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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by CirrusFalcon, Feb 4, 2004.

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  1. C-Fugazi

    C-Fugazi New Member

    MMA dont have the stamina,punching power or speed of a boxer of the same weight and some boxers have been known to knock an opponent out who is far heavier.

    Imagine a Mike Tyson in his prime in a MMA tournament,Tank Abbott made it look easy with just his two fists and no martial arts training at all.
    I would like to know how a person would go about grappling Lennox Lewis to the floor and imagine the same boxer sat on top of someone punching him to the head and body....he would probably kill him.

    Put someone who is an expert at boxing or any other discipline in a MMA arena and they dont look effective.Put an expert MMA in a different enviroment with different rules and he too would fail to impress.
    MMA is very good in a competition where taking the best bits from different martial arts is a winning formula.A MMA would suck in a boxing ring or an Aikido dojo where they had to abide by the rules of the gym or dojo.

    We cannot say a MMA would beat a boxer in a street fight either since it would depend on the two people taking part.
    You would have to take into concideration the size of the two people involved and thier fitness but more importantly the violence factor.Some people will use any means at all even if it means killing the other person and others wont.Its a case of how far your willing to take it in a street confrontation.
    9/10 people will always back down but that means you then have to fight the tenth man everytime so how far would you as an individual be willing to go.
    To some people reputation is more important than thier family and those very same people are willing to do jail time for the privilage of having a fearsome rep.
  2. Kagebushi

    Kagebushi New Member

    not all martial artists are mmaists. there are targets that work just as well on anyone regardless of strength or pain threshhold. also if you mean by removing rules, (which is exactly what going from boxing to mma is,) it makes it harder for someone, doesnt that mean that someone is less effective? im not saying it is, but with that logic, thats what it looks like. of course, if you take out the things that work best against boxers,( by going to boxing rules) then of course boxers will win.
    oh yeah, and as long as you are willing to do whatever you need to to survive, then its all about skill, regardless of how much he wants to kill you. someone tried to stab me once. i think that qualifies as wanting to kill. as you can see, i'm still here:D
  3. C-Fugazi

    C-Fugazi New Member

    I dont agree that its all about skill since you can be the most skillfull person in your chosen field but without mental toughness you wont have much of a chance.
    You can practice all day long but unless you actually have fights on a regular basis you cannot say how good your skills actually are in a real life situation.I dont mean fighting your mates on the backyard either (not you personally mate).I mean with people who are also the best in thier chosen sport or martial arts.

    I agree that not all martial artists are MMA and to be honest I dont remember every writing that either but I will say that taking the best techniques from different martial arts and then calling it MMA is humorous to say the least.
    Boxing isn't a martial art as some people may think but it is a sport and a lot of people on here seem to have forgotten that and it does not pretend to be the best fighting system around either.
    Anyone who is only using his fists as a defence or attacking is going to be at a far greater disadvantage than someone who is using his feet and fists combined with locks,chokes and throwing etc,common sense tells us that.

    As I have already written the people that actually train in say Ju-Jitsu for many many years and then take up another sport have my utmost respect but someone who is simply just picking up bits here and there from different fighting systems does not.Its all very well people like Shamrock etc calling themselves the best in the world when they are fighting under thier own rules thats all I was trying to get across.I hope I havent bored you with my rant.
  4. Kagebushi

    Kagebushi New Member

    i'm just saying, you dont have to want to kill someone to beat someone who wants to kill you.
    edit: oh yeah, i agree with you comlpetely.:D
  5. speed_dragon

    speed_dragon Valued Member

    this may be old but im going to reply anyway... i also kickbox and i took boxing for hand speed and angle attacks but one thing about a boxer that people(martial artist) know is that they are one-dimensional fighters nothing but hands and dodging. be as it may i would rather use my kickboxing technique against nestyle besides shaolin i would most likely use tae kwon doe or the brazilian ju-jitsu u prescribed...i am a us soldier so im pretty proficient in that art although i do not like it.....i would go toe-to-toe with a boxer but once he slips forward i would knee him he slip backward i would sweep his lead leg the come around for the power hip thrust kick to the ribs if i have enough time i would step in and give him the same kick to the ribs but muay thai style shin and knee
  6. Pyro

    Pyro New Member

    No they don't
  7. Timmy Boy

    Timmy Boy Man on a Mission

    Trollin' trollin' trollin', rawhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!!!
  8. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    Sending this one back to the grave.
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