idea and still think it's good. The religious thread followed the same pattern. You called me a crackpot on the religion thread, BTW. Did I run off screaming? Nope :)

    I've complimented you on your HKD achievements. You called me a crack pot. You're inticing me because you know I have no temper. Things like "I know I'm right" defeat the purpose of debate.

    So if my idea of fun is licking plug sockets, is that fun? Just because you think it's fun does not mean it has to be!

    Boxing in a basement with no ref is, infact, stupid.
  9. And 95 messages between you me and ikken is a lot. I wish I hadn't bothered. It's clear that Ikken feels the same way.
  10. Socrastein

    Socrastein The Boxing Philosopher

    Appeals to majority are never a very persuasive argument. If "loads of people" said it was a good idea and was no big deal, that wouldn't make it so.
  11. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    No I don't have an ego.

    During the match, I even gave him so tips. I was looking for fun.

    Also I found a school, and you give yourself a bad name, by the way you act.
  12. Timmy Boy

    Timmy Boy Man on a Mission

    Well no, but when the person in question is just plain not listening, like Korpy is here, it's a different kettle of fish. He keeps trying to twist our words so that we sound like killjoys when actually we have sensible criticisms about safety.
  13. Loads of people backed it up with reasons. He returned the same response : "It's fun" and then followed it up with •"I pity your friends" •"I'm right, you're wrong"

    How persuasive
  14. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    Sorry to everyone.

    All I was looking for fun.

    Now I get trouble from all of you because of what I said.

    All I made this thread for, was to tell about a good fun match. Not to boost an ego.

    Not to make Ikken or Norm angry, or anything

    All I wanted was to share something. I tried and was met with comments, saying I'm stupid, gay, reckless, idiotic.

    I didn't want this. :( :( :(

    Just wanted fun. :cry: :eek: :(
  15. Timmy Boy

    Timmy Boy Man on a Mission

    *plays violin*
  16. Korpy - understand the following

    I don't make my response judged on the person writing. I have helped you, and have no worries in doing so.

    However, to take an attitude of "I'm right, you're wrong" is a little bit contradictory to your last statement!!!
  17. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    That's not how I am though. I respect and recognize what you and others have to say.

    I was looking for fun, and I don't realize that it's stupid or reckless. :(
  18. Ok, but dude - if you are gonna do it, buy a headguard and 16oz gloves or something :)
  19. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    I want to buy some 16 oz gloves, and some headgear. (as well as buying a bag on a stand or Boxing dummy on stand)

    Like I said all I wanted was fun. We both had fun, and it didn't seem dangerous.
  20. Ok - no worries. Maybe invite him to hapkido, or you go to TKD and you can spar. Would be much more safe, and most probably more fun!!!
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