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    1/24 continued

    9:45 pm: Chicken & creamy beet risotto, 620 cal.
    10:30 pm:
    - Nuts & cheese w/ dried cranberries (360 cal)
    - 300 cal of potato chips
    - 240 cal dark chocolate mint creams

    In bed ~11:30 pm.


    Up around 7:15 am.
    30m to fall asleep, 5h48m restful sleep, 1h30m restless sleep.
    HRV: 72
    Recovery: Yellow (77%)

    12:30 pm: Strength training.
    Today was just mobility & recovery. My shoulders were both feeling a little messed up, we did a bunch of triggerpoint & testing various things (quadriped row, stretches, other mobility stuff, when stuff didn't feel right spent some time working on it with foam roller/triggerpoint/etc). Also apparently when I'm doing push-ups I should be pulling myself down with my lats, not just pushing less hard to let my chest fall towards the floor. My trainer suspects some of my shoulder issues are from doing push-ups incorrectly. He also had some corrections on my body-weight squat technique.

    2:15 pm:
    Ahi tuna tartar with avocado and tropical salsa, 250 cal
    Shrimp and grits with chorizo, 570 cal
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    Ok, so... on the 25th for dinner we had some friends over and had a lot of good food.
    I kind of fell off the wagon a bit and ate a bunch of junk (like, 3 chipwiches in a row, a massive bag of chips, dinner of hamburgers & hot dogs, etc), and didn't do any exercise for a couple days. (Eat poorly -> feel poorly -> don't feel like exercising -> no exercise = feel more poorly -> eat more junk -> repeat cycle).

    I also messed up my sleep schedule a bit... and stopped measuring HRV in the morning.

    Anyway, I'm going to stop logging food but continue trying to eat generally healthy.

    I'll head to BJJ fundamentals tonight.



    BJJ fundamentals.

    I warmed up by hitting the heavy bag, and then doing the floor drills (rolls, crawls, etc) at my own pace, skipping some, going slower than the rest of the class.
    Then we did grip sparring for a bit (that peak into read before 20 min).
    Then we worked on the pendulum sweep from guard. The instructor showed 3 versions, starting with the one he doesn't really like, but wants us to learn the mechanics of the various movements. This one you pin the wrist to your chest, scoop their leg on the other side (trying to get your biceps on their thigh, though with bigger people like me we generally can't get that deep a scoop due to our bodies getting in the way), and then do the pendulum leg swing thing as you sweep. He said he doesn't like this one much because it doesn't work well against high level guys.
    Then he showed a version he likes better where you pass their arm across their body and then get a grip across their back to the lapel/collar/lat area (depending on what you can reach), then scoop the leg & pendulum.
    Then he showed his favorite version, where you pass their arm across their body & get a grip on the wrist (with your arm across their back), making sure its below their other armpit (otherwise they can just shrug their head out), and then do the scoop & roll.

    This class felt really exhausting to me. Not sure if its just eating poorly & not moving for the 4 prior days, or what, but it felt much harder than last Friday. I was already feeling pretty tired while on my way to class.
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    Cardiac output conditioning.
    Started with 2 sets of 5 squats, 5 push-ups (focusing on proper form for both).

    Then I did about 40 minutes on the heavy bag.
    I forgot to wear my ankle brace, hopefully the ankle won't feel bad later...
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    Walked 45 min @ 2mph, 116 avg BPM
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    Shoulder exercise: 20 reps each with blue band: abduction, external rotation @ 0, external rotation @ 90, reverse fly
    10 reps y-fly.


    BJJ all ranks class

    Warmed up on the heavy bag, then grip sparring (I think that is when I went into the red a bit).
    We worked on a gi-tail feed to trap their arm and transition to mount from side control.
    We also worked going into a triangle mount instead & finishing with an armbar. It was mentioned that this is one of the most dominant positions there is, especially when strikes are allowed, as there is basically no good way to get out of it, and there are several submissions from there for when strikes aren't allowed.
    The choke is not really consistent from that spot--you have to roll over & scoop their leg a bit to get the proper angle for the choke.

    Then we rolled for 5 or 6 rounds of 6 minutes. I sat out some of it, and ran out of wind in most of them.


    Walked 33 min @ 2 mph. Not sure on HR, watch was too low on battery to record.
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    Shoulder exercise: 20 reps each with blue band: abduction, external rotation @ 0, external rotation @ 90, reverse fly
    10 reps y-fly.

    I've not been doing explicit calf exercises lately (or the grip training... I need to do it on weekends but get lazy). But I have been doing calf raises while standing around waiting for an elevator/on the elevator/while walking (walk on toes), etc.
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    I strained a muscle in my left leg near the hip, so took a while off exercise as pretty much everything bothered it a bit.

