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    I think we are doing the same things only the terminology is different. :D

    regards koyo
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    1642 Nicolaes Petter

    Petter' s 1642 Manual again....

    This time a wrist lock is applied to the attackers arm (who is holding the knife point-up), along with an inside sweep to the lead leg!


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    The angle the drawer have chosen is somewhat different than the perspective the drawer(s) of the fiore manuals have used. But there are several techniques shown in Fiore that can work from this situation.

    A straight armbar over the shoulder:

    -a straight armbar forcing him to the ground (Posta di Porto di Ferro); see pic:

    -an elbowpush, entering and throwing by his throat (posta longa):

    -or throw him with the other arm:

    -You could actually manage to get into this one as well, if you move your right hand to the attackers elbow, twisting it upwards, creating a lower key for you to enter, bending his arm to his back, like on this picture:
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    Posta longa? LIke this?

    regards koyo

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