Meeting an Irish Cudgeller!

Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by Louie, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Scotty Dog

    Scotty Dog

    Hi Louie,

    Sorry bud got the PM saying you were having trouble grtting off work but nothing about the training ???

    I'm away this weekend, but should be able to get down your bit a week on sunday if ya fancy it :D
  2. Louie

    Louie STUNT DAD Supporter


    Sorry Bud,

    Must have forgot to click SEND :bang:

    I would have been interested in your interpretation!!!!

    I was going to ask John to come along on the Saturday but it seems he had'nt fought with pads & helm or used rattan before. Just practiced drills & techniques with his father/brother or Co. Antrim trees....

    I thought about persuading him to spar with the gear on but had a feeling he would have innocently tried to club me to death :D :D :D

    I've been at the park most Sunday's since the weather's been good, just let me know what time you'll be there.

  3. Scotty Dog

    Scotty Dog

    Man it'd have been cool just to meet another stick monkey :D
    Next time he's over we need to get a session going

    as for the clubing you to death, it's never stopped us sparring ;)
  4. Newrymuaythai

    Newrymuaythai New Member

    Guys i've seen this thread and had a good read of it and was totally interested, one reason being im from Ireland and another being their is a home country art which i never knew, i've been into my arts for years studying Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Boxing etc!

    I know the sticks you guys talk about cause my old boy/Grandfather use's one as a walking stick which he has used to beat a few bad boys in the Ones tried to mugg him not knowing hes old skool falls road man where he was brought up in hard times and had to fight for his family and look after them so they picked the wrong old boy to f.e.c.k with.

    Anywayz im gonna ask my brother about this and see what he knows cause hes a big martial arts man training in different arts for a number of years and see what he says, anyways keep up your training and have fun. Joe
  5. Louie

    Louie STUNT DAD Supporter


    Hi Joe...

    Be sure to let us know what you find out...
    I thought that the UK version of stickfighting (single-stick) had died out long ago but there seems to be a few veteran fencers & military guys that have kept it going... So it's probably the same with Irish stick.

  6. jedi_eowyn

    jedi_eowyn Valued Member

    omg i did not know there was an irish stick fighting art thats cool

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