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Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by Visage, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. herbert

    herbert Valued Member

    Oh yea, the big beardy guy in the sky. I'm gonna have a little chat with him about Qi. :D :D
  2. jkzorya

    jkzorya Moved on by request

    Good luck.
  3. Martin2

    Martin2 Valued Member

    Hi All,

    I have a clip online about one of our Pushhands seminars:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Wu Tai Chi Chuan Pushhands Seminar[/ame]

    Enjoy it.

  4. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Nice, thanks Martin. Is that Gary Wragg in there?

    If you're you planning another push hands seminar for 2009, keep us posted. Cheers.
  5. Martin2

    Martin2 Valued Member

    Wu Tai Chi South Africa

    Hi Cloudz,

    no - sorry - it is not Gary Wragg.

    Hi All,

    when I was in SA last year TV made a short film.
    Have fun with it:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Free Spirit[/ame]


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  6. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Ah well, for my sins I put up a few clips last night. Hopefully they''ll show something useful and constructive.

    The first drill shows a 'evade, deflect and parry drill' as I've called it with a restricted step - the back foot is fixed in place. The drill makes use of two of what i think are fundemental defensive movements in t'ai chi chuan and are found throughout a lot of forms - deflect and parry. No - they're not just in deflect parry and punch!

    technically a parry moves inwards towards your body and deflect moves outward/ away
    there are lot's of variations and no fixed technique. the restricted step is to promote and focus on upper body movement and defending and evasion in close range. Due to the restriction a few of my attempts at deflect / parry turned into jams, In one instance my partner punches my elbow for example. It's all good - enjoy.

    [ame=""]YouTube - deflect&parry drill - restricted step[/ame]

    The second clip shows some basic fixed step push hands (free pushing). the goal of the drill is to off balance your partner while remaining balanced or rooted yourself. Amongst the things being trained in this drill are listening skill/ sensitivity, neutralizing as well as balance.

    [ame=""]YouTube - fixed step freepushing[/ame]

    the third clip breifly shows how you can combine these two idea/ drills being shown into one drill and hopefull can give a better idea of how the attributes trained in push hands may possibly be used for a self defence situation and in conjunction with other techniques, in this case upper body movement, deflecting and parrying.

    [ame=""]YouTube - combination drill[/ame]

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  7. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    Good - I'm a big believer that skills, especially actual boxing and contact skills, improve enormously with basic drills that allow people's reactions and responses to develop organically like that. Hope to see more - and... what a lovely garden!
  8. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Which one in that vid are you Cloudz? :p I'm guessing the one thats not me :D

    I wouldn't mind checking out the moving step stuff from that session if you have it?

  9. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    hmm.. not sure mate, i think I may have rubbed over them.. or something :p. I was considering posting that clip where i put you in a chicken wing/ kimura though from our last sesh.. lol. :evil:

    cheers FQ, I have a bunch of past footage, that i'll probably be putting bits and peices up from. maybe even some form, if i'm feeling brave.. :0
  10. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    LOL.... no worries mang!

    I like chicken wings but! :D

    FORM FORM FORM FORM!!!! .......... no, I'm not putting mine up, my form is formless, so even if I did put it up.... no one would see it!!!! :p well thats my excuse... but yeah, at the end of the day, all the "your form is fake*" stuff is BS, if you can get some criticism, constructive or not, and if that leads to some improvement.... its all good!
  11. Dan Bian

    Dan Bian Neither Dan, nor Brian

    Good clips dude, thanks for posting :cool:
  12. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    Come on you two, let's have it - form especially!
  13. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    just more of the same really.. At the suggestion of someone on another board I've edited these together using mostly new footage and managed to tack on a bit at the end that represents a next step in the progression. The goal being to arrive at an advantagous clinch position.

    Alongside these drills if you practice various takedown/ throwing technique drills against both striking and kicking and from various positions you can start to bring it all together in a striker/attacker vs defender/grappler sparring drill. which is a favourite of mine :)

    great fun. hopefully I can get more clips up showing this come together.


    [ame=""]YouTube - taiji drills 1-4[/ame]
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  14. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    I wish I lived near you guys.

    Inthepirit... little, but useful, suggestion - whatever the rules of your push hands, fixed or otherwise, if you HAVE to step, step properly. Never step like a failure, or like you've given in - it's actually a great opportunity to practice correct stepping and re-positioning.
  15. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Thanks FQ, interesting suggestion, will try it out next time if I don't get too caught up in the rule set.. though I think its not really stepping on my part, but trying not to fall, dont think I have enough control in the matter to really step properly, but lest see.
  16. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    I can see that you're trying so hard not to move that you leave it until the last second before moving - when you're already off balance. But if you have to step, then, may as well treat it as stepping practice, then when you move in to free step, you might find a lot more success.
  17. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Keeping your balance while not stepping is one of the points of this particular practice, pretty hard stuff against someone like Cloudz who has a lower center of gravity and more mass. This is why I can only step at the last minute, after balance has been compromised, its ether this or fall over :) Trying to step well when your balance/structure has been compromised is quite difficult. I dont have this problem when I'm allowed to step (i.e.moving step push hands) as I adjust my footing in order to maintain balance/structure.
    P.S. Yeah, would be cool if you lived closer. If your ever down in the capital, let up know. Cheers!
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  18. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    If you have access to a bag, you can practice in a fixed stance, pushing and pulling it - and if you have something like a martial arts belt, you can loop it round the bag and loop the other ends round your hands, then push and pull th bag like that - you have to be careful of course. Then you coul try tying one end of the belt round the bag, then one end round you - I find you're best to use a pillow as well - and push the bag in various directions to test your stance.

    On the low centre of gravity, the further away you are, the less that is an advantage to your opponent - stand a little further back, so that both sides have to reach out more, and your longer reach becomes the advantge, not the low centre of gravity.
  19. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Yeah, I wish I had access to a bag. Have lots of ideas, but no bag :( One day! :)

    Ha ha! Good idea, plus I do have unusually long arms! Will give that one a shot, I just hope Cloudz does not read this :D
  20. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    Lol. Don't tell him then! Are you doing a lot of push hands together?

    One thing I've found that really, monumentally improves your level is joining a decent gym - a gym with bags and running treadmills, and rooms - especially mirrored rooms for forms. I've found my greatest advancement has been in being able to just go to the gym every day and have all the training gear there.

    Obviously there's a cost issue, but I'm paying 40 quid a month to go to a top, massive gym with loads of stuff there. I'd say, well worth it for serious progression - and even better if a martial arts mate goes.

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