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Discussion in 'MMA' started by Rhea, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. slipthejab

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    That is some explosive beef! Jeez that is one big thick fella and he manages to get off a whole lot more explosive moves than many guy half his girth or weight!! The explosive jump knee was great... and nothing like a spin kick from a dude that big... he gets in a great feint with the punching as well to good effect. The slams were ... OUCH!!!!! JEEZUZ!!!


    Rock ON!!!
  2. KidKrav

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    So I can't be 100% certain, but I'm pretty sure this is the greatest MMA highlight compilation ever pieced together:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Pride Psycho[/ame]

    The music has the perfect blend of melancholy and inspirational tones. In it's own way the video is beautiful in it's atrociousness.
  3. Korpy

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    I'm gonna dust these videos off...

    [ame=""]Corey Korupas vs Josh Pemble - YouTube[/ame] - Here's me at 18, and still in high school. I fought my first MMA fight and was able to win by third round RNC.

    [ame=""]Corey Kuropas vs Josh Johnson - YouTube[/ame] - Here's me at 19. I fought a fighter with more experience then me and was able to get out of a bad situation and finish with the tightest and most technical guillotine choke that I ever landed in competition.

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