Lyoto Machida vs Shogun Rua

Discussion in 'Fight Discussions' started by The Decay of Meaning, Mar 25, 2010.

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    I think Yohan's point is key. When people start getting in to the new big thing this vs the new big thing that, they'll always get let down at some stage.

    A perfect record is rare precisely because the more you win, the more pressure there is, and the less impetus you have to change your game plan. Sometimes you need a loss to rock you out of complacency.

    Actually, I've got a question for you knowledgeable MMA guys - has anyone used Machida's loss yet to show how Shotokan doesn't work? I only ask because obviously during his winning streak everyone was saying how he didn't really do shotokan.

    (not trying to make a big deal out of anything, literally just pure curiosity!)
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    I'm super glad that Rua beat Machida, not because I was rooting for him, but because his victory made the LHW division the most exciting division in the UFC.

    Rua is champion, but Rampage, Machida and Rashad Evans all have a shot. Plus, Couture is back in LHW, and Rua said he would take a fight against Anderson Silva.

    That's just sick. Mad sick. Retarded sick. I can't wait to see Rampage vs. Evans. I think Rampage is gonna kill that boy, and then him and Rua are gonna fight and it'll be like the Pride days again. Snippity Snip SNAP!!
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    I completely agree, watching Shpgun win reminded me of watching the 2005 GP for the first time. EPIC
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    The LHW is stacked, was stacked, will be stacked for the forseeable future. It's pretty much the only division in the UFC where I think whoever is on top really os the best, for now. But man I love the competition. With so many bona fide contenders, once and futute champs, and a bunch of uncrowned champs there's so many matchups I want to see I can't even list them all. Can't even remember the last time that was.
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    Yep, its a good time to be an MMA fan. HW is looking pretty stacked as well with Lesner, Carwin, Cain and Dos Santos all looking unstoppable
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    Well said
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    so they could hype up the rematch!
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    God I luv me sum English language! :p

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