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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by texas doc, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. djvash

    djvash New Member

    Hello :)

    I've been training MMA/Muay Thai for 2 years... about 1 year actual training due to injuries/breaks to get married. I train about 6 days a week, 2 days of which are Muay Thai days. Our gym is Martial Arts Unlimited in Clawson, MI with Chris Malgeri as our instructor (under Ajarn Chai).

    Right now I'm 6'1" 230lbs (down almost 20 lbs in the last 2 months). I've been training alot more seriously lately and hope to maybe fight MMA in the next year or two at 205 or 185, of which Muay Thai is probably the most favored aspect of my game. :)
  2. JosephS

    JosephS New Member

    Hi I'm Joseph and I'm doing Muay Thai at home. Currently I'm living in Australia, Sydney and I'm trying to find a Muay Thai gym to train in.
    Muay Thai is always my special interest and there has been many Muay Thai fighters that I love and if i posted their name, some of you or most of you might not know them.
    But I'll post their name anyway, starting with the Thais.
    Sakmongkol, Samart, Jongsanan, Apedij, Coban and then Buakhao.
    Then from my country, some of these fighters are from my hometown province Sisophon - Soriya Nuon, Dara Pov, Puek Pau, Ot Phothoung, Ay Phothoung, Somnang Lor, Kosal Chey, Arun Pich, Sophea Thun, Sothea Bun, etc.
    Bye MAP!
  3. Daniel84

    Daniel84 Valued Member

    new to muay thai

    hey all just a check in, I've just started studying MT under Rob Lock who was graded under Master Toddy, Master 'A' and instructor qualified under master woody (names mean nothing to me but still...)

    Really enjoying it so far though i need to get some serious conditioning done. Doubtless i'll be looking to you guys for advice in the very near future.

    Later all, Dan
  4. JaxMMA

    JaxMMA Feeling lucky, punk?

    Hello, the name is Jax. I live in St. Louis, Missouri- US and A :)
    I've started muay thai bout 2 years ago. During that time I also learned some wrestling and grappling apart from muay thai training. I stopped training at the martial arts school almost a year ago because of a tight schedule, but continued practicing at the gym with other people who are more experienced than me. I also started learning some mae mai muay thai recently from various people who are faimiliar with it. In the past 6 months I took Judo classes as a part of Physical Education requirements. Future plans include learning more muay thai, and possibly couple of different styles of it, shooting for a black belt in judo/juijitsu, wing chun kung fu, boxing, grappling, and hoppefully some krabi krabong if i can find a place where they would teach that.
    I don't compete officially and never did because of the tight schedule, but I do some sparring with people of different fighting styles and sizes (most of the time same as me or bigger).
  5. ai_thum

    ai_thum Valued Member

    NAme Ronnie im 16 year old and i doing muay thai.
    i was born in laos but came to the U.S when i was younger i do muay thai because it a south east asia martialart and i laove doing it
  6. Twins_special

    Twins_special New Member

    sawadee kap

    hey everybody,
    I'm Nick and I'm doing Muay Thai now for 3 years, at
    Bulldogs Gym in Antwerp Belgium. I just love it!
    I have had some fights here and in Holland and go
    for training to Bangkok in march, hope to learn more
    good skills overthere.My favorit fighters are deffinitly
    Buakow Por Pramuk and Andy Souwer.
  7. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    Hi nick,welcome to map :)
  8. Drag'n

    Drag'n New Member

    I've been doing MT for about 6 years all up.
    Started at balmoral MT in NZ a looong time ago.
    Gave up for a number of years then restarted about 5 years ago, here in Japan.
    Now I do a MMA called Daidojuku. We wear a Karate gi and headgear and fight MMA type rules with no gloves. My dojo is pure Muay Thai in technique though .A few top Japanese kickboxers come to our dojo to train and spar. (And make fun of the fact that we do MT in Karate gi! )
    I compete in MMA and kick boxing.
    I've been to Thailand a few times and cant wait to go again.
  9. Jahk Nah Rai

