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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by Deity, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Deity

    Deity New Member

    Hello. I'm a student and I'd like to join a Muay Thai gym mainly for my self-esteem/confidence. So far I only know of K-Star ( and Black Widow Martial Arts Academy ( What I can't understand is why none of them have the prices displayed. And none of them have a Q&A section, like how much time after the first lesson you need to buy the required equipment? I saw around three posts on this forum about K-Star and how they're mainly interested in ripping off they're students but they do an ok job as well, I couldn't know how false or true those statement were, maybe I can get a more recent opinion? Anyone heard of Black Widow and recommends it? If not, can you please recommend others? Thanks and sorry for all the questions, but I really want to make the right choice and stick with it no matter what.
  2. Teflon

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    I train at K-Star and had reservations before joining, due to the things posted on this forum and others (money-grabbing etc). Certainly the intro felt that way too at the time, but I'm glad I took a chance and signed up. You can find out prices, schedules and anything else you need to by calling the phone number for K-Star, though gyms will be closing up in a few hours because of the snow today. You can get a free 1-on-1 intro booked when you call too, and possibly some free lessons, so its not like you cant try before you join :)

    I don't know much about Black Widow, though I believe they were started by an ex-instructor from K-Star.

    Ultimately, I'd suggest calling them up, booking an intro, and seeing what you think by going :)
  3. Deity

    Deity New Member

    Cheers mate, that's wonderful to hear. Yes but I wouldn't want to go until I'm sound with the financial part, can you please say how much are you paying for one month and if there are any extra fees?
  4. Teflon

    Teflon Valued Member

    I pay 49 a month though prices could have gone up a little from when I joined, I have no idea whether they have though. It gives you whatever lessons + open training you want at the 3 k-star gyms. Theres an optional £10 extra monthly to join the fighters lessons too, though if you fight you can attend them anyway.
  5. Deity

    Deity New Member

    That's good to know, will be joining it as soon as I can. You need to buy the equipment too right away? I know I'm asking a lot but as a student without a decent job I need to know those kind of things before I leap in and theres no point going to the first lesson and try unless I know I can afford everything. You're going to the Perry Barr or the City Centre one?
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  6. Teflon

    Teflon Valued Member

    I train at both, though City Centre is home gym for me :) You dont really need anything to start, gloves/shinpads/gumshield/groin protecter will be needed eventually, though its probably a good idea to start with gloves for pad work.
  7. Steve Logan

    Steve Logan Banned Banned

    Deity...what's going on?

    You 'heard' that K-Star rip people off! You come on a public forum and slag off my gym, without even phoning one of our academies???
    If you go on our website our phone numbers are very clearly displayed, so why not phone ask your questions??

    If you want to assess a martial arts academy, asking questions on a forum is NOT the best way.

    If I wanted to assess a martial art school, the things that I would be interested in are:-
    The quality of the instruction.
    The facility that I will be training in.
    The rapport that I have with the staff and instructors.
    The attitudes of the other members of the gym, ie is it full of bullies etc
    How accessable the academy is to me, buses, parking etc.

    All of these things would be much more important to ME than how much it is when I am trying to determine the 'value' of something.
    NONE of the above list can be found out on a forum, you need to go along to the academy and EXPERIENCE it for yourself!!!

    I can't find these other posts slagging us off, so please point them out to me as I would also like to address those too.

    My instructors and staff are all very well trained and as a result we are very 'professional' I can only assume that as they are so professional and efficient that this may offend some people!

    I will answer your questions/allegations about costs. First of all EVERYONE gets a FREE 1-2-1 private lesson with an instructor, to show you around, let you try it out and explain everything to you in detail! Most instructors charge £20 - £30 for a private lesson, we give you this for FREE, so hardly, ripping people off!

    You say that you are a Uni student, well K-Star have a Student membership that is ONLY £30 PER MONTH, that is unlimited classes at 3 Fulltime academies, 7 DAYS A WEEK!!!

    Compare that to the local uni in a sports hall with no matting etc charging £5 per lesson to students, if you train 4 days per week at £5 per class that is £80 per month and we only charge £30 per month for 7 days a week in a proper gym, with proper instructors.

    I think that it is disgraceful that you come on here and slag us off without knowing any of the facts.

    Also for your information K-Star is Birmingham's most successful Muay Thai academy, we have produced many many champions CONSISTANTLY over the last 20 years from area champions all the way to European and WORLD CHAMPIONS, I have also trained most of the top instructors in Birmingham.

    So even if we were very expensive, I think that we would be rightly justified in charging more just as a rolls Royce costs a LOT more than a mini. BUT as it is we are the same price as other ‘like’ academies and actually cheaper than the £5 per class, part time instructors brigade!!

    If anyone else has any questions about pricing or anything else to do with K-Star Thai Boxing please pick up the phone and ask my staff are very well trained and will be able to help
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    K-Star Thai Boxing City Centre number removed
    K-Star Thai Boxing Sheldon / Solihull number removed
    Steve Logan.

    MOD Note. Phone numbers can be found on the website.
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  8. Steve Logan

    Steve Logan Banned Banned

    why hasnt my last post been put up?
    very quick to put up negative posts, but not so quick with a positive post.
    very disapointing.

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