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Discussion in 'MMA' started by tetsu ryu, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. HughesJD

    HughesJD New Member

    USA, Deltona, Fl
    Premier Martial Arts, Tiger Martial Arts
    MMA, No-Gi grappling of all kinds, Judo, JJ, any other style, technique, concept and training I can get my paws on.
  2. ben moak

    ben moak Valued Member

    USA, Olympia, WA
    Brian Johnson BJJ and Karate
    BJJ, Muay Thai Kickboxing
  3. martialexplorer

    martialexplorer Valued Member

    From: Chelmsford, UK
    Instructor: Jack "the stone" Mason (at unique results Chelmsford and BKK fighters in colchester)
    Current Style: MMA
    Previously: about a year of wing chun
    Ive Only been doing mma a few months so have yet to fight probably going to wait about another year or so before I give it a go
  4. Plimft

    Plimft Valued Member

    Leeds, UK
    Currently train at Sindrome MMA, seems to be boxing and BJJ base. Loving it!
  5. Koetsuji

    Koetsuji Valued Member

    My name is Justin. I've taken MMA for 6 months now in Mississippi at Gracie south jiujitsu, so far all I've taken before this is karate. At my gym however they teach judo, wrestling, kick boxing, Muay Thai and of course brazillian jiujitsu
  6. Kave

    Kave Lunatic

    Country: New Zealand

    City: Auckland

    Gym: GroundControl

    Styles: The gym offers classes in BJJ (Gi and NoGi) as well as MMA classes that cover all ranges of unarmed combat. Our MMA classes include striking from Boxing and Muay Thai, takedowns from Judo and Freestyle Wrestling and groundwork from BJJ.
  7. Gripfighter

    Gripfighter Sub Seeker

    Team: Scottish Hit Squad/BJJ Scotland - Coatbridge

    Gym: Kombat Mauy Thai and MMA

    Location: Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

    Instruction In - MMA of course, Wrestling and Boxing tailored towards MMA and sub grappling, gi and no gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay thai classes ran separately as Kombat Muay Thai. If your local check the links in my sig, coaches are former British and world champions in wrestling and boxing respectively and I believe our BJJ instructor is the only black belt teaching regularly in the west of Scotland outside of Glasgow, he is also even at the high level of black belt well above average skill wise, some very high quality instructor's.
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  8. cliberg

    cliberg New Member

    country/city: Denmark, North Seeland / Frederiksværk
    club/instructor: Frederiksværk selvforsvar, Me
    style(s): Kyukushin kai, Judo, BJJ, Boxing, Thai Boxing, Wrestling, MMA

    Focus on giving our small outback of denmark a place to Train MMA.
  9. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    Country/City: Portsmouth, UK

    Gym: Gym 01

    Styles: Mma obviously, strong focus on grappling particularly posture and control. Lot of ground and pound guys. Seperate bjj and K1 classes and instructors and the occasional wrestling coach private
  10. Grass hopper

    Grass hopper Valued Member

    Country/city: United States, Caldwell, Idaho

    Gym: red dragon kajukenbo&mma

    Styles: kajukenbo, mma (so far mostly stand up with jujitsu mixed in) with a background in karate.

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