mute boy in my tkd school

Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by TigerAnsTKDLove, Dec 24, 2003.

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    @ my tkd school. there is a 21 yr. old boy that is mute. his name is khoi. khoi is currently a senior red belt and he is AWESOME this young man can kick some seriously a$$. khoi is so sweet and nice he always comes up to me and hugs me and i feel so good its an awesome feeling. in my opinion i think khoi is better then these two young black belts at my school. khoi can kick really hard cuz i had to hold this target and he had to kick it and man, my hand hurt like heck. see, if you do have a dissability like being hearing impaired, mute you can still do tkd it may be a harder challenge but i swear if you saw khoi then you guys would know where i am coming from. ANYONE! can do tkd! you just need faith seriously. i am so proud of khoi in every way words cannot explain. he took this challenge and he sure is succeeding. as my school's quote goes: DARE TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF! and thats what khoi did! khoi i love you and keep up the hard work. We are all proud of you.:cool:
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    Easy tiger!!!! ;)

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