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    Tuesday 2/5

    PT daily exercises

    Wednesday 2/6

    I had a mild headache from around 5:30 in the morning (woke up for some reason), slept more til 9 (off & on, headache remained), and it turned a bit towards a migraine as I was driving in to work. I was worried I wouldn't be able to go to Muay Thai (my first class since August, I think, so around 5 months). I took excedrin & my migraine specific medicine, and sort of coasted through the day on that... when it was time to leave for Muay Thai I still felt a little off, with a muted headache (its hard to describe... not painful or even really uncomfortable, but I can tell it is there). But, I didn't want to skip it, so I went. It was a bit tough cardio-wise but my head was fine.

    Muay Thai, beginners class, 1 hour

    Started with 2 rounds jump-rope (I was a bit late starting as I was still putting on hand wraps, maybe ~45 seconds into the first round when I started). I had to take a lot of breaks due to my calves fatiguing and my breath running out.
    Then we grabbed a partner & kick shield & did some kicking & kneeing drills for 6 rounds (3 rounds striking, 3 rounds holding the kickshield, alternating each round).

    After that we geared up & did some basic attack drills. We worked jab-rear kick for a good while in broken rhythm. That was that long stretch of red that starts a bit after 40 minutes. The Kru did not put on a timer, I recall being fairly tired by the end of it despite going slow.
    The last drill was more jab-rear kick, but adding in feints, fakes, and other stuff. E.g., jab rear kick, jab rear kick, jab kick fake into switch knee. Or jab, jab feint, cross & kick. Etc.
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    Weds 2/6 addendum:
    - Also did almost all daily PT exercises (prior to Muay Thai, forgot to note it in last post). I forgot to do the supine external shoulder rotation w/ a dumbbell though.
    - No exertion headache! I had taken Excedrin & migraine-specific meds in the morning, and was planning on taking ibuprofen prior to class but forgot to. I took some aspirin ~15 minutes after class.

    Thursday 2/7

    Despite Polar showing an 'extreme' training load, my HRV wasn't really different than usual... I'm normally low 60s right now, and it was 61 this morning. Morpheus recovery score was higher this morning than it was Weds morning (85% vs 77%). Having no headache at all today felt pretty nice.

    I did feel more tired than usual once late afternoon hit though.

    I've been eating 2 meals a day so far this week:
    - A large lunch of refried black beans, refried red kidney beans, lentil barbacoa, lettuce, cheese (a good bit), 1/4-1/3 cup of avocado crema, meat (I usually do chicken, sometimes sausage or beef), guacamole, and pico de gallo. Not sure how many calories
    - A meal or two from a healthy food-delivery service. Each meal is ~500 calories.
    - If I want to I also have a bowl of whole fat unsweetened Greek yogurt (1-2 cups) w/ fruit (1-2 bananas, a good number of blueberries, or both).

    I decided to fast today, and plan to break it tomorrow morning at roughly 36-37 hours. My last food was after Muay Thai last night, 2 of those delivery meals (thai sesame tuna w/ quinoi & veggies, and Greek style low carb pasta w/ shrimp & veggies).

    Shoulder PT:
    - All daily PT exercises
    - The 2x/week ones w/ a 12kg kettlebell & 7.5lb dumbbell.

    I swam for a short bit for recovery, mostly breast stroke, some back & free style.

    I spent ~10 minutes in the hot tub afterwards.
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    Friday 2/8

    Broke my fast in the afternoon instead of morning, so 42 hours.

    PT daily exercises

    Saturday 2/9

    Strength training, focused on hamstrings (single hamstring curls, single leg deadlift, valslide hamstring reverse curls). Also did some tissue work & stretching on the calves/hamstrings (tissue work mostly on the calves). My left achilles has been bugging me for a few days, my chiropractor did some fascial scraping yesterday, my trainer rolled the calf out with a stick roller as well as having me do some other stuff (trigger point dimple, softball, stretches, etc).

    PT daily exercises
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    Sunday 2/10
    Didn't do anything.

