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    Tuesday 2/5

    PT daily exercises

    Wednesday 2/6

    I had a mild headache from around 5:30 in the morning (woke up for some reason), slept more til 9 (off & on, headache remained), and it turned a bit towards a migraine as I was driving in to work. I was worried I wouldn't be able to go to Muay Thai (my first class since August, I think, so around 5 months). I took excedrin & my migraine specific medicine, and sort of coasted through the day on that... when it was time to leave for Muay Thai I still felt a little off, with a muted headache (its hard to describe... not painful or even really uncomfortable, but I can tell it is there). But, I didn't want to skip it, so I went. It was a bit tough cardio-wise but my head was fine.

    Muay Thai, beginners class, 1 hour

    Started with 2 rounds jump-rope (I was a bit late starting as I was still putting on hand wraps, maybe ~45 seconds into the first round when I started). I had to take a lot of breaks due to my calves fatiguing and my breath running out.
    Then we grabbed a partner & kick shield & did some kicking & kneeing drills for 6 rounds (3 rounds striking, 3 rounds holding the kickshield, alternating each round).

    After that we geared up & did some basic attack drills. We worked jab-rear kick for a good while in broken rhythm. That was that long stretch of red that starts a bit after 40 minutes. The Kru did not put on a timer, I recall being fairly tired by the end of it despite going slow.
    The last drill was more jab-rear kick, but adding in feints, fakes, and other stuff. E.g., jab rear kick, jab rear kick, jab kick fake into switch knee. Or jab, jab feint, cross & kick. Etc.
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    Weds 2/6 addendum:
    - Also did almost all daily PT exercises (prior to Muay Thai, forgot to note it in last post). I forgot to do the supine external shoulder rotation w/ a dumbbell though.
    - No exertion headache! I had taken Excedrin & migraine-specific meds in the morning, and was planning on taking ibuprofen prior to class but forgot to. I took some aspirin ~15 minutes after class.

    Thursday 2/7

    Despite Polar showing an 'extreme' training load, my HRV wasn't really different than usual... I'm normally low 60s right now, and it was 61 this morning. Morpheus recovery score was higher this morning than it was Weds morning (85% vs 77%). Having no headache at all today felt pretty nice.

    I did feel more tired than usual once late afternoon hit though.

    I've been eating 2 meals a day so far this week:
    - A large lunch of refried black beans, refried red kidney beans, lentil barbacoa, lettuce, cheese (a good bit), 1/4-1/3 cup of avocado crema, meat (I usually do chicken, sometimes sausage or beef), guacamole, and pico de gallo. Not sure how many calories
    - A meal or two from a healthy food-delivery service. Each meal is ~500 calories.
    - If I want to I also have a bowl of whole fat unsweetened Greek yogurt (1-2 cups) w/ fruit (1-2 bananas, a good number of blueberries, or both).

    I decided to fast today, and plan to break it tomorrow morning at roughly 36-37 hours. My last food was after Muay Thai last night, 2 of those delivery meals (thai sesame tuna w/ quinoi & veggies, and Greek style low carb pasta w/ shrimp & veggies).

    Shoulder PT:
    - All daily PT exercises
    - The 2x/week ones w/ a 12kg kettlebell & 7.5lb dumbbell.

    I swam for a short bit for recovery, mostly breast stroke, some back & free style.

    I spent ~10 minutes in the hot tub afterwards.
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    Friday 2/8

    Broke my fast in the afternoon instead of morning, so 42 hours.

    PT daily exercises

    Saturday 2/9

    Strength training, focused on hamstrings (single hamstring curls, single leg deadlift, valslide hamstring reverse curls). Also did some tissue work & stretching on the calves/hamstrings (tissue work mostly on the calves). My left achilles has been bugging me for a few days, my chiropractor did some fascial scraping yesterday, my trainer rolled the calf out with a stick roller as well as having me do some other stuff (trigger point dimple, softball, stretches, etc).

    PT daily exercises
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    Sunday 2/10
    Didn't do anything.

    Monday 2/11 & Tuesday 2/12
    Didn't really do much, did do some PT exercises.
    I was really exhausted on Monday for some reason (probably eating poorly on the weekend).

    I saw my PT for the last appointment--she said I can start to wean down to 4-5 times a week on the exercises, eventually ending up at around 3x/week to prevent re-injury.
    I will likely end up at 2x/week and see how that goes (3x is a bit too much for me to sustain indefinitely, I think).

    Wednesday 2/13

    Some PT exercises.

    Muay Thai, beginners class
    Muay Thai, advanced class

    I decided to give the advanced class a shot today, after the beginners class. (The break between classes is where I got down into the low green/high blue zone a little after an hour.)

    I'm fairly exhausted afterwards. Over an hour in the red zone means I'll likely be feeling it for a good number of days.

    Beginner class:
    1 round jump rope
    Full gear (gloves, shinguards, mouth guard)
    Kicking warmup (low, body, rear or switch, partner checks)
    Punches (optional) into a kick. Either no punch, jab, or jab cross.
    Added a hook to the end of the combo.
    Kick catching with follow ups (kick, sweep, etc)

    Advanced class
    Shadow boxed (option instead of jump rope if you did the beginner class)
    Full gear (gloves, shinguards, mouth guard)
    Jab cross, trap while passing left, rear kick. Also jab (optional additional cross + jab), trap while passing right, kick (stance switched during the pass right).
    Jab cross, pass left while trapping, cross to get their arms up, lead hook to the body, rear kick.
    Jab cross, push both hands on their guard, cross, and then some other stuff I forget that ended with a kick or maybe a knee.
    Jab cross, both hands trap on their guard, pull guard down on one side for an elbow, into a clinch knee with optional follow-up sweep and knees (one was a sweep throw, the other more of an off balance followed by a knee).

    Directed technical/play sparring, no moving around (space was tight). Kru says a number, you take turns throwing that many strikes of whatever type you like. Sometimes he'd say clinch and we'd clinch for a bit. We did 3 rounds of this (not sure on round timing), switching partners each time.
    I am not very good at sparring. I flail around a lot on defense. I need to work on that--I got some good advice from a couple more advanced students.
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    Thursday 2/14

    Some PT shoulder exercises.

    I was feeling very lethargic after lunch.
    I walked 30 min @ 2mph. Not sure on avg HR: my watch was low charge and refused to record my HR for me. I felt a bit more awake afterwards.
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    Friday 2/15

    I had some cookies last night and then got really tired and forgot to take my phone with me when I went to bed. So I didn't have my phone on me this morning to take my HRV before getting up.

    I fasted for around 23 hours, ending a few hours after swimming. I was feeling a little hungry around lunch time, but otherwise I felt ok. Still not full energy, but not overly tired like yesterday afternoon.

    Some PT shoulder exercises:
    Abduction (15 per side, blue band)
    External rotation @ 90 (2x20 per side, blue band)
    Y-fly (2x10, blue band)
    OH-press (12kg, 20 on first set, 15 on second. On both sides.)
    Single arm row on weight bench (2 x 20 x 12kg)
    Tricep kickbacks (2 x 12 x 7.5lb)

    Swimming for Cardiac Output (targeting ~120-140 bpm)

    Mostly breast stroke (with varying intensity, based on how my HR was doing); an occasional length (didn't do any full laps) of back stroke or freestyle. I picked it up a little in the last 25 minutes or so.

    10 minutes in the steam room afterwards.

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