Mayweather/Maidana II

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by belltoller, Sep 15, 2014.

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    Did the Pacquiao-Bradley rematch not do very good PPV numbers? I'm surprised if not because that was an interesting match-up, you know, building up to the fight. Really, fans should support their fighters to the end of their careers, not ditch them when they lose or are on the way down. Although saying that, it is hard if you're a Roy Jones fan.:cry:
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    750-800K buys. Pac isn't a million buy fighter anymore - everyone knows that - even Arum admitted that not long ago. That's why Arum was thinking of opening other markets - Asia for example.

    I agree with you about supporting "your" fighter till the bitter end being a morally conscionable thing to do; but fans are fickle - they are known for that, lol.

    I thought 800,000 PPVs not too shabby considering Manny has been humanised in a very humbling manner.
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    For the Rios fight it did 475-500k buys... now those aren't "bad" numbers, however they aren't the 1 million plus they were. In fairness, Floyd's fights with Maidana were both around 850-900k iirc.

    This is why they are trying to get Manny vs. Floyd... it's really the only fight out there that would do big money. Not as big as before, but still a possible 1.8+ million buy fight.. maybe as many as 2.5.
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    Slight change of direction, but I read today that Khan reckons Floyd couldn't possibly punch hard enough to hurt him! That, coupled with Khan's superhuman speed that he keeps banging on about, makes Mayweather an easy night for him. Oh man, I hurt myself falling off the chair with laughter at that one! Why can't Khan just shut up. Go fight Maidana again. It was great watching Khan's speed and defensive skills in that 10th round. I bet Floyd does a packet in his pants through fear of the sheer mention of Khan's name. Gonad.

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