Maybe line drills aren't so stupid?

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by d33pthought, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. d33pthought

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    Just to liven up the TKD forum, maybe those endless line drills of block, punch, kick, block, etc. aren't so dumb as I, and probably more than a few others thought. With all the craze being for 'alive' training, rote memorization just lost its glamour. In a self defense class last night, our head instructor told us, as nearly as I could make out, that nearly everything we practice in the dojang has to do with self defense, even the line drills. He demonstrated by asking a student to throw punches at him, so he could parry them with the same moves we've done so often: down block, inside block, high block, outside block, etc. It was neat, since I had had some notion of needing to know how to bob and weave like a boxer or something so as to avoid punches. Maybe that's not the end-all, be-all answer, which is a refreshing thought in itself.
  2. Leo_E_49

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    When it comes to defensive techniques, the more the merrier. It's like having more walls around a fort. However, you have to be careful that one type of defense doesn't nullify the effectiveness of another.
  3. Artikon

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    Line drills are good only for repetition and building muscle memory. The unfortunate thing is that practice makes permanent, not perfect contrary to the belief. If you do so many repetitions wrong, you will do it wrong when you need it. It's incredibely important in line drills to make sure the technique is being done properly in form, but you must temper these drills with drills that force you to adapt the technique on the fly.

    Just like anything else line drills are simply a training tool. :)
  4. angry

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    Repetitive training is the best way to get your technique to become automatic and line drills are one way to do these. They are easy to have the whole class doing them and for the instructor to go through and correct techniques as faults are much easier to spot when your not doing the techniques with a partner.

    So, I would say line drills have a important place in learning the martials art. Don't take them or any other types of training as the ultimate type to do. Everything must be balanced out to learn all the skills needed.
  5. d33pthought

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    Oh, I'm careful to only use it as one of many drills, and prefer light contact sparring to line drills any day of the week. Even so, it's gotten to where I can actually spar with decent form, instead of the slap-blocking I used to do.

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