    Monday 2/11 & Tuesday 2/12
    Didn't really do much, did do some PT exercises.
    I was really exhausted on Monday for some reason (probably eating poorly on the weekend).

    I saw my PT for the last appointment--she said I can start to wean down to 4-5 times a week on the exercises, eventually ending up at around 3x/week to prevent re-injury.
    I will likely end up at 2x/week and see how that goes (3x is a bit too much for me to sustain indefinitely, I think).

    Wednesday 2/13

    Some PT exercises.

    Muay Thai, beginners class
    Muay Thai, advanced class

    I decided to give the advanced class a shot today, after the beginners class. (The break between classes is where I got down into the low green/high blue zone a little after an hour.)

    I'm fairly exhausted afterwards. Over an hour in the red zone means I'll likely be feeling it for a good number of days.

    Beginner class:
    1 round jump rope
    Full gear (gloves, shinguards, mouth guard)
    Kicking warmup (low, body, rear or switch, partner checks)
    Punches (optional) into a kick. Either no punch, jab, or jab cross.
    Added a hook to the end of the combo.
    Kick catching with follow ups (kick, sweep, etc)

    Advanced class
    Shadow boxed (option instead of jump rope if you did the beginner class)
    Full gear (gloves, shinguards, mouth guard)
    Jab cross, trap while passing left, rear kick. Also jab (optional additional cross + jab), trap while passing right, kick (stance switched during the pass right).
    Jab cross, pass left while trapping, cross to get their arms up, lead hook to the body, rear kick.
    Jab cross, push both hands on their guard, cross, and then some other stuff I forget that ended with a kick or maybe a knee.
    Jab cross, both hands trap on their guard, pull guard down on one side for an elbow, into a clinch knee with optional follow-up sweep and knees (one was a sweep throw, the other more of an off balance followed by a knee).

    Directed technical/play sparring, no moving around (space was tight). Kru says a number, you take turns throwing that many strikes of whatever type you like. Sometimes he'd say clinch and we'd clinch for a bit. We did 3 rounds of this (not sure on round timing), switching partners each time.
    I am not very good at sparring. I flail around a lot on defense. I need to work on that--I got some good advice from a couple more advanced students.
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    Thursday 2/14

    Some PT shoulder exercises.

    I was feeling very lethargic after lunch.
    I walked 30 min @ 2mph. Not sure on avg HR: my watch was low charge and refused to record my HR for me. I felt a bit more awake afterwards.
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    Friday 2/15

    I had some cookies last night and then got really tired and forgot to take my phone with me when I went to bed. So I didn't have my phone on me this morning to take my HRV before getting up.

    I fasted for around 23 hours, ending a few hours after swimming. I was feeling a little hungry around lunch time, but otherwise I felt ok. Still not full energy, but not overly tired like yesterday afternoon.

    Some PT shoulder exercises:
    Abduction (15 per side, blue band)
    External rotation @ 90 (2x20 per side, blue band)
    Y-fly (2x10, blue band)
    OH-press (12kg, 20 on first set, 15 on second. On both sides.)
    Single arm row on weight bench (2 x 20 x 12kg)
    Tricep kickbacks (2 x 12 x 7.5lb)

    Swimming for Cardiac Output (targeting ~120-140 bpm)

    Mostly breast stroke (with varying intensity, based on how my HR was doing); an occasional length (didn't do any full laps) of back stroke or freestyle. I picked it up a little in the last 25 minutes or so.

    10 minutes in the steam room afterwards.
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    Saturday 2/16

    Strength training, focused on hamstring recruitment right now:
    Single leg hamstring curl, 35lb, 3 sec up 5 sec down, 3 sets of (8, 6, 6) reps.

    3 sets Glute/ham machine, 5-8

    2 sets single leg deadlift 2 16kg bells, 5 reps

    Glute tube hip stability, 60 sec orange band, next set 25 sec yellow band

    2 sets valslide reverse hamstring curls 12 reps per set

    Fasted til early evening.

