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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by texas doc, Mar 9, 2006.

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    hi been doing muay thai for about 4 months now and loving it ..A new school opened up near me so i thought i would give it a go ...I have been doing kick boxing for about nine years but took a few years out when i got my first house ..When i decided to go back the club had closed down so i got in to taekwondo and realy enjoyed it for 2 years . but found it got stagnent and seemed to be doing every thing towards grading.Plus the fact theres no kicking to the legs seemed silly but thats the way it is ....since starting thai its a shock to the system.legs elbows knees = great..but my legs can not take a kick any more so need to build them up .the work out is a none stop beasting from warm up to cool down just what i need to keep me going..train 3 times a week and do boxing as well and still try to keep a foot in tae kwondo but i am more intested in thai love it..
  2. Dr Kratos

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    Been doing Muay Thai for over 27 years, these days I train students and fighters here in Christchurch, New Zealand with a very respectable fight record.
    Although most of my students are learning for the fitness, confidence and self defense aspects that Muay Thai gives them, the fighters do extremely well in competition.
    In addition, I still train 6 days a week at age 57 and owe a great deal to my training in Muay Thai and BJJ for that.
  3. fire cobra

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    Hello brother,

    Welome to MAP.

    Nice to have someone with your experience here,hope you enjoy your stay:)
  4. ben moak

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    hello everyone.
    my name is ben moak and i've been studying muay thai kickboxing for 8 months now at brian johnsons Karate/BJJ/Muay Thai. i look into doing some kickboxing competitions and some grappling tournaments and then start doing mma fights.
  5. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    Back in the game again, though I didn't check in last time I was.
  6. Oddsbodskins

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    Hi all, have been training MT for a year now. Really enjoy it but find fitness a little hard because of an unpredictable shift pattern, however still enjoying myself. Currently training at headhunters in Edinburgh, although will be moving to London next month so will hopefully be able to pick it up down there. Would like to get fit enough to get in the ring, but just depends how my shifts work out.

    Previous is fencing throughout my teens, on the open circuit until I discovered drinking and clubs, some capoeira a few years ago (which I enjoyed, but could never quite relax into, think it comes from not being able to dance!) and FMA for the last six months or so.
  7. belltoller

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    Alright now, I'm a novice in Muay Thai - having just started training after spending quite a bit of time trying to get in enough shape just so I could get through the first classes without giving up the ghost as I'd really not taken care of meself over the last near decade. During this phase I joined MAP to find out more and also help my two kids who are in WTF Tae Kwon Do and boxing.

    I'm really coming to respect ANYONE who does Muay Thai - even at the novice level. For those who are in the upper amateur and pro levels - I consider you minor dieties and Greek gods.

    I'm getting thrashed mightly and I'm incredibly sore - the legs especially and I'm really having to watch for injuries that can pop up. Thanks to all here at MAP for the best information available on how to stay injury free and how to recover in the best, quickest manner. This is the best Forum on the NET period!

    And BTW we are fighting out of JGMMA ( yay! ) in good ole West Chester, Ohio

  8. AmericanFighter

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    Hello just started MT a few weeks ago in the past I have taken regular kickboxing TKD Krav Maga tai chi and kenpo I recently switch because I want to work on technical and fine tune striking elbows and knees.
  9. belltoller

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    How ya liking it sofar?
  10. AmericanFighter

    AmericanFighter Valued Member

    Oh love it and wish i would have started a long time ago
  11. Teflon

    Teflon Valued Member

    Hi everyone! 26 y/o Muay Thai novice here, been training for 4 weeks now at K-Star in Birmingham, England and absolutely loving it!!
  12. ade1971

    ade1971 Valued Member

    hi I did muay thai a few years ago unfortunately i gave it up bad teachers i think ?Hope to take it up again cos i worry a lot
  13. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Great to hear from you. So, Muay Thai is catching on in the Midlands, then? I was going to ask about your school, but I see its K-Star
  14. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    How long did you take MT? What sort of place was it that you did your training in? Why you to think the instructors bad? May I inquire?

    Good to hear from you.

    Don't worry, be happy
  15. Hannibal

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    I will actually be taking up Muay Thai more seriously again in the New Year. I have trained previously under Mick Dempster in the UK and will be restarting here in Canada with a friend of mine, Chad Sawyer.

    My cardio system hates me already for just thinking about it
  16. Teflon

    Teflon Valued Member

    I hope that's a good thing! :hat:

    I'm not sure how much it is increasing in the Midlands, I hadn't heard of much other than K-Star at the turn of the century, but I think MMA has increased the visibility of Muay Thai a lot more. There seem to be quite a few schools featuring their own fighters these days, but that could just be my ignorance of the MT scene in the past meaning I hadn't heard of them before.
  17. Teflon

    Teflon Valued Member

    It'll love you after a few months though :D
  18. ade1971

    ade1971 Valued Member

    sorry only did MT for 5 months, maybe my teacher a was bit nasty or maybe i am not cut out for MT. still looking for a new club hopefully
  19. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    Try again at a different gym ade1971,check out all the local gyms and see the attitude of the teacher and of the students,sit and watch,if they wont let you do that then try elsewhere.

    Good luck:)
  20. belltoller

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    Mick Dempster, doesn't he also write articles ( related to MT, cage fighting ) for Men's Health - UK? That the same one? You know if he's any relation to Wullie Dempster out of Glasgow? Probably not... I think I know who you are talking about - he's had some European Kickboxing victories as well as MT.

    Seemed like the group has fairly strong ties with the Gracies, as well. Sorry if I'm way off base.

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