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  1. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Overhead Press
    20kgs 1x10
    30kgs 1x5
    40kgs 1x2
    50kgs 9x3
    First 3 sets were done with 1 minute rest.
    Then I felt a pain in my right scapula that went down all the way to my elbow.
    So I didn't lock the weight in most reps and I took a 1,5 minute rest.

    Front Squat
    20kgs 1x10
    30kgs 1x5
    40kgs 1x3
    50kgs 1x2
    60kgs 4x3 (3 minutes break)
    That went worse compare to last week.
    I haven't made any real progress in the front squat for a month now.
    I blame my weak abs and my laziness for never never training them specifically. Also doing overhead press before squats might make my back and abs too tired?

    Hang Power Clean
    20kgs 1x12
    25kgs 1x5
    30kgs 1x3
    35kgs 1x2
    45kgs 8x3 (less than 2 minutes rest)
    That went nice and easy.

    Barbell Curl
    27,5kgs 6/4
    I was strength wise able to do them, but I have a minor pain in my forearms for a week now when I do curls and made me uncomfortable.

    Reverse Curl
    20kgs 3x10

    Seated Cable row
    80kgs 1x10
    85kgs 1x5
    90kgs 1x2
    100kgs 8x3 (1 minute rest)

    Standing Machine Calf Raise
    60kgs 1x12
    70kgs 1x10
    80kgs 12/10/10

    I also tried to work with the ab wheel, but it looks like I can't do even a rep.
  2. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Wow dude, your presses are starting to get pretty swish.

    As for the shooting pain...if I'm right in where it sounds like it hurt, you might have a bit of inflammation around the scapula which will press on a nerve.

    Where is the pain? Also, does that pain only happen when you curl or when you do the other stuff?

    Ab wheels are just horrible, I don't think there's any word more appropriate than that to describe them.

    How are you doing them, are you kneeling or standing? Have you tried rolling out, holding that position and then dropping so you can climb up or are you going for perfect reps every time?

    Also, how good are you at planking?
  3. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    aim for a heavy 3 rep top set and try to push it up each week
  4. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    I think the pain was due to the fact that my muscles weren't warm enough.
    I never do any real warm up anyway, but this time I felt I was more "cold"
    than normal. I'll know for sure tomorrow.

    I only feel this pain when I do barbell curls. I have no problem with pull ups and reverse curls. According to a little google search the place where I feel the pain is either the extensor carpi ulnaris or the extensor digiti minimi muscle. It's a guess of course.

    haha. Do you also have problems with this exercise? In your log I see that you are doing them quite often..

    I am doing them kneeling, with my feet crossed and then I try to go all the way down, close and pararel to the ground, but my lower back feels like is being split apart before I even get there and I don't feel my abs doing any work at all.

    The weird thing is that I am not that bad at planks.
    I rarely do them, because I hate ab training, but when I do them, I can reach 1 minute+ while brazing my abs constantly.
  5. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    I am gonna try that. Truth is I have stopped trying to increase my weight every week and I am now focusing in putting more volume, cutting my rests intervals and progressing weight wise slower, but that has done nothing for my front squats.
  6. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    i would say you're not getting in nearly as much volume as you could (i should know, i do the same thing and my squat has been stalled forever :p). note that effective volume at a given intensity is pretty well established, and best represented by prilepin's chart. now let's look at what you're doing: 70kg 1x1, 60kg for several triples, etc for top sets, descending sets for a warm-up, and no back-off sets. now, assuming a true front squat 1RM of 75kg, and based on prilepin's chart, you'd need to work off these approximate numbers:

    55-65% (41.25-48.75kg): total reps 18-30, 3-6/set
    70-80% (52.5-60kg): total reps 12-24, 3-6/set
    80-90% (60-67.5kg): total reps 10-20, 2-4/set
    90+%: total reps 10, 1-2/set

    you seem to be falling just slightly short of this, so something like +50% extra volume at ~60; MOAR FREQUENCY; and/or forcing out more singles with 70 might help (and may also necessitate dropping other stuff and/or eating MOAR FOODZ).