    Sunday 2/17

    Poor eating today. My wife went to McD's to pick up breakfast for herself. I had slept for something like 10 hours and got up at 11:30, so I had her pick me up a burger & fries for lunch.
    Had a snack in the late afternoon (garlic cheese french-bread pizza thing, an apple), and then a bunch of italian food (calamari, crab cakes, pasta carbonara, half an orecheti w/ sausage, and then a pint and a half of ice cream with heath bar & oreos on top).

    My wife & I were both stuffed, and way too much crap. We both struggle with this. I think I've linked the non-migraine headaches I've been having the past couple weeks (ranging anywhere from really mild to moderately strong) to sugar--if I don't eat any sugar for a few days (but still eating carbs, like whole grains & fruit), I seem to get a headache. As soon as I cave & eat a bunch of sugar, the headache goes away.
    We are trying to do better but often one of us drags the other down. E.g., the cookies on the 14th my wife picked up on her way home from work. The lots of pasta & ice cream tonight was me. (And she says she can't not have any when I get some... I can sometimes not have any when I see her eating candy/etc, but often I do end up eating it.)
    This kind of eating is how I got back to 300 lbs (from ~270) over the ~5ish months of no Muay Thai--eating like that daily (thousands of calories of ice cream & other junk/refined carbs/etc daily). And I'm hovering there now still because every few days I eat a ton of junk.

    Monday 2/18

    PT shoulder exercises (all blue band):
    2 sets on each arm:
    15x abduction
    20x external rotation @ 0
    20x reverse fly
    20x external rotation @ 90
    10x Y-fly

    Swimming for cardiac output (targeting 120-140 BPM)

    Almost entirely breast stroke, occasional back stroke. I did a very little amount of freestyle, but I have trouble going slow enough and end up spiking my heart rate too high (e.g., ~15 min & ~51 min).

    A couple sets of 5 push-ups, trying to get to where I can do 10 easily. (Otherwise the warmup from one of the Kru's at my Muay Thai gym is too hard, the guy who has us do 3 rounds of jump-rope with 10 pushups after each round.)
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    Forgot to mention: on Monday the 18th I also fasted most of the day, until around 6 or 7 pm. Swimming was fasted.
    I am not finding it particularly difficult to fast all day and eat one meal at night, which I decided to experiment with. (On days I'm gonna go do 1+ hour of Muay Thai I'll probably have some food beforehand.)
    I'll have to see how sustainable this is--one issue may be not getting enough calories (resulting in feeling cold/worn down/etc, not being able to perform as well in terms of exercise, etc). I find it hard to eat enough volume of food in that time period... I'll try adding more fats.

    Tuesday 2/19

    Fasted all day. I plan to start eating around 8 pm through around 11 pm (and heading to bed soon after that).

    My HRV was low today (55) vs somewhere in the 60s. I didn't sleep very well (but did get 8 hours).

    Shoulder PT exercise session 1 (2 sets on each side with the blue band):
    15x abduction
    20x external rotation @ 0
    20x reverse fly

    Walked 26 minutes @ 2 MPH with 112 avg bpm.

    Shoulder PT exercise session 2 (2 sets on each side with the blue band):
    15x abduction
    20x external rotation @ 90
    10x Y-fly

    Shoulder PT exercise session 3 (2 sets on each side):
    20x single arm row with one knee on weight bench, 12kg kettlebell
    20x single arm OH press with 12kg kettlebell
    20x triceps kickback with 7.5lb dumbbell (15x in second set)
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    2/20 - 2/26

    Migraine weds night through Thurs, didn't go to class or exercise.
    And then I just sat around and did nothing through the 26th... now my back is a little messed up from all the sitting and not moving around.

    I did do blue theraband shoulder maintenance exercises on the 26th.

    I slept really poorly the nights of the 24th & 25th (6.5 hours, then 5 hours).
    I got ok sleep the night of the 26th.

