Movies you enjoyed, but would never recommend

Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by Donn1e, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. Rand86

    Rand86 likes to butt heads

    Really? I've taken whacks to the head that were subtler...
  2. CrowZer0

    CrowZer0 Assume formlessness.

    Neverending story.

    The land of the dinosaurs.


    Robin Hood prince of thieves
  3. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Turner and Hooch.
    The Amazing Dobermanns.
    Zoltan - Hound of Dracula.

    I like dogs. If you don't like dogs then probably not worth watching those films. Probably not even worth watching them even if you do like dogs. You have to really like dogs to watch The Amazing Dobermanns.
  4. LapsangSouchong

    LapsangSouchong One lump or two?

    Electric Dreams, and that goes for the movie's theme music too :p

    [ame=""]Together in Electric Dreams[/ame]
  5. Rand86

    Rand86 likes to butt heads

    Speaking of movies with Thomas Turgoose (the kid from This is England)...

    I will never, ever recommend Eden Lake to anyone. In fact, without a gun to my head, I won't watch it again either.
  6. Rhythmkiller

    Rhythmkiller Animo Non Astutia

    The Big Lebowski, an amazing piece of cinema but i have recommended this and no one liked?????? How can this be??? Fargo being the other one.

    So yeah, the Big Lebowski and Fargo. Can't recommend them anymore.

  7. LapsangSouchong

    LapsangSouchong One lump or two?

    All my friends loved the Big Lebowski, but I think it is somewhat an acquired taste. Fargo I can relate to, also I enjoyed it but wouldn't recommend.

    I got a similar reaction to Cloud Atlas - I absolutely loved it, everyone else either didn't or fell asleep watching it?!
  8. Bozza Bostik

    Bozza Bostik Antichrist on Button Moon

    Fargo? Really? It's great.

    Ed Wood films and El Santo / Blue Demon films are awesome fun...wouldn't recommend them to a lot of people. But then again...I don't really know people outside of work / hobbies who don't watch that sort of stuff anyway.
  9. CrowZer0

    CrowZer0 Assume formlessness.

    Reminded me of Beethoven and Beethovens second.

    Who doesn't love a St Bernard?
  10. raaeoh

    raaeoh never tell me the odds

    Yup. I love how discreetly yet openly he bashes the man.

    I just watched robocop the other night! Getting ready for the new movie. I'd watch that for a dollar.
  11. Heikki Mustola

    Heikki Mustola Valued Member

  12. greg1075

    greg1075 Valued Member

    Nice picks. Some people might know Jeunet from The City of Lost Children and Amelie but I doubt anyone here has ever seen La Grande Bouffe besides you, I and the French posters on here.
  13. greg1075

    greg1075 Valued Member

    A few off the top of my head:

    Pretty much any Lynch movie...Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive are my favs. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and more recently Drive and Springbreakers. Actually I highly recommend all of them but most people probably wouldn't like them.
  14. LapsangSouchong

    LapsangSouchong One lump or two?

    Those are 3 great movies - on a similar vane, I wouldn't recommend them.

    Other films I enjoyed, but wouldn't recommend, because they're too old, are:

    My Best Friend's a Vampire
    Creepshow 2

    I have a feeling that many wouldn't appreciate Steven King's the Langoliers either - but I found it to be surprisingly good, just last year!
  15. Zinowor

    Zinowor Moved on


    I watched this movie a couple years back when I was on an 'asian movie marathon' and this is the kind of movie where you will think about the phrase 'what has been seen cannot be unseen'.

    There's a western version of it now, but it looks a bit dodgy.
  16. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    When I was in Y11, I met this girl in the school library who was from Japan and also studying for the public exams.​
    Very open and chatty, and I must admit, a bit of an oddball; she had the soul of a world-traveler twice her age with far ranging and diverse interests, many which she shared with me during breaks between study sessions.

    As the study breaks became longer and longer, the topic of film came up and she would rattle off the names of films I'd never heard of, asking me each time if I'd manage to see it, to which I shook my head.

    I was beginning to feel a common Jordy when she asked if I'd like to see some of the films she'd mentioned. I said “sure” and it warn't long before I was invited to her parent's flat for the equivalent of afternoon tea. I met her mum briefly, her father being the typical, compulsive “salaryman”, was away for the evening. I'm certain her mum asked her who the ignorant-looking gadgie she had in tow was.

    I'd never had sake before – and her mum was quick to curtail any indulgence. I was rather, stunned at the differences in cultural norms between our two societies.

    It was also the first time I had seen a Laser Disk and I'm still not quite certain how it was that she was able to obtain some of the titles – long out of print, rare due to some of the bizarre themes – that she had on the medium and I'm quite certain they were in their uncut and uncensored versions

    From the outré of avant guard Japanese cinema -

    A Page of Madness (1926) From director Teinosuke Kinugasa, thought to be the first Japanese experimental film. When I was first viewing this, it did not seem particularly 'experimental', though if you'd asked me at the time to give a definition of experimental film, I would not have been able to.
    Fortunately for me, my guide was well versed in the intricacies of proper film critique and I received a first-rate education each week under my “professor's” tutelage over the waning weeks of the school term.

    A Page of Madness was an excellent choice as an intro to Asian film as it had all of the required elements of experimental film genre – intercut flashbacks, distorted visuals, symbolic movement , montage editing, multiple exposures, etc.,.

    Roughly, the film centres around a grounds keeper of a mental institution who is attempting to provide comfort to his wife – an asylum resident herself – when their daughter arrives to tell the woman that she is engaged to be married.

    I've included a youtube clip – I was surprised to find one – for your “enjoyment” Just remember, as your eyes glaze over and your head begins to nod, this was the very cutting edge of its day.

    [ame=""]A page of madness - YouTube[/ame]

    In the Realm of the Senses (1976) Supposedly based on a true story in 1930's Japan, this Nagisa Oshima film was a landmark in many ways – the Cannes Film Festival prohibited its showing and until 2 years ago, was banned by the BBFC (British Board of Film Censors) in its uncut format.

    Due to the films erotic nature, I shan't go into further detail regarding the film other than to say that the actor and actress do certain scenes but allow their au naturale performances to be filmed, if you follow.

  17. Bozza Bostik

    Bozza Bostik Antichrist on Button Moon

    I'm not sure if it was actually banned. I saw it when I was working in a university cinema. I think there might have been "selected showings" or whatever they are called.

    It was definitely not cut...can't remember about the male lead though. :p

    But yes, it was quite graphic. I wasn't shocked about the content, shocked that they could actually show it.
  18. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    I can tell ya, sitting there and watching this thing on Laser Disk with my friend at her parent's flat was quite an experience.

    I think I was far too nervous to really comprehend the cinematic themes, I kept wondering if her mum would suddenly rush in and have a conniption fit - as any Western mum would be culturally trained to do.

    I think it at that point it began to dawn on me that 'we' were not necessarily as socially mature as we'd been led to believe.
  19. Zinowor

    Zinowor Moved on

    I thought you were making fun of me until I watched the clip. :p

    I can understand the confusion you must've had back when people weren't yet exposed to the strangeness of the internet.
  20. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    And then your eyes glazed over and then your head began to nod.

    Then you'll agree with me that we've found the perfect remedy for insomnia?

    Sorry mate, as much as I try to put this one back into the grinder and reverse the crank, no cow emerges out the other end.

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