Mayweather vs McGregor fight

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by EdiSco, Aug 26, 2017.

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    Mod Note: Yes, the policy on MAP is that spoilers should be used for 24 hours after the fight. I went ahead and added spoiler tags on several posts here. :)
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    Also can you please put auto correct onto your posts, we all make typos, but with autocorrect on phones, and PC's you have to go out of your way to make as many typos as you do.

    thanks in advance!
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  3. Latikos

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    Another vote for "yes".

    I'm one of the people, who avoiding anything related to that fight, until I watched it two hours or so ago.
  4. Knee Rider

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    I agree with you here. Both guilty of it though. Also Floyd's history of domestic violence is unsavoury enough to have me not really rooting for him.
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    Gramamrly doesnt work right with the new system and i dont want to make a account for it. Also Firefox spell check doesnt work here. (i usually edit the obvious ones i see, but i have only five minuets and usually go off and do something else) Also not too sure defacto grammarly accepts my dialect of english and Firefix doesnt either. :D
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    If English is your first language we do request that you make an effort.

    If you don't they read like text speak and that means you are breaking site rules.

    There are things you can do, such as just proof reading before hitting the post reply button, or running text through Word (if using a pc).
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    There's an inbuilt spellchecker in Firefox, if it doesn't work on your computer, either get it fixed, or write it in a word processor first and then copy and past it over.

    Is English your second/third language?

    ps This may help -

    How do I use the Firefox spell checker? | Firefox Help
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    Yes, it does.

    And in all fairness: It's just annoying, if people don't even try to look out for the writing, just because it makes things unnecessarily difficult to read.
    I usually don't even bother trying, because it's also about respect towards the reader.

    And, yes, I do know that I have often mistakes in my texts myself.
    But at least I don't blame it on Firefox; it's my fault for overlooking mistakes.
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    Dont have Microsoft word past what ever is on any windows OS computer and that would require me figuring out how to use the one on my computer. I do like is aid catch the obvious ones, it doesnthelp if i cant edit indefinately though and i also cannot remove posts. I dont consistently proof read before posting though.

    Firefox doesnt work on this site, Grammarly has been the one which has been the thing to work on this site and then thats stopped highlighting the errors. Maybe grammarly has overidden the firefox default checker, i still have to keep ontop of those damn annoying dictionary updates for U.K dialect though.
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    Its one of those things in the rules though mate, along with the spoilers. The rules don't have to be perfect, but you did agree to follow them when you joined.
  11. Rataca100

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    Can you link me the ToS? XP

    [edit] Never mind found them at bottom of page.
  12. icefield

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    pretty much as predicted Connor was way bigger than Floyd who was obviously rusty, the bigger man with the suspect gas tank faded towards the end and Floyd found his range and went to work, two surprises were how good Connors angling and jab were, and Floyd changing his style after 49 fights and going headhunting for the stoppage
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  13. Pretty In Pink

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    was a good fight. Really enjoyed it. For me it lived up to all hype. Went how I thought it would but I kept getting feedback from the Internet telling me that "no way, because Co or is an athlete and Floyd has pillow fists".

    I should have stuck with my own opinion and put money on it. Thought VM would gas and he did. Thought Floyd would get a TKO and he did. I thought MC did well but it's hard to say just how much of that was Floyd deciding to let it go.

    I feel like although MC did well, Floyd didn't struggle at all and he could have ended it in 4 rounds if he wanted to. I feel he was cautious because for sure MC could have caught him when he was fresh and Floyd really wanted that 50-0.

    The judges were awful. The ref at the start giving MC a talking to right at the start was a bit of a douche move. He knows the rules just fine.

    As for the hammerfists, they are illegal in boxing and MMA. All shots to the back of the head are actually perfectly legal in Muay Thai. I wish MC had taken Floyd back and then let off shots into his body/kidneys. It would be Floyd fault for exposing his back and potentially running.
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  14. Knee Rider

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    that did actually happen at least once. I thought it seemed pretty effective.
  15. Dead_pool

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    The default version of Word, will have a good enough spellchecker
    As you have both gramerly and firefox, you should be able to get one of those to work.
    And you don't need any special dialect version, just plain standard English, even US English is ok.
  16. Latikos

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    Rataca: I use Firefox too and all my wrong words get these really nice read line beneath them
    So at least be honest (as you were!) and say you don't re-read, instead of blaming Firefox.

    I'm not exactly a proficient fighter or fight-watching-person, but to me looked a lot, like Mayweather let McGregor play a bit until he fought back more vigorously.
    Like waiting for a good moment, not open himself for a lucky punch, tiring McGregor a bit and than start and put more and more pressure to it.

    So - how wrong am I, with that thought?
    Anyone else thought so?

    And in case anyone wonders: I couldn't have cared less who won.
    Sure, I know the names and such but I'm not a fan. Just watch it, when I'm in the mood, but without a personal favorite.
    So in case I sound biased, please blame it on my non-knowledge, not fanboy'ism ;)
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  17. Rataca100

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    Do Gyzo links embed on this site?

    To keep this on topic, did you just watch this on free TV or did you need to pay for it or soemthing? I also assume there is no free viewing of the fight after it has happened?

    Apaprantly it was on at 4AM for the U.K from somone who pmed me about it.
  18. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    I watched it on youtube.
  19. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool the merc with the mouth MAP 2017 Moi Award

    It was a ppv they'll be a repeat on ufc fight pass.
  20. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    I watched it twice and in the second time I saw things a little differently.

    It was obvious anyway, that Floyd carried him throughout the whole fight in order to give the fans an exciting bout.
    He said so himself multiple times that he owes us because of his "Fight of the Century" with Manny had no action.
    The moment first round ended, Senior was talking about it and told him to wait and pick it up after the 4th round like he did.

    The thing is that in the first watch, I thought that Mcgregor did very well in the beginning and that Floyd was rusty and uncomfortable.
    I applauded Conor like the rest of the members here.
    I guess it was because of the impression it left me whenever he was touching Floyd, the excitement and the Irish fans all around me in the pub
    going crazy.

    Truth is that Mayweather was actually very sharp, in terrific condition, and he didn't get hit
    with anything meaningful during the whole fight. Even that uppercut counter in the 1st.
    Every punch Conor threw was an arm punch. No weight behind it, pitty pat punches and slaps.

    Even in the first 3 rounds he gifted to Conor, Floyd was completely relaxed and basically he barely got touched. It's like he was sparring.
    The pitty pat jabs that connected throughout the fight and even a couple of hooks in the body in the later rounds were all for show
    and there was no reason to create distance because of them.

    At the end of the seventh round, his father told him
    "Whenever you are ready Floyd go!" But Floyd didn't go for the kill.
    He continued shooting quick right straights upstairs with no leverage.
    He stopped digging at his body around the sixth round for Christ's sake.
    He preferred to slow cook him for some reason and even during the last minutes of his career avoiding taking even the smallest risk
    like the plague. Conor was going down anyway.

    Fun fact: Floyd put a bet that he would KO Conor inside 9,5 rounds.
    He KOed him in the 9th just at the 1:05 mark.
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