Mass protests & riots happening over murder by police officers

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    Side note, this conversation has been really educational for me, thanks for everyone involved!
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  2. Mitlov

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    I'm sure there was some context and nuance to it than that, or maybe at least there was in my mind. I'm not an open carry advocate.
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  3. Smitfire

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    The most surprising thing for me in all of this is that El Trumpo knows how to spell and use the word provocateur. Who knew?!
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  4. Mitlov

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    Must have been autocorrect to the rescue
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  5. David Harrison

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    Here's an interesting tidbit...

    Trump's "communications capture" conspiracy theory came via One America News Network, which employs a "reporter" who also works for Sputnik, the Kremlin-operated news service that had to register as a foreign agent after the Russia investigation!

    Trump’s New Favorite Channel Employs Kremlin-Paid Journalist
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    Wat?! Is he now living in a separate dimension?

    EDIT: I wanted to write a long rambling post on Anglo Saxon Common Sense vs Euro Rationality, but Trump's defeated me. I just can't.
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  8. Grond

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    I love capitalism. Nothing scares people in a free market society more than being told they might be "defunded". I know, I've been told that once or twice. Watch how the rats scatter, and the heroes come forward. It's happened before you know. There's nothing new under the sun.

    Being "police" is an honor, not a right. So if the honor is lacking, say sayonara to your special police privileges. It's that simple to me, at least.
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  9. David Harrison

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    I hope you're right!
  10. David Harrison

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    What I didn't realise is that Kristian Brunovich Rouz actually did the OAN piece about Martin Gugino staging a "false flag" operation by cracking his own skull against the pavement.

    Trump is literally getting his talking points from a former Kremlin employee.
  11. Grond

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    I said this before, but I find it funny that a big part of the problem with police abuses are the unions (which fight to keep many, many bad officers on force), and in the US the biggest of all is the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police).

    So in a way you have something similar to the Freemasons, another kind of fraternity, but with guns, dogs, and cages and a long history of violence. It really makes you wonder how the founding fathers of America would view the current use of police force around the country. I'm of the opinion they'd already have begun planning Revolution 2.0, because that's just what happened during 1.0. Soldiers in the street shoving and shooting people, eventually people just get fed up, organize, and start shooting back (and worse, throwing out perfectly good tea). :)

    Here's a good article on how the FOP is starting to recognize the need for top-down leadership on this issue, because a large number of FOP lodges are stirring up anti-protest and pro-aggression sentiments, and that has to stop.

    Police union says don't 'protect bad cops' amid calls for reform

    Stay safe out there.
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  13. Mitch

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    Many moderate people could support an armed struggle, but the cause will lose all support if it starts mistreating tea. :D
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  14. Southpaw535

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    And then have fun asking people why social workers and everyone else who deals with learning disabilities on a daily basis isn't armed to the teeth and killing teenagers left right and centre since its clearly necessary.
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  15. Dead_pool

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    You sounds like a communist to me, America is the land of the free, if you don't like that freedom, you definitely shouldn't use your freedom to make it better.

    Make America as great as it already is, because if we imply its not great, then that makes us communists, who are bad, but Russians are good now, because our god king trump has decided so, and it's not because of any video tape.

    This is so confusing!
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  16. Dead_pool

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    Call police for a woman who is changing clothes in an alley? A new program in Denver sends mental health professionals instead.

    So a new programme is Denver sends a paramedic and a mental health professional into situations where the police isn't needed.

    "Since its launch June 1, the STAR van has responded to more than 350 calls, replacing police in matters that don’t threaten public safety and are often connected to unmet mental or physical needs. The goal is to connect people who pose no danger with services and resources while freeing up police to respond to other calls. The team, which is not armed, has not called police for backup, Sailon said.

    Seems like calls to defund the police (by a small percentage) and fund these kind of services instead are actually a good idea.
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  17. Grond

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    Seriously though, what nation ever ended well where the police decided it was them vs. the people? Us with guns and badges and them without anything but their Bill of Rights, you're with us or against us? That's just a piece of paper, it has no real meaning with out law and order. The law, also just paper. The order part cannot be forced upon a populace against their a democratic nation, that results in change of leadership and laws and best, and at worst revolution.

    Sometimes if some of these ultra authoritarian voices ever read about the founding of the US and why it happened. They really do seem to live in a fantasy where they have the power and control and the rest don't. Well unfortunately that's not true.

    All I hear from my "Second Amendment bro" friends is that people carry guns to protect ourselves from tyranny of the government. Well, if the police are acting like thugs, which isn't anything new (so many historical examples to name), it's natural people will resist. And in America when the people resist, they win. They don't all get imprisoned and murdered...can't happen here...

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  19. Rand86

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    Aren't the "second amendment bra," "muh Constitution/Bill of Rights," "I carry dem gunzzz to fight da tyranneh" crowd very much on the side of the police though?
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    This picture comes to mind.


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