    I walked 30 min @ 2mph today, no issues, 113 avg BPM.

    I'll see how it feels, but will likely need to rest more anyway, as I'm going back to the podiatrist for another cortisone shot in the right ankle (the fluid pocket hasn't gone away, still causing discomfort during/after exercise). If it is the same instructions as last time, it will be 4 days no weight bearing exercise. I will likely be able to swim though.

    Wasn't hungry at lunch time today, so I am going to fast until dinner tonight or breakfast/lunch tomorrow.
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    I broke the fast with dinner, so around 22 hours of fasting.

    I didn't sleep much last night--went to bed after 3 am, got up at 9.

    I did feel that strained muscle a little yesterday starting a few hours after walking, but it had gone away again by this morning.

    Walked 38 min @ 2mph, 117 avg BPM (probably a bit high due to lack of sleep).
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    I got another cortisone shot in the ankle on the 20th.
    Yesterday at the gym I worked on hip & shoulder stability, wrist flexibility & push-up form, and did some single-leg hamstring curls.

    Today: Cardiac output method: 30 min on a stationary bike, 140 avg BPM.
    No issues with the left leg where I had that muscle strain--I think its healed now.
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    Walked 32 min on treadmill @ 2mph, 112 avg BPM.
    Ankle felt slightly sore at the start, but that went away fairly quickly.

    Later, 30 minutes on a stationary bike for cardiac output, 140 avg BPM.
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    Had a friend over and messed around on the heavy bags for a while (~1 hour). Punching, kicking, open hand stuff. I didn't wear my HR monitor. I was pretty sweaty by the end of it.
    My ankle is a bit sore, and I'm feeling that strained muscle from my left leg a bit.
    Right now I plan to get back to BJJ tomorrow, though I'll see how everything is feeling.
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    Shoulder maintenance 1: 2 sets with blue resistance band: 20 abduction (each side), 20 external rotation @ 0 (each side), 12 Y-fly

    Shoulder maintenance 2: 2 sets with blue resistance band: 20 abduction (each side), 20 external rotation @ 90 (each side), 12 reverse-fly

    Walked 30 min @ 2mph, 113 avg BPM.

    BJJ fundamentals class

    Started the monitor ~10 min before class started, did some foam rolling.

    I warmed up on the heavy bag for a while. I should slow that down--I wanna be in the green HR area, the yellow is mostly anaerobic which I want to avoid as I'm working on aerobic conditioning right now. (I mean, its ok to do it if I need to for whatever drill/etc we are doing, but I don't need to be doing anaerobic work while warming up.)

    After that I skipped the 25 jumping jacks due to the ankle, and just did the 25 squats, 25 push-ups (on my knees; I can't do 25 regular push-ups even when I'm fresh), 25 crunches.
    Then we did grip sparring for a bit. I worked with a group of 3 so I got more rest than usual.

    We worked on cross-choke/x-choke/whatever you want to call it today. We worked both offense & defense.
    For defense, we worked 3 ways:
    - stop the first grip/peel the first grip
    - if you can't do that control them via hands in their armpits to prevent the 2nd grip & circle your head out when able (to make their first grip useless)
    - if they do get the 2nd grip you make a bit of space by bringing a hand up like you are on the phone, under their top gripping arm, and tucking your chin to try to get your jaw in the way of the choke. I only got one rep of this one due to working in the group of 3, and it took a little bit to figure out the body mechanics of it on that one rep.

    At the end we did live training with only that choke in play, from guard, both with no grips, and starting with one grip in place.
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    I only got about 5 hours of sleep; woke up and just couldn't fall back asleep.
    I'm feeling that strained muscle in my left leg today, and my ankle is a bit sore (less so than usual after activity that uses it, so hopefully the cortisone shot is doing its thing).

    Rested today.


    Another mostly rest day today. Still feeling that strained muscle in the left leg is a bit off, I don't want to push it too hard and re-injure it.
    I may try to go to BJJ fundamentals tomorrow morning before my usual session with the personal trainer. We haven't been doing anything particularly strenuous lately due to that strained muscle & the ankle issue. I figure I can show up tired from BJJ and do mobility/work on proper form/auxiliary exercises.

    Walked 47 minutes @ 2 mph, 106 avg BPM
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    I haven't been feeling well the first half of this week. I was going to get back to BJJ tonight and give Muay Thai a shot next week (before my follow-up on the ankle), but I pulled a back muscle this morning...
    Its fairly bad when I first stand up (can't really walk or move around), but it settles down after I've been standing a bit. I'm going to rest it for today and tomorrow and see what I can do on Saturday.
    Even if it doesn't fully heal by Sunday I may go to BJJ--I've had this happen before, and I can train with it after a few days rest. It will tighten up and give me trouble after training, but usually clears up in a few weeks if I don't overdo it.
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    My back is still fairly bad, though significantly better than the first few days after the pull.

