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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Jocky Balboa, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Jocky Balboa

    Jocky Balboa Valued Member

    I am on the lookout for a new Kickboxing club in the Greater Manchester area and, among other places, stumbled across the Black Belt Academy in the Chorlton area. I just wanted to ask the forum if you have any experiences of training or working with this gentleman in any capacity? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks! :)
  2. chris lomas

    chris lomas Valued Member

    I do not know Mister Ewards, but I have been very concerned as his school seems to be very expensive, requiring long contracts (sign up for a year sort of things, highly unusual in the UK). I only know this second hand via ex-students coming to me with massive bills (I teach Kung Fu - no Kickboxing though). I do know there are some excellent kickboxing places in Chorton with good competition records who do not have this type of billing structure (and no, I am not affilated!). PM me if interested:).
    Best Chris
  3. Jocky Balboa

    Jocky Balboa Valued Member

    Hi there! :)

    Thanks for getting back to me. To be honest, I've trained in Kickboxing and Thai Boxing for 5yrs and had never heard of him previously, although I accept I'm not an encyclopaedia and therefore gave him the benefit of the doubt (besides, he is apparently the British Kickboxing Team Coach, so if that is true, his credentials would seem to be impeccable).

    However, after looking at the website, the "Black Belt Academy" has all the hallmarks of a McDojo, one which throws Black Belts at students like confetti, while swallowing up as much of their hard-earned £££ as possible. Maybe I should steer clear of this particular club.

    However, you stated that you know of some good Manchester Kickboxing clubs (I only know of Cobras). I would love to know more, as I'm unfamiliar with the KB scene in the area. I was unable to PM you for some reason, so would you be willing to reply on here or drop me an e-mail? Thanks in advance for your time!

    If anyone else has any feedback, then please post away! ;)
  4. Baggio

    Baggio New Member

    Hi All

    I am currently in the situation mentioned above, i used to attend Deema Martial arts in Oldham but after moving to Chorlton i stumbled across Mr Edwards, initially all looked well and so i signed up for the Masters program, what i didnt realise was that it was a non cancellable contract, im now going through the legal motions of trying to get out of it as the place is really just one big fake.....please stay away
  5. Jocky Balboa

    Jocky Balboa Valued Member

    You're certainly not the first one I have heard say this. In fact, just today someone came to me and said they have had similar problems. While I have never spoken to Master Edwards personally and therefore cannot verify the full details, he has certainly upset a few people that I have come across.

    I have never signed up for such contracts myself and have no intention of ever doing so. Situations like this create bad word of mouth and do our sport/art no good at all.
  6. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Give it a few years and everyone will be on them. PAYG will be for the leisure centre brigade.
  7. Jocky Balboa

    Jocky Balboa Valued Member

    I've no problem with standing orders or such like. I am simply objecting to long-term contracts which tie people down and are non-cancellable. Loyalty is EARNED, not BOUGHT. Instructors like Master Edwards should take note...
  8. Baggio

    Baggio New Member

    To be fair i feel its my own fault for not reading things properly but you just done expect it to happen...i mean why would any respectable place sign you to a loan agreement.

    What if i had had an accident, moved dut to a promotion at work, would they still expect me to pay ?

    If anyone has any legal advise i would really appreciate it as paying £79.00 per month for a service i am not using is killing me financiallly.
  9. Mark Sanders

    Mark Sanders New Member

    I have been a student with Master E for a couple of years and thought I had better comment in some way in defence of the Chortlon and Didsbury BBA and, more specifically on the Master E business model. Firstly I was made fully aware the whole set up was long term and NOT about anyone off the street popping in, paying a fiver, and doing as they please but was INTENTIONALLY for those who wanted to commit to the whole 'club' ethos. They do the 'basic' membership for people to 'give it a go' and you only have to upgrade to the higher tariffs once you are sure it is for you. While, personally, I do not agree with the loan-agreement approach I can see it's value to a business (basically you sub-contract debt management and increase cash flow) it does sit very nicely with the whole 'long term' nature of the Master E business model so can see why it is used. I must state however it doesn't affect me directly (since I paid in full from day one) so can't comment whether it was mis-sold. While there have undoubtedly been business issues apparent with the two years I have trained (most notably staff turnover) the set up is, in general, very professional -far higher quality (especially the Didsbury site) than any other in the locality and has suited both my two young daughters and I very well indeed. If you want true 'fighting' it probably isn't for you (although 'sparing' with Master E on Fridays will give you bumps and bruises enough). In my opinion the school approach is focused entirely upon developing the inner confidence of recruits in a safe and positive arena. A task it achieves in spades. The criticism that it is a business, run professionally for profit rather than on a budget in a church hall is not a critism at all but, as Rocky correctly suggests, a little glimpse at the future. For my part it is a value service that has provided FAR higher returns than my years of idle gym membership.
  10. Jocky Balboa

    Jocky Balboa Valued Member

    *cough* Have you actually tried, you know, LOOKING at what else is in the vicinity? Chris Boughey's NWCKB Association is also in Chorlton and Didsbury. I'm sure his students would take issue with your assertion that Master Edward's Club is "far higher quality".

    You obviously understood the implications of signing up and for that, I credit you. Nevertheless, it is clear that this business model upsets far more people than the average club's does. Again, I have not met Master Edwards and so cannot comment on him personally, but his methods do our art's defence against the "McDojo" slurs no good whatsoever.
  11. Mark Sanders

    Mark Sanders New Member

    easy tiger!

    My comments were not directed at any particular school and were certainly not intented to do down any other :)
  12. Lee M

    Lee M Valued Member

    Why not try Master Skens thai Boxing school!

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