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Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by thedogtrainer, Nov 9, 2011.

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    I just joined the forum. A bit more history. I have MS and Epilepsy. My epilepsy is pretty well under control, with the help of a seizure alert dog, who is able to give me a 20 minute notice. Seems that I go through "seasons" with that issue.

    I also have relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Mine is not what most would consider "serious". I am mobile 90% of the time, altho, if I am in a tremendous amount of pain, I will use my wheelchair. I have limited vision in my right eye..,

    I walk with a limp occasionally, if I am really tired or hurting. Pain is my biggest symptom. But, I survive,and yup, even compete.....

    I don't preregister for those competitions tho.....too much to loose if I can't go;)):Angel::Angel:
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    One of the girls in the office where I work has just been diagnosed with a mild form of MS. It is early days and she has not openly discussed the issue with us yet.

    Her doctor has told her is is confident of a cure within his lifetime, would you share the same optimism?
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    Hi Simon.....
    I am not sure. However, heading up into my late 40's....I figure with the hell that I raised as a kid, I am drawing the short straw;0) :eek: So, we shall see. It would be nice....
    I am of the opinion that it's a, quite possibly, there is a cure out there somewhere....

    Her doctor has told her is is confident of a cure within his lifetime, would you share the same optimism?[/QUOTE]
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    I don't have any knowledge of the illness to be able to give a decent answer.

    We can only pray that cures are found for MS, diabetes, parkinsons and the like during our generation.
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    I have a friend who suffers from MS and a host of depression and anger management issues.
    His MS went into remission about two years ago and over the past summer he decided to hit the gym under the guidance of his therapist and gained quite a bit or muscle!
    Then when he came back to uni he took up muay thai and karate and wants to start grappling.
    He still walks with a limp and doesn't have great control on the right side of his body, and coupled with his anger management issues, he gets quite frustrated if he doesn't think he's doing a technique properly.
    I think his dedication is amazing!

    I have another friend who suffered from aneurysm/stroke when he was 12 and can hardly use the right side for much yet he also does muay thai and really enjoys MA.
    He wanted to start grappling but he's limited in what he can do.

    What do you compete in?

    And how do you overcome your difficulties?
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    Your friend's anger issues come from probably being in pain, and not quite realizing he is in pain. Until I found duragisic pain patches, my life was miserable. If I took drugs for the pain, I couldn't function. If I didn't take drugs I couldn't function.

    Training is hard sometimes, but it is so worth the effort. I have combined scuba diving(some neurologist are using hyperbaric chambers for MS sypmptoms---o2 under pressure....I prefer to scuba dive than to sit for hours in a hollow metal and glass tube;0)), which I do about 3 days per week, except in really cold weather/water, with the highest percentage of nitrox available. I spearfish, so I eat alot of fish during the week, which may or may not be helpful.(tastes good tho!)

    I work out daily....Thinking about posting my workout routine somewhere. Somedays it is easier than others. Some days I can finish my workout quickly, other days I can't.

    Stretching is vital. I take alot of time to stretch.

    I compete in NASKA. I competed back in the early 90's and had a great time, and just started back competing this year. It may be put on hold while in Italy for a year, but I should be able to find some competitions there! This year I did 2 "B" rated tournaments, the US Open, and the Redlands Invitational. I am supposed to go to the Pan-American today, but that is IFFY.

    I think that I stated, I also have epilepsy(result of being blown up against a wall in a car bomb in the middle east in the late 80's). I have had multiple seizures in the past couple of weeks and simply not sure I feel up to it. Sigh. I hate driving in Miami to boot....

    I get your buddy's frustration. I get so mad at myself when I don't get something right. Especially in Kata. But....such is....most of us with MS seem to be perfectionists......just a thought.....

    I will post more later, right now, I have to go play with Rottie pups....:Angel:

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