    I was feeling pretty worn out today still from the lack of sleep the couple nights before... I almost didn't go to class, but did go and am glad I did (as usual when I just go even when not feeling very energetic).

    Muay Thai, advanced class

    I did some stretching after starting the monitor, the big spike up around 10 minutes in is when class started.
    We did 5 minutes of jump-rope, then some shadow boxing for a while. The Kru called out different things (just shadowbox, go southpaw, just defense (checks, teeps, parries, slips, etc), and so on).

    We did drilled with just gloves & a partner.
    The main theme was jab cross into footwork & counter punches.
    Basically jab cross, cut back or sidways or forward (depending on what partner was doing, though it was a pre-arranged sequence; partner did a counter jab + forward movement, just a counter jab in place, and a retreating counter jab), and do some sort of strikes, trap, etc.
    E.g., jab cross, lateral step & split their counter jab, then clear their arm & throw a cross.
    We did a lot of trapping the arm, things like clearing the arm & throwing a little punch as you clear it, then the big overhand from the rear. Etc.

    One drill I really liked was a lateral step with a hook to the chin (not actually hitting them during the drill), then hooking over their jabbing arm with that arm, and using your shoulder + the blade of your forearm (outside part of the wrist) to pull your partner down & in towards you by the crease of their elbow (your shoulder locks in their hand and anchors it as you apply leverage to their elbow crease). And then an elbow off of that as their head pulls towards you.

    Play sparring at the end (~4 rounds, though I sat out for most of one as I was gassing out), which is where I got into the red zone.

    My back has stiffened up a good bit... hopefully with some more stretching & a bit of sleep it will sort itself out.
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    Fasting today, since dinner last night, which was ~500 calories (fish, beans, veggies).

    Shoulder maintenance:
    Session 1 (2 sets on each side):
    - 20x single arm row on weight bench (12kg)
    - 20x single arm OH press 12kg (15x second set)
    - 15x triceps kickbacks 7.5lb

    Session 2 (2 sets on each side with blue band):
    - 20x external rotation @ 0
    - 20x reverse fly
    - 20x abduction

    Session 3 (2 sets on each side with blue band):
    - 20x abduction
    - 20x external rotation @ 90
    - 12x Y-Fly

    Swimming, 30 minutes, 129 avg HR.

    Broke my fast with ~1000 calories of healthy stuff (shrimp, beef, beans, veggies, etc) and cheese.
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    I didn't do anything 3/1 - 3/3. I came down with a sore throat/fever/headache/feeling terrible the night of 3/3.
    It was pretty nasty, kept me down all week. I'm finally feeling mostly better...


    Shoulder maintenance session 1 (blue band, 2 sets on each side):
    15x abduction
    20x external rotation @ 0
    20x reverse fly

    Walk 27.5 minutes @ 2mph, 130 avg bpm. I was thinking of going to Muay Thai tomorrow, but given that my HR was in the 130+ range while just walking, I think maybe I'll do other lower impact stuff and get back to it next week.
    My heavy bag has been unavailable for a few weeks now, and will be unavailable for a while more as my basement is being finished. I'm turning one area into a movie/music/gaming room, and the other area into a martial arts room with floor & wall padding suitable for throws/falls/etc & will hang my heavy bag from the ceiling instead of the stand it is usually on. I also will be adding a wrecking-ball style uppercut bag (the one you fill with water and weighs something like 100lb, I forget what it is called and am too lazy to look it up right now).

    Shoulder maintenance session 2 (blue band, 2 sets on each side):
    15x abduction
    20x external rotation @ 90
    10x Y-fly
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    Glad to see you're feeling better!
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    Ugh, managed to get sick again a few days after feeling better from the sore throat/fever. This time massive congestion, fever, and feeling really tired. I'm still not completely over it... I will try some light exercise tomorrow probably, and try to get back on track from there.
  14. Morik

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    Saturday 3/23

    Strength training. Mostly hamstring stuff & rows.

    Tues 3/26

    Swimming, just a short swim and ~10 minutes of steaming afterwards.