    I walked ~30 min @ 2mph today, back was ok. I'll have to see how it feels later tonight. No HR today, forgot my watch.
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    I'm working from home now due to covid 19, so no treadmill walking while I work...

    My back is continuing to improve. I think its almost ready to get back to BJJ. I hope to also resume Muay Thai next week.
    I'll have to see how the ankle holds up, hopefully I won't need a 3rd cortisone + walking boot. (My follow-up with the Dr. got pushed back, as I haven't been able to test the ankle much due to the leg muscle strain & the pulled back muscle.)

    Today I did some exercise to work out the back a bit, and to get some cardio in.
    25 minutes, a combination of:
    - Slips, leans, sways, ducks, etc, while shadow boxing with leg checks, punches, teeps, elbows, and a few kicks.
    - Started with slow speed, exaggerated torso motion to test out the back & warm up. Progressed to regular speed.
    - Also did some footwork stuff, just moving around with various steps, keeping good stance the whole time.
    - When my HR got over 145 or so, I transitioned to doing calf raises for a bit, or using triggerpoint (blue dimple) on the hurt area of my back.
    - Back was mostly ok--a little uncomfortable at certain points in some motions, but it would get better for a bit after the triggerpoint. Nothing to the point of pain, just tugging/discomfort in the hurt area.

    I forgot to put on my ankle brace beforehand and didn't bother to go get it once I started. I'll see how the ankle feels tonight/tomorrow.
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    I've been having trouble getting myself to exercise.

    I didn't get back to training BJJ--the gym closed the night before I was going to go back.
    My Muay Thai gym also is closed right now.

    I need to do better. My weight is back up to 315 and I've not been feeling good in general lately--a lot of migraines, general sluggishness, etc.
    I think this is due to a combination of horrible diet and very little exercise.

    Anyway, since my last post:
    - 35 min walk on 3/18 (122 avg BPM), hiking easy (flat) trails with my wife.
    - 17 min walk around my neighborhood with my wife on 3/20 (121 avg BPM)--stopped early as I wasn't feeling well (migraine). Thought a walk might help me feel better but it didn't really, and so I just headed home.

    Today (3/22): 30 min shadow boxing, keeping HR ~130-145, avg BPM was 138.

    Going forward:
    - I will try to walk or do some sort of exercise each day. Aiming for ~30-60 minutes most days, will build up from there. Rest days can be recovery exercise or just going out for a walk.
    - I am going to start doing body weight exercise randomly during the day. I'm working from home, I can do a quick 5 push-ups or 5 squats or a 30 second plank every now and then.
    - I'm going to try, once again, to eat generally healthy. I may try fasting again too, though I've been finding it a bit hard when I'm already not feeling so great (leads to headaches/feeling worse). Maybe if I'm exercising again regularly and eating a bit better, I can give it a shot in a week or so and see how it goes.
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    Last post should have said 3/23 for 'today', not 3/22.


    I did do a few random sets of squats & push-ups (but very few reps per set; 5 for squats, 2-3 for push-ups as my wrists get kind of stiff/sore after, I am doing mobility exercises for them afterwards, will build up more as wrists improve).


    Muay Thai workout on my heavy bags. I cut my elbow open on the seam of my leather bag (I never learn, apparently), gouged a good enough chunk out of it that it didn't stop bleeding after a few minutes with a paper towel pressed to it, so I paused the HR monitor and went back upstairs to take care of it. (My psoriasis has been flaring up lately, I shouldn't have tried elbowing my leather bag; I can elbow the aquabag all day without cutting myself unless I really mess up.)

    I did some free form bag work, but also a lot of focusing on kicks. When my HR was getting up into the yellow zone, I walked around the mat, did calf raises, and worked on my rear cross from southpaw (slow, just getting the different parts of the motion to click together correctly). I also worked other southpaw stuff, including rear cross, more actively (70-100% speed/power) when HR was lower.
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    A couple sets of bodyweight squats or push-ups (5 reps per set).

    Heavy bag for ~30 min, a lot of kicking. My knuckles were a bit sore after a little bit of punching on the cloth-stuffed bag so I mostly punched the aquabag and just kicked/kneed the cloth one.
    I worked punches & kicks from traditional & southpaw roughly equally. Didn't really do any switching today (switch kick/etc), just worked basic punches and kicks (front and rear, teep & roundhouse) in each stance.

    My back got a little tired towards the end; it also stiffened up slightly last night but not too bad (but didn't feel it during my workout yesterday). I will probably take tomorrow as a full rest day, or walk if I feel like it.
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    3/26 -- rest

    3/27 -- 23 minute walk, no other exercise.

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