MA's prehistoric origins???

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    saw documentary, forgot the name, talks about the true forgotten origins of martial arts, talking about first some "muntu" art style in africa in ancient egypt (muntu being egyptian god of war, as opposed to "martial" art since mars is the later roman god of war) shows wall murals in tomb of ramses in egypt and depicts clearly - stick fighting used by prehistoric bantu tribes in africa similar to filipino kali eskrima, also techniques very common to shotokan karate, and manuevers completely identical to jujutsu, thought also to have influenced the later minoan civilization, greeks and roman pankration and western boxing and olympic wrestling

    documentary also discusses prehistoric origin of wrestling, talks about apes in africa, west african chimps in particular, and also cave paintings discovered in spain, france, and even older in mongolia shows cave painting of sport wrestling with spectators dating back at least 7,000-14,000 years ago before ancient civilization, talks about the monkey king hanuman in muay thai kickboxing and indian martial arts, relates to the "vanara" or apelike beings which later inspired japanese dragonball-z saiyajin race of beings, a very cool video i wish i could remember the name of it
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    for as long as there have been humans, there have been humans fighting one another and naturally some humans are better fighters than others and will be called upon to improve the fighting skills of their friends to better fight their enemies.
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    Doesn't sound like a very good documentary as muntu is a term/name related to bantu spiritual traditions in southern Africa, not Egypt. Sounds like a lot of conjecture and overreach in order to come to incredible conclusions: in short, the kind of thing that gets shown on the History Channel.

    Oh, and I second holyhead's post above.

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