    I felt not so great a few hours afterward... Advil took care of it.

    Weds 3/27

    Muay Thai, beginners class & advanced class (1 hour each)

    I took an antacid & some ibuprofen prior to class, and 2 electrolyte pills at the start of class & 1 more in the short break between classes. So far I've been feeling good afterwards (its been about 90 minutes since class ended).

    In the beginners class we did some striking combos with pads. Warm up was 2 rounds of jump rope, then kicking into a kick shield for a bit. Then we worked punching & kicking combos, with some knees thrown in in the later rounds.
    In the advanced class we started with a round of jump rope, then worked a bunch of clinching stuff with gloves on, including trapping and sweeps. At the end we did ~5 minutes of clinch-only sparring.

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    Thurs 3/28

    Shoulder maintenance session 1:
    2 sets on each side with blue theraband:
    - 12x abduction
    - 20x external rotation at neutral
    - 5 push-ups

    Shoulder maintenance session 2:
    2 sets on each side with blue theraband:
    - 5 push-ups
    - 12x abduction
    - 20x external rotation at 90
    - 20x reverse fly (I had to take two or three short breaks, 2-4 seconds, to get through all 20)

    Swimming: a 20 minute swim for recovery (HR ~125-135), then 10 minutes in the hot tub.
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    Thurs 3/28 addendum: Forgot I also did 10x Y-fly in shoulder session 2.

    Fri 3/29: Rest

    Sat 3/30

    Strength training

    16kg press and hold (supine) with 8 single leg raises and 8 ankle circles each direction, each side x 2

    14kg halos (8 each direction)
    Foam roller wall glide (10)
    Trapbar deadlift 130lb x 8
    Halos, wall glide

    Trapbar deadlift 180lb x 2 x 8, 200lb x 8
    Thicker black resistance band pull apart after each of set 8-12 reps (8 first time with narrow grip, 12 the others with slightly wider grip)

    Half kneeling single arm OH press (repeated on each side) 16kg x 5, 18kg x 5, 20kg x 5
    Valslide reverse leg curls after each set (bridge, reverse curl, then collapse bridge and bring them back). Tried bringing them back in bridged and it was a bit too hard for me.

    Walking hills for cardiac output
    Just a short walk today, I plan to do a longer cardiac output session tomorrow.
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    Mon 4/1

    Muay Thai, beginner + advanced class.

    Beginner class:
    A 5 minute round of jump-rope, then a few minutes shadow boxing.

    Then we worked on drop steps (bounce in with a jab, bounce out, for instance). Various combos ending with a kick or knee. E.g., step in with a jab, step out to their weak side to avoid a return jab, step in with a jab, step through lead kick.

    Advanced class:
    5 minutes of shadow boxing to warm up, then a kicking warm-up into a kick shield (body & leg kicks, and teeps).

    Same topic: drop steps. We did very similar things to the beginner class, but with more options and slightly more complicated interactions.

    No sparring at the end of class--on Mondays apparently the fight team practice is just an hour of sparring, and advanced students can stay for that. On Weds the team practice is doing MMA stuff I think, as the advanced class ends with us getting out of their way (to another area of the gym) and sparring a few rounds).
    I intend to try going to the Monday night sparring sometime soon. Maybe I'll skip the beginner class on Mondays for now til I can handle 3 hours.
    I have been kind of banged up on my leg muscles; stiffness near my knee in the back on the left leg, Achilles tendon pain on the right leg. I got a short massage today and did a bunch of foam rolling last Friday. I'll try to do some more rolling & stretching later tonight.
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    Mon 4/1 addendum

    I want to start writing down my HRV, sleep, and morpheus recovery score so I can see trends over time when reviewing my logs, as well as correlate the HRV/recovery score with how training/etc goes.
    I hadn't been taking my HRV in the morning while sick, started again on 3/28, so it is still in the calibration period. I.e., the Morpheus score is less accurate for another 4-5 days.

