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    Ardigma is considered as the 2nd chapter of Yaw-Yan wherein the use of the Pambraso (Arm strike) techniques are highly emphasized. Heavy conditioning of the arms are mandatory to execute the techniques that simulate the arms as iron pipes or heavy arnis sticks.

    There are also various key areas that define the fighting style of an Ardigma stylist against a traditional Yaw-Yan stylist. These areas include method of training, approach to fighting, stiffness and rigidity, and execution of techniques/combinations.

    The 3rd chapter of Yaw-Yan is called Fervilleon. I cannot say anything as I have not trained Fervilleon yet.
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    who deleted them?
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    Stuart, ABC's is a great description that we also use for abecedario. :cool:

    The twelve angles of attack that everything else is built on.
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    Haven't the slightest idea, mate. I'm not privvy to that info since stepping down as mod.

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    For us, abecedario was the basic Attack Block Counter (ABC) drills, similar to one-step or three-step sparring in karate, but more as-many-steps-as-I-bloody-well-please-thank-you-very-much sparring.

    I've heard they call this numerado in other systems. Basically your 1-2-3s. Either way you cut it, they're your fundamental building blocks.

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    Okay lads, I've kicked off the "FMA Terminology Archive." Let's see if anything comes off it. (Hint: It won't unless you lot go over and add your own entries.)

    I've suggested a format for entries that should help ensure that the thread is actually useable by all of us. Especially new entrants into FMA. So let's try and stick to that format (with any additions you guys think would be useful). I'm not going to be a fascist about it (not that I could, as a regular poster). But we do have the opportunity to create a really informative thread.

    And... ACTION!
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    as many as there are dialects there are differences in terms.

    basic strikes, angles of attack, abacedario,

    batangas block, shield block

    amara, striking patterns, metodos

    strike number one, san miguel strike


    panuntukan, mano mano

    whew and the list goes on
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    Also forgot: Sinawali.

    Does this mean 'weaving' or 'weave'??

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    "Sinawali" comes from "Sawali", woven bamboo matting

    "Sawali" refers to the woven bamboo matting that is used to make the walls of the traditional Filipino hut, the "Bahay Kubo".
    Here is a close-up of a sawali mat:
    Note the criss-crossing woven pattern of the split bamboo.
    In Tagalog, we can change "sawali" into a passive verb by changing it to "sinawali" which means "to be woven like a sawali".
    Because the criss-crossing pattern of the double stick patterns resembles the weave of the sawali, the exercises are referred to as "Sinawali".
    Sawali can be used to make houses:

    As well as other things:
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    As well as other things:

    Cool body work!
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    What does San Miguel mean?

    I may have the spelling wrong. I have heard that term before. Is it a style.

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    Hold up, isnt it a beer? :woo:
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    Yes it's a Beer, But the late great GM Momoy Canete named his system San Miguel Eskrima back in the 1940's after San Miguel or as most will better know him, Saint Micheal.

    If you look at pictures, paintings and statues of Saint Micheal you will see him in a pose, standing on Satan with his sword held aloft,, This pose can be often seen in the San Miguel System, some have also named a particular strike the San Miguel. So it has nothing to do with the beer, although a few cold San Miguel's go down very nicely after a hard days training in the tropical heat.

    Best regards

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    Pat is absolutely correct.
    Aside from San Miguel Beer, there is also Ginebra San Miguel, a famous brand of gin in the Philippines.
    Ginebra San Miguel's label depicts St Michael vanquishing the Devil. The label was designed by Filipino National Artist Fernando Amorsolo:
    Note that St Michael is holding a kris, ready to deliver a "Tagang San Miguel" (St Michael Slash).

    The sculpture of St Michael in front of Coventry Cathedral shows him using a spear instead of a sword:
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    At the risk of sounding pushy, people suggested a terminology archive that was stickied. If we asked these terminology questions there, then the answers would automatically build the archive and serve new users better.

    I'm just saying. Those of you who wanted the archive, time to step up and get it going.

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    My bad :hat:

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