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  1. Xue Sheng

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    yeah....oooo the nah nah na nah vaccine is better than your vaccine argument been waiting for that, not enough segregation going on in the word today... knew that as coming ...might want to read this

    Positive New Data for Johnson & Johnson Single-Shot COVID-19 Vaccine on Activity Against Delta Variant and Long-lasting Durability of Response
  2. Dead_pool

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    There's roughly a ten percent difference in between JJ and the Pfizer vaccines going on current data.

    Which doesn't mean that much individually, however for a population it does mean a lot.

    The best vaccine individually is the one you take.

    But at a higher level, decisions that are based on population/group risk have to be taken on more then just individual risk.

    Here's all the current studies compared:

    Here's How Well COVID-19 Vaccines Work Against the Delta Variant
  3. Xue Sheng

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    and now we have lets all line up argue about whose vaccine is better, and then lock ourselves in a room again.

    The point is there is enough fear segregation and division with a whole lot of individualism at the expense of the general; population going we start dividing along vaccine lines too.... so is it ok to have the J&J if a person is in a minority or possibly a supporter of Adlai Stevenson or what if they are a member of LBTQ.....or does that just throw one into another group for all the other little groups to point fingers at to give them some sort of sense of superiority and boldly say to them "My freedom is more important than yours".... oh and while we're at it are Chinese a minority because at 7% of the population it is being said in the US they are not because they work to hard and make to much money.......sheesh.....can't we all just be thrilled we are coming to the end of this crap and getting back to some sense of normalcy without all this divisiveness
  4. Dead_pool

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    Well that's wierd attitude to take.

    Meh, I'm just pointing out the reasons your government may be making the decisions it is.

    I get your taking this personally, because you've had the J and J jab, but this isn't about you, it's about the population as a whole.
  5. Xue Sheng

    Xue Sheng All weight is underside

    why do people on the web so quick judge what others are thinking......miles and miles apart......not taking it personally, just tired really of all the divisiveness that's going around these days..... and if this is not divisive

    not sure what is.....

    and...if you have a "superior" vaccine, what do you care and what are you scared of
  6. Dead_pool

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    A) I'm currently working on the vaccination programme, so I have some insight into vaccine choices, and the reasons / logistical difficulties that they bring. Which is also why I'm professionally interested.

    B) the UK is in the middle of a huge rise in the delta variant (95% of our new cases are delta). New variants are a massive concern. Especially as the UK didn't close their borders untill very late, and imported the delta variant in, by allowing flights from India to arrive, even whilst we knew that there was a problem

    C) the UK had also just reopened everything, and we are going to suffer mass hospitalisations, under the hope that enough people are vaccinated, (checks notes, we still have a lot of people to vaccinate)

    D) as part of my job role, I also get a look at the hospitalised and deaths data, our death rate is amongst the top three in the world.

    E) members of my family have a reduced immune response, one is being actively treated with chemotherapy, they are very much at risk, despite all being vaccinated.

    F) in terms of herd immunity, your Vaccination status, very much effects others in the community.

    G) in terms of the production of variants, your Vaccination status, could very well effect the community.

    H) I'm not scared, I wouldn't of worked directly with people with covid for the first six months if I were scared. What I am is as rational as I could be about this, and many countries seem to be unable to even grasp how reality works. My own government very much included.
  7. Xue Sheng

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    sorry to hear about your family issues, my 94 year old uncle died due to covid an cancer. My mother is also 90, but she s a retired OR nurse, ot all to worried, but sh got the Moderna early on. I know you're in the UK. which by the way does not give you anymore insight to what s going on in the USA with the Canadian border issues than I know about what is going on in London. But I understand you posted concerns

    But my wife is a doctor and many in my family are as well......I too spent lot of time working in healthcare, but admittedly my time was years ago, Aides was the big concern then...(and the closer I get to retirement the more I regret not going into medicine when I had the chance) all docs I have talked to have the same view, if you're vaccinated, no matter what vaccine you are likely ok, does not mean you can't contract covid (much like the flu after the flu vaccine) but you likely will not be as severe a case. And no matter what vaccine you get, you can be a carrier. Even one of those docs said the last bit for an infection control specialist.

