Meetings....I hate them

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    Hey, kind of a long story. Check out my thread about training material and it explains a lot :)
  2. Mine is easy. I studied Shotokan Karate about 30 years ago, and i think i got to yellow belt. Life happens and I lost interest it. About 4 years ago I started Wing Chun, mostly self taught. I did go local school but stopped after Corona. I wasn't confident in the safety measures upon reopening. That is where I am now.
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  3. I read them. Very interesting. I live in the DC area but most of the schools in the DMV(DC. Maryland, Virginia) are too far especially travelling on the roads,traffic really bad and due to Corona I don't want to take chances.
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    Hey sorry to hear it didn't work out with the classes. What made you decide on wing chun?
  5. Not alot of kicks, and I am not exactly a young guy in his 20s. I still have good reactions, and also in WC no wasted motion, you block and attack at the same time
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  6. Also forgot only 3 forms or Katas to learned. I learned the first one myself with no outside help.
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    That might be worth looking into, then.
  8. Let me know what you think.
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  9. Hi Claire,
    Training update. I did train with a guy who I ran into a couple of years ago, and met with him a couple of times. I lost touch with him. I think I located him. I wrote him a short note, so I guess I will see what happens. I did try to send him a text but did not hear anything so that is when I decided to write him. To quote a movie called 'Ben Hur' "The race goes on."
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    I have a meeting today.....with the person that got me quarantined at the start of this whole Covid thing...happy happy joy joy
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    Oh jeez hope it went well!

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