    Jahk Nah Rai Valued Member

    Started Wing Chun Gung Fu under my father when I was a toddler. Then animal style gung fu as well, but I can't remember much of it. Moved to study Aikido at NY Aikikai when I was about 18 or so and attained nikkyu (sorry I had to drop out for personal reasons). Dabbled in Shotokan Karate, introduced to muay Thai back in early 90's with a local school around my neighborhood. Ended up with JKD Concepts later on and even more muay Thai at local NYC camps, even with the likes of Coban at one point. Let me tell you, the man has one hell of a punch.
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  10. beeran1

    beeran1 Valued Member

    Hey All-

    Just started Muay Thai about two months ago and taking some boxing with it as well. I love it even though I am far and away the least experienced member of my gym. No interest in competition fighting (I injure myself enough with the training), but I love the intensity of the training as well as being able to punch/kick/knee/elbow things after work. Looking forward to sparring when I get a little more capable.
  11. San Soo blend

    San Soo blend New Member

    spencer here...
    training with Kru Alberto at ChaiSai (formerly NW) Muay thai in tacoma,WA. and lemme tell you i absolutley love it. It seems very authentic however modern, the building is small but the classes arent cluttered or cramped.
    Thai boxing seems to be the perfect thing to measure out the slower paced San Soo classes i take. i've only gone to 2 classes but i think that i'd be interested in competing.
  12. DBX

    DBX Valued Member


    I've been training for 5wks, twice a week at Jaguar in Leigh, nr Manchester, England.

    Enjoying it very much, and training hard, my skins hurt most of the time, but feel much fitter. (I'm also doing 3 gym sessions a wk, light weights and mainly aerobic, cos I determined to halt my early 30's decline and get fit and agile again). I find saunas help the bruising...

    I'm now 33, and it's at least 8 yrs since I previously trained in western boxing, (for 2yrs, but it was a gym geared towards fighters, so I did bits of full contact sparring, lots of bagwork, fitness, etc, but little technical coaching). KungFu (for 6months, the style was kick based, which wasn't great for my short legs). I've tried TKD & kickboxing, but always wanted to do MT, but there weren't any classes nearby.

    Moved recently from London to the Manchester area, and went to train the week after moving. Looking forwards to learning and improving, and the journey.

    No massive aspirations, just a determination to train hard for a year and see where I'm at after that... ;)
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  13. wkclark2009

    wkclark2009 Valued Member

    Hi Texas Doc,

    I've been training in Muay Thai since the early 90's in Orlando, Fl. My main teacher is Jim Bryan but had other teachers including Gerard Finot, Mike Xayana, Tong Trithara and Vut Kamnark. I've also trained and am now an instructor in Kali, JKD and Okinawan Uechi-Ryu. Recently took up AikiJitsu for the grappling and takedowns. I would like to train in Muay Boran or Chaiya but is impossible to find. Anyway, good to meet you.

  14. BJC

    BJC New Member

    G'day, i've been training in Muay Thai for a few months here in Australia. Before that i was practicing and teaching Tae Kwon Do.
  15. NMT

    NMT Valued Member

    hello.. i teach and run the Newbury Muay Thai boxing club in newbury berkshire.. been into MT for 23 years now.. started under M.Toddy and now too fat and old to do anthing but teach.. Got a few good ranked fighters under my instruction. eveyones welcome
  16. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Did you know or train with Russ Williams?
  17. NMT

    NMT Valued Member

    I know of him but i dont know him.. :D
  18. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    About time I checked in I suppose! Been training a few months now under 2 teachers, both trained with Sandy Holt,one of them with Master Sken up to his instructor level.

    Loving it :D
  19. Jjf88

    Jjf88 Valued Member

    Well hai dar!

    I've been doing Muay Thai Boxing for just over 8 Months, and I train in Barrhead Sports Centre, under Gary Douglas and Kirsty Macintosh. They like to hurt me.:cry:
  20. ChorakedNoi

    ChorakedNoi Valued Member


    Trained for close to 25 years now, starting under Master Sken, Master Woody, and Kru Ian Cocks in the UK. Over the years I have had the pleasure to train alongside Kru Phil Nurse (opened a branch of his camp for a couple of years) Gangyao, Jongsanon & Boonkerd Fairtex, Alex Gong, Ajarn Suphan Charabim, Arjarn Prosowat and others during time in Thailand.
    Been teaching for around 15 years, but as always will remain a student till I die.
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