My back, oh god my back

Discussion in 'Injuries and Prevention' started by Knight_Errant, Jun 20, 2008.

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    My lower back injury took about 6 months to recover fully, even now I'm tentative about really heavy back work. I'd consider dropping any heavy back work, including back squats for a couple of months at least, then very carefully introduce lighter weighted stuff. If you continue to injure your back before it's healed you may end up with permanent damage.

    Do some beach body building stuff instead ;) :D
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    Stop squating and deadlifting unless its on one leg. Strengthen your psoas

    (This link has a picture of a sexy lady but she has clothes on...just)

    Go to number 6. for the sexy lady and the psoas.

    Another good exercises (and another good lady) would be

    hip swings
    letter H in the link;jsessionid=80C3D3F9F3F0058278E3B6CEF2041771.hydra?id=1904189

    and once your good at them do single leg romanian deadlifts with your scapulars retracted and depressed then the pain should be gone.

    soft tissue work and keeping good posture throughout the day also help

    Doing pushups and pullups with correct form would help as well.

    Thats the picture I get from reading tnation. Its usually a bad idea to get all my info from one source but tnation is different, probably.
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    The back is so complexe i been having issues for almost 8 years now the best place you can go is Sport Medecin, they are awsome and wont jerk you around like chiros and other incompetent do.

    Got to see a sport doctor that sent me to PT, from PT she sent me to a peronal trainer, and now its the only thing i need to do. Some pelvic exercise and i am seeing the personal trainer every 2 months for re-evaluation.

    Since them i sent 3 people to that place and they are all amazed of the progress they made.

    I can now train again with weights, of course i still have a lot to do to be pain free but still before i just could not train due to pain coming back.

    A good sport clinic will have osteopathy, massage therapy, accuponcture, posture improvement and NO CHIROPRATIC because they dont beleive in it.

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