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    The 36 weapon long list doesn't mean there must be a single martial art that uses the 36 weapons in the list, but up to at least 36 martial arts that use at least one of these weapons each... Preferibly oriental martial arts, but not necessarily... Anyone knows of any? Say what you know, do not worry about not knowing a martial art of any of these weapons, at least one is good enough.

    1.Mongol bow (specially while riding)
    3.The Ji in particular
    4.Sasumata (if there are bladed variants of the sasumata, even better)
    13.Parang pandit
    15.Sosun pattah
    17.Pole-mounted long-bearded axe
    19.Double -edged long-handled nagamaki
    29.bec de corbin
    32.kuan tao
    34.English long bow and other large bows
    35.polearms in general (but not spear-variant, nor harpoon nor javelin variants)
    36.An oriental weapon very similiar to the horseman's pick and bec de corbin... Which is wielded differently...
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    Not an article, so moved here from the Articles section.
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    I... Uhh... Could you rephrase the question? What's the point of this list? Is it just a list of weapons you think are cool and want to learn?
  4. matveimediaarts

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    This ^ OP is poorly worded. :confused: If the OP is looking for an art, kobudo may suit him.
  5. aaradia

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    Thanks to others for admitting they were not understanding the question.

    Now I know I am not alone.

    Choy Li Fut, BTW, has at least one form for just about every traditional Chinese weapon out there.

    Here is a link to a list from my GM's web site for those interested.

    Maybe that somehow even answers the original posters question?
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  7. SubNoobPhanatic

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    Sorry for not being any more clear

    Sorry for not being any more clear, while I was creating the post I saw many blanks spaces to fill with data and I avoided being repetitive due to all the text boxes...

    I hope this fact doesn't deride your desire to help me flesh this out... Its not really for me to start training that I am making this investigation but I follow this narrative principle;

    On that line of thought I avoid going against what is known about the real world

    (for sake of external consistency; )

    So I needed to know in which martial arts can a person learn (even better if outright master) these weapons (some of them at least)
  8. SubNoobPhanatic

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    This is strange but I can bet that I had posted en explanation where I explained how come, upon introducing this subject, I had been given so many tool boxes where to explain what I was asking for that I avoided getting repetitive but the other boxes with more data on the subject seemingly vanished...

    I want to know in which martial arts a practitioner can become capable, or even more, a master, of these weapons... For instance in kendo one masters the katana or knockoffs thereoff, while stick fighting allows versatile fighting with a variety of rods.

    My purpose is because I believe that in narrative everything must be like reality unless noted and external consistency must be maxified.
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    Kids....don't do drugs
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    A boxer challenged a CLF guy and the CLF guy accepted. During the death match day, the boxer brought a pair of boxing gloves. The CLF guy brought his 10 feet, 60 lb Guan Dao.
  11. aaradia

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    :confused: No offense, but that sentence makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    Now that I understand your original questions, I am afraid I do not have an answer for you.
  12. Ero-Sennin

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    . . .

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  13. Ero-Sennin

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    This is just as hard to comprehend as the original posters questions! You brought your own context!
  14. matveimediaarts

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    FWIW, kobudo teaches a lot of interesting weapons. Among them, bow staff (6 foot), tonfa, sai, eku, nunchaku.
  15. Hannibal

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    Just go with FMA - they
    basically divide weapons into blunt, stabby and slashy
  16. Bozza Bostik

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    and in some have flexible and ranged too! Blowguns for the win!
  17. Lad_Gorg

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    If you aren't the most elaborately awkward troll I've seen in a while, then you may want to look into Kalaripayattu. But it's fairly rare.

    Other options have already been made: Kobudo (Okinawan or Japanese) or FMA (Escrima/Kali/Arnis). But maybe Shaolin Kung Fu will suit your needs. You could also look into European fencing styles.
    For things like the Mongolian bow, you will actually have to go and specifically search for in your area since they are far from main stream, and probably won't be attached to your local Walmart.

    Also maybe tone down the 19th century author talk so that people can actually understand what you're on about?
  18. Langenschwert

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    You'll never manage complete proficiency in all those weapons. What you need is a good school that teaches the principles of combat. For example, my primary weapon is longsword. I'm not a great stick fighter, but my sword stuff translates reasonably well to shillelagh. Enough to hold my own.

    There are really only eight basic angles to cut or strike on and only eight basic directions to move. A thrust must be ascending, descending, or straight, and may also hook in addition.

    You can strike before your opponent, at the same time, or after.

    It doesn't matter so much what you have in your hand... what matters is knowing the principles behind weapons of its general type.

  19. ScottUK

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    Are we still bandying this chuckliciousness about?
  20. MadMonk108

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    Is English your first language?

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