Meryl Streep Ragging on MMA

Discussion in 'MMA' started by Pretty In Pink, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Who's the convicted child rapist she supported?
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    She applauded Roman Polanski getting an Oscar. So I guess by that concussed logic, anyone who listened to Michael Jackson post 1993 also supports a child rapist.
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    I do not think a humeruos aside should be taken out of context. I am sure that that mss streep does really appreciate the art within martial arts.

    i think that this is a great oportunity to show the unity of all artists, i suggest a charity show featuring The Rock and mss Streep showcasing the best of acting and ring craft - based on the works of Abba.

    you could call it - MMA mia
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    it seems to me that more than anything she's singling out violent pastimes. she did say "football and mma", and she doesn't mean "soccer". if anything, she didn't go far enough, she should have also called out the violence in hollywood movies, which i've always had a big problem with frankly. two people making love is too much for censors to see in a theater, but we can definitely show someone's head in a vice (casino) or garrotted (godfather 1), etc. etc. it's to the point where the violence has tricked down into kids stuff. my three are watching all the star wars franchise films--crazy violent.

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