    Hey, if you want to ban J&J folks, that's fine, I have no plans on going to England, or Canada anytime soon either. But I could get a ticket and fly to England right now (and many other countries too)....however I can't drive to Canada until the end of the moment. I do expect that to get extended. And that is because the US will not allow Americans to go to Canada until the end of August. The border restriction, per Canada is over August 9, but per US it is the end of August

    But all I see from your Stop J&J folks is more divisiveness that we really do not need these days. There is already enough of that going around.
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    To clarify, I didn't mean stop J and J vacinated folks from traveling, over and above anyone else.

    I meant they should stop offering J and J routinely, and use a higher rated vaccine for new people, to stop the spread of Delta, and buy the Canadians a little more time.

    My original post wasn't that clear, I've only been a talking about this from a group viewpoint, I'm not talking about individuals.

    We're having big problems, which were caused by not controlling people coming in from Delta heavy areas, before enough of the population had been vaccinated.
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    I believe research is showing, and I may have this reversed. Pfizer vaccine gives you more immune cells and AstraZeneca gives you more T-cells and a combination of Moderna and another, not sure which one it was, it was either Pfizer or AstraZeneca, may give you the best of both worlds

    We have Delta hotspots too, but not in my area of the US yet.. and now Lambda is allegedly in Texas...also not near my area....yet
  10. Dead_pool

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    We're running trials here on mixing shots, and looking at the logistics and supply to most effectively protect the at risk populations.
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    I did three hours today, and that was about two hours too long, I would very much like to sleep until Monday.
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    Been back to Judo twice, had a wonderful time. I've now been pinged to isolate until 23:59 on Tuesday! No symptoms, no dramas, just irritating.
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  13. Xue Sheng

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    Mrs Xue got her Covid Vaccine last Wednesday. No reaction on Thursday, nothing on Friday, Saturday she started feel ing like she had a cold, today she is running a fever. Was 104 this afternoon, but now she is down to 99.4.
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  14. Xue Sheng

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    Mrs Xue's reaction got a bit more sever, she was in the ER last night. The reaction turned into Bronchitis. She is on meds now and doing better
  15. Dead_pool

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    I hope she is on the mend soon.

    Just to clarify, did the doctors say the vaccine had caused bronchitis?
  16. Xue Sheng

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    Interesting question.... yes, but then she is a doctor.

    ER doctor said reaction to J & J and it is effecting her lungs, and he prescribed an inhaler for bronchitis. I was not there so I do not know exactly what the ER doc said. I still can't drive so I was stranded at home.
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  17. Dead_pool

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    That's for the update. I'd not heard of respiratory tract inflammation as a side effect before,

    Glad the inhaler is helping.
  18. Xue Sheng

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    It is actually hard to say if it is, even she is saying that. But the ER gave her an inhaler for Bronchitis and said she was having a reaction to the vaccine.

    When we were first married, whenever she got sick, and it was, and is rare, it turned into Bronchitis. So she had a reaction to the Covid vaccine, and she got sick, fever over 100. Did that give her Bronchitis or was it her bodies typical response to getting rather sick. It is most certainly associated, but was the vaccine the cause
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    That a very good point, lots of people here are getting jabbed then getting colds etc in the next few weeks, lots of them are being reported as potential side effects, but I'm pretty sure the majority is just them getting a cold, after mixing with people without a mask for the first time in months.

    Anyways I hope she feels better soon.
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  20. axelb

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    Hope your wife is on the mend soon.

    I have similar issues, whenever I am run down or ill it often leads to bronchitis. Hopefully the inhaler will help out
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