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Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Alansmurf, May 20, 2020.

  1. aikiMac

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    Dude, well said. That's totally how I have felt the last couple of months! Argh!

    Me, too, because I figure, if I can't go a few rounds on the bags in the gym, what's the point of complaining that the gym isn't fully open?
    And after that, push-ups. (sigh)
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  2. Alansmurf

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    Good positive stories

    GWS with the injuries

    All of this is just one of lifes Hurdles

    Billy I can find you
  3. Ero-Sennin

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    Oooh that was one of my favorite posts one day this week. I have roughly 3 individuals on my Facebook friend list who hilariously all share the same terror inducing stuff to keep themselves terrified and in their homes, with no motivation to do anything but finger wave at others on Facebook all day. Who knows if that's even a coronavirus pic. (I haven't vetted it). That's what happens to you when you get really ill, whether it's the flu, malaria, dysentery, or coronavirus. Initially I lost quite a bit of weight/muscle mass when I was bed ridden from a TBI (until I started getting fat because I could eat again : P). I thought the pic was rather useless and fear mongering. The people who aren't taking this thing seriously at this point aren't going to be convinced by anything short of everyone dropping dead around them.

    To the topic of the thread, good lord I've never been so stressed not doing anything of substance 90% of the time. Between applying for the PPP loan, getting it, contingency plans and planning fail safes for the business, my mom in and out of the hospital for emergency surgeries, homeowners who don't know that a Lvl 5 drywall job does not mean PERFECTION, it means minimal blemishes in the wall and the illusion of a smooth surface . . . . etc.. Some days I don't even go out, and I rebalance the books for the business, my personal finances, my parent's finances, and hope my employees are saving a little for 3 months later when no new building permits have been issued due to coronavirus and there will be a recession in construction. I can't support them for longer than the 8 weeks of the PPP loan I was given.

    Overall though, financially and health wise I'm doing pretty good. I'm not worrying about anything other than keeping clean when out in town and wearing a facemask in stores for other people. The stress of having to worry about 10 or so other people, whose well being I'm largely responsible for, really kills me sometimes. I've reduced my consumption of main stream news and politics by about 95%, because the non-information, lies, and fear mongering weren't providing anything of value I could make business or personal decisions on. For the PPP loan process and staying aware of the stimulus programs and unemployment benefits I had to follow an accountant Youtuber (you thought some youtube subjects were boring . . you know nothing). That's one of the things that's most frustrating for me.

    Hope all are doing well! Especially those of you living in a small apartment.
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  4. Dead_pool

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  5. Ero-Sennin

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    I'm on a "I'm not clicking anything MSM anymore" so I'll take your word, and that sucks. I wonder if he was taking any sort of steroid and if that had an effect. I'm not one to accuse any muscular person of using steroids; his skin is very pink/red in the 'fit' photo and it looks like it's post workout, and pink/red skin during/after a workout has always been a sign of steroid use at the gyms I've been to. I just wonder if he was using if it had an effect on the severity, or maybe even helped? He also could just have fair skin and that's why he's red, or the lighting. On his post that's shared from Facebook he mentions "I'll get back to where I was in healthier ways this time" as well, followed up by "I'll do some cardio too." (lol). Muscular doesn't mean healthy, nor does it mean healthy immune system. Maybe he wasn't really that healthy at all and just looked it, and the photo is unintentionally misleading. You would probably need blood work prior, during, and after to compare. Mostly I don't know.

    I really hate the "town gossip" type of information sharing on this covid stuff. "Look what happened to johnny! Did you hear the government is skewing numbers! If you get it, it will eat your lungs! It's all a conspiracy, the 2020 U.S. Quarter has a bat on it!" We're not really at a point where anything beyond basic sanitary practices and social distances are effective because we don't have enough information. A large part of everything going on is just speculation and extremely educated guesses, even by the most educated in the area. I think the last figure I read said about 80% of cases are asymptomatic or mild symptoms that most people wouldn't even register. Not only is that terrifying for the unlucky 20%, but it makes enacting policies for everyone to stay safe extremely difficult because complete lockdown is the only way to address it successfully until we all start dying of starvation. Complete lockdown isn't really an option anymore.
  6. Dead_pool

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    It's worth paying attention to the CDC, WHO etc, anything else is possibly trying to sway you.

    His storey is usefull as it's a demonstration of what recovery can be, especially as he's young, and has no underlying health conditions.

    Half the population has a below average intelligence, and we rely on them doing the right thing to make this a success.

    Oh dear.
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  7. Dead_pool

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    Ps it's an interview with the guy.

    I haven't watched it however.
  8. David Harrison

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    MSM propaganda!

    Talking to actual people who have had the disease... what next?!

    I think some kind of counter-narrative is necessary when you have a president who is saying it just attacks the old and infirm and everyone should get back to work.
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  9. David Harrison

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    As for me, I was already living in isolation (otherwise known as Somerset). With my other half teaching from home, I'm less socially isolated than I was before the lockdown.

    Carrying a 35 lb toddler through wooded hills every day has been keeping me in shape. My life hasn't changed much, except nurseries being shut has made it much more difficult to get any work done.
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  10. Morik

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    I work in software so I've been telecommuting, which is kind of nice saving 60-90 min on commuting daily.

    I have been eating a lot of junk food and not exercising much. I'm still about the same weight, I think I've been losing muscle and gaining fat.

    I know I can do better, but I just am not doing it. It is really easy to be lazy... Other than that I'm doing ok.

    I was going to go visit my sister & my nephews in mid March--one nephew is 2, who I have only seen once when he was maybe 6 months old, and the other two (twins) are about 6 months old now. We were on the fence about going due to the Coronavirus, and ended up cancelling the trip. We've talked on zoom a few times though.
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  11. Jaydub

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    Things have been a lot better, to be honest. This Pandemic hasn’t been good for my personal life.

    Everything at work is great, though. I can’t wait to go to sea again.
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  12. Alansmurf

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    I have been Back kayaking ...

    It's a simple but effective stress relief....that and hitting the heavy bag and twirling sticks .

    Keep smiling folks .
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  13. Alansmurf

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  14. Dead_pool

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    Well I've just been to County Durham to see family, then off to castle Barnard to see the bluebells, and finished with embarrassing my amazingly dumb employee on live TV.

    What a month!
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  15. Anth

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    I'd complain but...


    I suppose it's a bit different for me though, with Durham being within half an hour cycling distance and all. (For those who don't know it, that's Durham Cathedral in the distance.)

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  16. Dead_pool

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    I've heard it's only second to sailsbury cathedral!
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  17. Alansmurf

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    As promised a check in to all you MAP folk ..
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  18. Alansmurf

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    Still paddling ....and swinging the paddle just like a Bo

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  19. hewho

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    Hope everyone's good.

    I've been pretty lucky, back at work which is great. They're chucking around redundancies (voluntary, with some nudging), and me and my gym team are 'at risk', but I've got an interview for an incredible job, instructing at a residential bootcamp 15 minutes from where I live. No complaints on the luck front there.

    Missing martial arts training, had the odd outdoor session with my JJJ/karate instructor, and may start volunteering now he's back coaching kids, depending on the numbers.

    Been slowly getting back into walking, got enough gear to try some 'stealth' camping, and got the OS maps for my local areas to try and relearn map reading, a skill I had about a decade ago when I was doing cadets/DofE.

    Hopefully see you all at a MAP meet next year, stay happy!
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  20. Mitch

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    Fancy Kinder Scout or Bamford Edge?
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