    it's all very variable though, so you could easily find that sets of 20 on the front squat turn you into tom platz whereas triples turn you into bieber, or that you simply need completely different rest times (under a minute, for example) tp elicit a response from this*

    *note: rest times correlate mainly with the body's energy systems rather than being a linear "more rest = more performance" (although that does apply, to a point). if you're doing low rep sets, you really don't need that much rest unless you're pushing circamax numbers or doing oly lifts where fatigue messes with timing and technical weak links that can't be supplanted with brute force and willpower (although it certainly tends to feel like more rest is needed than is actually needed, because bodies are dumb). one thing i do to get around the temptation to rest too much is to not time my rest periods when i'm doing low reps or going for volume. i just pace until i get impatient, then i lift, and then i regulate depending on how i feel on each set.
  7. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Thanks for the post Fish!
    I've sent you a PM to tell you in more detail what exactly I meant.

    I would also like to ask all you guys here, if you know a dependable site about protein/fat/carb content in foods. In one site I see that 100 gr of chicken have 20 gr of protein and on the other 32. Generally every site I have found has a different protein content for meats so I don't know what it's what.
  8. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    protein per 100g:
    - chicken is about 20g
    - fish is about 15g
    - red meat 25g
    - offal meat 25g

    5 sets of 3 on the front squat at one weight
    2 minutes rest
    next week try to up the weight on the first set by 2.5kg
    then the week after go heavier on the first 2 sets etc

    62.5x3, 60x4x3
    62.5x2x3, 60x3x3

    but like fish said, find what works. volume is usually the key to growth
  9. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Long time since my last log!
    I was on summer vacations on a very beautiful island for 7-8 days.
    I had a great time, but virtually no food so I am now 2 kgs lighter.
    It was a somewhat long lay off and it was a little difficult to get myself back to the gym yesterday.

    Yesterday's short workout

    Front Squats
    20kgs 1x10
    30kgs 1x5
    40kgs 1x3
    50kgs 1x2
    60kgs 2x3
    The left side of the barbell hit the left safety pin, who was apparently placed more high than it should have been. I felt an ache in the left side of my back trying to balance the weight after that.

    Barbell Curls
    20kgs 4x10 (2 minutes break between sets)

    Overhead Press
    20kgs 1x10
    30kgs 1x5
    40kgs 1x5
    I shouldn't have done presses anyway because of the mild pain, so I left it at that.
    40kgs felt really heavy too. All sets started with a power clean.

    Machine calf raises
    65kgs 20/20/15

    I still feel some discomfort in my back, so I think I'll wait a little while longer before I visit gym again. I am sure it's nothing serious though.
  10. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Haven't logged anything for about 2 months. That's because I wasn't lifting anything for about 2 months :p

    Anyway, I signed up again in my old gym today(since I failed to find a better one), 5-7 kgs lighter :)(), but more determined!

    Back Squats
    20kgs 2x10
    30kgs 1x5
    40kgs 1x5
    50kgs 2x5
    60kgs 3x5

    Overhead Press
    20kgs 2x10 (man that was difficult :eek:)
    25kgs 1x8 ( I couldn't get 10 reps :eek:)
    30kgs 1x5
    32,5kgs 1x5
    Every set started with a hang power clean.

    Seating Cable Row
    60kgs 3x10
    70kgs 1x5
    75kgs 1x5
    80kgs 3x5

    3 atrocious planks of 30 seconds duration.
  11. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    I was beginning to wonder what happened to you! Glad to see you're back :)

    So what have you been doing with yourself in the time you were away? Did you stop training altogether or did you move on to do other stuff?
  12. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Thanks man! :)
    I stop training completely. The only thing I did is some pull ups at home..
    Also it was exams period for me and since I study 7 times slower than a normal person I figured it would be better to concentrate on that.
    I have an immense respect for you and Harry that you find the time to train vigorously while having so many obligations (job, family etc)!
    I personally am able to do only one thing at a time. :p
  13. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Today's workout

    Overhead Press
    20kgs 10x10

    Barbell Curls
    20kgs 3x10

    Hammer curls
    5kgs 3x10

    Triceps work
    Bench dips, rope push downs, etc 60 reps in total

    Lat pull down
    30kgs 1x10
    40kgs 3x10

    Flat Bench Lying Leg raises
    3 sets - 20,17,10
    I hate them!!! I felt like puking afterwards.:p

    Low Back extensions
    3 sets- 12,10,12
  14. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Back Squats
    20kgs 2x10
    30kgs 3x10
    Last rep of every set was a pause breathing squat.
    My legs still hurt since Wednesday.