    Sleep: 7 hours
    HRV: 61
    Morpheus recovery score: 45%

    I did do some rolling/triggerpoint before bed.

    Tues 4/2

    Sleep: 5.5 hours (Took a while falling asleep, woke up ~90 minutes earlier than I had to and couldn't really fall back asleep.)
    HRV: 64
    Morpheus recovery score: 78%

    I've been fasting since last night around 10:30 pm. Depending on how I feel later I'll either break it at ~21-24 hours, or break it tomorrow at lunch.

    Shoulder maintenance session 1, 2 sets on each side with blue theraband:
    - 5 push-ups
    - 20x abduction
    - 20x external rotation @ neutral
    - 12x Y-fly

    Short massage again today (~15 min), focused on legs & shoulders. Avoided calves--I had them fascially scraped this morning by my chiropractor (and he said to avoid having any work done on them til tomorrow).

    Walked 25 minutes on a treadmill @ 2mph, 119 bpm avg.

    Shoulder maintenance session 2, 2 sets on each side with blue theraband:
    - 5 push-ups
    - 20x abduction
    - 20x external rotation @ 90
    - 20x reverse fly (had to pause for 1-2 seconds a few times on 2nd set)
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    Tues 4/2 addendum:
    Broke my fast at at ~22 hours. I had pretty bad digestive issues in the middle of the night... I didn't eat differently than I usually do, I think I need to scale back a bit when breaking a fast.

    Weds 4/3

    Sleep: 8 hours (6 restful)
    Hrv: 64
    Recovery score: 86%

    I got a 30 minute massage as my legs are still pretty messed up/tight. He worked my hip flexors & quads mostly.

    Muay Thai, beginner + advanced class


    Beginner class:

    Started with a round of jump rope. Then we paired up with gloves and worked on boxing defense (mostly deflections with forearms from a tight guard), some parrying. Later in the class one partner wore focus mitts and we worked boxing combos, as well as counters off strikes from the focus mitt partner.

    Advanced class:

    Started with a round of shadow boxing (option instead of jump rope for those who did beginner class), then another round of shadow boxing (for everyone). We worked on defense staying light on the lead leg and using it for all kick defense (leg, body, switch, lead/rear teep, inside leg kick, etc). For some of the drills our partner was also throwing punches for us to defend however (parry, deflect, etc), and throwing the various kicks which we still defend with just the lead leg while keeping weight on the rear leg.
    Class ended with 4 rounds of play sparring, I sat out 2 of them. I was pretty tired throughout the whole class, and felt like I was moving through molasses by the end. I couldn't get my leg up in time to check most of the kicks, and in the play sparring I got tagged a good bit (I'm still very new to that though, so to be expected). I feel like I was very slow with all my movements during this class.
  20. Morik

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    Weds 4/3 addendum:
    I forgot to mention, I took antacid before class but no ibuprofen. No headache after class.
    I plan to continue the antacid for a few more weeks and discuss with my doctor, as I often get acid reflux during class when I haven't taken an antacid.

    Also I got some good advice from my training partner in the beginner class (she has a ton of experience and lots of fights) about not leaning forward. While I already "knew" (at least, I think I've been told either on here or read somewhere) not to lean forward when throwing punches, but I didn't really realize how much I was doing it. It is something I really need to be mindful of or I start leaning forward by default... Her advice was basically: keep your weight centered over your hips, if I need more range step closer and/or rotate my torso more to extend my reach.
    Unfortunately I am not confident that I can catch myself leaning forward in the future when working heavy bag or with partners who don't call me on it, especially if I forget to focus on it. My heavy bag at home is unavailable for at least another month as the only good area for it is under construction (building a padded/matted area for striking & grappling, will be able to hang it from the ceiling when its done). Once that is back up this is probably something I should work on more regularly.

    Thurs 4/4

    Sleep: 7.5 hours (6.25 restful)
    Hrv: 74
    Recovery score: 36%

    20 minute walk at 2mph on treadmill, 113 avg bpm
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