Mass Exodus of the U.K

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    It has taken too long to unite our politics over what we want; and hasn't that been one of the EU's problems; not knowing what we really want.
    But now that's finally crystalising, they have to meet us on it surely. The outcome if they don't will then have to be on them, won't it. And I don't see how that's good for either them or us..
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    Depends really.

    Have we decided what we want? MPs have said they want to renegotiate the backstop, but 2 issues with that.

    1. We're leaving in a couple weeks and it took so long the EU aren't willing to open negotiations for that, but...

    2. They might well do if we actually had any idea what we wanted to replace it with. If the UK actually came up with a workable solution and presented it with a well thought out plan, the EU would probably change their stance. That hasn't happened though.

    We're not any closer to a solution, we've just moved a step closer to a no deal break unless Parliament can decide what in the hell it does want, rather than just saying what they don't. Which has been a running theme with leave support for the whole debacle is a whole lot of "we don't like this" and "oh that's bad" but not a single piece of useful input about how to fix the issues being opposed.

    And we're unlikely to get a solution, since May is still insistent on pleasing everyone and not everyone can be pleased. Expecting the EU to give us an open border is unreasonable, and we would be just as quick to slap down anyone asking us for the same. If we crash out and a border is erected I won't be blaming the EU for it. A lot of people will, but then a lot of people haven't got the faintest clue what they're talking about, sooooo...

    edit: Addtionally, from what I gather from friends on the continent, mainland Europeans very much see the UK as a bumbling confused mess throughout this ordeal, and if a border is erected and Troubles restarted, it will not be seen as the fault of the EU. Over here it will be, but besides my previous point, we're leaving the EU, so what does that matter if people blame them.

    Small rant there aside, it's not any clearer what we want, or how we can suggest it realistically be implemented. This vote has added zero substance and is just a repeat of what's happened for the last year.
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