    Machine assisted dips
    35kgs 1x10
    45kgs 3x10

    20kgs 3x5

    adductor and abductor machines
    10kgs 1x10
    15kgs 1x10
    20kgs 1x10

    25kgs 1x5
    30kgs 1x5
    35kgs 1x5
    40kgs 1x5
    I did them again because the first time I was still digesting my food:p

    3 sets and 0:30s, 0:57s, 1:08s each

    Low back extensions
  15. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Afternoon workout

    Back Squat
    20kgs 2x10
    30kgs 1x10
    I paused almost every rep in the 2 last sets in order to do the exercise more demanding..

    20kgs 10/5/5/5
    My harmstrings are very stiff so I had to warm them up with RDLS in order to do bent over rows later.

    Bent Over Rows
    20kgs 2x10
    30kgs 1x10
    35kgs 1x10
    First time I do them. I was always afraid of them :p

    20kgs 1x10
    25kgs 1x5
    30kgs 1x3
    40kgs 1x2

    Hang Power Clean and Press
    50kgs 10x1
    Some of them were push presses due to lack of concentration.
    After my long lay off 50kgs are about 90-95% of my rep max.

    Later in the evening

    Wrist curls with 2 kgs dumbbells
    100 reps

    Planks 1:30, 0:30

    Hanging leg raises
  16. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    why the easy squatting but heavy cleans?
  17. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    I didn't mean to do squats today. I did them as warm up and to show a friend of mine, that started going to gym with me last week, the proper form.

    Then again I didn't mean to go heavy either, but it just sort of happened.
  18. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Back Squats
    20kgs 1x10
    40kgs 1x5
    50kgs 1x3
    60kgs 1x2
    70kgs 3x5
    Weight in the straight sets was around 7 RPE.

    Machine dips
    35kgs 1x10
    45kgs 1x5
    55kgs 1x4
    65kgs 1x3
    75kgs 1x2

    5x3 around 2-3 minutes rest between sets
    First set was 8RPE and the rest between 9 and 9,5.

    Machine Calf Raises
    50kgs 20/10/10/10
    The first set was pretty fast and then I heard a voice in my head saying "Time under tension bro!!" and did the rest sets slow and controlled.

    Barbell Shrugs
    20kgs 1x10
    30kgs 1x10
    40kgs 1x5
    50kgs 1x5
    60kgs 1x5
    70kgs 1x5
    80kgs 1x5 (RPE around 6-7, not sure.)
    35kgs 1x20

    1:30, 1:00, 0:40

    45-degree Hyperextensions

    Barbell Curls
    20kgs 1x10
    30kgs 2x5 RPE 9,5

    Wrist Curls with a 6 kgs barbell
    22 reps
    I wanted 50, but my right wrist couldn't handle it.
  19. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Back Squat
    20kgs 2x10
    30kgs 1x10
    45kgs 1x10
    I did some light reps again for practise.
    Atrocious form. My pal took some videos and I do a huge buttwing in almost every rep. Ironically he doesn't have this problem although it's the 4-5th time he is squatting. :p

    Bent Over Row
    20kgs 2x10
    30kgs 1x10
    35kgs 3x10
    Some imbalance between right and left arm in the last few pulls to the chest.

    Overhead Press
    20kgs 1x10
    25kgs 1x5
    30kgs 1x3
    40kgs 1x2
    45kgs 1x2
    50kgs 10x1 RPE 9
  20. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    I'm sorry but what the hell is "buttwing"?! :thinking:

    Were you able to figure out from watching the footage back what you might be doing wrong?

    Is it worth trying dumbbell rows in the short term and making your weaker side work a bit harder? :dunno:

    Your OHP is coming along again though :)

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