Mountain VS Beast

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by hewho, May 4, 2020.

  1. hewho

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    Plenty of time for both guys to get fighting fit, and get some ring experience, even if it's just sparring rather than competition. I imagine there will be plenty of boxers looking to get some more publicity by training with one or the other of them!
  2. Grond

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    Hathor's already globally popular, he played Gregor "The Mountain That Rides" Clegane for almost a decade, on top of being the so called strongest man. And if we really go to film, he's filmed quite a few fights (without a stunt double until the final season) and battles so at least has things like choreography down. That combined with his muscle/fat ratio over Eddie leads me to believe he'd at least have an advantage. But still, back to the overall mass issue without proper cardio (which is going to make both of them smaller probably) workups prior, it'll be like two bears mauling each other for about a round or two, like you said, and then a couple of exhausted bears go down on their bums.

    Not that I wouldn't pay to watch it, having lost many hours of my life to GoT, I know how entertaining Hathor can be. Superhuman beast, no, but far more beast than most of us here could probably handle. I for one would never want to step in the ring with this guy for a challenge or purse. Ask Oberyn Martell how that turns out... :D


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